Bug 982560 - Fix mach fails to find tests in subdirectory. r=gps
authorTing-Yu Lin <tlin@mozilla.com>
Tue, 01 Jul 2014 23:21:00 +0200
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Bug 982560 - Fix mach fails to find tests in subdirectory. r=gps Make the test paths relative to topsrcdir before passing them to TestResolver. Also do not passing cwd to TestResolver since it will filter out tests that do not live under the directory where the mach command is executed. Verification steps: Execute a mach test command from any subdirectory. For example: $ cd testing/tps/ $ ../../mach xpcshell-test ../../services/fxaccounts/tests/xpcshell/ $ ../../mach test ../../services/fxaccounts/tests/xpcshell/
--- a/testing/mach_commands.py
+++ b/testing/mach_commands.py
@@ -185,18 +185,18 @@ class Test(MachCommandBase):
             for suite, v in TEST_SUITES.items():
                 if entry in v.get('aliases', []):
                     suitefound = True
             if suitefound:
             # Now look for file/directory matches in the TestResolver.
-            tests = list(resolver.resolve_tests(paths=[entry],
-                cwd=self._mach_context.cwd))
+            relpath = self._wrap_path_argument(entry).relpath()
+            tests = list(resolver.resolve_tests(paths=[relpath]))
             if not tests:
                 print('UNKNOWN TEST: %s' % entry, file=sys.stderr)
         if not run_suites and not run_tests:
             return 1
--- a/testing/mochitest/mach_commands.py
+++ b/testing/mochitest/mach_commands.py
@@ -333,18 +333,17 @@ class MochitestRunner(MozbuildObject):
             options.extensionsToInstall = [os.path.join(self.topsrcdir,install_extension)]
         for k, v in kwargs.iteritems():
             setattr(options, k, v)
         if test_paths:
             resolver = self._spawn(TestResolver)
-            tests = list(resolver.resolve_tests(paths=test_paths, flavor=flavor,
-                cwd=context.cwd))
+            tests = list(resolver.resolve_tests(paths=test_paths, flavor=flavor))
             if not tests:
                 print('No tests could be found in the path specified. Please '
                     'specify a path that is a test file or is a directory '
                     'containing tests.')
                 return 1
             manifest = TestManifest()
--- a/testing/xpcshell/mach_commands.py
+++ b/testing/xpcshell/mach_commands.py
@@ -82,23 +82,25 @@ class XPCShellRunner(MozbuildObject):
         if test_paths == ['all']:
                            keep_going=keep_going, shuffle=shuffle, sequential=sequential,
                            debugger=debugger, debuggerArgs=debuggerArgs,
+        elif test_paths:
+            test_paths = [self._wrap_path_argument(p).relpath() for p in test_paths]
         if test_objects:
             tests = test_objects
             resolver = self._spawn(TestResolver)
             tests = list(resolver.resolve_tests(paths=test_paths,
-                flavor='xpcshell', cwd=self.cwd))
+                flavor='xpcshell'))
         if not tests:
             raise InvalidTestPathError('We could not find an xpcshell test '
                 'for the passed test path. Please select a path that is '
                 'a test file or is a directory containing xpcshell tests.')
         # Dynamically write out a manifest holding all the discovered tests.
         manifest = TestManifest()