Bug 822865 - crash test
authorJesse Ruderman <jruderman@gmail.com>
Mon, 13 May 2013 16:28:28 +0200
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Bug 822865 - crash test
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/layout/base/crashtests/822865.html
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+<!DOCTYPE html>
+<html style="-moz-appearance: radio; display: table;">
+<body onload="document.elementFromPoint(0, 0);"></body>
--- a/layout/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -391,16 +391,17 @@ skip-if(Android||B2G||browserIsRemote) a
 asserts(0-2) load 736389-1.xhtml # sometimes the above assertions are delayed and is reported on this test instead
 asserts-if(winWidget,0-2) load 736924-1.html # bug 738803
 load 749816-1.html
 load 763223-1.html
 test-pref(font.size.inflation.emPerLine,15) test-pref(font.size.inflation.lineThreshold,100) load 763702.xhtml
 load 770381-1.html
 load 795646.html
 load 813372-1.html
+asserts-if(gtk2Widget,0-1) load 822865.html # bug 540078
 load 833604-1.html
 load 835056.html
 load 836990-1.html
 load 852293.html
 load 860579-1.html
 pref(layers.force-active,true) load 859526-1.html
 pref(layers.force-active,true) load 859630-1.html
 load 866588.html