Bug 382321 fix compiler warningsr=aaronleventhal
Mon, 11 Jun 2007 02:46:39 -0700
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Bug 382321 fix compiler warningsr=aaronleventhal
--- a/accessible/src/base/nsARIAMap.h
+++ b/accessible/src/base/nsARIAMap.h
@@ -65,20 +65,20 @@ enum ENameRule
 // Is nsIAccessible value supported for this role or not?
 enum EValueRule
   eHasValueMinMax    // Supports value, min and max from aaa:valuenow, valuemin and valuemax
 // Used for an nsStateMapEntry if a given state attribute supports "true" and "false"
-static const char *kBoolState = 0;
+#define kBoolState 0
 // Used in nsRoleMapEntry.state if no nsIAccessibleStates are automatic for a given role
-static const PRUint32 kNoReqStates = 0;
+#define kNoReqStates 0
 // For this name and value pair, what is the nsIAccessibleStates mapping.
 // nsStateMapEntry.state
 struct nsStateMapEntry
   const char* attributeName;  // magic value of nsnull means last entry in map
   const char* attributeValue; // magic value of kBoolState (0) means supports "true" and "false"
   PRUint32 state;             // If match, this is the nsIAccessibleStates to map to