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Backed out changeset aef73dcc9acc for bustage.
--- a/browser/components/sessionstore/SessionStore.jsm
+++ b/browser/components/sessionstore/SessionStore.jsm
@@ -1241,19 +1241,16 @@ var SessionStoreInternal = {
       // Store the window's close date to figure out when each individual tab
       // was closed. This timestamp should allow re-arranging data based on how
       // recently something was closed.
       winData.closedAt =;
       // we don't want to save the busy state
       delete winData.busy;
-      // clear this window from the list, since it has definitely been closed.
-      delete this._windows[aWindow.__SSi];
       // Now we have to figure out if this window is worth saving in the _closedWindows
       // Object.
       // We're about to flush the tabs from this window, but it's possible that we
       // might never hear back from the content process(es) in time before the user
       // chooses to restore the closed window. So we do the following:
       // 1) Use the tab state cache to determine synchronously if the window is
@@ -1289,16 +1286,18 @@ var SessionStoreInternal = {
         // least one saveable tab or are the last window.
         if (!winData.isPrivate) {
           // It's possible that a tab switched its privacy state at some point
           // before our flush, so we need to filter again.
+        // clear this window from the list
+        delete this._windows[aWindow.__SSi];
         // Update the tabs data now that we've got the most
         // recent information.
         this.cleanUpWindow(aWindow, winData);
         // save the state without this window to disk
     } else {