Bug 1312049 - Switch nsChromeRegistry::GetDirectionForLocale to use uloc_isRightToLeft. r=gandalf
authorJonathan Kew <jkew@mozilla.com>
Fri, 28 Oct 2016 12:04:07 +0100
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Bug 1312049 - Switch nsChromeRegistry::GetDirectionForLocale to use uloc_isRightToLeft. r=gandalf
--- a/chrome/nsChromeRegistry.cpp
+++ b/chrome/nsChromeRegistry.cpp
@@ -645,16 +645,21 @@ nsChromeRegistry::MustLoadURLRemotely(ns
     *aResult = !!(flags & REMOTE_REQUIRED);
   return NS_OK;
 nsChromeRegistry::GetDirectionForLocale(const nsACString& aLocale)
+  nsAutoCString locale(aLocale);
+  SanitizeForBCP47(locale);
+  return uloc_isRightToLeft(locale.get());
   // first check the intl.uidirection.<locale> preference, and if that is not
   // set, check the same preference but with just the first two characters of
   // the locale. If that isn't set, default to left-to-right.
   nsAutoCString prefString = NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("intl.uidirection.") + aLocale;
   nsCOMPtr<nsIPrefBranch> prefBranch (do_GetService(NS_PREFSERVICE_CONTRACTID));
   if (!prefBranch) {
     return false;
@@ -665,16 +670,17 @@ nsChromeRegistry::GetDirectionForLocale(
     int32_t hyphen = prefString.FindChar('-');
     if (hyphen >= 1) {
       nsAutoCString shortPref(Substring(prefString, 0, hyphen));
       prefBranch->GetCharPref(shortPref.get(), getter_Copies(dir));
   return dir.EqualsLiteral("rtl");
 nsChromeRegistry::WrappersEnabled(nsIURI *aURI)
   nsCOMPtr<nsIURL> chromeURL (do_QueryInterface(aURI));
   if (!chromeURL)
     return false;
--- a/modules/libpref/init/all.js
+++ b/modules/libpref/init/all.js
@@ -2042,22 +2042,24 @@ pref("intl.ime.hack.on_ime_unaware_apps.
 // If you use legacy Chinese IME which puts an ideographic space to composition
 // string as placeholder, this pref might be useful.  If this is true and when
 // web contents forcibly commits composition (e.g., moving focus), the
 // ideographic space will be ignored (i.e., commits with empty string).
 pref("intl.ime.remove_placeholder_character_at_commit", false);
 // these locales have right-to-left UI
 pref("intl.uidirection.ar", "rtl");
 pref("intl.uidirection.he", "rtl");
 pref("intl.uidirection.fa", "rtl");
 pref("intl.uidirection.ug", "rtl");
 pref("intl.uidirection.ur", "rtl");
 // use en-US hyphenation by default for content tagged with plain lang="en"
 pref("intl.hyphenation-alias.en", "en-us");
 // and for other subtags of en-*, if no specific patterns are available
 pref("intl.hyphenation-alias.en-*", "en-us");
 pref("intl.hyphenation-alias.af-*", "af");
 pref("intl.hyphenation-alias.bg-*", "bg");