Bug 1392822 - change the Library tour action button title to "Show Library Menu", r=gasolin
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Fri, 25 Aug 2017 13:11:02 +0800
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Bug 1392822 - change the Library tour action button title to "Show Library Menu", r=gasolin MozReview-Commit-ID: JRX5UdkAFb4
--- a/browser/extensions/onboarding/content/onboarding.js
+++ b/browser/extensions/onboarding/content/onboarding.js
@@ -233,17 +233,17 @@ var onboardingTourset = {
         <section class="onboarding-tour-description">
           <h1 data-l10n-id="onboarding.tour-library.title"></h1>
           <p data-l10n-id="onboarding.tour-library.description"></p>
         <section class="onboarding-tour-content">
           <img src="resource://onboarding/img/figure_library.svg" role="presentation"/>
         <aside class="onboarding-tour-button-container">
-          <button id="onboarding-tour-library-button" class="onboarding-tour-action-button" data-l10n-id="onboarding.tour-library.button"></button>
+          <button id="onboarding-tour-library-button" class="onboarding-tour-action-button" data-l10n-id="onboarding.tour-library.button2"></button>
       return div;
   "singlesearch": {
     id: "onboarding-tour-singlesearch",
     tourNameId: "onboarding.tour-singlesearch",
--- a/browser/extensions/onboarding/locales/en-US/onboarding.properties
+++ b/browser/extensions/onboarding/locales/en-US/onboarding.properties
@@ -91,17 +91,17 @@ onboarding.tour-sync.button=Next
 onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-sync.title=Pick up where you left off.
 onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-sync.message=Still sending yourself links to save or read on your phone? Do it the easy way: get Sync and have the things you save here show up on all of your devices.
 onboarding.tour-library.title=Keep it together.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (onboarding.tour-library.description): This string will be used in the library tour description. %1$S is brandShortName
 onboarding.tour-library.description=Check out the new %1$S library in the redesigned toolbar. The library puts the things you’ve seen and saved to %1$S - your browsing history, bookmarks, Pocket lists, and synced tabs - in one convenient place.
-onboarding.tour-library.button=Show Library in Menu
+onboarding.tour-library.button2=Show Library Menu
 onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-library.title=Keep it together.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-library.message): This string will be used in the notification message for the library tour. %S is brandShortName
 onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-library.message=The new %S library puts the great things you’ve discovered on the web in one convenient place.
 onboarding.tour-singlesearch=Address Bar
 onboarding.tour-singlesearch.title=Find it faster.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-singlesearch.description): %S is brandShortName
 onboarding.tour-singlesearch.description=The address bar might be the most powerful tool in the sleek new %S toolbar. Start typing, and see suggestions based on your browsing and search history. Go to a web address, search the whole web with your default search engine, or send your query directly to a single site with one-click search.