Bug 525949 - White spaces at EOL in nsMediaDecoder.h. r=chris.double
authorMike Kristoffersen <mkristoffersen@mozilla.com>
Thu, 05 Nov 2009 14:56:05 +0100
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Bug 525949 - White spaces at EOL in nsMediaDecoder.h. r=chris.double
--- a/content/media/nsMediaDecoder.h
+++ b/content/media/nsMediaDecoder.h
@@ -87,17 +87,17 @@ public:
   // Called by the element when the playback rate has been changed.
   // Adjust the speed of the playback, optionally with pitch correction,
   // when this is called.
   virtual nsresult PlaybackRateChanged() = 0;
   // Return the duration of the video in seconds.
   virtual float GetDuration() = 0;
   // Pause video playback.
   virtual void Pause() = 0;
   // Set the audio volume. It should be a value from 0 to 1.0.
   virtual void SetVolume(float volume) = 0;
   // Start playback of a video. 'Load' must have previously been
   // called.
@@ -165,17 +165,17 @@ public:
   // current state, since other threads might be changing the state
   // at any time.
   virtual Statistics GetStatistics() = 0;
   // Set the duration of the media resource in units of milliseconds.
   // This is called via a channel listener if it can pick up the duration
   // from a content header. Must be called from the main thread only.
   virtual void SetDuration(PRInt64 aDuration) = 0;
   // Set a flag indicating whether seeking is supported
   virtual void SetSeekable(PRBool aSeekable) = 0;
   // Return PR_TRUE if seeking is supported.
   virtual PRBool GetSeekable() = 0;
   // Invalidate the frame.
   virtual void Invalidate();
@@ -186,28 +186,28 @@ public:
   // than the result of downloaded data.
   virtual void Progress(PRBool aTimer);
   // Called by nsMediaStream when the "cache suspended" status changes.
   // If nsMediaStream::IsSuspendedByCache returns true, then the decoder
   // should stop buffering or otherwise waiting for download progress and
   // start consuming data, if possible, because the cache is full.
   virtual void NotifySuspendedStatusChanged() = 0;
   // Called by nsMediaStream when some data has been received.
   // Call on the main thread only.
   virtual void NotifyBytesDownloaded() = 0;
   // Called by nsChannelToPipeListener or nsMediaStream when the
   // download has ended. Called on the main thread only. aStatus is
   // the result from OnStopRequest.
   virtual void NotifyDownloadEnded(nsresult aStatus) = 0;
   // Cleanup internal data structures. Must be called on the main
-  // thread by the owning object before that object disposes of this object.  
+  // thread by the owning object before that object disposes of this object.
   virtual void Shutdown();
   // Suspend any media downloads that are in progress. Called by the
   // media element when it is sent to the bfcache, or when we need
   // to throttle the download. Call on the main thread only. This can
   // be called multiple times, there's an internal "suspend count".
   virtual void Suspend() = 0;
@@ -243,17 +243,17 @@ protected:
   // threads other than the main thread.
   void SetRGBData(PRInt32 aWidth,
                   PRInt32 aHeight,
                   float aFramerate,
                   float aAspectRatio,
                   unsigned char* aRGBBuffer);
-  // Timer used for updating progress events 
+  // Timer used for updating progress events
   nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mProgressTimer;
   // This should only ever be accessed from the main thread.
   // It is set in Init and cleared in Shutdown when the element goes away.
   // The decoder does not add a reference the element.
   nsHTMLMediaElement* mElement;
   // RGB data for last decoded frame of video data.