Bug 1535355 - Add --output option to ./mach clang-format, r=ahal
authorBastien Abadie <bastien@mozilla.com>
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 20:33:39 +0000
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Bug 1535355 - Add --output option to ./mach clang-format, r=ahal Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D23522
--- a/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/mach_commands.py
+++ b/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/mach_commands.py
@@ -2328,42 +2328,50 @@ class StaticAnalysis(MachCommandBase):
             return rc
         checkers, _ = self._get_infer_config()
         print('Infer checks:')
         for checker in checkers:
             print(' '*4 + checker)
         return 0
     @Command('clang-format',  category='misc', description='Run clang-format on current changes')
-    @CommandArgument('--show', '-s', action='store_true', default=False,
-                     help='Show diff output on instead of applying changes')
+    @CommandArgument('--show', '-s', action='store_const', const='stdout', dest='output_path',
+                     help='Show diff output on stdout instead of applying changes')
     @CommandArgument('--assume-filename', '-a', nargs=1, default=None,
                      help='This option is usually used in the context of hg-formatsource.'
                           'When reading from stdin, clang-format assumes this '
                           'filename to look for a style config file (with '
                           '-style=file) and to determine the language. When '
                           'specifying this option only one file should be used '
                           'as an input and the output will be forwarded to stdin. '
                           'This option also impairs the download of the clang-tools '
                           'and assumes the package is already located in it\'s default '
     @CommandArgument('--path', '-p', nargs='+', default=None,
                      help='Specify the path(s) to reformat')
     @CommandArgument('--commit', '-c', default=None,
                      help='Specify a commit to reformat from.'
                           'For git you can also pass a range of commits (foo..bar)'
                           'to format all of them at the same time.')
-    def clang_format(self, show, assume_filename, path, commit, verbose=False):
+    @CommandArgument('--output', '-o', default=None, dest='output_path',
+                     help='Specify a file handle to write clang-format raw output instead of '
+                          'applying changes. This can be stdout or a file path.')
+    def clang_format(self, assume_filename, path, commit, output_path=None, verbose=False):
         # Run clang-format or clang-format-diff on the local changes
         # or files/directories
         if path is not None:
             path = self._conv_to_abspath(path)
+        # Load output file handle, either stdout or a file handle in write mode
+        output = None
+        if output_path is not None:
+            output = sys.stdout if output_path == 'stdout' else open(output_path, 'w')
         # With assume_filename we want to have stdout clean since the result of the
         # format will be redirected to stdout. Only in case of errror we
         # write something to stdout.
         # We don't actually want to get the clang-tools here since we want in some
         # scenarios to do this in parallel so we relay on the fact that the tools
         # have already been downloaded via './mach bootstrap' or directly via
         # './mach static-analysis install'
         if assume_filename:
@@ -2377,22 +2385,22 @@ class StaticAnalysis(MachCommandBase):
                 return 1
             rc = self._get_clang_tools(verbose=verbose)
             if rc != 0:
                 return rc
         if path is None:
             return self._run_clang_format_diff(self._clang_format_diff,
-                                               self._clang_format_path, show, commit)
+                                               self._clang_format_path, commit, output)
         if assume_filename:
             return self._run_clang_format_in_console(self._clang_format_path, path, assume_filename)
-        return self._run_clang_format_path(self._clang_format_path, show, path)
+        return self._run_clang_format_path(self._clang_format_path, path, output)
     def _verify_checker(self, item):
         check = item['name']
         test_file_path = mozpath.join(self._clang_tidy_base_path, "test", check)
         test_file_path_cpp = test_file_path + '.cpp'
         test_file_path_json = test_file_path + '.json'
         self.log(logging.INFO, 'static-analysis', {},
@@ -2759,31 +2767,32 @@ class StaticAnalysis(MachCommandBase):
         # Change back the cwd
         return rc
-    def _run_clang_format_diff(self, clang_format_diff, clang_format, show, commit):
+    def _run_clang_format_diff(self, clang_format_diff, clang_format, commit, output_file):
         # Run clang-format on the diff
         # Note that this will potentially miss a lot things
         from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, check_output, CalledProcessError
         diff_process = Popen(self._get_clang_format_diff_command(commit), stdout=PIPE)
         args = [sys.executable, clang_format_diff, "-p1", "-binary=%s" % clang_format]
-        if not show:
+        if not output_file:
             output = check_output(args, stdin=diff_process.stdout)
-            if show:
+            if output_file:
                 # We want to print the diffs
-                print(output)
+                print(output, file=output_file)
             return 0
         except CalledProcessError as e:
             # Something wrong happend
             print("clang-format: An error occured while running clang-format-diff.")
             return e.returncode
     def _is_ignored_path(self, ignored_dir_re, f):
         # Remove upto topsrcdir in pathname and match
@@ -2846,37 +2855,37 @@ class StaticAnalysis(MachCommandBase):
         process = subprocess.Popen(args, stdin=subprocess.PIPE)
         with open(paths[0], 'r') as fin:
             return 0
-    def _run_clang_format_path(self, clang_format, show, paths):
+    def _run_clang_format_path(self, clang_format, paths, output_file):
         # Run clang-format on files or directories directly
         from subprocess import check_output, CalledProcessError
         args = [clang_format, "-i"]
-        if show:
+        if output_file:
             # We just want to show the diff, we create the directory to copy it
             tmpdir = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'tmp')
             if not os.path.exists(tmpdir):
         path_list = self._generate_path_list(paths)
         if path_list == []:
         print("Processing %d file(s)..." % len(path_list))
-        if show:
+        if output_file:
             for i in range(0, len(path_list)):
                 l = path_list[i: (i + 1)]
                 # Copy the files into a temp directory
                 # and run clang-format on the temp directory
                 # and show the diff
                 original_path = l[0]
                 local_path = ntpath.basename(original_path)
@@ -2899,17 +2908,17 @@ class StaticAnalysis(MachCommandBase):
                 diff_command = ["diff", "-u", original_path, target_file]
                     output = check_output(diff_command)
                 except CalledProcessError as e:
                     # diff -u returns 0 when no change
                     # here, we expect changes. if we are here, this means that
                     # there is a diff to show
                     if e.output:
-                        print(e.output)
+                        print(e.output, file=output_file)
             return 0
         # Run clang-format in parallel trying to saturate all of the available cores.
         import concurrent.futures
         import multiprocessing
         import math
@@ -2945,16 +2954,17 @@ class StaticAnalysis(MachCommandBase):
                 ret_val = future.result()
                 if ret_val is not None:
                     error_code = ret_val
             if error_code is not None:
                 return error_code
         return 0
 class Vendor(MachCommandBase):
     """Vendor third-party dependencies into the source repository."""
     @Command('vendor', category='misc',
              description='Vendor third-party dependencies into the source repository.')
     def vendor(self):