Bug 1661437 - Convert print.show_print_progress into an static pref. r=jwatt
authorEmilio Cobos Álvarez <emilio@crisal.io>
Thu, 27 Aug 2020 12:27:49 +0000
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Bug 1661437 - Convert print.show_print_progress into an static pref. r=jwatt Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D88400
--- a/layout/printing/nsPrintJob.cpp
+++ b/layout/printing/nsPrintJob.cpp
@@ -895,30 +895,24 @@ already_AddRefed<nsIPrintSettings> nsPri
 // Set up to use the "pluggable" Print Progress Dialog
 void nsPrintJob::ShowPrintProgress(bool aIsForPrinting, bool& aDoNotify,
                                    Document* aDoc) {
   // default to not notifying, that if something here goes wrong
   // or we aren't going to show the progress dialog we can straight into
   // reflowing the doc for printing.
   aDoNotify = false;
-  // Assume we can't do progress and then see if we can
-  bool showProgresssDialog = false;
-  // if it is already being shown then don't bother to find out if it should be
-  // so skip this and leave mShowProgressDialog set to FALSE
-  if (!mProgressDialogIsShown) {
-    showProgresssDialog = Preferences::GetBool("print.show_print_progress");
-  }
   // Guarantee that mPrt and the objects it owns won't be deleted.  If this
   // method shows a progress dialog and spins the event loop.  So, mPrt may be
   // cleared or recreated.
   RefPtr<nsPrintData> printData = mPrt;
+  bool showProgresssDialog =
+      !mProgressDialogIsShown && StaticPrefs::print_show_print_progress();
   // Turning off the showing of Print Progress in Prefs overrides
   // whether the calling PS desire to have it on or off, so only check PS if
   // prefs says it's ok to be on.
   if (showProgresssDialog) {
   // Now open the service to get the progress dialog
--- a/modules/libpref/init/StaticPrefList.yaml
+++ b/modules/libpref/init/StaticPrefList.yaml
@@ -8471,16 +8471,22 @@
 # Whether tab_modal print UI is enabled.
 # The tab modal print dialog is currently only for early beta or nightly.
 - name: print.tab_modal.enabled
   type: RelaxedAtomicBool
   mirror: always
+# Whether we allow the print progress dialog to show up.
+- name: print.show_print_progress
+  type: RelaxedAtomicBool
+  value: true
+  mirror: always
 # Prefs starting with "privacy."
 - name: privacy.file_unique_origin
   type: bool
   value: true
   mirror: always
--- a/modules/libpref/init/all.js
+++ b/modules/libpref/init/all.js
@@ -930,17 +930,16 @@ pref("browser.fixup.fallback-to-https", 
 // Set each header to a string containing zero or one of these codes
 // and the code will be replaced in that string by the corresponding data
 pref("print.print_headerleft", "&T");
 pref("print.print_headercenter", "");
 pref("print.print_headerright", "&U");
 pref("print.print_footerleft", "&PT");
 pref("print.print_footercenter", "");
 pref("print.print_footerright", "&D");
-pref("print.show_print_progress", true);
 // xxxbsmedberg: more toolkit prefs
 // Save the Printings after each print job
 pref("print.save_print_settings", true);
 // Enables you to specify the amount of the paper that is to be treated
 // as unwriteable.  The print_edge_XXX and print_margin_XXX preferences