Bug 1239217 - Skip empty install manifests, apart a few exceptions. r=gps
authorMike Hommey <mh+mozilla@glandium.org>
Thu, 21 Jan 2016 18:10:57 +0900
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Bug 1239217 - Skip empty install manifests, apart a few exceptions. r=gps Install manifests are not empty in normal conditions, apart a few exceptions where they are only used for a "magic" `rm -rf`. However, we're going to introduce changes that will empty some of the install manifests and make their work happen from a different backend, in which case we don't want them to correspond to a `rm -rf`.
--- a/Makefile.in
+++ b/Makefile.in
@@ -123,26 +123,23 @@ install-manifests: $(addprefix install-,
 # js as standalone because automated builds are building nspr separately and
 # that would remove the resulting files.
 # Eventually, a standalone js build would just be able to build nspr itself,
 # removing the need for the former.
-.PHONY: $(addprefix install-,$(install_manifests))
-$(addprefix install-,$(filter dist/%,$(install_manifests))): install-dist/%: $(install_manifest_depends)
-	$(call py_action,process_install_manifest,$(if $(NO_REMOVE),--no-remove )$(DIST)/$* _build_manifests/install/dist_$*)
+.PHONY: $(addprefix install-,$(subst /,_,$(install_manifests)))
+$(addprefix install-,$(install_manifests)): install-%: $(install_manifest_depends)
+	$(addprefix $(call py_action,process_install_manifest,$(if $(NO_REMOVE),--no-remove )$*) ,$(wildcard _build_manifests/install/$(subst /,_,$*)))
 # Dummy wrapper rule to allow the faster backend to piggy back
 install-dist_%: install-dist/% ;
-install-_tests: $(install_manifest_depends)
-	$(call py_action,process_install_manifest,$(if $(NO_REMOVE),--no-remove )_tests _build_manifests/install/_tests)
 # For compatibility
 .PHONY: install-tests
 install-tests: install-_tests
 include $(topsrcdir)/build/moz-automation.mk
 # dist and _tests should be purged during cleaning. However, we don't want them
 # purged during PGO builds because they contain some auto-generated files.
--- a/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/backend/recursivemake.py
+++ b/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/backend/recursivemake.py
@@ -386,29 +386,24 @@ class RecursiveMakeBackend(CommonBackend
         self._makefile_in_count = 0
         self._makefile_out_count = 0
         self._test_manifests = {}
             'config', 'autoconf.mk'))
-        self._install_manifests = {
-            k: InstallManifest() for k in [
-                'dist_bin',
-                'dist_branding',
-                'dist_idl',
-                'dist_include',
-                'dist_public',
-                'dist_private',
-                'dist_sdk',
-                'dist_xpi-stage',
-                '_tests',
-                'xpidl',
-            ]}
+        self._install_manifests = defaultdict(InstallManifest)
+        # The build system relies on some install manifests always existing
+        # even if they are empty, because the directories are still filled
+        # by the build system itself, and the install manifests are only
+        # used for a "magic" rm -rf.
+        self._install_manifests['dist_public']
+        self._install_manifests['dist_private']
+        self._install_manifests['dist_sdk']
         self._traversal = RecursiveMakeTraversal()
         self._compile_graph = defaultdict(set)
         self._no_skip = {
             'export': set(),
             'libs': set(),
             'misc': set(),