Bug 1576113 - Add a comment.
authorMarkus Stange <mstange@themasta.com>
Sat, 24 Aug 2019 13:45:07 -0400
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Bug 1576113 - Add a comment. MANUAL PUSH: Backout and comment change that don't require a review and are somewhat time-critical: the backout fixes breakage in some local build scenarios.
--- a/widget/cocoa/nsCocoaWindow.mm
+++ b/widget/cocoa/nsCocoaWindow.mm
@@ -2744,22 +2744,35 @@ static NSMutableSet* gSwizzledFrameViewC
     IMP _fullScreenButtonOrigin =
         class_getMethodImplementation(frameViewClass, @selector(_fullScreenButtonOrigin));
     if (_fullScreenButtonOrigin && _fullScreenButtonOrigin != our_fullScreenButtonOrigin) {
       nsToolkit::SwizzleMethods(frameViewClass, @selector(_fullScreenButtonOrigin),
+    // Override the _wantsFloatingTitlebar method to return NO, because it works around multiple
+    // problems:
+    // When we're not using CoreAnimation, the "floating titlebar" overlaps in a glitchy way with
+    // the NSOpenGLContext when we're drawing in the titlebar. These glitches do not happen when we
+    // use CoreAnimation.
+    // An additional problem appears in builds that link against the 10.14 SDK: In windows where
+    // _wantsFloatingTitlebar returns YES, the root NSView contains an additional view that provides
+    // a window background. This confuses our setContentView override which will place the content
+    // view *below* that background view, effectively hiding the content view completely.
+    // The floating titlebar view also slightly clips the bottom of the window buttons which we
+    // forcefully move down with our override of _closeButtonOrigin.
+    // See bug 1576391 for the removal of the _wantsFloatingTitlebar override.
     IMP _wantsFloatingTitlebar =
         class_getMethodImplementation(frameViewClass, @selector(_wantsFloatingTitlebar));
     if (_wantsFloatingTitlebar && _wantsFloatingTitlebar != our_wantsFloatingTitlebar) {
       nsToolkit::SwizzleMethods(frameViewClass, @selector(_wantsFloatingTitlebar),
     [gSwizzledFrameViewClasses addObject:frameViewClass];
   return frameViewClass;
 - (id)initWithContentRect:(NSRect)aContentRect