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Fri Mar 16 06:10:23 2018 +0000
d3ce388dd3c0Thomas Daede — Bug 1446062: libtremor Vorbis fix. r=jmspeex a=dveditz
Sat Nov 04 19:59:01 2017 +0000
55562f81645eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1414513: Make the profile manager image selector a bit dumber. r=johannh a=dbaron a=nightly-crashes
Fri May 20 21:46:25 2016 +0000
30b83fcb0009L. David Baron — Bug 1274450 - Disable PGO for nsTreeBodyFrame::PaintText. r=sfink a=KWierso
Fri Mar 11 07:13:57 2016 +0000
767e0126510eSeth Fowler — Bug 1255362 - Null-check GetContainer() before using it in image-related ConfigureLayer() methods. r=mstange a=Tomcat
Sat Dec 05 23:19:49 2015 +0000
cc9c6cd756cbL. David Baron — Back out changeset 9ebcec50fefa (bug 1223261) for causing unacceptable levels of intermittent orange (bug 1230015, bug 1230020). a=orange
Tue Sep 23 21:18:28 2014 +0000
9472206fdd12L. David Baron — Bug 1064636 followup: Add new function to config/external/nss/nss.def r=khuey a=bustage CLOSED TREE
Tue Apr 01 22:12:21 2014 +0000
4941a2ac0786L. David Baron — Fix merge bustage between changeset c8be375e0c41 (bug 988111) and changeset 8560fc7e2849 (bug 984269), merged (I think) in changeset 0ff6afce0133, on a CLOSED TREE.
Wed Mar 12 17:45:33 2014 +0000
a10d0ba50f64Benoit Jacob — Bug 977757 - 3/3 - Expose CSS_PROPERTY_ALWAYS_ENABLED_IN_CHROME_OR_CERTIFIED_APP properties in JS bindings as needed - r=bz
71014b91b6c6Benoit Jacob — Bug 977757 - 2/3 - add nsCSSProps::eEnabledInChromeOrCertifiedApp bit, and use it for will-change - r=dbaron,bz
aaabd2d39060Benoit Jacob — Bug 977757 - 1/3 - make nsCSSProps::EnabledState a bitfield - r=dbaron,bz
Thu Jul 18 08:09:39 2013 +0000
625e6c220d30L. David Baron — Back out changeset e8bf739addfa (bug 868498 patch 2) for causing bug 894931.
Mon Feb 18 09:18:46 2013 +0000
524e7bc67431L. David Baron — Backed out changesets b093ba2c7ff9 and 0acbd06d48a9 (Bug 836655) for failing unit test.
Mon Feb 18 08:55:11 2013 +0000
0acbd06d48a9L. David Baron — Bug 836655: Fix bustage ("comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions", warnings-as-errors) by using Contains rather than IndexOf.
91134dd6ac0aEric Chou — Bug 842214 - Replace JS_NewStringCopyN with JS_NewUCStringCopyN, or non-ascii chars would be shown incorrectly, r=gyeh
b093ba2c7ff9Marco Chen — Bug 836655 - [Audio] Remove ChildID if there is no content channel playing in foreground and only send audio-channel-changed with normal when ChildID in the background has content channel in playing state. r=baku
5474b831ece7Randy Lin — Bug 834165 - Implement BlobEvent. r=smaug
08fb57d88c01Daniel Holbert — Bug 839347: Move SkNO_RETURN_HINT out of anonymous namespace so that clang won't warn about it being unused. r=mattwoodrow
11ca90723b3aGinn Chen — Bug 837561 ReadInt16 and WriteInt16 should be paired r=benjamin
9e0279c63245Vicamo Yang — Bug 838190: ensure every received SMS message is acked. r=gwagner
df03beb83b39L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Add -Wshadow to CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS for layout/style. r=ted
ff75b06e2330L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in gfx that affect layout/style. r=derf
4fa2028f2e3cL. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in public SPS headers. r=BenWa
2b8d67b35d82L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in layout/style. r=bzbarsky
43fa20226909L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in public JS API headers (those used from layout/style/). r=njn
761d4d55680dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 563195: Avoid triggering -Wshadow warnings in mfbt/. r=Waldo
e0ffe719035bJohn Daggett — Bug 833169 - fixup idents and trim out redundant initialization. r=karlt
eb1a14e09f50Zack Weinberg — Bug 842134: fix serialization of unquoted url() in CSS. r=heycam
a1310b986ebeJeff Walden — Bug 664528 - [].sort misbehaves when the array being sorted starts with at least one hole and otherwise contains only holes and |undefined| as its elements. r=jandem
fa40088b0833David Zbarsky — Bug 837044: Remove nsIDOMSVGFilterElement.idl that I forgot to remove earlier r=me
da82798eb275John Daggett — Bug 833169 - initialize family name in pango font entries. r=roc
820dff9bdc55John Daggett — Bug 833169 - add font family name to font entries and use in user font cache key. r=jkew
8a5523cc2812Chris Double — Bug 823523 - Part 4 - Whitelist Samsung Honeycomb devices for Stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
d5cb684d6b76Chris Double — Bug 823253 - Part 3 - Whitelist Samsung Gingerbread devices for Stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
50dc45f30b22Chris Double — Bug 823253 - Part 2 - Whitelist LG Froyo devices for stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
cef45c1cb7d4Chris Double — Bug 823253 - Part 1 - Whitelist HTC Gingerbread devices for stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
547bfb2239d1David Zbarsky — Bug 837044 - Convert SVGFilterElement to WebIDL r=bz
411288642ab4Matthew Gregan — Bug 842176 - Partial revert of bug 839319; use WAVE_FORMATEX when channels <= 2. r=doublec
fa9f36138ad8Christian Holler — Bug 838557 - Fix obvious problem with previous patch in nsPresShell.cpp, r=me
5faf053cccafDavid Zbarsky — Bug 837044 Part 1: Move SVGFilterElement to mozilla::dom r=bz
2a21768b10f0Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 835712 - Use more webidl for safer JS traversal. r=bz, r=jesup
f213ceb739aaJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 835370 - Optional offer/answer constraints work + unsupported mandatory ones fail. r=bz, r=jesup
1a9f0e934370Jonathan Kew — bug 841470 followup - fix signed/unsigned warning causing build bustage. r=me
16ff7211d7b2Jonathan Watt — Bug 842158 - Fix comment in input-range-direction-1.html. r=dholbert. DONTBUILD.
841077d27df8Jonathan Watt — Bug 842158 - Make <input type=range> honor the 'direction' property. r=dholbert.
fe1aa97b77a6Jonathan Kew — bug 841470 - don't call AppUnitsPerDevPixelChanged unless the value has actually changed. r=roc
Wed Jan 09 08:25:50 2013 +0000
7bce868864bfGene Lian — Bug 828161 - Firefox OS cannot start up due to an exception: "Webapps.jsm: non-relative URI passed to resolveFromOrigin". r=mounir
Fri Dec 21 21:58:32 2012 +0000
ae6237161b6cNicholas Cameron — Bug 822231; use the maximum scale for animated scaling. r=roc
aad19a7636f3Nicholas Cameron — Bug 822231; fix end of animation behaviour. r=dbaron
Thu Dec 20 15:59:24 2012 +0000
f6550d0960c8L. David Baron — Bug 814302, part 2: Don't print to console when an invalid selector is passed to querySelector*. r=bzbarsky
Sat Jun 30 05:51:18 2012 +0000
f08d285b63b0L. David Baron — Back out half of the previous patch for bug 709747, since the nsCOMPtr<nsISupports>::forget(nsISupports**) specialization is substantially different from nsCOMPtr<T>::forget(I**), and uses swap which already does the needed logging.
Wed Jun 13 19:50:05 2012 +0000
e116a5da6cedL. David Baron — Don't mark intrinsic widths dirty for font inflation width changes at box/block boundaries. (Bug 764354) r=bzbarsky
Tue Jun 12 19:43:41 2012 +0000
880037c0ff1eL. David Baron — Make scroll frames (i.e., overflow != visible) no longer be font size inflation flow roots. This fixes at the expense of This reverts b64bfa138619890a01826bde8974cc974b45a6f5 (bug 760098) which in turn reverted 9620f50be9fa8be44931decf1e57ce25f51da812 (Bug 747720, patch 7) which in turn reverted part of 9499f6b28addcbcd9c480eb80cfe6c4c63a4a3a1 (Bug 706193, patch 2). (Bug 747720) r=backout
Tue Jun 12 05:43:46 2012 +0000
131961e5e0d1L. David Baron — Don't assume ordering of callers of nsPresContext::ScreenWidthInchesForFontInflation; instead, track changes only for the caller that cares about changes. (Bug 759755, patch 5) r=bzbarsky
Mon Jun 11 20:57:51 2012 +0000
b7dd74f5a7d2L. David Baron — Properly dirty intrinsic widths when doing things that change inflation. (Bug 759755, patch 3) r=roc
649beef6950cL. David Baron — Do the necessary reflow when our font inflation data changes. (Bug 759755, patch 2) r=roc/bzbarsky
Mon Jun 11 00:36:50 2012 +0000
af2a59c23347L. David Baron — Back out patches 2 and 3 of bug 759755 for causing intermittent failures of layout/reftests/font-inflation/container-with-clamping.html .
Mon Jun 11 00:23:07 2012 +0000
8d57c055f951L. David Baron — Backout bug 754202 (all patches, rather than just patches 3-7).
Sun Jun 10 20:02:49 2012 +0000
679e4b464c10L. David Baron — Make svg:foreignObject be considered a constrained height (now that I'm thinking about them). (Bug 759755, patch 4) r=roc
876d3ce8a630L. David Baron — Properly dirty intrinsic widths when doing things that change inflation. (Bug 759755, patch 3) r=roc
753567e35350L. David Baron — Do the necessary reflow when our font inflation data changes. (Bug 759755, patch 2) r=roc
470130288d35L. David Baron — Fix source of slight test variation. (Bug 759755, patch 1)
Thu May 10 09:12:50 2012 +0000
6fe7dd2f8f57L. David Baron — Null-check the right thing to fix topcrash. (Bug 752428) r=roc
Sun Nov 27 19:42:52 2011 +0000
854aabf544d4L. David Baron — Turn down the sizing for font inflation a bit (bug 627842), at least until we sort out Android dpi issues. (Bug 705278)
Thu Nov 24 17:15:15 2011 +0000
84117219ded0L. David Baron — Add reftest annotations for failure state on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) so we can enable the reftest suite on Lion unit test machines. (Bug 700503)
Thu Nov 24 02:50:31 2011 +0000
cf764be32bc3L. David Baron — Run existing tests without font size inflation, even when it is enabled. (Bug 627842, patch 17) r=roc
eb173d230150L. David Baron — Add reftest harness for testing font inflation and add reftests for basic features. (Bug 627842, patch 16) r=roc
ccabd715b232L. David Baron — Make other users of font metrics (other than MathML and XUL) honor font size inflation. (Bug 627842, patch 15) r=roc
ff09e8e9bd8aL. David Baron — Pass nsFontMetrics to the GetEllipsis function rather than computing them again. (Bug 627842, patch 14) r=matspal
51ebc0da58baL. David Baron — Apply font size inflation to list bullets. (Bug 627842, patch 13) r=roc
738725e75362L. David Baron — Apply font size inflation to heights of inlines. (Bug 627842, patch 12) r=roc
d3724c31c3a0L. David Baron — Apply font size inflation to line heights. (Bug 627842, patch 11) r=roc
d090012f8439L. David Baron — Remove the unused context parameter to MeasureCharClippedText. (Bug 627842, patch 10) r=roc
236ba3dfe647L. David Baron — Apply font size inflation to text. (Bug 627842, patch 9) r=roc
2a00ab5642c1L. David Baron — Pass block's reflow state to nsTextFrame::UnionAdditionalOverflow. (Bug 627842, patch 8) r=roc
b0eb968eceb5L. David Baron — Use the text run's font group for the tab width instead of recomputing it from the frame. (Bug 627842, patch 7) r=roc
e233695b1310L. David Baron — Add inflation parameter to nsLayoutUtils::GetFontMetricsFor* methods. (Bug 627842, patch 6) r=roc
a10a1bc3cb40L. David Baron — When font size inflation is enabled, horizontal resizes of blocks must cause a full dirty reflow. (Bug 627842, patch 5) r=bzbarsky
d3e230bec2f9L. David Baron — Implement computation of font size inflation for improved readibility of text on mobile devices. (Bug 627842, patch 4) r=roc
3d486b1ad76aL. David Baron — Don't construct cell reflow states with a row group reflow state as their parent; instead, always link in a table row reflow state as appropriate. (Bug 627842, patch 3.875) r=roc
e229fd69d8b1L. David Baron — Don't duplicate frame state bits, so that we can assert about NS_FRAME_IN_REFLOW during painting. (Bug 627842, patch 3.5) r=roc
4751e5b548a7L. David Baron — When reflowing a frame (such as text controls) that jumps from HTML layout into XUL layout and then jumps back to HTML on the child frame, link the parent reflow state chain correctly. (Bug 627842, patch 3) r=roc
1aaacbcb3b61L. David Baron — Set an NS_FRAME_IN_CONSTRAINED_HEIGHT state bit on frames that are in a constrained space. (Bug 627842, patch 2) r=roc
ada794061c14L. David Baron — Add support for -moz-text-size-adjust CSS property. (Bug 627842, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
Thu Aug 11 01:01:07 2011 +0000
1221d45e7acaL. David Baron — Backout changeset 89a9f4a88d5b (bug 676413) for causing content/html/content/test/test_bug664299.html failures.
686e5ad8fa96L. David Baron — Backout changeset 289becc07558 (bug 676413) for causing content/html/content/test/test_bug664299.html failures.
a1b3ba6eabf8L. David Baron — Backout changeset aac29f0bdd10 (bug 676413) for causing content/html/content/test/test_bug664299.html failures.
Tue Jul 05 19:12:00 2011 +0000
95dccbaaabe8L. David Baron — Update revision of jetpack tested in jetpack tests to use one that is compatible with 8.0a1.
Mon Jun 13 01:53:02 2011 +0000
eab02b0b7c7dL. David Baron — Fix error in comment. r=bzbarsky
6772105ec426L. David Baron — Add test for rule serialization to catch any bugs in DocumentRule::GetCssText that are like the bug in the DEBUG-only DocumentRule::List in the initial patch for bug 398962.
ddc73a8ae402L. David Baron — Add missing break (Bug 398962) r=bzbarsky
17805ab478a2L. David Baron — Add needs-focus annotation for native-theme listbox tests. (Bug 659708)
bf282a9b7ae4L. David Baron — Add needs-focus annotation for a bunch of tests with selects in them to try to fix intermittent failures. (Bug 626103)
3af9fed4e33aL. David Baron — Remove notion of percentage of intrinsic size: remove code that handles percentages (which are no longer set thanks to the previous patch) and make them invalid. (Bug 611099) r=dholbert
58fe3ede72f8L. David Baron — Remove notion of percentage intrinsic size: remove the single case that (incorrectly) sets percentage intrinsic sizes, and fix all of the tests that depend on our old incorrect behavior. (Bug 611099) r=dholbert
c07445f34e92L. David Baron — Change IsPercentageAware (which tests whether an inline box's width depends on the width of its container) to check the correct general statement of when the width of a replaced element depends on its container's width, and in doing so avoid depending on the notion of percentage intrinsic size. (Bug 611099) r=dholbert
db0bcc6ab526L. David Baron — Allow -moz-box-ordinal-group: 0 (but not negatives, since we store the value as PRUint32). (Bug 644514) r=bzbarsky
d0b3065150f7L. David Baron — Address missed review comment from bug 644514 patch 1: remove unused macro. r=bzbarsky
Mon May 09 19:03:20 2011 +0000
cc57061c1258L. David Baron — Propagate code that used to be in CSSParserImpl::ParseSingleValueProperty and mark -moz-script-size-multiplier and -moz-script-min-size as inaccessible to parser. (Bug 636029, patch 9) r=bzbarsky
2054cc185d8bL. David Baron — -moz-animation-play-state should not be part of the -moz-animation shorthand. (Bug 654890) r=bzbarsky
e5fc7dbde8beL. David Baron — Ensure nsStyleAnimation doesn't produce values outside valid ranges. (Bug 653842, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
c2613933f08bL. David Baron — Unify positive-nonzero value restriction (used for integers) with one-or-larger value restriction (used for floats) as a single one-or-larger value restriction. (Bug 653842, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
5752142febe7L. David Baron — List value range restrictions more reliably in nsCSSPropList. Change 'font-size-adjust' to reject negative values. (Bug 653842, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
e2d2de2d2894L. David Baron — In cycle collector dumps, allow much more room for document URLs. (Bug 652056) r=peterv
Tue May 03 20:19:51 2011 +0000
84af3e2c7ac3Johnny Stenback — Fix bug 649795. Crash when accessing mOwner which might not always be set. r=bsmedberg
fde62ad9cd75L. David Baron — Fix the remaining todo test in test_parse_rule.html, which is invalid since ~= selectors never match anything containing spaces. (Bug 384672, patch 5) r=bzbarsky
4dd57526d5f6L. David Baron — Only allow escaped newlines inside strings (which includes url() tokens that contain strings). (Bug 384672, patch 4) r=bzbarsky
5a70248eb4acL. David Baron — Allow ParseAndAppendEscape to fail when the stream does not contain an escape, and make callers handle this failure appropriately. This changes our behavior when backslash immediately precedes end-of-stream. (Bug 384672, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
16da10dde7a5L. David Baron — Handle failure of GatherIdent, which can (starting with the next patch) fail when the character sequence is not an identifier. Additionally, change the tokenization of a hash (#) followed by a non-name character or EOF to tokenize as DELIM (eCSSToken_Symbol) rather than as eCSSToken_Hash. This only changes the behavior in the EOF case, because the only caller (color parsing) that accepts eCSSToken_Hash (rather than only eCSSToken_ID) checks the length. (Bug 384672, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
c7aa244b92afL. David Baron — Pass whether we're in a string to ParseAndAppendEscape. (Bug 384672, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
Tue May 03 01:45:09 2011 +0000
86248f7209b7L. David Baron — Make XPCOM_CC_DRAW_GRAPHS work at shutdown (in addition to working for non-shutdown collections). (Bug 652056, patch 3) r=peterv
064d7c5425a6L. David Baron — Audit for places in style rule code that need to check for a null sheet. (Bug 634373) r=bzbarsky
Sat Apr 30 22:23:06 2011 +0000
068d876996c6L. David Baron — Lower the level in the cascade of animations. (Bug 653645) r=bzbarsky
509e62175dbfL. David Baron — Assert that we destroy ElementAnimations/ElementTransitions through its Destroy() method. (Bug 653644) r=bzbarsky
278fd4966ed0L. David Baron — Add additional test for @-moz-document regexp() case-sensitivity (after discussion in bug 653495).
00d9bc4a9b9cL. David Baron — Convert use of zoom API in style system mochitests to SpecialPowers. (Bug 653461, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
442fe6006bbbL. David Baron — Convert use of DOMWindowUtils in style system mochitests to SpecialPowers. (Bug 653461, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
2228e6343c47L. David Baron — Convert use of preferences API in style system mochitests to SpecialPowers. (Bug 653461, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
Thu Apr 28 17:22:28 2011 +0000
2f41abc5a89dL. David Baron — Fix comment describing nsHTMLReflowState::availableWidth. (Bug 653356) r=bzbarsky
52a05ef70c66L. David Baron — Add support for regexp() function in @-moz-document rule. (Bug 398962) r=bzbarsky
ebe749bb585bL. David Baron — Don't set mNeedsRefreshes to false when we get two refreshes at the same time stamp. (Bug 651456) r=bzbarsky
ff87496ea7fcL. David Baron — When we know a block can't fit, end ReflowBlockFrame early, in case a zero-height block tries to. (Bug 652178) r=roc
d656c5e38d83L. David Baron — Remove incorrect nulling out of members that duplicates the correct code in Shutdown. (Bug 652385) r=bzbarsky
Sat Apr 23 20:19:42 2011 +0000
26ba14209541L. David Baron — Push a context on the stack when notifying a MediaQueryListListener. (Bug 652317) r=smaug
Sat Apr 23 01:41:58 2011 +0000
b7b5af018848L. David Baron — Reduce scope of :hover quirk: make it apply normally if it has a class selector, and be quirky (only apply to links) only when actually global. (Bug 197686) r=bzbarsky
c73c4d6907feL. David Baron — Should check link-related bits before reusing style context for root element. (Bug 652268) r=bzbarsky
b3d5c9a7a5e5L. David Baron — unicode-bidi should inherit into ::-moz-cell-content, ::-moz-anonymous-block, ::-moz-anonymous-positioned-block, and ::-moz-fieldset-content. (Bug 604294) r=bzbarsky
5b0b236704daL. David Baron — Make nsBox more careful about accepting XUL attributes only on XUL elements. (Bug 102440) r=bzbarsky
5e93d760e31dL. David Baron — Don't construct image loaders for null border-image. (Bug 652052) r=bzbarsky
f243ba23d955L. David Baron — Fix broken nsLineList::swap implementation. (Bug 652053) r=roc
758a62207d1fL. David Baron — Make leaksoup not print static ctor/dtor warnings.
f99ba4e6acebL. David Baron — Fix css3-animations handling of properties that are not present in all keyframes to match WebKit and generally be more sensible. (Bug 649400) r=bzbarsky
bbec48c9edaeL. David Baron — Use saner index names in nsAnimationManager. (Bug 649400) r=bzbarsky
Fri Apr 22 03:18:36 2011 +0000
e00435bb54b5L. David Baron — Add diagnostic for nested @-rules that are ignored. (Bug 652014) r=bzbarsky
156e72ac605aL. David Baron — Ensure nsRefreshDriver::MostRecentRefresh tells the truth even when we stop and restart timers. (Bug 650469) r=bzbarsky
b5832780b4c2L. David Baron — Remove parsing and storage code for CSS 2.0 aural properties. (Bug 649119) r=bzbarsky
1b37bbdb15b7L. David Baron — Implement window.matchMedia for matching of media queries and notification of media query changes. (Bug 542058, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
183330b5a008L. David Baron — Allow null media query cache key in some places. (Bug 542058, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
1cd6b2cce8a8L. David Baron — Remove null-checks of nsCSSParser, since construction is infallible. (Bug 542058, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
8bec19370c0eL. David Baron — Share code to compute timing functions. (Bug 651801, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
04d855576596L. David Baron — Share code to count the length of the transition/animation property array. (Bug 651801, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
Wed Apr 20 21:30:12 2011 +0000
127b9421c7c3L. David Baron — Move AddRef to before the unlock. (Bug 650674, patch 2) r=bsmedberg
Wed Apr 20 04:23:46 2011 +0000
45b20f137549L. David Baron — Make nsIFrame::GetOrdinal accept all values that the CSS parser accepts (which currently adds no values). (Bug 644514 patch 1) r=bzbarsky
6e5fcc89c65eL. David Baron — Don't hold nsProxyObjectManager's lock while calling delete on an nsProxyEventObject. (Bug 650674) r=bsmedberg
Tue Apr 12 08:30:20 2011 +0000
6276eb5b2d9cL. David Baron — Backout changeset b583111a88aa (bug 585152) for causing mochitest-browser-chrome orange on opt builds.
22d3f09a3f37L. David Baron — Back out changeset 7dcd0d16cc08 (bug 547941) for causing jsreftest crashes on debug builds.
Tue Apr 12 07:12:36 2011 +0000
aa0b6404ec25L. David Baron — Backout changeset b48ebf9695bb for causing failures in layout/generic/test/test_selection_expanding.html .
Tue Apr 12 06:21:43 2011 +0000
b48ebf9695bbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 637671 - Don't display the selection for a non-focused text element when restoring the selection state after a reframe. r=bzbarsky
5f6f0204b682L. David Baron — ifdef CSS animations so that the feature can be backed out by flipping the switches in and then reverting the changes to the following four files appropriately: nsIDOMCSS2Properties.idl, nsIDOMCSSRule.idl, property_database.js, test_transitions_computed_values.html. (Bug 435442, patch 15) r=bzbarsky
37cc67bd29b0L. David Baron — Fire animation events at the correct times. (Bug 435442, patch 14) r=bzbarsky
6645b30313c5L. David Baron — Instead of incorrectly setting nsComputedDOMStyle's mOuterFrame and mInnerFrame when we have a pseudo-element to the element's frames, leave them null. (Bug 435442, patch 13) r=bzbarsky
3a3c77941d26L. David Baron — Add animation event interface and data structures. (Bug 435442, patch 12) r=smaug
1c17ed72040cL. David Baron — Implement and test animation of css3-animations. (Bug 435442, patch 11) r=bzbarsky
6ab8e5df08ecL. David Baron — Factor some common testing code into animation_utils.js. (Bug 435442, patch 10) r=bzbarsky
618c5d784dacL. David Baron — Add interface for taking over the refresh driver in a test (i.e., mocking time). (Bug 435442, patch 9) r=bzbarsky
f4d2a9cb8e06L. David Baron — Make AnimValuesStyleRule::AddEmptyValue infallible. (Bug 435442, patch 8) r=bzbarsky
548241dd0c12L. David Baron — Refactor some parts of nsTransitionManager into common base class to be shared with AnimationManager. (Bug 435442, patch 7) r=bzbarsky
23d79d8f5edaL. David Baron — Add support for cascading of keyframes rules. (Bug 435442, patch 6) r=bzbarsky
f8dba37f4761L. David Baron — Implement parsing and storage of @keyframes rule. (Bug 435442, patch 5) r=bzbarsky
2597d6ff2793L. David Baron — Fix style rule inheritance macros. (Bug 435442, patch 4) r=bzbarsky
9e703bf91ff5L. David Baron — Clean up handling of CSSOM modifications to rules that are non-child descendants of a sheet. (Bug 435442, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
b579b02a57afL. David Baron — Share implementation of GetCSSParsingEnvironment so we can use it for both style rules' declarations and keyframe rules' declarations. (Bug 435442, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
0a0314bdf5c6L. David Baron — Implement parsing and computation for the new properties in css3-animation. (Bug 435442, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
6bf7649f64a6L. David Baron — Implement step-start, step-end, and steps() timing functions. (Bug 435442, patch 0) r=bzbarsky
15dc9bbc94d6Trevor Saunders — Add additional IsDefunct() checks in State() methods to fix crashes [@ nsIContent::Tag()]. Bug 648988. r=surkov
171d203d16b1L. David Baron — Backout changeset e6d044d30abf (bug 607741) for not compiling.
fc1cb8500847L. David Baron — Backout changeset e84a9cf9fe6c (bug 648570) for its associated patch not compiling.
Sun Apr 10 01:26:15 2011 +0000
fe3f7889918bL. David Baron — Back out 5d997f85c1b9 (Bug 639179 Part 1) due to mobile unittest orange. CLOSED TREE
8ece7619bfffL. David Baron — Back out 195c8ad12184 (Bug 639179 Part 2) due to mobile unittest orange.
1bbb4c7ec2d7L. David Baron — Back out e5f8db95d0c5 (Bug 639179 Part 3) due to mobile unittest orange.
f91f99930122L. David Baron — Back out 97a7a9f80725 (Bug 639179 Part 4) due to mobile unittest orange.
91b90242f882L. David Baron — Back out fd6ad8e567c9 (Bug 639179 Part 5) due to mobile unittest orange.
18db426b1879L. David Baron — Back out 1edfae12015b (Bug 642246) due to mobile unittest orange.
Wed Mar 30 03:54:26 2011 +0000
3badbf020354L. David Baron — Add test for bug 583219. r=bzbarsky
a04d86c6539eL. David Baron — Go through the normal restyling codepath in RebuildAllStyleData so that we handle in-progress transitions correctly. (Bug 583219) r=bzbarsky
14fa948cc732L. David Baron — Don't call SetSheet with a null sheet. (Bug 645951) r=bzbarsky
Wed Mar 30 02:47:25 2011 +0000
4524bb785a79L. David Baron — Rev IIDs of interfaces that derive from nsIDOMDocument due to methods added to nsIDOMDocument. (Bug 639849) r=bzbarsky
Tue Mar 29 16:52:13 2011 +0000
b63dd98e03e8L. David Baron — Fix bustage from bug 594666.
Tue Mar 29 15:43:46 2011 +0000
c532215bd558L. David Baron — Add assertions that fire when callers using nsAutoLock or nsAutoMonitor use PR_NewLock or PR_NewMonitor directly. (Bug 594666) r=cjones
c8d376cb8a00L. David Baron — Use nsAutoLock::NewLock, nsAutoLock::DestroyLock, nsAutoMonitor::NewMonitor, and nsAutoMonitor::DestroyMonitor as required by the API. (Bug 594666) r=cjones
27b5127dd604L. David Baron — Initialize statics in OnSemaphoreCreated so that we get data about locks created before any locks are locked. (Bug 594666) r=cjones
5e4ff3365ab8L. David Baron — Make nsAutoLock::NewLock, nsAutoLock::DestroyLock, nsAutoMonitor::NewMonitor, and nsAutoMonitor::DestroyMonitor inline so that they have no overhead in non-DEBUG. (Bug 594666) r=cjones
Mon Mar 28 23:08:27 2011 +0000
5b21d83b089aChen Liu — Use PL_strncpyz in DR_FrameTypeInfo. (Bug 639220) r=dbaron
0aec17daf6f1L. David Baron — Remove the datastruct_ and member_ fields of the CSS_PROP macro. (Bug 645620, patch 5) r=bzbarsky
e76c7e9b17cfL. David Baron — Remove nsCSSStruct.h/cpp. (Bug 645620, patch 4) r=bzbarsky
ebb436e2d8d0L. David Baron — Move nsCSSCornerSizes from nsCSSStruct.h/cpp to nsCSSValue.h/cpp. (Bug 645620, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
967f25420b71L. David Baron — Remove nsCSSDataBlock::kOffsetTable, which is no longer needed. (Bug 645620, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
0864cd7f9e9bL. David Baron — Replace use of nsCSS* structs in nsCSSExpandedDataBlock with an array of nsCSSValue. (Bug 645620, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
Sat Mar 26 18:46:06 2011 +0000
497e9a9d5982L. David Baron — Mac GfxInfo::GetFeatureStatusImpl must assign to aStatus when it returns success. (Bug 645376)
Fri Mar 25 19:05:37 2011 +0000
1d3457c061ffL. David Baron — Add crashtest for bug 645072.
f1d26af4c57bL. David Baron — Mark tests added in changeset 03070beac9e7 (bug 418975) as failing, since the patch is being backed out for causing crash bug 645072.
5c844a79e5c1L. David Baron — Back out changeset 25beb9ced8d2 (bug 418975) for causing crash bug 645072.
Fri Mar 25 04:11:33 2011 +0000
e11c2f95f781L. David Baron — Backout changeset 208e4e19cc1a (Bug 643695) for causing bug 644790.
2ec2475ef8ddL. David Baron — Backout changeset d60d8c1c1f8a (Bug 644297) for causing bug 644790.
5deb267b1d33L. David Baron — Backout changeset f406ffe65c08 (Bug 620931 part 1) for causing bug 644790.
16e48d6b3b9cL. David Baron — Backout changeset 5c3ed4fde1e4 (Bug 620931 part 2) for causing bug 644790.
08d1aeeea824L. David Baron — Backout changeset b9e6454362ef (Bug 620931 part 3) for causing bug 644790.
941d126f6dd2L. David Baron — Backout changeset 9df6e8117fe0 (Bug 620931 part 4) for causing bug 644790.
1492b6e75639L. David Baron — Backout changeset b97a060746f9 (Bug 620931 part 5) for causing bug 644790.
Thu Mar 03 07:21:41 2011 +0000
f76fac273005L. David Baron — Don't return NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_INPUT when given an empty source buffer. (Bug 638236) r=smontagu a2.0=blocking
Thu Mar 03 05:02:28 2011 +0000
8be874c41712L. David Baron — Fix converter stream part of bug 638236. r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
Mon Feb 28 03:57:52 2011 +0000
39340a271c33Gervase Markham — Add .ua to IDN TLD whitelist. (Bug 621686) a2.0=beltzner
86e1ba3e495aGervase Markham — Add to PSL (public suffix list). (Bug 621707) a2.0=beltzner
4aa1a8bc87fdGervase Markham — Add to PSL (public suffix list). (Bug 621707) a2.0=beltzner
619daccbbf7cGervase Markham — Add .masr (Egypt) to IDN TLD whitelist. (Bug 624733) a2.0=beltzner
Wed Feb 23 20:08:50 2011 +0000
a820f7f5e50eL. David Baron — Disable opening of new tabs when double-clicking on the tabbar when the tabbar is unified with the titlebar, on GTK. (Bug 635397) r=dao a2.0=beltzner
c011e21f29f8L. David Baron — Linux theme: make dragging the tabbar drag the window when the tabbar is unified with the titlebar. (Bug 635397) r=dao a2.0=beltzner
Thu Feb 10 23:21:34 2011 +0000
0a3f2dd6870fVivien Nicolas — Fix spurious NS_WARNING by adding missing return. (Bug 632802) r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
3268bdbd64c4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 622542. Remove unused FrameLayerBuilder::InvalidateAllThebesLayerContents API. r=tnikkel a2.0=blocking
Fri Feb 04 22:38:40 2011 +0000
d49d590321e9Jim Mathies — Bug 629709 - White line of highlight pixels appears above navigation toolbar if the window is maximized; r=roc a=gavin
c1d4dc902b7aJim Mathies — Bug 630697 - Flash crash [@ _SEH_prolog ]; r=bsmedberg a=blocking-final+
08b8b6576527timeless — Bug 577915 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in libjar; r=dveditz a=jst
637ec623065ebjarne — Bug 612135: Content Encoding Error (partial content request) on r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0
10ecb300665eKevin Gadd — Attempt to make the test for bug 629838 less sensitive to OS-triggered paints and CPU load; r=cjones a=test
c96db95315d3Oleg Romashin — Bug 607936 - Make possible to apply transform on topLevel LayerManager scene r=matt,roc a=joe
a65173888809Ms2ger — Bug 623589 - Remove aCanBePercent parameter from nsAttrValue::ParseSpecialIntValue; r=peterv a=jst
eb6683a406b1timeless — Bug 584967 mark deprecated dom interfaces with [deprecated]; r=smaug a=jst
b57004abf327timeless — Bug 583727 DOMCI_CASTABLE_INTERFACE: macro redefinition; r=peterv a=jst
d12432562484Jonas Sicking — Bug 587928 - Disable support for <meta http-equiv="Link">; r,a=jst
a80bddafafb8Mike Conley — Bug 629521 - Extensions and themes which are marked to get removed are not grouped but remain at the original location; r,a=Mossop
Wed Feb 02 16:40:33 2011 +0000
95b2986b495eL. David Baron — Ensure that 'load' and 'script' tests do layout and painting before we go on to the next test. (Bug 624279) r=roc a2.0=blocking
10df9d3ed091L. David Baron — Make the parts of reftest-analyzer scroll independently. (Bug 612505)
Tue Jan 25 00:23:22 2011 +0000
742bc2628690L. David Baron — By default, disable MozAfterPaint for content. (Bug 608030) r=roc a=blocking2.0:betaN+
9c1bea8d506bL. David Baron — Clean up setting of preferences for reftest. (Bug 608030) r=roc a=blocking2.0:betaN+
dfc9b86cea80L. David Baron — Honor the "gfx.color_management.force_srgb" when it is set as a default pref in addition to when it is set as a user pref. (Bug 608030) r=jrmuizel a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN+
Mon Jan 24 06:01:05 2011 +0000
80266029824bL. David Baron — Backout changeset ffebdc3ddb62 (bug 608030) due to reftest orange related to color-management pref. a=orange
f5cf80c6dae4L. David Baron — Backout changeset 3248feddc867 (bug 608030).
Mon Jan 24 04:21:58 2011 +0000
bc2fda9a8b32L. David Baron — Uncomment the previously landed xpc_DumpJSStack call for now, since it no longer causes fatal JS_Asserts. (Bug 510489) a2.0=DEBUG-only
3248feddc867L. David Baron — By default, disable MozAfterPaint for content. (Bug 608030) r=roc a=blocking2.0:betaN+
ffebdc3ddb62L. David Baron — Clean up setting of preferences for reftest. (Bug 608030) r=roc a=blocking2.0:betaN+
54913bb4cb03Cameron McCormack — Bug 612505 - Part 2: Add a pixel value inspection panel to the reftest analyzer rs=dbaron
d332f94fa019Cameron McCormack — Bug 612505 - Part 1: Whitespace cleanups. rs=dbaron
Thu Jan 20 20:10:13 2011 +0000
9d1decf3df23Mounir Lamouri — Bug 615979 - Remove custom invalid-form popup style. r=dao a=b (relanding on CLOSED TREE)
Sat Jan 15 20:32:44 2011 +0000
9c32afba1189L. David Baron — Backout changeset 0f1fd87b570d (bug 622326) on suspicion of causing bug 626100 (leak in a11y mochitests). CLOSED TREE
Sat Jan 15 18:26:11 2011 +0000
0d8c14c175f1L. David Baron — Make this test more reliable given imperfect timers, to fix TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL that has happened once so far. (Bug 613888) a=tests
Sat Jan 15 03:58:42 2011 +0000
3d4620449437L. David Baron — Correctly fix up the parentage of child sheets when removing the primary nsCSSStyleSheet from an nsCSSStyleSheetInner. (Bug 623351) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
fe3f812af314SHIMODA Hiroshi — Add test for transitionend events firing for transitions that, prior to bug 613888, were canceled right before completing. r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
ea7bedcd069cL. David Baron — Don't cancel transitions that are almost completed (and round to their final value) when we get an unrelated style change. (Bug 613888) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
Sat Jan 15 00:43:37 2011 +0000
09941c7a591fPhil Ringnalda — Disable test_xulbrowser_plugin_visibility.xul on Windows. (Bug 625651) r=roc a=tests
Wed Jan 12 01:09:43 2011 +0000
e2f7319148ceL. David Baron — Report incomplete reflow status as appropriate when frame tree is too deep. (Bug 619021) r=roc a2.0=blocking
67cfc95b4b90L. David Baron — Issue console warning when we abort reflow because the frame tree is too deep. (Bug 619021) r=roc a2.0=blocking
dfa73f7b1acfL. David Baron — Add assertions that the frame tree is safe to destroy (i.e., doesn't contain any first-in-flows or other things we should never destroy) when we call DeleteNextInFlowChild. (Bug 619021) r=roc a2.0=blocking
37d585cbcb75L. David Baron — Add crashtest for bug 595740. a2.0=blocking, tests
e7504a9cf0cbL. David Baron — Handle multiple continuations of the same float being out-of-order in the same float list. (Bug 595740) r=roc a2.0=blocking
5eb94b2c7606L. David Baron — Move assertion about continuations of floats so that it is valid. (Bug 595740) r=roc a2.0=blocking
8f7e62512d44L. David Baron — Fix incorrect author metadata (for CSS 2.1 test suite metadata), for tests that come from bug 367650. a=testonly
Tue Jan 04 15:11:11 2011 +0000
66096f867849L. David Baron — Fix backwards handling of zero-duration transitions. (Bug 622461) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
Thu Dec 30 18:00:19 2010 +0000
97e0776740d3L. David Baron — Correct handling of unitless zero in calc() expressions. (Bug 595648) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:betaN+
fe4489fb36abL. David Baron — In contexts where the CSS parser accepts numbers and lengths, treat unitless zero as a number rather than a length. (Bug 595648) r=bzbarsky,dholbert a=blocking2.0:betaN+
Thu Dec 16 16:55:55 2010 +0000
3b4f3b897999L. David Baron — For transition reversing computations, ensure valuePortion is within 0.0-1.0. (Bug 611238) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:final
d0e5fb03bae2L. David Baron — Remove code that's no longer needed. (Bug 576649, followup) r=roc a=blocking
14acfa12a7e2L. David Baron — Remove comment that I forgot to remove in the previous patch (which fixed the issue it was pointing out). (Bug 617372) a2.0=tests
Fri Dec 10 05:35:51 2010 +0000
6986bf97d8b4L. David Baron — Comment out the xpc_DumpJSStack call for now, since it causes fatal JS_Asserts. (Bug 510489) a=bustage
Fri Dec 10 04:40:06 2010 +0000
9103bd2267e7L. David Baron — Make style system mochitests handle cases where initial font family is sans-serif. (Bug 617372) a2.0=tests
e71b310f0484L. David Baron — Make dumping of JS values that are native functions dump the filename and line number of the function. (Bug 510489) a2.0=DEBUG-only
64a2a3834927L. David Baron — Dump JS stack and information about the object for the assertion about using XPConnect on a scope with no Components in scope. (Bug 510489) r=mrbkap a2.0=DEBUG-only
7cf0918f3bfaL. David Baron — Add test for cairo error when trying to draw zero width borders, even though it doesn't actually fail without the patch in the current reftest harness. (Bug 618071) a=blocking2.0:beta8
09ae1392ac05L. David Baron — Don't try drawing zero-width borders. (Bug 618071) r=roc a=blocking2.0:beta8
Thu Dec 09 18:26:43 2010 +0000
4c5f51f5e9a0Igor Bukanov — bug 617215 - eliminating JS_NewString usage in FF while fixing a leak there. r=bz a=blocking b8
Wed Dec 08 23:35:36 2010 +0000
3a8b2f1490f3Patrick McManus — missed a test in 98d58c46e409 when disabling websockets. bug 616733. a=tests
Fri Dec 03 20:31:58 2010 +0000
26679406a685L. David Baron — Add bug number for some float test known failures. a2.0=tests
def1d44447e3L. David Baron — Remove comment about difference from CSS 2.1 since CSS 2.1 has adopted the proposal in question. a2.0=tests
ec5b2fab7df5L. David Baron — Change assertion annotation. The condition causing it is dependence on some sizes rather than a platform-specific issue, but leave it a little more specific so that we notice if the bug is fixed. (Bug 615953) a2.0=tests
Sun Nov 21 23:51:46 2010 +0000
4847e1cf6cf4L. David Baron — Don't propagate text-decoration in quirks-mode across inline-block, inline-table, and HTML table elements. Also, prepare quirks-mode text-decoration propagation code for use in standards mode (for bug 403524). (Bug 572713) r=roc a2.0=blocking
Thu Nov 18 19:07:25 2010 +0000
b80c7aadda83L. David Baron — Add reftests for bug 500141. a2.0=tests+blocking
2aceaa1070b4L. David Baron — Update Armenian list numbering test per discussion in bug 390440 and bug 604508. a2.0=tests
Tue Nov 16 17:56:35 2010 +0000
860d55aec420L. David Baron — Animate skew in angle space rather than tangent space for interop and to avoid issues with infinite tangents. (Bug 606722) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
0b5df68704adL. David Baron — Remove spammy warning announcing that we haven't fixed bug 455338. (Bug 611686) r=bzbarsky a2.0=DEBUG-only
46dbf72e386fL. David Baron — Make the reftest image comparison tests have a more informative message so they're easier to distinguish from the rest. (Bug 611702) r=ted a2.0=tests
a5cf7be98857L. David Baron — Fix assertion (that should have turned the tree orange). (Bug 608458) r=roc a2.0=blocking(on 500141)
Wed Nov 10 15:50:38 2010 +0000
e250978a21beL. David Baron — Don't use ComputeDistance in nsTransitionManager when shortening reversals of partially running transitions, and shorten only transitions that are actually back to the current start point. (Bug 582379, bug 526784) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
f1f708845d4dL. David Baron — Fix division-by-zero crash that dholbert saw, although I haven't been able to, and make the code a bit more robust. (Bug 582379) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
3c75b7bea31aL. David Baron — Fix another case of bad border-radius corners (and document a third that's not fixed). (Bug 500141) r=roc a2.0=blocking
f989d1ef7cb8L. David Baron — Fix GLX version check so it won't break when the version hits 1.10. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
8b83d833cc95L. David Baron — Use extension alternatives for GLX 1.3 features when GLX 1.3 is not available but equivalent extensions are. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
8b500020522cL. David Baron — Don't repeatedly try to initialize GLXLibrary. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
c8d35a82db4eL. David Baron — Add glXQueryExtensionsString to GLXLibrary. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
bf1af01820f8L. David Baron — Remove unused functions from GLXLibrary. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
83c59637f799L. David Baron — Remove non-working remnant of support for GLX versions less than 1.3. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
0c05af8eb212L. David Baron — Make glXDestroyContext function pointer consistent with name of function. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
a9fef34b8c68L. David Baron — Remove duplicate XFree call. (Bug 605992) r=vlad a2.0=joedrew
cf61d18f6210L. David Baron — Make 'bolder' and 'lighter' values of 'font-weight' be computed in the style system, per recent edits to CSS 2.1. (Bug 93725) r=jdaggett a2.0=joedrew
864ad777dba7L. David Baron — Fix an underlying issue with weightmapping reftests that shows up in weightmapping-458.html on Windows once bug 93725 is fixed: avoid differences because we're inconsistent about whether we're setting the correct font on a block or an inline. (Bug 93725) r=jdaggett a2.0=tests
68dcdaf45a0fL. David Baron — Remove support (style system only) for 'wider' and 'narrower' values of 'font-stretch'. (Bug 604816) r=jdaggett a2.0=joedrew
Tue Oct 26 18:31:10 2010 +0000
bb8146cbac63L. David Baron — Fix border-radius joins with differing styles adjacent to a zero-width border. (Bug 500141) r=roc a2.0=blocking-final
Sat Oct 23 23:32:30 2010 +0000
de2d90ff2ac7L. David Baron — Add test for nsStyleAnimation::ComputeDistance. (Bug 598099) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking-betaN
567e9ffd65cbL. David Baron — Change distance computation for transforms so that distance ratios match interpolation. (Bug 598099) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking-betaN
af70dc124dddL. David Baron — Make AnimValuesStyleRule::MapRuleInfoInto check that property hasn't been filled in yet, so that it cascades correctly and interacts correctly with nsStyleSet::ResolveStyleByAddingRules. (Bug 598099) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking-betaN
0f9e0eedb4baL. David Baron — Revert code changes from changeset 1640dcbf1d4c (bug 541406), and add embed:-moz-focusring too, now that bug 542595 is fixed. r=roc
Fri Oct 22 03:38:07 2010 +0000
bafbdc85d57bAndreas Gal — Check correct compartment. (Bug 606390) r=jst a2.0=blocking-beta7
9b0ab0ada853L. David Baron — Add bug number for test failure.
04f831cccd8bL. David Baron — Backout changeset d9e4dfc7ebdc (debugging code for test failure). a=roc a2.0=roc
d045978f6007L. David Baron — Add assertion to detect case that bent caught in record-and-replay on privatebrowsing tests so we can learn what portion of orange (hangs) in those tests it's responsible for, and get stacks pointing to the problem.
Mon Oct 18 02:37:27 2010 +0000
bff47403425dL. David Baron — Accept PR_INT32_MIN as an integer in CSS. (Bug 602890) r=bzbarsky a2.0=roc
5b74adbe7679L. David Baron — Don't hit assertion when calling getPropertyPriority on unknown property. (Bug 601439) r=bzbarsky a2.0=dbaron
7023ebb8417aL. David Baron — Fix double-subtraction of opposite margin when one of margin-top/bottom is auto, for absolutely positioned elements. (Bug 604212) r=bzbarsky a2.0=roc
5ba88998be23L. David Baron — Check for UniversalXPConnect in trace-malloc hooks. (Bug 600064) r=jst a2.0=roc
07da2aeff75aL. David Baron — Remove ancient bustage fix that was only needed for Mac OS X versions we no longer support (10.1, I think). a2.0=dbaron
Tue Oct 12 02:21:16 2010 +0000
e84f3fb9fd56L. David Baron — Add an additional value to nsOverflowType so that compilers (in particular, gcc 4.5.*) know that one past the end is a value they'll need to deal with. (Bug 602826) r=roc a2.0=blocking
Mon Oct 11 18:04:04 2010 +0000
5631c996d14dL. David Baron — Make hit testing for border-radius follow the curvature of the border. (Bug 595652) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
12bbf60c4d97L. David Baron — Send clicks to the center of elements, rather than to 2, 2, so that they don't end up outside the curvature of the border. (Bug 595652) r=Mossop a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
8731e64120abL. David Baron — Add method to synthesize mouse events at the center of elements. (Bug 595652) r=Mossop a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
Sat Oct 09 16:35:25 2010 +0000
26291a8c4cafL. David Baron — Fix GC race in test by doing QueryInterface when needed, in case a the wrapper has been GCed since the last QueryInterface. (Bug 600785) r=ted.mielczarek a2.0=tests
d88b7978d132L. David Baron — Remove canvas shadow quirk that was recently removed from the spec. (Bug 600428) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
a1e0e5f8e4f9L. David Baron — Add a change that was missed in changeset 7e330021ce68 (bug 590039). a2.0=blocking
Thu Oct 07 04:42:09 2010 +0000
41aded65fb6cDave Townsend — Backing out string removal from bug 597178 so localizers don't get confused. a=backout
c592fd144de0Benoit Jacob — Bug 600620 - 2/2 - Expose feature status block reason in about:support - r=jmuizelaar, a=blocking2.0-b7
999e367a2e1dBenoit Jacob — Bug 600620 - 1/2 - Expose feature status block reason so that it can be used by about:support - r=vladimir, a=blocking2.0-b7
bab601c0c084Benoit Jacob — Bug 600620 - 2/2 - Expose feature status block reason in about:support - r=jmuizelaar, a=blocking2.0-b7 GECKO20b7pre_20101006_RELBRANCH
9c335c3700f8Benoit Jacob — Bug 600620 - 1/2 - Expose feature status block reason so that it can be used by about:support - r=vladimir, a=blocking2.0-b7 GECKO20b7pre_20101006_RELBRANCH
2f281ff6d5e4Chris Jones — Bug 602393: Fix idiotic mistake causing JITs to be blacklisted on all android devices. r=dvander a=blocking-fennec-b1+ GECKO20b7pre_20101006_RELBRANCH
Thu Oct 07 04:26:21 2010 +0000
1aab37daf3bcL. David Baron — Remove unused system metrics from nsILookAndFeel and implementations. (Bug 599657) r=roc a2.0=joedrew
2fbbdc29ddadL. David Baron — Check isValid, since bindings in chrome (e.g., Fennec select binding) can make it be false. (Bug 596767) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
7162cbafddb9L. David Baron — Drop native appearance when border-radius or -moz-border-start/end are set. (Bug 601366) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
c6cab3b69ee1L. David Baron — Give nsCSSFontFaceRule a copy-constructor that doesn't copy the reference count. (Bug 601437) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:final
769faecf13a9Jim Mathies — Set vertical resize flags on the root's reflow state when we're doing SizeToContent reflows. (Bug 562955) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
ae327f054f26L. David Baron — Avoid early return from nsImageFrame::BuildDisplayList, so we don't go blank for some selection cases. (Bug 599368) r=tnikkel a2.0=blocking2.0:final
44d18ee0102fL. David Baron — Reflow floating ::first-letter before deciding where to place the float, since we need to reflow it to learn its width. (Bug 594303) r=roc a2.0=blocking:betaN
e82310ad2cbaL. David Baron — When a frame is themed, report a border-radius of 0. (Bug 595652) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
ba73f9a24cb1L. David Baron — Fix border-radius computed style code to reflect clamping adjustments that we make to border radius. (Bug 595651) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
a409cf6a864eL. David Baron — Fix border-radius computed style code to reflect that percentage Y values are percentages of the box height. (Bug 595650) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
74a0c9dba317L. David Baron — Add a selector hack so that we can implement table border styles compatibly in CSS. (Bug 539880) Test by Geoff Lankow <>. r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
58e3696a0dadL. David Baron — Add reftests for text-shadow and box-shadow not causing scrollable overflow. (Bug 542595, patch 24) (for bug 446693) a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
b492a3d8bc1cL. David Baron — Fix reftests that assume that text-shadow causes scrollbars. (Bug 542595, patch 23) (for bug 446693)
b9d3ba34dc5eL. David Baron — Mark two reftests that now pass as passing. (Bug 542595, patch 22) (fixes bug 593160) a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
7fa3c82dc40fL. David Baron — Adjust known assertion counts for assertions that now happen for each overflow area. (Bug 542595, patch 21) a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
070567151424L. David Baron — Change callers to use new nsIFrame overflow APIs. (Bug 542595, patch 20) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
08860c83bf88L. David Baron — Fix miscellaneous reflow methods to use new overflow area APIs. (Bug 542595, patch 19) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
061f5e6d58beL. David Baron — Fix all ReflowChildren methods in table code to avoid unnecessary NS_METHOD and NS_IMETHOD, and one that takes an overflow area to handle it correctly. (Bug 542595, patch 18) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
40788d629f3cL. David Baron — Make parameters to nsTableFrame::InvalidateFrame, nsTableFrame::PlaceChild, and nsTableRowGroupFrame::PlaceChild be the visual overflow rect. (Bug 542595, patch 17) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
0a7a368d748fL. David Baron — Fix the way table cells consider overflowing collapsed borders for split overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 16) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
89551308e585L. David Baron — Now that overflow areas are split, change nsIFrame::ComputeTightBounds to use visual overflow. While it really only needs to include frame bounds, glyph bounds, and text decorations, since glyph bounds are not part of scrollable overflow, it must use visual overflow. (Bug 542595, patch 15) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
9292ed4f13c7L. David Baron — Remaining nsBlockFrame changes for split overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 14) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
0de9480228c0L. David Baron — Change nsBlockReflowContext::PlaceBlock for split overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 13) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
25b99ff44f9cL. David Baron — Split overflow areas for block frame float continuations. (Bug 542595, patch 12) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
ed9ebff7469dL. David Baron — Compute nsBlockFrame.cpp's ComputeCombinedArea to split overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 11) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
96a52ac05006L. David Baron — Compute nsBlockFrame::ComputeCombinedArea to split overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 10) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
ca6684b7a11cL. David Baron — Convert nsBlockReflowState::mFloatCombinedArea and part of nsBlockFrame to split overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 9) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
04e34daab502L. David Baron — Make overflow from text frames be visual overflow only, and not scrollable. (Bug 542595, patch 8) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
a8f0130ffa83L. David Baron — Make nsLineLayout track two separate overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 7) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
6e1cf319e5b2L. David Baron — Make nsLineBox track two separate overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 6) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
1302a184ae9cL. David Baron — Remove unused method nsLineBox::CombinedAreaIntersects. (Bug 542595, patch 5) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
ce61761d254dL. David Baron — Change FinishAndStoreOverflow API to take two overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 4) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
1b5cdef4b9d6L. David Baron — Make ReflowOverflowContainerChildren handle split overflow areas. (Bug 542595, patch 3) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
28874ce55ee1L. David Baron — Use split overflow areas in nsAbsoluteContainer::Reflow. Fixes overflow handling bug in nsPositionedInlineFrame where non-positioned overflow was ignored. (Bug 542595, patch 2) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
4abdb488ea62L. David Baron — Convert nsIFrame APIs from having a single overflow rect to having two distinct overflow rects. (Bug 542595, patch 1) r=roc sr=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta8
2b78824f6508L. David Baron — For elements that are in a document with a pres shell, always use that pres shell when getting computed style so we (a) return a more correct style and (b) don't mix rule nodes from two rule trees. (Bug 596245) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
cc9970256012L. David Baron — When we set border-radius on <hr>, make the ends circular rather than elliptical. (Bug 597721) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking:betaN
be63370c439bBoris Zbarsky — Adjust assertion annotation to be Linux-specific. a2.0=bustage
Wed Sep 22 05:37:39 2010 +0000
6a3efef10e69L. David Baron — Revert bug 549561 for Mac only, since it seems to have caused the 10.5 (32-bit) Mac debug trace-malloc leak test to hang. a=bustage
Wed Sep 22 02:33:17 2010 +0000
d20b0bf1cf3aL. David Baron — Disable trace-malloc stack walking for tests that use (Bug 549561) r=ted a2.0=tests
0778c7931695L. David Baron — Initialize the out param from backtrace(). (Bug 549561) r=bsmedberg a2.0=tests
Sat Sep 18 19:16:10 2010 +0000
c12c5e990edaL. David Baron — Add NS_FINAL_CLASS annotations to rule classes. r=bzbarsky Add virtual that I missed on nsCSSGroupRule. (Bug 596140) a=me
Sat Sep 18 18:44:37 2010 +0000
d09dcf95a050L. David Baron — Eliminate all virtual functions from nsCSSRule to eliminate its vtable pointer. (Bug 596140) r=bzbarsky a2.0=roc
ebb67011bb43L. David Baron — Save a word in nsCSSStyleRule on 32-bit systems by merging mWasMatched into one bit of mLineNumber. (Bug 596140) r=bzbarsky a2.0=roc
95496fb65889L. David Baron — Make NBSP an identifier character per resolution of CSS 2.1 issue 196. (Bug 591589) r=bzbarsky a2.0=roc
b2cb6f8e4840Patrick Walton — Bug 595350 - Fix leaks when closing windows or tabs with the Web Console still open. r=sdwilsh a=blocking-betaN+
60285850569aL. David Baron — Bug 597676. If there's no rootPresContext, we should never detect DOM modification. Makes printing paint again. r=dbaron a=blocking2.0:beta7
Fri Sep 17 19:31:54 2010 +0000
bb235f96b9afDave Townsend — Bug 596607: Broken extension registrations in the windows registry causes the extension manager to fail. r=robstrong, a=blocks-beta7
e98ce9f4ddbbL. David Baron — Remove another piece of code I missed when removing min() and max(). (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
f0367ec52766Robert O'Callahan — Bug 584494. Avoid clipping in BasicThebesLayer when not necessary. r=cjones a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
5522a4f458ccRobert O'Callahan — Bug 584494. Avoid creating opacity/transform wrappers for empty lists. r=tnikkel a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
d85d2070d0f8Robert O'Callahan — Fix shadowing warnings from bug 581222. r=dbaron a2.0=blocking2.0:beta5
fa73c5362474Masatoshi Kimura — Add support for CL_INCLUDES_PREFIX environment variable for handling localized cl.exe /showIncludes output. (Bug 587372) r=ted a2.0=blocking2.0:final
Wed Sep 15 15:12:15 2010 +0000
cfa340639ce6L. David Baron — Add test for animation of calc() values of background-position and background-size. (Bug 520234, bug 594934) a=tests
ffa5e7bea1e9L. David Baron — Remove null-checks for infallible array allocations. (Bug 520234) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:beta7
6b4bc4c7d2b5L. David Baron — Add a fallible version of nsCSSValue::Array::Create. (Bug 520234) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:beta7
91d20b5e47d8L. David Baron — Allow calc() as an intermediate common animation unit for background-position and background-size. (Bug 520234) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:beta7
576e1b23a27bL. David Baron — Allow calc() as an intermediate common animation unit between lengths, percentages, and calc(). (Bug 520234) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:beta7
5a5ea460027bL. David Baron — Add CSS property bit for which properties have stored calc() in style structs. (Bug 520234) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:beta7
56a2166d2bd9L. David Baron — Extract calc() values in nsStyleAnimation when needed. (Bug 520234) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:beta7
6e67db3fa0f0L. David Baron — Add calc() unit to nsStyleAnimation::Value. (Bug 520234) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:beta7
983d21f8af4aL. David Baron — Support calc() on background-position, background-size, -moz-transform-origin, and background-image gradient stop positions. (Bug 594934) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:betaN
ad02d75f80abL. David Baron — Change storage of background-size and background-position to allow percentages and lengths. (Bug 594934) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:betaN
Sun Sep 12 00:10:09 2010 +0000
8a6a5cf00da7L. David Baron — Fix bustage with various profiler integration options from JSNative signature change in JägerMonkey landing. (Bug 595544) r=sayrer a=bustage
Sat Sep 11 16:27:55 2010 +0000
26bfc0860822L. David Baron — Simplify storage of computed calc() as a result of removing min() and max(). (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
83a79e1e035bL. David Baron — Rename -moz-box-shadow to box-shadow: manual changes. (Bug 590039) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
11cf38adabf3L. David Baron — Rename -moz-box-shadow to box-shadow: mechanical changes. (Bug 590039) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
5ab6d6489a64L. David Baron — Remove support for min() and max() in calc(): remove support for parsing and storage. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
7e330021ce68L. David Baron — Change blur radii in themes and in some tests to match change in how we interpret text-shadow and -moz-box-shadow blur radii. (Bug 590039) r=dao a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
830111e10951L. David Baron — Change the blur radius for -moz-box-shadow and text-shadow to match what is specified in css3-background, and the blur radius for canvas to follow what is specified in HTML5. (Bug 590039) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
Thu Sep 09 15:23:38 2010 +0000
8adb2f64c138L. David Baron — Add aliases for old names of border-radius properties. (Bug 451134) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
c954983caff1Zack Weinberg — Bug 451134 (2/2): switch to the official border-radius property names: by-hand changes. r=dbaron a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
c1cc7b565dc7Zack Weinberg — Bug 451134 (1/2): switch to the official border-radius property names: purely mechanical changes. r=dbaron a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
94cf996b52d0L. David Baron — Add workaround for bad pixel in pluginproblem reftest. (Bug 459144) a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
da15f373d499L. David Baron — Add reftests for clipping to the border-radius curve. (Bug 459144, Bug 485501) a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
0aa1272e932fL. David Baron — Clip replaced elements (for now, images, canvases, videos, and windowless plugins) to the border radius. (Bug 485501) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6
082bd0be8bc0L. David Baron — Clip contents of elements with overflow != visible to the border radius. (Bug 459144, patch 14) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
6e3abe4d1d2dL. David Baron — Add a (wrapping) display item that clips its contents to the curvature of a border-radius. (Bug 459144, patch 13) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
2d01121770f7L. David Baron — Make nsIFrame::DisplaySelectionOverlay take an nsDisplayList* instead of nsDisplayListSet&. (Bug 485501) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6
bec3c3b989c8L. David Baron — Remove unneeded nsAbsPosClipWrapper::mContainer. (Bug 459144, patch 12) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
c235307e637fL. David Baron — Remove unneeded nsDisplayClip::mClippingFrame. (Bug 459144, patch 11) r=roc a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
f301365f4316L. David Baron — Add wctype.h to config/system-headers. (Bug 594492) r=cjones a2.0=bustage
e571589a1903L. David Baron — Add an invalid-value test for text-shadow that we already have for -moz-box-shadow. a2.0=tests
dd7bbf7febcbL. David Baron — Fix missing computation half of calc() for border-*-width. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
36bcecd7cd32L. David Baron — Add calc() support for two properties I missed: outline-width and column-gap. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
1ad67ed26a45L. David Baron — Negative values for stroke-dasharray should be rejected. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
3f2ae0cc2cb8L. David Baron — Fix places where I missed clamping negative calc() to 0. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
d8e37eb0c77cL. David Baron — Fix missing frame in style system mochitests. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
d7e5bc1bbb7bL. David Baron — Add support for calc() on -moz-border-radius and -moz-outline-radius. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:beta6
Wed Sep 08 22:57:10 2010 +0000
9f5e12404215L. David Baron — Fix missing negation. (Bug 276431) r=dholbert a=orange
Tue Sep 07 22:22:17 2010 +0000
ebabfab36a6fL. David Baron — Fix uses of percentage -moz-outline-radius in themes for new definition of percent. (Bug 471643) r=dao a2.0=blocking:beta6+
6a28138050f5L. David Baron — Expose RectToGfxRect on nsLayoutUtils. (Bug 459144, patch 10) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
433efb14d970L. David Baron — Expose nsCSSRendering::ComputePixelRadii. (Bug 459144, patch 9) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
76358146c914L. David Baron — Reduce the border-radius of elements with overflow != visible so that any present scrollbars are not clipped. (Bug 459144, patch 8) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
a118b42abad1L. David Baron — Use nsIFrame::GetBorderRadii so that we pick up when it is overridden. (Bug 459144, patch 7) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
c15d3e99d3deL. David Baron — Add border-radius-related helper functions to nsIFrame. (Bug 459144, patch 6) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
be6a7ccc34feL. David Baron — Move clamping of border-radii that are too big from nsCSSRendering::ComputePixelRadii to nsIFrame::ComputeBorderRadii. This also fixes a bug in nsDisplayBoxShadowOuter::ComputeVisibility. (Bug 459144, patch 5) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
fc14d7ba0703L. David Baron — Don't throw away the subpixel part of the border-radius. (Bug 459144, patch 4) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
5c60f37c6534L. David Baron — Move skip-sides handling from nsCSSRendering::ComputePixelRadii to nsIFrame::ComputeBorderRadii. This fixes a bug (ignoring skip-sides) in nsDisplayBoxShadowOuter::ComputeVisibility, and improves the no-border-radius optimizations when skip-sides allow us to take them. (Bug 459144, patch 3) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
ba996cfeb9f7L. David Baron — Make nsIFrame::ComputeBorderRadii take an nsSize instead of two nscoords. (Bug 459144, patch 2) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
baa2fb78f457L. David Baron — Move nsCSSRendering::GetBorderRadiusTwips to nsIFrame and rename it to ComputeBorderRadii. (Bug 459144, patch 1) r=roc a2.0=blocking:beta6+
Tue Aug 31 20:47:26 2010 +0000
05a7e8bafa8aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 575172. Make sure that setting script type IDs really doesn't clobber any other flags. r=jst, a=blocking2.0
72b14a58afc0L. David Baron — Fix uses of percentage border-radius in themes for new definition of percent. (Bug 471643) r=Mossop a2.0=blocking+
Tue Aug 31 16:05:34 2010 +0000
4edcf6c4cd03L. David Baron — Cache non-percent margin and padding calc() on the style struct. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking:beta6+
4b05a762af72L. David Baron — Add support for calc() to 'vertical-align' and 'text-indent'. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking:beta6+
4744aeff506aL. David Baron — Share IsPaddingZero between nsBlockFrame and nsInlineFrame by putting it in nsLayoutUtils. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking:beta6+
7bb992392d3aL. David Baron — Add support for calc() to the '{margin,padding}-{top,right,bottom,left}' and '-moz-margin-{start,end}' properties. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking:beta6+
253d994413d9L. David Baron — Consolidate table-cell vertical align code. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
9dc831f46e4cL. David Baron — Remove no-longer-needed code for handling unconstrained containing block widths. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
400bc943fcf7L. David Baron — Make nsStyleCoord::operator== check deep equality of calc() expressions rather than just doing pointer comparison. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
ef43f7b0204aL. David Baron — Fix nonexistent makefiles in
39dbc0948d54L. David Baron — Fix typo in reftest documentation.
3d42ac41a283Zack Weinberg — Bug 471643: Evaluate vertical percentages in border-radius relative to box height. r=dbaron a2.0=blocking:beta6+
79e0084b914aL. David Baron — Add test for bug 590417.
Wed Aug 25 10:19:34 2010 +0000
5a32f9f00418L. David Baron — Make IsAutoHeight be a member of nsLayoutUtils so we don't have to have two copies of it. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
e8d5a27d4918L. David Baron — Add support for calc() to the 'top', 'right', 'bottom', and 'left' properties. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
2285b8926740L. David Baron — Make it possible to store pointer values in nsStyleSides. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
a9ab3d82ec5fL. David Baron — Avoid serializing calc() expressions in computed style when the calc() expression has no percentages and we have no percentage basis. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
4cc74816505eL. David Baron — Add support for calc() to the 'min-width' and 'max-width' properties. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
fcc2aa4bd451L. David Baron — Add support for calc() to the 'height', 'min-height', and 'max-height' properties. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
fb7ecc5f447cL. David Baron — Introduce nsStyleCoord::HasCoordOrNonPercentCalc to check for either a coord value or a calc() value not containing a percent. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
a533af3f2efcL. David Baron — Introduce nsStyleCoord::HasPercent to check for either a percent value or a calc() value containing a percent. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
6c9f878d44abL. David Baron — Add support for calc() to ComputeWidthDependentValue and ComputeHeightDependentValue. Also change calc() handling of percents from using round to using floor, which changes our handling of percents on 'width' back to using floor, reverting an earlier change in this bug. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
4d4f8ffaa60eL. David Baron — Fix computed style for percents for offset properties when the element doesn't have a frame. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
b2b38f9c5430L. David Baron — Add prerequisites for better testing of 'top', 'right', 'bottom', and 'left'. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
86c9d9e4ad36L. David Baron — Add prerequisites for better testing of min/max-width/height properties. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
403160bb0801L. David Baron — Add prerequisites for better testing of 'height'. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking+
Thu Aug 19 19:34:41 2010 +0000
992491c618deZack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (12/12): fix assertions in nsStyleAnimation triggered by part 3. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
2f078585a0f6Zack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (11/12): Make all assertions fatal in Declaration.h, Declaration.cpp, nsCSSDataBlock.h, nsCSSDataBlock.cpp, nsCSSValue.h, nsCSSValue.cpp, nsCSSProps.h, and nsCSSProps.cpp. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
5a9bd15fd7a8Zack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (10/12): Don't directly manipulate the contents of mTempData in the CSS parser. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
4bb2e0074aebZack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (9/12): Add an AddLonghandProperty method to nsCSSExpandedDataBlock. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
659a0864e035Zack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (8/12): remove the last MoveValue call from the CSS parser. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
980f0170d982Zack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (7/12): cleanup pass on css/Declaration.{h,cpp} and nsCSSDataBlock.{h,cpp}. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
f09c1638d3c1Zack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (6/12): remove vestiges of nsCSSType. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
b88472b0af90Zack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (5/12): eliminate ValueList as a storage type. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
a3e21759b570Zack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (4/12): eliminate ValuePairList as a storage type. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
ed89c9e297abZack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (3/12): eliminate Rect as a storage type. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
4fc85e572c38Zack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (2/12): eliminate ValuePair as a storage type. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
301875d4f9b6Zack Weinberg — Bug 576044 (1/12): Move all the CSS 'storage types' (rect, value pair, etc) to nsCSSValue.h and their code to nsCSSValue.cpp. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
Thu Aug 19 13:39:30 2010 +0000
5daf8744eed1L. David Baron — Don't push floats past break due to total lack of available height when we're required to place something. (Bug 586973) r=roc a2.0=blocking
0cdee3bfea66L. David Baron — We might need to collect pushed floats from the overflow out-of-flows list too, just like normal floats. (Bug 586806) r=roc a2.0=blocking
15ba1f799202L. David Baron — Don't construct an nsFrameList whose first child has a previous sibling. (Bug 586806) r=roc a2.0=blocking
3c1b66168e7afantasai — Do IsProperAncestorFrame check before destroying floats, but not for popups. (Bug 588158) r=dbaron a2.0=blocking
df1266dee17dL. David Baron — Fix sorting errors in layout/reftests/bugs/reftest.list.
fe74a63c16b6L. David Baron — Split floats when they are overflow-incomplete. (Bug 585598) r=roc a2.0=blocking
f12e2c14fbe5L. David Baron — Destroy the pushed floats list in nsBlockFrame::DestroyFrom. (Bug 585598) r=roc a2.0=blocking
67a1e6b2a00fL. David Baron — Rename a frame property that I missed in a mass-rename. a2.0=blocking (Bug 563584)
f0b46212962eL. David Baron — Fix indentation in configure --help. Whitespace changes only.
60944ddadc17L. David Baron — Add environment variable NS_TRACE_MALLOC_DISABLE_STACKS for disabling the stack-walking part of trace-malloc to improve performance of tinderbox test machines. (Bug 549561) r=bsmedberg a2.0=tests
ea54a11bd987L. David Baron — Avoid a lock/unlock pair for each call to |calltree|. (Bug 549561) r=bsmedberg a2.0=tests
Mon Aug 16 14:04:51 2010 +0000
33ff08c153d4Kyle Huey — Make --disable-libxul imply --enable-shared-js. (Bug 587375) r=ted a2.0=dbaron
Sun Aug 15 15:20:12 2010 +0000
e9a04e8f25fdMs2ger — Make nsICSSRule::Clone return the cloned value directly. (Bug 585137) r=bzbarsky a2.0=dbaron
3a5c7dd8aa60Simon Montagu — Remove test for bug 558403. (Bug 581734) r=sayrer a2.0=tests
28b2426dfac9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 585507 - Fix compilation issue when SMIL is disabled. r=dholbert a2.0=dbaron
14c1f2783543Mounir Lamouri — Bug 568441 - Explicitely show the caret in nsTextControlFrame when the content is no longer disabled and focused. r=roc a2.0=blocking+
Sun Aug 15 12:43:00 2010 +0000
4d25cd8808e5Robert Longson — Bug 584322: Fix confusion between premultiplied and non-premultiplied colors that was causing feDisplacementMap to offset the result incorrectly. r=roc a2.0=dbaron
521694df26c4L. David Baron — Correct parenthesis-matching inside of :not(). (Bug 586070) r=bzbarsky a2.0=bsmedberg
Wed Aug 11 19:34:22 2010 +0000
fd26456949adfantasai — Change coordinate system in the float manager from content box (most of the time, but sometimes border box) to always border box. (Bug 551425) r=dbaron a2.0=blocking+
4643426a1523Makoto Kato — Use a known failure condition that more closely matches when the tests fail (when we use handwritten SSE2 assembly in the JPEG code), so that they don't produce unexpected pass results on 64-bit Windows. (Bug 582850) r=joedrew / dbaron a2.0=tests
058caf257ad0L. David Baron — Add PR_STATIC_ASSERTs to check some assumptions. (Bug 584945) r=bsmedberg a2.0=tests
d6326ce2ea4cL. David Baron — Add support for calc() to the 'width' property. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0+
bffe7ef73b3aL. David Baron — Distinguish between 50% and calc(50%), etc., in computed style calc expressions. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0+
b50d19ed3449L. David Baron — Consolidate code for determining when widths and heights depend on a container. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0+
cf5092534a44L. David Baron — Make a common base class for calc ops that use nsStyleCoord as input. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0+
40d85fe94a90L. David Baron — There's no need for a separate CoordPercentCalc implementation; ComputeCalc can handle that. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0+
17316f38926eL. David Baron — Add a 'display:block' prerequisite for 'width' property tests so that calc() tests will actually have a percentage basis and thus actually test the code. (Bug 585715) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0+
4c518456865aL. David Baron — Fix places where we should skip to a closing parenthesis during errors parsing functions. (Bug 575672) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0+
638dab2836b5L. David Baron — CSS transition timing functions should not allow X arguments to cubic-bezier() outside of 0-1. (Bug 575672) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0+
7d145abc669cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 586350 - Updates to the 08/11 nightly don't work because it's removing the root chrome.manifest. Also clean up other now-unneeded files. r=robstrong a=dougt
Sun Aug 08 02:24:55 2010 +0000
96f758f85b42L. David Baron — Mark known random assertion due to bug 585394.
Fri Aug 06 06:03:00 2010 +0000
fb71b8680451L. David Baron — Bump assertion count on Windows; followup to bug 563584.
Fri Aug 06 05:01:26 2010 +0000
8ab7ef79b673L. David Baron — Rename float continuations to pushed floats. (Bug 563584, patch 33) r=roc
4d4fae26dfa2L. David Baron — Don't force availableHeight to be nonnegative, because doing so means that we'll place zero height blocks (including their non-zero-height contents) at the bottom of a page when there's not room (see nsHTMLReflowState::SetTruncated). (Bug 563584, patch 32) r=roc
e0a304dcb922L. David Baron — Add reftests for bug 563584. (Bug 563584, patch 31) r=roc
4944a7440b55L. David Baron — Set incomplete status when we have continuations that we shouldn't destroy. Fixes assertion on layout/generic/crashtests/469859-1.xhtml . (Bug 563584, patch 30) r=roc
b400d1c5b842L. David Baron — Don't switch a constrained height to an unconstrained one due to infinite clearance. Fixes layout/reftests/bugs/563584-10b.html . (Bug 563584, patch 29) r=roc
06e99be6239aL. David Baron — Add comment describing mIsTopOfPage better. (Bug 563584, patch 28) r=roc
a9388a82d979L. David Baron — Add testcase to check that mIsTopOfPage is false when reflowing blocks that have clearance. (There was originally a patch here, but it seems not to be needed, so now it's just tests.) (Bug 563584, patch 27)
2612b6212726L. David Baron — Don't split floats when we're not paginating. (Bug 563584, patch 26) Fixes assertion on layout/generic/crashtests/461294-1.html . r=roc
5938e4a23264L. David Baron — In a constrained height situation, we need to reflow anything with floats. (Bug 563584, patch 25) Fixes assertion on layout/generic/crashtests/408883-1.html . r=roc
6286b1d1a463L. David Baron — Add bit to lines indicating that they may have a placeholder for a float that was pushed to the next line (and bump the child count up to 32 bits). (Bug 563584, patch 24) r=roc
1a9af0679d41L. David Baron — Adjust reftest assertion manifests for churn in nscoord_MAX-related assertions (which includes 'computed overflow area' assertion, because of width wraparound in UnionRect making overflow area empty). (Bug 563584, patch 23) r=roc
66c78df18e50L. David Baron — Pass correct *remaining* height to float manager, rather than the whole height of the content area. (Bug 563584, patch 22) r=roc
917317ddc511L. David Baron — Add checks to VerifyList that previous siblings match next siblings. (Bug 563584, patch 21) r=roc
e136a9f13eb6L. David Baron — Remove aReflowStatus parameters made unnecessary by previous patch. (Bug 563584, patch 20) r=roc
7a7691882300L. David Baron — Rename PushTruncatedPlaceholderLine since the remaining reasons for lines being truncated are related to being next to floats, not having truncated floats. (Bug 563584, patch 19) r=roc
f8aba04e8861L. David Baron — Do the same for PlaceBelowCurrentLineFloats: don't propagate the truncation of a float into the line's reflow status. (Bug 563584, patch 18) r=roc
cf3a58fef285L. David Baron — Don't propagate the float's reflow status through places that expect an inline's reflow status, to avoid the assertion for which bug 563584 was filed. This separates pushing of floats from pushing of lines, and allows first-in-flow floats to be pushed to the next page without their associated line. (Bug 563584, patch 17) r=roc
7fb402907919L. David Baron — Save float's next sibling since reflowing it could change the next sibling. (Bug 563584, patch 16) r=roc
35ca0a0faa16L. David Baron — Steal float back before reflowing it, in order to allow first continuation of a float to be pushed to the next page. (Bug 563584, patch 15) r=roc
1ff1f54dc043L. David Baron — nsBlockFrame::ReflowFloatContinuations doesn't need anything in AddFloat other than FlowAndPlaceFloat. (Bug 563584, patch 14) r=roc
69b9b34abe58L. David Baron — Manage float continuations to-be-pulled by the next-in-flow better by keeping them in a separate frame list until they're actually pulled. (Bug 563584, patch 13) r=roc
c3f25dd3c232L. David Baron — Track which frames were float continuations that need to be pulled to the next block rather than figuring it out again when it's time to pull them. (This allows first-in-flows to be float continuations.) (Bug 563584, patch 12) r=roc
2abf47cd611eL. David Baron — Make nsFrameList::RemoveFramesAfter(nsnull) remove the whole list. (Bug 563584, patch 11.5) r=roc
29ee630d1cc8L. David Baron — Don't try to clear pushed floats when computing the final size of blocks. Fixes scrollbar on layout/reftests/bugs/563584-6-columns.html . (Bug 563584, patch 11) r=roc
81b8361ed910L. David Baron — Add the optimization mentioned in the previous patch, so we don't have to iterate all floats to determine if one was split. (Bug 563584, patch 10) r=roc
96e0c7bad07dL. David Baron — Allow the float manager to record that a float has been pushed past a break. (Bug 563584, patch 9) r=roc
1244f0203b87L. David Baron — Remove initialization to value that doesn't make much sense and never matters. (Bug 563584, patch 8) r=roc
a81deb40583aL. David Baron — Use an AutoRestore to restore mY in nsBlockReflowState::FlowAndPlaceFloat. (Bug 563584, patch 7) r=roc
97c28197accfL. David Baron — When we're in columns (and therefore not splitting floats), push floats that don't fit to the next column. (Bug 563584, patch 6) r=roc
235b5d79eeddL. David Baron — Replace force-fit with setting mIsTopOfPage correctly. (Bug 563584, patch 5) r=roc
992e510dfabfL. David Baron — Make nsBlockReflowState::FlowAndPlaceFloat reflow the float after computing its vertical position, so we know how much height is actually available. (Bug 563584, patch 4) r=roc
dcf7e5d1b986L. David Baron — Most of CanPlaceFloat is unnecessary given the float placement rules (in particular, that the top of a float cannot be higher than the top of any prior left or right float) and the fact that we now split floats. (Bug 563584, patch 3) r=roc
7974c4944fa5L. David Baron — Remove aForceFit/aRelaxHeightConstraint concept from float reflow, since we now split floats rather than push them to the next page (and correct propagation of nsHTMLReflowState::mFlags::mIsTopOfPage will force fitting when we need to). (Bug 563584, patch 2) r=roc
a3fd5fc54c46L. David Baron — Fix assertion about float manager state by restoring old float manager state when we place a float and then cancel that placement. (Bug 563584, patch 1) r=roc
5e1c277df3d1L. David Baron — Fix processing of matrix() transform functions to handle calc() rather than asserting. (Bug 584569) r=bzbarsky
2b2a00285cc9L. David Baron — Remove the MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT backwards-compatibility definition in the reftest condition sandbox. (Bug 570329) r=roc
5b110f51ab14L. David Baron — Make nsIDOMSVGCSS2Properties use the specialized shorter quickstubs. (Bug 584301) r=bzbarsky
Sat Jul 31 03:51:34 2010 +0000
923e1109a1d0L. David Baron — Fix bustage from bug 570329 with s/windowsWidget/winWidget/g.
6d7dc709017dPatrick Walton — Bug 582664 - Add a Developer menu to the app button. r=dolske, ui-r=limi, a2.0=gavin [initially landed incorrect patch; now landing the differences between the wrong version and the right version]
Fri Jul 30 23:49:48 2010 +0000
f7f9eb6c19d3Craig Topper — Remove aTag argument from nsICSSPseudoComparator::PseudoMatches. (Bug 576794) r=bzbarsky a2.0=bsmedberg
06ae143d9ad8Craig Topper — Remove QueryFrame support for nsICSSPseudoComparator. (Bug 576794) r=bzbarsky a2.0=bsmedberg
43697c4a954aCraig Topper — DeCOMtaminate nsICSSPseudoComparator::PseudoMatches method signature. (Bug 576794) r=bzbarsky a2.0=bsmedberg
664d5e6913fcMs2ger — Bug 573322 - Align td@align with HTML5; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-betaN
7c1ec0973f46Ms2ger — Bug 573258 - Support a.text as defined in HTML5; r=Olli.Pettay approval2.0=benjamin
ec0c1319fec3L. David Baron — Switch reftest manifests to new, shorter syntax for widget toolkit tests. (Bug 570329) a2.0=tests
0cadbd42713ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 569623 - Mark reftests/bidi/bidi-004.html, reftests/bidi/bidi-004-j.html and reftests/bidi/mirroring-02.html as passing on Linux, since the CentOS boxes where they failed are gone (relanding to fix bug 578286) a2.0=tests
65e62e55194ePatrick Walton — Bug 582664 - Add a Developer menu to the app button. r=dolske, ui-r=limi, a2.0=gavin
a8dd758e11f1Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 571159 (Leak nsGlobalWindow with unknown-content-type dialog). r=sdwilsh. a2.0=blocking.
55105cdc45c9L. David Baron — Make zwnj-01 have a background color so that the SVG filter works correctly. (Bug 581081) r=jfkthame a2.0=tests
Wed Jul 28 23:58:00 2010 +0000
c6673716fd47L. David Baron — Rev IID, which was missed in changeset 56030877b753. (Bug 582303)
Wed Jul 28 23:44:36 2010 +0000
bb91308af252L. David Baron — Clean up messy line thanks to new operator from bug 570912. (Bug 582111) r=bzbarsky
7e1bcdcb84a8L. David Baron — Make the transitions style rule hold on to its values and thus preserve rule immutability. Do this by reusing the code for the covering style rule for both transitions style rule types. (Bug 582111) r=bzbarsky
56030877b753David Zbarsky — Remove unneeded nsIDOMNSHTMLButtonElement interface by merging it into nsIDOMHTMLButtonElement. (Bug 582303) r=jst
e56dbc3d4bf9David Zbarsky — Remove unneeded nsIDOMNSHTMLAreaElement and nsIDOMNSHTMLAreaElement2 interfaces by merging them into nsIDOMHTMLAreaElement. (Bug 582303) r=jst
54767f63cce6David Zbarsky — Remove unneeded nsIDOMNSHTMLSelectElement interface by merging it into nsIDOMHTMLSelectElement. (Bug 582303) r=jst
35c8b17528cdDavid Zbarsky — Remove unneeded nsIDOMNSHTMLOptionElement interface by merging it into nsIDOMHTMLOptionElement. (Bug 582303) r=jst
f6b6bba6a150David Zbarsky — Remove unneeded nsIDOMNSHTMLScriptElement interface by merging it into nsIDOMHTMLScriptElement. (Bug 582303) r=jst
b2b011debef1David Zbarsky — Remove unneeded nsIDOMNSHTMLLabelElement interface by merging it into nsIDOMHTMLLabelElement. (Bug 582303) r=jst
11ef53df4a4dFelipe Gomes — Bug 582315. Intermittent orange in test_taskbarprogress_downloadstates.xul
Mon Jul 26 22:46:33 2010 +0000
036464778311L. David Baron — Bug 581738: Revert b09b40c61117 (temporary disabling of test on Win7) because bug 542504 is now fixed.
Sat Jul 24 19:20:09 2010 +0000
555a6f96ec12L. David Baron — Update to latest spec changes for ctx.font setter and getter. (Bug 508452) r=bzbarsky
6a16094b4320L. David Baron — Revert incorrect changes made in (Bug 508452) r=bzbarsky
Sat Jul 17 05:37:31 2010 +0000
53a5c3bb6c5cL. David Baron — Append style sheets from binding manager when ensuring unique inner on all sheets. (Bug 578810) r=bzbarsky
46af914448aeL. David Baron — Make trace-malloc work again on Linux following mozalloc landing. (Bug 576776) r=cjones
70967e44b56cL. David Baron — Fix typo in comment as followup from bug 531344.
Sat Jul 03 19:43:32 2010 +0000
f9e0009f188dL. David Baron — Make nsStyleAnimation::ComputeDistance not crash when given -moz-transform: none. (Bug 576761) (pending review)
Sat Jul 03 04:19:19 2010 +0000
f2b02ba56bddL. David Baron — Implement animation of -moz-transform property. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
e419e47c09bfL. David Baron — Move ReadTransforms from nsRuleNode to nsStyleTransformMatrix. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
aa23d71ab230L. David Baron — Add support for calc() expressions in translate functions of -moz-transform. (Bug 531344) r=bzbarsky
15e9cd490443L. David Baron — Fix weird SetCoordToValue signature. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
4125a0ac5ec5L. David Baron — Allow CSS parser to forbid min()/max() within certain calc() expressions. (Bug 531344) r=bzbarsky
b2fea2529876L. David Baron — Create a common function for setting pieces of a transform matrix for a translation. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
fd83cf94ce08L. David Baron — Add some helper functions for common CSS value to CSS value interpolations. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
c88af82d34ccL. David Baron — Make the style struct store the specified transform list so that we can animate matching lists without matrix decomposition. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
f065d64675ccL. David Baron — Handle computed-value calc() expressions in computed style. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
1eb53bf4a941L. David Baron — Convert calc() serialization code to a template so it can also be used for nsStyleCoord. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
4a1e71092c02L. David Baron — Add API to compute length, percentage or calc() style coords. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
c70900796669L. David Baron — Add API to compute computed-value calc() expressions to lengths. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
b8ebd422dd03L. David Baron — Add additional template parameter expectations to ComputeCalc so that its input can be nsCSSValue or nsStyleCoord. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
c60f3194eae5L. David Baron — Add code to compute a computed-value calc() expression from a specified-value calc() expression, and make it reachable from SetCoord in nsRuleNode. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
a2ac427a701eL. David Baron — Switch calc() to saturating operations on nscoord. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
d9f9e02891fcL. David Baron — Fix namespace usage in nsRuleNode. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
caa87f845650L. David Baron — Add storage for calc() expressions to nsStyleCoord. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
f0cff020cf0bL. David Baron — Add nsStyleCoord::Array type. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
fb5c5b8e14d9L. David Baron — Add nsStyleContext::Alloc for allocations scoped to the lifetime of the style context. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
d9bdf56a7fedL. David Baron — Add reftests to check that the reftest-print page dimensions are as expected.
89c346b29490L. David Baron — Fire transitionend events only for transitions on elements (not pseudo-elements). (Bug 537140) r=bzbarsky
bff1302116cfL. David Baron — Document GetChildListNameFor better as followup to bug 536720. r=mats
Tue Jun 29 04:27:45 2010 +0000
e52ab4f1e8d5L. David Baron — Add bug number (bug 575500) for failing test I added earlier today (for bug 555987).
Mon Jun 28 20:48:28 2010 +0000
ce2f6b5e0525Boris Zbarsky — Make the simple cases of dynamic changes of -moz-box-ordinal-group work correctly. (Bug 555987) r=dbaron
c51bb774fb71L. David Baron — Add some basic reftests for dynamic changes of -moz-box-ordinal-group. (Bug 555987)
680af2301ba3L. David Baron — Make unconstrained width assertions into warnings because we can hit them when we clamp really large widths. (Bug 525100) r=roc
Sat Jun 26 18:59:21 2010 +0000
3433ea03964fL. David Baron — Switch test_transitions_per_property to testing interpolation 1/4 of the way through instead of 1/2, so it will catch getting the halves backwards.
1620352cebe9L. David Baron — Adjust comment as followup to bug 574059.
Thu Jun 24 21:54:51 2010 +0000
800ef4b6087fL. David Baron — Don't bother with 16-bit reference count and index in nsCSSValue::Array. (Bug 574059) r=bzbarsky
Sun Jun 20 03:47:20 2010 +0000
db5fa3adde6eShawn Wilsher — Style links with :link and :visited since on slow builds, history may already have notified that they are visited. (Bug 572576) r=dbaron
Sat Jun 19 23:17:40 2010 +0000
2fe127f49fecL. David Baron — On the theory that changeset 31fbc861bcb9 did not intend to back out the piece of changeset eb49e81b9f4d that touched this test, I'm going to put it back, and hope that it might fix some random orange (bug 572954).
Sat Jun 19 21:17:47 2010 +0000
db2d093fdd57L. David Baron — Add test for bug 573255.
2f5b0483c339L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset a6e3300a3bac (bug 571347) for causing bug 573255 because the optimization is invalid given :not() selectors.
284711070f31L. David Baron — Backed out changeset a6e3300a3bac (bug 571347) for causing bug 573255 because the optimization is invalid given :not() selectors.
297b7471e5e7L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset b805434e7e4b (bug 534398) for causing leaks on (debug) mochitest-other.
063826c84e20L. David Baron — Backed out changeset b805434e7e4b (bug 534398) for causing leaks on (debug) mochitest-other.
Sat Jun 19 18:47:31 2010 +0000
77216d0e9487Mounir Lamouri — Bug 562008 - HTML5 section DOM elements should be of type HTMLElement; r=mrbkap,sicking,timeless,ehsan sr=jst
Fri Jun 18 23:29:42 2010 +0000
5332eb29d243L. David Baron — Back out one of the changes in bebdf3413522 (bug 572618) because it's causing huge numbers of console warnings.
Wed Jun 09 05:35:04 2010 +0000
3680d856d412L. David Baron — Use 64 bits for frame state. (Bug 570837) r=roc
5d4130a21bf2L. David Baron — Remove unused frame state bits. (Bug 570837) r=roc
04eaa2543795L. David Baron — Fix a state bit that *might* be overlapping. (Bug 570837) r=roc
ebc6875a1ec4L. David Baron — Use macros for frame state so that it's easy to change the size and easier to read the constants. (Bug 570837) r=roc
bef54ce2c671L. David Baron — Give more helpful error message when libasound2-dev is missing.
Wed Jun 09 01:45:53 2010 +0000
979aceadf808L. David Baron — Fix alphabetization of renamed properties in property_database.js. (Bug 549809)
c0bd45ab931fL. David Baron — Rename -moz-background-size to background-size. (Bug 549809) r=roc
63ccfca7cdb2L. David Baron — Support for background-clip and background-origin in the background shorthand. (Bug 549809) r=roc
b5562d977e3aL. David Baron — Rename properties and values of background-clip and background-origin to match css3-background. (Bug 549809) r=roc
0f920bd875d7L. David Baron — Remove comments referencing no-longer-existing no-clip value for background-clip. (Bug 549809)
665863f2ac31L. David Baron — Add -moz-background-clip: content. (Bug 549809) r=roc
f9e8bdcb48cdL. David Baron — Add shortcuts for common widget conditions. (Bug 570329) r=roc
f3d46038a794L. David Baron — Move construction of reftest condition sandbox into its own function. (Bug 570329) r=roc
e89ae2aa45ebL. David Baron — Allow mochitests that don't require chrome privileges to run in a normal profile. (Bug 570328) r=jwalden
396aec61ada2L. David Baron — Show value information for passing mochitests too. (Bug 570327) r=ted
1f7ffae6e51eL. David Baron — Make mochitest print the amount of time each test takes. (Bug 482162) r=ted
Thu Jun 03 20:13:44 2010 +0000
fb1e226d7c11L. David Baron — Revert changes in 0ff87d9d2d73 (Bug 541434) and adjust tests appropriately. (Bug 569646) r=zwol
bcff82f83a54L. David Baron — Add tests for HTML colors based mostly on tests by Simon <> with a few additional tests and integration into mochitests by me. (Bug 121738
ddb5d662589bL. David Baron — Implement the HTML5 algorithm for parsing a legacy color value: add comment pointing out whitespace and emptiness issues. (Bug 121738)
f5d42b609b23L. David Baron — Implement the HTML5 algorithm for parsing a legacy color value: add comment pointing out that HTML5 says we should handle system colors. (Bug 121738)
72d5643b58d9L. David Baron — Implement the HTML5 algorithm for parsing a legacy color value: do loose color parsing in all modes. (Bug 121738) r=sicking
fae3332168ecL. David Baron — Implement the HTML5 algorithm for parsing a legacy color value: implement the arbitrary-string-to-RGB part of the algorithm. (Bug 121738) r=sicking
61dc8ace52f1L. David Baron — Implement the HTML5 algorithm for parsing a legacy color value: reject 'transparent'. (Bug 227072) r=sicking
02daa34b047eL. David Baron — Fix indentation of js/src/configure --help. (Bug 569261) r=ted
319ff487e286Craig Topper — Make some methods of nsROCSSPrimitiveValue non-inline, and remove two unneeded QueryInterface calls. (Bug 569529) r=dbaron
093e4fea0118Craig Topper — Remove unneeded QueryInterface calls (to nsIDOMCSSValue) in nsComputedDOMStyle. (Bug 569308) r=dbaron
Wed Jun 02 21:04:54 2010 +0000
ae5e2cf51919L. David Baron — Fix indentation in configure --help. (Bug 569261) r=ted
Fri May 21 20:18:29 2010 +0000
3af8b1f39ee8L. David Baron — Make nsUTF8ToUnicode use SSE.h (Bug 513422) r=vlad
7fa4f1de716fL. David Baron — Add more tests for invalid URL parsing for CSS 2.1 issue 129.
f78a0e2d67bdL. David Baron — content/html/content/src line in LOCAL_INCLUDES should not be conditional on MOZ_MEDIA. (Bug 567191) r=roc
36b9855dad18L. David Baron — Enable the reporting of assertion failures in the reftest harness. (Bug 472557)
Thu May 20 14:45:46 2010 +0000
441c99461236L. David Baron — Update assertion annotations in reftest/crashtest manifests now that bug 563536 is fixed. (Bug 472557)
83794e67435dL. David Baron — The assertion on 466607-1.html was also seen on Linux, so just mark all the bug 564603 assertions as cross-platform. (Bug 472557)
Wed May 19 14:39:34 2010 +0000
3849ea43b5e6L. David Baron — Adjust manifest for expected assertions: An assertion was fixed, probably by revision a55765a1c2f5. (Bug 472557)
Tue May 18 17:13:56 2010 +0000
ffd7972bab5fL. David Baron — Make our configure test for system NSPR having PR_STATIC_ASSERT match our current usage. (Bug 560582) r=ted
225b3ddf48ecL. David Baron — Fix spew of 'couldn't get canvas size' assertions. (Bug 566603) r=vlad
Tue May 18 04:49:59 2010 +0000
94591caa7f0cJason Orendorff — Bug 564344 - Crash or "Assertion failure: slot < (this)->scope()->freeslot, at ../jsscope.h:563" @ JSObject::getSlot(unsigned int) when redefining property. r=brendan.
Tue May 18 04:03:33 2010 +0000
ce21b8d89bb0Craig Topper — Convert some callers of methods that changed from returning already_AddRefed<T> to returning T* away from using unneeded nsCOMPtrs. (Bug 239008) r=dbaron
acc89be54f3cCraig Topper — Change some nsIStyleSheet methods from returning AddRef-ed to un-AddRef-ed pointers, and some other cleanup. (Bug 239008) r=dbaron
b93e35853527L. David Baron — Add another known assertion annotation in the manifest. (Bug 472557)
Mon May 17 22:10:16 2010 +0000
9d67ea08c6b5L. David Baron — Remove workaround for all reftest-print tests asserting on mac now that bug 564071 is fixed. (Bug 472557)
3c6fe232b726L. David Baron — Annotate reftest manifest with new assertion caused by bug 559996. (Bug 472557)
61d9c159a7feMats Palmgren — Fix intermittent orange by starting test from onload rather than setTimeout. (Bug 566392) r=jruderman
Sat May 15 05:03:48 2010 +0000
c7eb9c5230f0L. David Baron — Make the 'noappend' selector optimizations only restyle later siblings, which is what they need to do. (Bug 534804) r=bzbarsky
597dc66c8caeL. David Baron — Additional restyling is needed for :empty + E and :empty ~ E selectors. (Bug 534804) r=bzbarsky
Fri May 14 19:12:17 2010 +0000
f7560e802592L. David Baron — Add macro to give alignment requirements of a type. (Bug 562844) r=bsmedberg
7501fc5a3bc1Craig Topper — Rename nsIStyleSheet::GetApplicable to IsApplicable and GetComplete to IsComplete. (Bug 239008) r=dbaron
Fri May 14 02:38:13 2010 +0000
42852bfa7a7cL. David Baron — Add additional annotation for a random assertion on a crashtest. (Bug 472557)
30c9289d5dadL. David Baron — Add appropriate styles for the effects of HTML5 sectioning elements on headers. (Bug 562835) r=bzbarsky
6a13fcc71580L. David Baron — Avoid wrapping to negative font sizes. (Bug 565248) r=roc
Wed May 12 20:19:02 2010 +0000
911cc89e3cc5Craig Topper — DeCOMtaminate nsIStyleSheet method signatures. (Bug 239008) r=dbaron
a93160d1e442L. David Baron — Annotate crashtest manifest with assertion count for additional assertion that showed up today. (Bug 472557)
Tue May 11 20:59:51 2010 +0000
b08683fb91ecL. David Baron — Restore comments and formatting from nsICSSStyleSheet.h that was lost in 5329c2d9c968. (Bug 239008)
Tue May 11 20:42:32 2010 +0000
a1b729d5a933Craig Topper — Make most of the methods in nsCSSStyleSheet non-virtual. (Bug 239008) r=dbaron
779fd4bb356eCraig Topper — Inline a few methods in nsCSSStyleSheet. (Bug 239008) r=dbaron
5329c2d9c968Craig Topper — Remove nsICSSStyleSheet and replace all uses with nsCSSStyleSheet. (Bug 239008) r=dbaron
c660b23286f5Craig Topper — DeCOMtaminate CSSStyleSheet method signatures. (Bug 239008) r=dbaron
Tue May 11 15:50:33 2010 +0000
05f3c68e73c9L. David Baron — Instantiate the calc ops struct rather than a nested data struct inside of it. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
84e571efb1d2L. David Baron — Get rid of (void) C-isms in nsStyleCoord. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
f4b1e12bf450L. David Baron — Add calc() support for 'font-size' property, which is the only property for which percents are computed to lengths in nsRuleNode. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
858463a7c089L. David Baron — Add calc() support for lengths in text-shadow and -moz-box-shadow. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
006565bfdc46L. David Baron — Add calc() support for the easiest cases: properties that take lengths but not percentages and take simple values only (-moz-column-rule-width, -moz-column-width, letter-spacing, word-spacing, marker-offset, outline-offset, border-spacing). (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
c5da51a04d80L. David Baron — Fix property alphabetization errors in property_database.js.
bf73d1295b5eL. David Baron — Add mechanism for clamping computation of calc() to nonnegative values. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
ccfcfde74733L. David Baron — Add mechanism for computation of calc() in the cases where the arguments are only lengths (i.e., where computed style can contain a simple result rather than a calc tree). (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
bd771ce9a597L. David Baron — Implement serialization of calc() values. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
564caae3da4bL. David Baron — Implement parsing of calc(). (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
155737744a68L. David Baron — Add template-based mechanism for computing a calc() tree. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
46655a6b532eL. David Baron — Implement storage of calc() expressions in nsCSSValue. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
f50706cb49a1L. David Baron — Adjust expected assertion counts for crashtest. (Bug 472557)
Sat May 08 14:50:07 2010 +0000
b6726b0fa230L. David Baron — Adjust assertion annotations in crashtest manifest. (Bug 472557) On CLOSED TREE to force another round of builds and see if the network problems are better.
Thu May 06 18:33:41 2010 +0000
b333a3d127b5L. David Baron — Fix errors in annotation of expected assertion counts crashtest manifests. (Bug 472557)
Thu May 06 16:28:50 2010 +0000
b17a0b2c308aL. David Baron — Annotate remainder of crashtest mainfests (all but one test) with the tests that are known to assert. (Bug 472557)
Thu May 06 01:20:59 2010 +0000
41ffa62580c4L. David Baron — Stop null-checking the pres shell so that we get to the UnbindFromTree call in nsHTMLEditor::DeleteRefToAnonymousNode. (Bug 563980) r=ehsan
bf3601e527a4L. David Baron — Removed unused member variable and code. (Bug 564074) r=ehsan
331506ceeb0bL. David Baron — Don't use stack-allocated structures for things that might outlive the function. (Bug 353547) r=karlt
ad8c76b91c33L. David Baron — Fix the font size on button padding tests that depend on it. (Bug 559125) r=bzbarsky
166e9ae1bb5dL. David Baron — Backout temporary debugging code for bug 563980 (changesets 76e0ed39f6ad and 4498b6800a49).
2eb5482a6af7L. David Baron — Back out temporary debugging code for bug 538462 (changesets 1e383909069b and f5c479a8f631).
Wed May 05 22:04:23 2010 +0000
4498b6800a49L. David Baron — Add additional debugging code for bug 563980.
Wed May 05 19:40:13 2010 +0000
76e0ed39f6adL. David Baron — Add debugging code for random assertion bug 563980.
f5c479a8f631L. David Baron — Move temporary debugging code for bug 538462 to where it's more likely to work when we leak the world.
Wed May 05 04:29:07 2010 +0000
f14bbcd528b4Surya Ismail — Change assertion to error console report for malformed XBL file. (Bug 397561) r=bzbarsky
c1b186e232acL. David Baron — A malformed XBL file should trigger a warning, not an assertion, since the code should be able to (and does) handle it. (Bug 397561) r=bzbarsky
d2a9dc8c9a0dL. David Baron — Start annotating crashtest manifests with assertion counts. (Bug 472557)
39aa13ebf607L. David Baron — Annotate reftest manifests with assertion counts. (Bug 472557)
65dd7e5ec94bL. David Baron — Annotate jsreftest manifests with assertion counts. (Bug 472557)
71c8fd654a3eL. David Baron — Null-check the scope that we pass to WrapNative. (Bug 540367) r=sicking
Sat May 01 05:46:46 2010 +0000
1e383909069bL. David Baron — Add temporary debugging code to dump entire JS heap at shutdown to debug bug 538462.
Tue Apr 27 18:51:11 2010 +0000
3bd0a0a9d8b1L. David Baron — Mark reftest as failing on 10.6 since it's failed every time since a push this morning (Bug 562000)
Sat Apr 24 19:39:08 2010 +0000
6b6e9a3c0606L. David Baron — Add some temporary code for debugging bug 538462. a=1hourlimit for metering
Sat Apr 24 03:01:35 2010 +0000
6a2235219b22L. David Baron — Make the test not fail when the transition has completed already but the event hasn't fired yet. (Bug 537573) a=philor for APPROVAL REQUIRED
8e552e1afa49L. David Baron — Make some selectors in html.css faster using :-moz-any(). (Bug 544834) r=bzbarsky
6efa2358f849L. David Baron — Implement :-moz-any() selector to allow simplification of user-agent style sheets. (Bug 544834) r=bzbarsky
a212c49b39dbL. David Baron — Make test_selectors continue when a parsing test fails.
008d2f6c9d27L. David Baron — Clean up SkipUntil handling in parsing of pseudo-classes with arguments. (I haven't found any cases where this actually changes behavior, but it's needed for the next patch.) (Bug 544834) r=bzbarsky
Fri Apr 09 04:04:21 2010 +0000
0c2460ae7df7L. David Baron — Fix spelling of separate.
Fri Apr 09 03:59:04 2010 +0000
251549ee918aL. David Baron — Fix spelling of existence.
Fri Apr 09 02:15:24 2010 +0000
9a1116219c10L. David Baron — Fix misspelling of implement.
Fri Apr 09 00:22:08 2010 +0000
0b85f374e623L. David Baron — Make trace-malloc malloc hooks work with 64-bit Mac OS X by adjusting types. (Bug 558097, maybe)
Wed Apr 07 19:07:30 2010 +0000
9d286aa986c8L. David Baron — Make the reset test in test_transitions.html deal with the possibility of massive skew between setTimeout and the clock. (Bug 539904)
Wed Apr 07 05:50:51 2010 +0000
0c8ce4ebd370L. David Baron — When setTimeout fires much later than it should, which happens on unit test boxes a good bit, make test_transitions_events.html report a todo rather than a fail. (Bug 537573)
Wed Apr 07 02:03:41 2010 +0000
2c04659a51ceL. David Baron — Use the appropriate color based on visitedness for '-moz-column-rule-color'. (Bug 557580) r=roc
7ab21bd712e3L. David Baron — Make nsStyleAnimation extract -moz-column-rule-color correctly. (Bug 557580) r=dholbert
Tue Apr 06 22:33:39 2010 +0000
1adc864a08ceL. David Baron — Avoid showing black when the if-visited style is transparent and the unvisited style is a color. (Bug 557584) r=bzbarsky
be88ae1fc675L. David Baron — No need to null-check aRuleWalker. (Bug 557154) r=bzbarsky
Tue Apr 06 19:43:29 2010 +0000
aa2b262d938aL. David Baron — Add test for background image loading behavior for :visited links. (Bug 557287)
363849c0170bL. David Baron — Don't start image loads for the if-visited style contexts. (Bug 557287) r=bzbarsky
8eba981e2c9fL. David Baron — Make style contexts know if they are the if-visited style. (Bug 557287) r=bzbarsky
3f7faac350f1L. David Baron — Exit loop when needed. (Bug 497256) r=roc
Tue Apr 06 05:25:47 2010 +0000
83491775950cL. David Baron — Add colors that are showing up on the 10.6 tinderbox as allowed colors so the test stops causing perma-orange. (Bug 556855)
adfb531068b7L. David Baron — Mark perma-orange-on-10.6 bug 556853 as todo so it stops turning the 10.6 mochitest-other boxes orange.
Mon Apr 05 03:49:28 2010 +0000
d242d4ecdbffL. David Baron — Make mochitests not build and search the results table when run inside the harness. (Bug 466104) r=sayrer
Sun Apr 04 21:46:49 2010 +0000
f9346adcafd8L. David Baron — Subtract the correct border+padding. (Bug 546048) r=roc
Sun Apr 04 18:15:32 2010 +0000
3595abe885ebL. David Baron — Fire assertions when guard objects are used as temporaries. (Bug 531460) r=cjones
7ced71a5f405L. David Baron — Fire assertions when guard objects are used as temporaries. (Bug 531460) r=jst
c6dcd6ea54afL. David Baron — Fire assertions when guard objects are used as temporaries. (Bug 531460) r=jst
Sat Apr 03 05:32:24 2010 +0000
0b2e87e6b84eL. David Baron — Bug 554188 followup: use fails-if rather than random-if, with stricter condition.
Sat Apr 03 02:02:09 2010 +0000
85754ddc898eL. David Baron — Make pseudo-classes-02 run using test_visited_reftests.html instead of the normal reftest harness. (Bug 147777) r=jwatt
47d702dbb657L. David Baron — Add mochitests for getComputedStyle and querySelector(All) lying about :visited selectors. (Bug 147777)
57a11c73e729L. David Baron — Add reftests for :visited handling in layout/reftests/css-visited/ and make them run through the mochitest harness (via layout/style/test/test_visited_reftests.html) rather than the reftest harness. (Bug 147777)
55970f05ee6fL. David Baron — Add method to munge the content state appropriately for how we're matching so that matching operations in HTML and CSS style sheets follow the new rules. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
774f3fe7720aL. David Baron — Put visited handling in the tree match context. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
5460b34fda2fL. David Baron — Set NS_STYLE_RELEVANT_LINK_IS_VISITED when appropriate. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
1deee9168239L. David Baron — Propagate whether we have a relevant link from rule processors to style set. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
c2b120ced430L. David Baron — Pass through desired link-visitedness on the rule walker and construct if-visited style contexts in the style set when visited styles are present. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
58c12c385a82L. David Baron — Fix initialization comment in nsRuleProcessorData. (Bug 147777) r=sdwilsh
902a9bca379bL. David Baron — Make nsStyleContext::FindChildWithRules deal with the visited style context. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
c36e13431e6cL. David Baron — Propagate whether we have a relevant link out of selector matching. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
25756537a995L. David Baron — Introduce NodeMatchContext for additional input into SelectorMatches. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
8c32863a2ac8L. David Baron — Introduce TreeMatchContext for additional output from SelectorMatchesTree. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
6f6a43afe740L. David Baron — Use the appropriate color based on visitedness for the color or fallback color parts of 'fill' and 'stroke'. (Bug 147777) r=jwatt
44d198975192L. David Baron — Use the appropriate color based on visitedness for 'outline-color'. (Bug 147777) r=zweinberg
65629d0a492eL. David Baron — Use the appropriate color based on visitedness for border-collapse borders. (Bug 147777) r=bernd
aaa79216677bL. David Baron — Use the appropriate color based on visitedness for nsCSSRendering::PaintBorder users of the 'border-*-color' properties. (Bug 147777) r=zweinberg
eb48a40a964cL. David Baron — Prerequisite comments for using the appropriate color for border colors. (Bug 147777) r=zweinberg
cc04bcc621dfL. David Baron — Use the appropriate color based on visitedness for the 'background-color' property. (Bug 147777) r=zweinberg
e127bc371a0cL. David Baron — Make PaintBackgroundWithSC and related methods operate on nsStyleContext* rather than const nsStyleBackground*. (Bug 147777) r=zweinberg
4c89e5f15331L. David Baron — Use the appropriate color based on visitedness for the 'color' property. (Bug 147777) r=roc
bb3c411b50d5L. David Baron — Fix existing tests to deal with getComputedStyle lying about :link vs. :visited. (Bug 147777) r=sdwilsh
b158ba7e6d65L. David Baron — Add nsIDOMWindowUtils::getVisitedDependentComputedStyle for use in tests. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
d39de9608906L. David Baron — Add function to nsStyleUtil for choosing the appropriate color from style data based on link visitedness. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
b9334e9d2821L. David Baron — Add mechanism for separate style data for visited style. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
93ff9bda60ceL. David Baron — Split nsStyleSet::ResolveStyleForRules into two different APIs for the two different types of uses. (Bug 147777) r=bzbarsky
Fri Mar 26 14:17:19 2010 +0000
736c9ca89e99L. David Baron — Add mechanism for assertions that fire when a guard object is used as a temporary. (Bug 531460) r=bsmedberg
5afc8a5d10c5L. David Baron — Fix guard object used as temporary. (Bug 555099) r=mrbkap
Wed Mar 24 20:04:46 2010 +0000
2d3d79730199L. David Baron — Add comment to reftest manifest. CLOSED TREE
Mon Mar 22 14:56:25 2010 +0000
4c99e481192dDaniel Glazman — :not() selector with no argument should be a parse error. (Bug 553805) r=dbaron
Tue Mar 16 23:04:52 2010 +0000
efb4e01eb2baL. David Baron — Remove code that was a remnant of the old storage for transition-property. (Bug 550497) r=bzbarsky
bcf6e7436f57L. David Baron — Add additional diagnostic output for diagnosing intermittent failure bug 537573.
Tue Mar 09 05:23:20 2010 +0000
2da8ac54d264L. David Baron — Don't leak the world in this new test. (Bug 503832)
Fri Feb 26 18:35:57 2010 +0000
0e7b78eabfd8L. David Baron — Make the 'border' shorthand reset -moz-border-image (per recent CSS WG decision) and -moz-border-*-colors. (Bug 482692) r=bzbarsky
Thu Feb 18 17:27:34 2010 +0000
7b1c9ad46a36L. David Baron — Ensure square list bullets are always square. (Bug 376690) r=roc
Wed Feb 17 18:29:05 2010 +0000
1b944ebb5ca6L. David Baron — Fix spelling of 'the' to cause another round of builds and talos runs.
Wed Feb 17 16:29:41 2010 +0000
a73612940488L. David Baron — Fix spelling of 'multiple' to cause another round of builds and talos runs.
Wed Feb 17 16:05:02 2010 +0000
81694fda7c73L. David Baron — Fix spelling of 'browser' to cause another round of builds and talos runs.
Wed Feb 17 15:44:08 2010 +0000
1c940a2b82b6L. David Baron — Fix spelling of 'horizontal' to cause another round of builds (and talos runs). CLOSED TREE
Thu Feb 11 21:39:56 2010 +0000
eafd8a60dfd8Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 540692: Blocklist vksaver.dll r=johnath
Sun Feb 07 00:59:52 2010 +0000
4fabcf9054cdL. David Baron — Work around dependency problem for host_ListCSSProperties.o to fix current random orange. (Bug 544720)
Sat Feb 06 22:36:31 2010 +0000
aafc704f836cL. David Baron — No longer need to null-check domProp in style system mochitests now that bug 374216 has landed.
Fri Feb 05 19:37:29 2010 +0000
d4b4fa6cb3b9L. David Baron — Bump mozilla-central version to 1.9.3a2pre/3.7a2pre. CLOSED TREE
609a51758b08L. David Baron — Backed out changeset db1f6446efda (flip pref, bug 544505), which is intended only for 1.9.3a1 and not to stay on trunk.
db1f6446efdaL. David Baron — Flip OOPP (out-of-process plugins) pref to off for 1.9.3 alpha 1. (Bug 544505) r=bsmedberg
Fri Feb 05 17:26:37 2010 +0000
15e35edb57b8Igor Bukanov — bug 543839 - followup to skip the test if evalcx is not available. This should fix jsreftest orange CLOSED TREE
Fri Feb 05 01:32:11 2010 +0000
b6f7a0dbbfefL. David Baron — Change unofficial branding from 'Namoroka' to 'Mozilla Developer Preview'. (Bug 543564) r=gavin
Thu Feb 04 20:50:08 2010 +0000
41394e846c1bL. David Baron — Appropriately escape CSS identifiers when serializing. (Bug 543428) r=bzbarsky
Sat Jan 30 19:29:18 2010 +0000
bbc58a03cab9L. David Baron — Pass the dirty rect through, transformed appropriately, in nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::PaintSVG. (Bug 541188) r=jwatt sr=roc
Wed Jan 27 23:47:29 2010 +0000
15707f051dd3L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for bug 367332 reftests.
5d3546a3ec8dL. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for bug 243519 reftests.
11a6171f2419L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for bug 234686 reftests.
3ea22c141531L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for bug 134706 reftests.
53eb24674ddeL. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for bug 50630 reftests.
a9aaec56e1b7L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for basic inline-block and inline-table reftests.
788d397360d0L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for bug 25888 reftests.
edc4d7d2b970L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for bordercollapse reftests.
d7a694814179L. David Baron — More grammatical titles for bordercollapse tests.
433eb4089587L. David Baron — Change line endings on bc_dyn_* to unix.
2c2f2c6e7b5fL. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for z-index reftests.
4fc04e7b6ae0L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for text-transform reftests.
ecad5eefc39aL. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for text-indent reftests.
6b0cbec883e5L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for table-backgrounds reftests.
a30caa15999dL. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for table-anonymous-boxes reftests.
34a3426f6267L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for ib-split reftests.
187d010e5559L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for generated content reftests.
f3f7ecd1ec7dL. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for float reftests.
8153246e8debL. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for :first-line reftests.
b4f7d81624c3L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata to first-letter reftests.
65a367afe671L. David Baron — Fix <html> to </html> in css-charset reftests.
8b2c5b9b4722L. David Baron — Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata to css-charset reftests.
c5b274ea5778L. David Baron — Fix CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for tests bzbarsky wrote in 2005.
27ee118b6d15L. David Baron — Fix CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for box-properties reftests.
Tue Jan 26 20:40:33 2010 +0000
59a8c065718bL. David Baron — No longer need to invalidate all of a foreignObject when there's an invalidate inside of it. (Bug 418063) r=jwatt
868a2da476a8L. David Baron — Make scrolling work inside iframe inside transformed svg:foreignObject by using GetCrossDocParentFrame for loop in check for whether we can blit. (Bug 403443) r=roc
Sun Jan 24 20:09:15 2010 +0000
dbb25266f4faL. David Baron — Always create nsDisplayTableBorderBackground when we're doing event delivery. (Bug 541668) r=roc
0ff87d9d2d73L. David Baron — Fake pushback of invalid eCSSToken_URL results from NextURL. (Bug 541434) r=bzbarsky
2c1b2b5f4d50L. David Baron — Ensure intrinsic size is always initialized. (Bug 541028) r=bzbarsky
Fri Jan 22 22:52:12 2010 +0000
ab6e1ab7d3d8L. David Baron — Add reftest for tokenization and parsing of CSS url() function.
5956c9cd849dL. David Baron — Add reftests for bug 541270.
840d02509d39L. David Baron — Fix reftest-analyzer failing to show some small color differences.
Tue Jan 12 16:54:06 2010 +0000
16e05af6610dL. David Baron — Make GraphWalker use templates instead of virtual functions. (Bug 537547) r=smaug
263ab164ef4bL. David Baron — Store transitions for one refresh cycle after they complete so that merging with a non-animation style change doesn't make us start a second transition to transition the last step. (Bug 537151) r=bzbarsky
Thu Jan 07 18:56:31 2010 +0000
e90f1ffbd2e4L. David Baron — Fix typos. (Bug 429963)
Thu Jan 07 18:53:09 2010 +0000
d51ce77cc9e0L. David Baron — Actually get the c++filt invocation right. (Bug 429963)
Thu Jan 07 18:32:42 2010 +0000
ec146a976e99L. David Baron — Add a very slow (to work around what's probably an I/O buffering issue) version of fix-macosx-stack in python that uses atos (and should thus work on 10.5). (Bug 429963)
Thu Jan 07 13:52:19 2010 +0000
ec3bca6461a5L. David Baron — Add tests for bug 25888 for blocks.
cf068f95e2abL. David Baron — Fix valgrind warning about passing uninitialized act->sa_mask to sigaction. (Bug 538013) r=gal
dae78df81792L. David Baron — Remove CID and layout module constructor for CSS style sheets. (Bug 239008) r=bzbarsky
b6e7a482da96L. David Baron — Make members of nsCSSStyleSheetInner private. (Bug 239008) r=bzbarsky
Thu Dec 31 17:49:59 2009 +0000
8a4d46256951L. David Baron — Revert bulk of changeset 67ddbe030ab6 (originally for bug 457809) now that bug 253354 is fixed.
Thu Dec 31 15:57:03 2009 +0000
8bb9bb88e997L. David Baron — Add mochitest for bug 536379.
3cb9a4b03575L. David Baron — Ensure that it is safe to hand out CSS rules before doing so. (Bug 536379) r=bzbarsky
2a7ecbab0a69L. David Baron — Add nsPresContext::EnsureSafeToHandOutCSSRules. (Bug 536379) r=bzbarsky
442c4f676d52L. David Baron — Add method to nsStyleSet to call EnsureUniqueInner on all CSS sheets. (Bug 536379) r=bzbarsky
3c2de87b07a5L. David Baron — ClearRuleCascades when ensuring a stylesheet has a unique inner so that matched rules point back to the new rules. (Bug 536379) r=bzbarsky
42df7ad82c91L. David Baron — Make EnsureUniqueInner return a tri-state result that says whether it needed to do any cloning. (Bug 536379) r=bzbarsky
5dc1687eaa75L. David Baron — DeCOMify nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet. (Bug 239008) r=bzbarsky
133cc168d23dL. David Baron — Move class definition of nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet into its own header. (Bug 239008) r=bzbarsky
37c441117f70L. David Baron — Rename HTMLCSSStyleSheetImpl to nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet. (Bug 239008) r=bzbarsky
Sun Dec 27 00:04:39 2009 +0000
127bc6ade9ebL. David Baron — Don't read before the beginning of a string in Atob. (Bug 494105) r=mrbkap
Sat Dec 26 03:35:27 2009 +0000
a35c4e47392dL. David Baron — Disable the intermittently-failing tests (bug 536603) for Mac only, which is where they're failing.
69a9fe6eb6fbL. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset f60b3bbfa8ce (debugging for bug 536603)
fa5f65c611ceL. David Baron — Backed out changeset f60b3bbfa8ce (debugging for bug 536603)
Fri Dec 25 14:00:09 2009 +0000
131e6354c8adL. David Baron — Set iterators to valid position after deleting overflow lines. (Bug 534082) r=tnikkel
Fri Dec 25 03:39:39 2009 +0000
f60b3bbfa8ceL. David Baron — Add some CSS loader debugging for mochitest orange bug 536603.
Thu Dec 24 22:49:40 2009 +0000
c74b48ef6359L. David Baron — Fix the opposite type of orange as the previous fix: make the case where the transition completes before the setTimeout fires much much less likely.
Thu Dec 24 14:24:59 2009 +0000
aabd98c04dc9L. David Baron — Add basic SJS debugging code for bug 536603.
Thu Dec 24 13:45:35 2009 +0000
91bb153b4f87L. David Baron — Remove debugging code for debugging bug 536603 (changeset 76e9dfaba122 and changeset 5275dda44819).
Thu Dec 24 01:09:43 2009 +0000
5275dda44819L. David Baron — Debugging bug 536603: run tests twice to see if the problem is timing-related.
Wed Dec 23 22:50:47 2009 +0000
76e9dfaba122L. David Baron — Add debugging code to debug random orange bug 536603.
Wed Dec 23 19:18:56 2009 +0000
ff977518808eL. David Baron — Tests for transitionend event. (Bug 531585)
09a185326560L. David Baron — Dispatch transitionend events. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
b6e75a58ab3fL. David Baron — Add mechanism for returning computed value name of certain longhand properties of our fake shorthands. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
78cf2e18de1cL. David Baron — Implement events part of CSS transitions: add support for the transitionend DOM event. (Bug 531585) r=smaug
29e07c3f08f1L. David Baron — Make nsRefreshDriver hold a reference to its observers while notifying them. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
85b7535011eaL. David Baron — Make the transition manager reference-counted. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
3a81a1e824bbL. David Baron — Make nsRefreshDriver reference-counted instead of being a sub-object of the pres context. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
Wed Dec 23 11:36:33 2009 +0000
108a32520dabL. David Baron — Tests for transitionend event. (Bug 531585)
70a9757074b9L. David Baron — Dispatch transitionend events. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
079fd624199bL. David Baron — Add mechanism for returning computed value name of certain longhand properties of our fake shorthands. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
3647e6e07a59L. David Baron — Implement events part of CSS transitions: add support for the transitionend DOM event. (Bug 531585) r=smaug
9f938021c83fL. David Baron — Make nsRefreshDriver hold a reference to its observers while notifying them. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
b9a8430469bcL. David Baron — Make the transition manager reference-counted. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
188c2ab04c3dL. David Baron — Make nsRefreshDriver reference-counted instead of being a sub-object of the pres context. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
Tue Dec 22 21:56:08 2009 +0000
354735881fa8L. David Baron — Add reftests for (unfixed) bug 518172.
950770f62a6eBlake Kaplan — Bug 535746 - Make sure that the parent is the right object. r=jst sr=sicking
f322da97935aBlake Kaplan — Bug 535641 - Move this declaration around. r=jst
Mon Dec 21 21:46:59 2009 +0000
48175bb06cb1L. David Baron — Fix rather serious build warning about passing non-POD types to printf. DEBUG-only
a189e7282d6aL. David Baron — Make setting property after setting transition-duration and transition-delay to 0 stop running transitions on that property: part 3: main patch. (Bug 522643) r=bzbarsky
2ecf535b1505L. David Baron — Make setting property after setting transition-duration and transition-delay to 0 stop running transitions on that property: part 2: make GetElementTransitions faster so we can call it more often. (Bug 522643) r=bzbarsky
5bd926e01c24L. David Baron — Make setting property after setting transition-duration and transition-delay to 0 stop running transitions on that property: step 1: move static function up. (Bug 522643) r=bzbarsky
eb947f317c42L. David Baron — Add support for animation of 'background-position' and 'background-size'. (Bug 532307) r=bzbarsky
3c8484e98d62L. David Baron — Add support for animation of 'visibility' to transitions (but make it a special case for transitions). (Bug 531942) r=bzbarsky
bfe4de8f0428L. David Baron — Add support for animation of nsRect values. (Bug 520488) r=bzbarsky
833f5ebf4651L. David Baron — Pass format sizes to scanf string arguments in codesighs.c. (Bug 533647) r=bsmedberg
cfa10b01b1f6L. David Baron — Make nsRefreshDriver hold a reference to its observers while notifying them. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
8b22441911b0L. David Baron — Make the transition manager reference-counted. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
fa5326c011b8L. David Baron — Make nsRefreshDriver reference-counted instead of being a sub-object of the pres context. (Bug 531585) r=bzbarsky
Tue Dec 15 07:08:57 2009 +0000
7b40ae6cb066L. David Baron — reftest-print assertion workaround needs to expect three assertions for every reftest-print test on Mac. (Bug 472557)
Mon Dec 14 03:43:27 2009 +0000
4700e3c42868L. David Baron — Work around all reftest-print reftests causing two assertions (Bug 534478) in the reftest harness to avoid lots of manifest annotation. (Bug 472557)
89a4f5a6525aL. David Baron — Fix assertions in the scrollable row group case. (Bug 531461) r=roc
5b15b904bde9L. David Baron — Run ShowSSEConfig as a unit test so that the output shows up in unit test logs.
894a8e2bddb2L. David Baron — Call CheckInvalidateSizeChange for nsHTMLScrollFrames. (Bug 438537) r=roc
038564bc6eb7L. David Baron — Fix behavior of -moz-box-shadow on flexible non-flexbox children of flexboxes. (Bug 531098) r=roc
a26df386758fL. David Baron — Make box-shadow cause only the overflow it needs and not add on additional overflow. (Bug 514917) r=roc
Sun Dec 13 06:24:17 2009 +0000
69bab0e75853L. David Baron — Disable reporting of assertion failures in reftest a different way, so that the assertion counts per test are logged and can be collected. (Bug 472557)
Sat Dec 12 21:48:12 2009 +0000
e12ccfe8c5a7L. David Baron — Change common NS_ASSERTION (bug 404693) to NS_WARN_IF_FALSE so we can make progress on making assertions be reftest failures (bug 472557). r=bzbarsky
Sat Dec 12 21:28:14 2009 +0000
a59c83eda97bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 531361. Make nsLineLayout not assert about long lines that may occur naturally. r=dbaron
c69a51243e06Robert O'Callahan — Bug 516885 / Bug 525375: Fix (harmless) assertions due to nsDisplayTransform passing non-null aVisibleRegionBeforeMove. r=dbaron
Sat Dec 12 20:06:35 2009 +0000
ecb85a29af12L. David Baron — Fix bustage from bug 530686.
Sat Dec 12 19:35:44 2009 +0000
8bc6e7e44946L. David Baron — Address my own review comment and undo one of the changes in bug 531461.
Sat Dec 12 19:11:29 2009 +0000
ed508970f045Robert O'Callahan — Bug 532404. If SW_SCROLLCHILDREN was used, invalidate the region in all descendant windows as well. r=jmathies
18afa623a64fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 530686. Only create an nsDisplayTableBorderBackground when it's going to have something to paint, since having one can disable some scrolling optimizations. r=dbaron
9af5c4367b00Robert O'Callahan — Bug 531461. Avoid creating an nsDisplayTableBorderBackground if every part of the table is hidden. r=dbaron
Fri Dec 11 16:15:23 2009 +0000
b06d6479f8a4L. David Baron — Reset mUnderlineOffset on all platforms when user font set generation is bumped. (Bug 523717) r=jdaggett
e26f15a70aacL. David Baron — Make CSS style rule implementations hold on to their data block once RuleMatched has been called so that they follow the immutability contract of nsIStyleRule. Remove workarounds in tests for transitions bugs caused by these violations of style rule immutability. (Bug 522595) r=bzbarsky
97c71fd5d6a0L. David Baron — Cache important rule the first time the rule is matched so we don't rely on the declaration for it past that point. (Bug 522595) r=bzbarsky
76cee6fdfadeL. David Baron — Call RuleMatched method on CSS rules when they are matched. (Bug 522595) r=bzbarsky
fc75fba7ca7fL. David Baron — Ensure that declarations are mutable before calling SlotForValue. (Bug 522595) r=bzbarsky
9a34d0aa3784L. David Baron — Remove unneeded SlotForValue calls (since SlotForValue will soon require EnsureMutable has been called). (Bug 522595) r=bzbarsky
f7ccfb798c36L. David Baron — Reference-count CSS compressed data blocks and make them immutable when their reference count is above 1. (Bug 522595) r=bzbarsky
7c7bd415a3d3L. David Baron — Call BeginUpdate before going into the guts of updating a style attribute so that the resulting flush happens sooner. (Bug 522595) r=bzbarsky
040234f0a32fL. David Baron — Fix comment in nsStyleTransformMatrix.h.
3a6b865babdcL. David Baron — Stop transitions when -moz-transition-property changes to a value that no longer includes the transitioning property. (Bug 525530) r=bzbarsky
9553ddacda66L. David Baron — Add support for animation of border-spacing and -moz-transform-origin. (Bug 524861) r=bzbarsky
fa46cff7f78dL. David Baron — Add support for animation of -moz-column-rule-width. (Bug 524855) r=bzbarsky
eabbfb401338L. David Baron — Add support for animation of -moz-column-count. (Bug 524854) r=bzbarsky
b232fe0878bdL. David Baron — Add support for animation of -moz-box-flex. (Bug 524853) r=bzbarsky
f1d388af67bfL. David Baron — Add mozilla::AutoRestore to restore values at the end of a C++ scope. (Bug 518756) r=bsmedberg
7505facff438L. David Baron — Add SSE.h to consolidate code for Intel CPU feature detection at both compile-time and run-time. (Bug 513422) r=vlad
294325200a93L. David Baron — Remove random marks on tests that don't seem to be failing any longer. (Bug 371232, Bug 371316)
Sun Nov 29 05:32:43 2009 +0000
7b58ad67abe9L. David Baron — Rerun 'make genservercert' in build/pgo and commit the resulting certs to fix expired test server certs and make the tree green.
Tue Nov 24 06:44:42 2009 +0000
ae44b06ea876L. David Baron — Remove the concept of stateless unicode decoders since they now all have state. (Bug 530328) r=smontagu
Sat Nov 21 01:31:22 2009 +0000
6282cd265a5cL. David Baron — Do unicode conversion separately for each byte in the encoding so encoder/decoder errors don't skew the results or leave them uninitialized. (Bug 525581) r=jst
Thu Nov 19 19:50:24 2009 +0000
4a0bf3ffd767Shawn Wilsher — Bug 525356 - windows debug unit tests: test_connection_executeAsync.js and test_statement_executeAsync.js failing frequently (fatal assertion)
Thu Nov 19 17:35:26 2009 +0000
3b7b772a2f98L. David Baron — Add mechanism for an individual mochitest to say it needs a longer timeout. (Bug 527614) r=ted
Tue Nov 17 21:12:18 2009 +0000
57421445a25dL. David Baron — Null check mShell in nsPresContext::MediaFeatureValuesChanged. (Bug 528832) r=bzbarsky
149ad6e0cee0L. David Baron — Add a test for bug 517224.
Sun Nov 15 03:17:29 2009 +0000
6af36fcff9bbL. David Baron — Use property flags for which properties need StartLoadImage called. (Bug 528634) r=bzbarsky
ff161ba309bdL. David Baron — In the ValueList case, don't start image loads for declarations that are overridden by others (just like we already do for the Value case). (Bug 517224) r=bzbarsky
2dd63d12d6bcL. David Baron — Fix computed values of 'font-weight' to report integers for bold (like for normal) and to report usable values for bolder/lighter. (Bug 173331, Bug 77882) r=bzbarsky
40713937700bL. David Baron — Put the 'normal' values for 'font-weight' and 'font-stretch' into the keyword tables. (Bug 522320) r=dholbert
fa53068a3db5L. David Baron — Add support for animation of font-weight and font-stretch. (Bug 528234) r=dholbert
d49d4151ad1dL. David Baron — Pass property to nsStyleAnimation interpolation functions. (Bug 528234) r=dholbert
Sat Nov 14 06:37:21 2009 +0000
d6863ea5c26aL. David Baron — Fix a spelling mistake to force another round of builds (particularly needed for 1.9.2, but fixing on mozilla-central as well).
Fri Nov 13 01:40:43 2009 +0000
dea8208d7b64L. David Baron — Add support for interpolation of integer-valued properties (i.e., z-index) to nsStyleAnimation. (Bug 524808) r=dholbert
0a64235916c8L. David Baron — Make DEBUG_TRACEMALLOC_PRESARENA compile again by spelling PRUint32 correctly.
374169762764KUROSAWA, Takeshi — Remove support for -moz-alias, -moz-context-menu, -moz-copy and -moz-spinning values of the 'cursor' property, no longer needed because of the standard alias, context-menu, copy, and progress cursors. (Bug 487942) r=dbaron
Fri Oct 30 21:32:05 2009 +0000
5edfb6dce6e9L. David Baron — Fix comment, per bug 520661 comment 4.
Fri Oct 30 21:06:51 2009 +0000
1c84969780d4L. David Baron — Need an AC_TRY_LINK when checking for __thread in case a new gcc is combined with an old ld. (Bug 521750) r=bsmedberg
Fri Oct 30 04:05:22 2009 +0000
ee2798619027L. David Baron — Add operator->* to nsAutoPtr and nsRefPtr. (Bug 525205) Pending review, but fixes bustage for a bunch of people.
Thu Oct 29 03:23:22 2009 +0000
b49cd7ab15daL. David Baron — Make unconstrained width assertions into warnings because we can hit them when we clamp really large widths. (Bug 525100) r=roc
2cb1cc83a6a2L. David Baron — Remove option for aTakeOwnership==PR_FALSE for nsStyleAnimation::Value setters for complex types. (Bug 523450) r=dholbert
b45765b04da8L. David Baron — Add support for animation of -moz-{border,outline}-radius-*. (Bug 523450) r=dholbert
cefadc83def3L. David Baron — Add tests for correct behavior of CSS property values under cloning.
Wed Oct 28 17:30:33 2009 +0000
ea6f9b5338b3Benjamin Smedberg — Add runtime NS_IsMainThread checks to protect the cycle collector's purple buffer, and make NS_IsMainThread faster on our major platforms. (Bug 521750) r=peterv
24ce78dd533fBenjamin Smedberg — Make NS_IsMainThread faster on our major platforms. (Bug 521750) r=dbaron
Tue Oct 27 19:54:39 2009 +0000
1872ea3e540aL. David Baron — Disable slow script dialogs during reftest to see if that fixes bug 523934. r=ted
Sat Oct 24 22:48:59 2009 +0000
bb45a8fae1c5L. David Baron — Make test_transitions report either PASS or TODO for its timing-related tests since we just can't test timing on the unit test VMs. (Bug 522862)
Fri Oct 23 14:47:50 2009 +0000
9e086fa77288L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 1aea70ef6f63 (temporary debugging code for bug 523934).
Fri Oct 23 14:21:26 2009 +0000
1aea70ef6f63L. David Baron — Add temporary debugging code to debug bug 523934
Fri Oct 23 11:43:45 2009 +0000
3e855f1a3f75L. David Baron — Work around bug 524037 by sending a mouse up event in addition to the mouse down event so that we don't leak and the tree goes green again.
Thu Oct 22 22:09:19 2009 +0000
d6add78eff55L. David Baron — Increase maximum collections at shutdown from 5 to 10 to see if it fixes the leaks on Windows mochitests 2/5.
Thu Oct 22 20:37:52 2009 +0000
7671b770ef6dL. David Baron — Fix two reftest.js mistakes in changeset d4fa46306138. (Bug 471579) r=ted
5ec653ccfb52L. David Baron — Only call GetFromExtension if we have an extension. (Bug 523672) r=bzbarsky
Thu Oct 22 17:49:41 2009 +0000
023f737f7abfL. David Baron — Set dom.popup_maximum to -1 to work around weirdness with the offline tests and get the tree green again, and because we probably want to do it anyway. CLOSED TREE
Wed Oct 21 14:17:57 2009 +0000
8fbbf4665e89L. David Baron — Add support for animation of stroke-dasharray to nsStyleAnimation. (Bug 523355) r=dholbert sr=bzbarsky
Wed Oct 21 10:54:09 2009 +0000
c548148943bdL. David Baron — Add support for animation of text-shadow and -moz-box-shadow (the first complex value types that we animate). (Bug 523196) r=dholbert sr=bzbarsky
8cf1dd820f3cL. David Baron — Serialize type selectors with original case. (Bug 523341) r=bzbarsky
Wed Oct 21 00:26:37 2009 +0000
b82dd427322dL. David Baron — Disable test_deadlock_detector for failing on OS X. (Bug 523378)
Tue Oct 20 11:46:48 2009 +0000
c51d02c50812L. David Baron — Implement nsStyleAnimation::Add and Interpolate using the same code underneath. (Bug 523193) r=dholbert sr=bzbarsky
2072cf8f65b4L. David Baron — Switch nsStyleAnimation from using nsStyleCoord to using its own nsStyleAnimation::Value, so we don't have to add nontrivial destructors to nsStyleCoord. (Bug 522852) r=dholbert,bzbarsky
Sat Oct 17 14:57:15 2009 +0000
f8a2075294dcL. David Baron — Increase transitions test bezier tolerance to 0.0015 since bug 522862 comment 0 has an example that requires it to be 0.0012. (Bug 522862, Bug 435441)
Sat Oct 17 14:33:14 2009 +0000
886ab0434035L. David Baron — Make ReResolveStyleContext no longer rerun selector matching on next-continuations by making both ReResolveStyleContext and ReParentStyleContext enforce the invariant that all continuations have the same style context. (Bug 522563) r=bzbarsky
4f3a789f3c3fL. David Baron — Add comment about additional place new system metrics should be added.
Fri Oct 16 00:23:42 2009 +0000
f1c05672332bL. David Baron — Add bug numbers for the FIXME comments in CSS transitions patches. (Bug 435441)
05a53028f21fL. David Baron — Add tests for media queries of system metrics. (Bug 522149)
0523cf3e62d3L. David Baron — Add media queries for all of our system metrics exposed in :-moz-system-metric(). (Bug 522149) r=bzbarsky
ea59ebdadb1aL. David Baron — Pass the media feature to media feature value getters. (Bug 522149) r=bzbarsky
e41cdf6f6fecL. David Baron — Make nsMediaFeature::mKeywordTable an mData union. (Bug 522149) r=bzbarsky
c96a69f2907fL. David Baron — Put :-moz-system-metric values in nsGkAtoms. (Bug 522149) r=bzbarsky
Thu Oct 15 00:51:57 2009 +0000
5014f994e84eL. David Baron — Increase test tolerance to reflect observed errors in bug 435441 comments 103 and 105, and handle timer firing after 8 seconds (comment 104).
Wed Oct 14 02:38:37 2009 +0000
7495461b969bL. David Baron — Better disambiguate nsStyleCoord constructors taking nscoord and nscolor. (Bug 521352) r=bzbarsky
c2b5280e80c9L. David Baron — nsCSSValue constructor taking nscolor is a bad idea since nscolor is just PRInt32. (Bug 521350) r=bzbarsky
92468ffca422L. David Baron — Add bug numbers for FIXME comments in transitions landing. (Bug 435441)
7a1f3c61ced1L. David Baron — Add previously-skipped border and outline properties to nsStyleAnimation. (Bug 521292) r=dholbert, bzbarsky
Sat Oct 10 18:01:20 2009 +0000
8862815409abL. David Baron — Oops, sign of error_direction needs to change only for its second use. (Bug 435441)
Sat Oct 10 17:02:43 2009 +0000
0f867561d021L. David Baron — Allow more error in bezier computation to fix random orange.
Sat Oct 10 02:12:36 2009 +0000
347f91d4b48dL. David Baron — Make transitions test more reliable by measuring the positions of transitions relative to a pair of reference linear transitions, and testing the progress of those reference linear transitions with considerably more latitude. (Bug 435441)
Sat Oct 10 00:40:00 2009 +0000
1147fd5b3d82Jim Mathies — Bug 473045 - added taskbar idl comments. no bug.
Thu Oct 08 15:14:04 2009 +0000
2fe394df6031L. David Baron — Increase test tolerance to try to fix random orange.
Thu Oct 08 05:11:16 2009 +0000
d8c914dbd3f8L. David Baron — Revert 9ef12a27ab14 and c87e6a6a41bb (patches 6 and 7 from bug 435441) which are no longer needed after bug 520396.
Thu Oct 08 03:29:24 2009 +0000
db125c06db1aL. David Baron — Add tests for :-moz-tree-* pseudo-elements. (Bug 521044)
1fb3d207b193L. David Baron — Existing callers call IsCSS2PseudoElement on non-pseudo-elements (in particular, anon boxes), so we need to make that not assert and be deterministic. (Bug 521044) r=bzbarsky
3a60d2aa4ca3L. David Baron — Fix serialization of tree pseudo-elements with arguments. (Bug 521044) r=bzbarsky
fe51cec5c007L. David Baron — Parse pseudo-elements into their own pointer so we don't have to go through the trouble of removing them from the pseudo-class list. (Bug 520848) r=bzbarsky
e9cc1a601ec6L. David Baron — Make parsing of tree pseudo-elements do proper parenthesis matching. (Bug 521044) r=bzbarsky
c767e0f49914L. David Baron — Add per-property tests for CSS transitions to test the code in nsStyleAnimation. (Bug 435441, Bug 504652)
d3ad054f80e2L. David Baron — Eliminate nsStyleAnimation::StoreComputedValue. (Bug 520396) r=dholbert,bzbarsky
ff00a422b6f1L. David Baron — Implement CSS transitions: handle starting and animation of the transitions. (Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky sr=roc
95fb146a7337L. David Baron — Make nsDeque handle allocation failure better. (Bug 520661) r=bsmedberg
7a4a65c915b1L. David Baron — Change NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE to NS_ASSERTION since the icon decoder causes it to fire quite a bit. (Bug 518704)
1fb08c4f2987L. David Baron — Fix comment in nsStyleStruct.h about value types for -moz-column-gap.
Fri Oct 02 21:07:42 2009 +0000
af9b12ce1006L. David Baron — Fix spelling of synthetic in macro name.
b080434f9dd4L. David Baron — Make nsStyleSet use nsRuleWalker objects on the stack rather than in a member variable. (Bug 492675) r=bzbarsky
3f5ac794879fL. David Baron — Add missing SetLevel call that is caught by assertions once the following patch lands. (Bug 492675) r=bzbarsky
Tue Sep 29 19:24:29 2009 +0000
320f3de0b43fL. David Baron — Reset the rule walker before calling NS_NewStyleContext. (Bug 513741) r=bzbarsky
Tue Sep 29 06:08:03 2009 +0000
2c6aeb49c93cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 507762: Parse CSS style sheets independently of case-sensitivity, and instead check case correctly when using the stylesheets. r=dbaron
Sat Sep 26 23:35:37 2009 +0000
9ed976f3d466Kyle Huey — Bug 513684. Stop :hover from bleeding through certain elements. r=roc Test fixes from Markus Stange <>.
Sat Sep 26 20:24:50 2009 +0000
f4f374e783ccGeoff Lankow — Bug 517882: Implement a -moz-tab-size CSS property that specifies the number of spaces between tab stops in preformatted text. r=roc, dbaron
Wed Sep 16 19:01:40 2009 +0000
e909fffd8730Bobby Holley — Null-check document pointer. (Bug 516307) r=bzbarsky
4ebe34db6931L. David Baron — Fix the one mochitest that's exported to _tests in a disable-tests build. (Bug 515993) r=ted
9bd1681cdc35L. David Baron — Add bug number for FIXME comment.
Fri Sep 11 10:47:36 2009 +0000
b3bf933fdce4L. David Baron — Use nsRefPtr for new context in ReResolveStyleContext. (Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky
c87e6a6a41bbL. David Baron — Pass style rule to post-resolve callbacks. (Maybe not the long term approach for CSS transitions, but easiest right now.) (Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky
9ef12a27ab14L. David Baron — Allow multiple post-resolve callbacks. (Maybe not the long term approach for CSS transitions, but easiest right now.) (Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky
2c12630e5db6L. David Baron — Separate nsCSSPropertySet out from nsCSSDataBlock so that it can be used elsewhere (for transitions). (Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky
b32c955f09d3L. David Baron — Make style changes know whether they are for transitions or not. (Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky
e24393a466bcL. David Baron — Add support for animation of nsStyleSVGPaint values to nsStyleAnimation. (Bug 504652) r=dholbert sr=bzbarsky
e98277a9cec4L. David Baron — Add support for animation of color values (conversion of nscolor values to nsStyleCoord and animation of eStyleUnit_Color nsStyleCoords) to nsStyleAnimation. (Bug 504652) r=dholbert sr=bzbarsky
75fcd0e1111dL. David Baron — Add support for color values to nsStyleCoord so nsStyleAnimation can animate colors. (Bug 504652) r=bzbarsky
cc19ea010061L. David Baron — Add support for animation of nscoord values to nsStyleAnimation. (Bug 504652) r=dholbert sr=bzbarsky
284457eb8f58L. David Baron — Add support for animation of nsStyleCoord and nsStyleSides values to nsStyleAnimation. (Bug 504652) r=dbaron sr=bzbarsky
a4990b27b935L. David Baron — Rewrap long argument lists to CSS_PROP macros. Whitespace changes only. (Bug 504652)
d1b659f7db49L. David Baron — Add fields to nsCSSPropList.h for style struct offset and animation type. (Bug 504652) r=bzbarsky
c309a7438041L. David Baron — Add stylestruct_ parameter to CSS_PROP macro. (Bug 504652) r=bzbarsky
3d331523f2adL. David Baron — Make empty bullets (i.e., those for list-style-type:none) not contribute to layout. (Bug 512631) r=roc
454210f6bb52L. David Baron — Don't check for iwlib.h if SKIP_LIBRARY_CHECKS is set. (Bug 509060) r=bsmedberg
60b208d3f9b8L. David Baron — Remove unneeded detail == eRuleNone check. (Bug 114100) r=bzbarsky
Tue Sep 01 16:41:09 2009 +0000
a8e72104670dBrian Birtles — Fix and re-enable failing test from bug 506856.
eacf5f1da49cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 445765. In getting the device context from a docshell don't go through nsIBaseWindow::GetMainWidget because that always returns the device context for the primary screen when called on toplevel docshell. r=dbaron
b5f5c94eba5dTimothy Nikkel — Bug 445765. In GTK screen manager, for the common case of just one screen don't make potentially expensive system calls to try to determine which screen we are on. r=dbaron
Tue Aug 25 15:30:47 2009 +0000
4152186f5fdaL. David Baron — Fix test from bug 501569 to avoid triggering the tinderbox error parser.
Mon Aug 24 19:34:46 2009 +0000
fb83d13c0625Brian Birtles — Use binary subdivision rather than Newton-Raphson iteration when the slope is very near 0 to avoid failing to converge correctly. (Bug 501569) r=dbaron
Sat Aug 22 17:10:31 2009 +0000
909161bf21e5Michael Ventnor — Use the correct area for computing the gradient image for 'background-position: fixed' gradients. (Bug 509681) r=roc
b59ba655c72dMats Palmgren — Don't call CalculateContentBottom inside PR_MAX(), which evaluates its arguments twice. (Bug 511482) r=dbaron
Fri Aug 21 20:42:04 2009 +0000
b1a05c7a6ebeRyo Kawaguchi — Add tests to TestRect and fix TestColorNames. (Bug 113577) r=roc
a3cda2dce88eRyo Kawaguchi — Implement background-image: -moz-image-rect(), which allows a region of an image to be used as a background image. (Bug 113577) r=roc, dbaron
Thu Aug 20 21:53:22 2009 +0000
f9c0cfc46297Zack Weinberg — Bug 510651: Fold nsIFrameDebug into nsFrame. r=dbaron sr=mrbkap
2c20ec236783Zack Weinberg — Bug 511147: Avoid the slow greedy-operator path for A > B ~ C selectors. r=dbaron
ae3a432b4653Brian Birtles — Bug 507067: Fix GetAnimVal and GetBaseVal's handling of em/ex/etc. units inside display:none elements by using nsComputedDOMStyle's method for resolving style contexts for such elements. r=dbaron
feddc329bd56Zack Weinberg — Bug 443976: Parsing support for the unicode-range: descriptor in @font-face. r=dbaron
b36521d220ffZack Weinberg — Fix parenthesis-matching while parsing format() function in @font-face src: descriptor. (Bug 511333) r=dbaron
ecca9c36a3b9L. David Baron — Fix parenthesis-matching while parsing local() function in @font-face src: descriptor. (Bug 511333) r=zweinberg
37f3a4a4f070Zack Weinberg — Fix DEBUG-only crash parsing empty 'src' descriptor of @font-face rule. (Bug 511304) r=dbaron
aa90f2f56c6bJonathon Jongsma — Implement CSS transitions: implement the parsing and computation of the transition properties. (Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky
Tue Aug 18 03:21:45 2009 +0000
4e8eb6276c48Timothy Nikkel — Bug 503791. ComboboxControlFrame should not assume that the origin of the screen is (0,0) because that is not true with more than one display. r=dbaron
8130715aa7aaTimothy Nikkel — Bug 503791. Make sure that the device context has a widget so that it can determine what screen it is on. r=dbaron
98e0a70ce49bZack Weinberg — Bug 497495 (frame poisoning) part 2: Introduce nsIPresShell::AllocateMisc/FreeMisc functions; add an as-yet-unused "code" parameter to AllocateFrame/FreeFrame; fix up nsFrame to match; use AllocateMisc/FreeMisc for all non-frame pres arena objects; move clearing of frame objects from nsFrame::operator new to AllocateFrame. r=roc sr=dbaron
041536f901e8Zack Weinberg — Bug 497495 (frame poisoning) part 1: Move the frame arena code to its own file and rename the class to nsPresArena. r=roc
Fri Aug 14 22:00:03 2009 +0000
73bb4a556e4fDaniel.S — Bug 477462: Create tests for margin collapsing, phase 3. r=dbaron
Fri Aug 14 02:10:12 2009 +0000
e6034ded61fdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 507334, part 2: Blit multiple rectangles when scrolling rather than blitting only the largest single rectangle, and avoid repainting opaque content that covers the scrolling content. r=dbaron
29df79466189Robert O'Callahan — Bug 507334, part 1: Remove nsDisplaySummary optimization, since it introduces extra display items that would disable the optimizations in part 2. r=dbaron
a8caf6d22376L. David Baron — Don't resolve a bogus non-element parent when we don't need to and it confuses things. (Bug 510071) r=bzbarsky
f555ee21c59aL. David Baron — Don't QI a node to nsIDOMElement and back to nsIContent for every call to nsEventStateManager::GetContentState. (Bug 509889) r=enndeakin
Wed Aug 12 22:21:57 2009 +0000
bfa6573b72a4L. David Baron — Remove buffering of test output by making stack fixers not buffer their standard output. (Bug 510014)
1d22a0d5a8ffL. David Baron — Add additional test for :first-letter extension across pseudo-elements, and note failures with bug number now that bug has been filed.
Tue Aug 11 02:49:09 2009 +0000
311576cc5f51L. David Baron — Make lines with only a bullet take up height. (Bug 179596 / Bug 507187) r=roc
155b0d75acdeL. David Baron — Make the quirks mode line height algorithm's check for bullets check whether there's a bullet rather than checking whether it's an HTML LI. (Bug 179596) r=roc
c65f18f59069L. David Baron — When a block without lines has a bullet, give the line we fake its full line height. (Bug 179596) r=roc
Mon Aug 10 22:53:28 2009 +0000
9c54fecf8cfcL. David Baron — Remove InspectorCSSUtils, part 4: Remove nsIInspectorCSSUtils and nsInspectorCSSUtils. (Bug 371655) r=bzbarsky
1be3195ec1c2L. David Baron — Remove InspectorCSSUtils, part 3: Remove the trivial methods and replace their callers with appropriate internal calls. (Bug 371655) r=bzbarsky
753538af64b3L. David Baron — Remove InspectorCSSUtils, part 2: Move remaining substantive code to inDOMUtils. (Bug 371655) r=bzbarsky
70190028e932L. David Baron — Remove InspectorCSSUtils, part 1: Move GetStyleContextForContent to nsComputedDOMStyle. (Bug 371655) r=bzbarsky
219bd7354882L. David Baron — Run output of debug builds through fix-linux-stack/fix-macosx-stack. (Bug 385248) r=ted
929ccf186103L. David Baron — Add more parameters to nsStyleSet::ResolveStyleForRules. (Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky
135c87aa7a12L. David Baron — Make computed style (and canvas text styling, which shares the same code) avoid using style data that was influenced by pseudo-elements. (Bug 505515) r=bzbarsky
4cc93ef5d614L. David Baron — Add flags to pseudo-elements, and add one that says which ones are expected to contain elements. (Bug 505515) r=bzbarsky
934047464748L. David Baron — Make style contexts know whether they have data from a pseudo-element. (Bug 505515, Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky
Fri Aug 07 21:17:51 2009 +0000
ec77f4fe64a5L. David Baron — Call InvalidateColumns more often. (Bug 506871) r=roc
Thu Aug 06 18:29:32 2009 +0000
bae405b94b96L. David Baron — Try disabling DEBUG_DUMP_URLS_AT_SHUTDOWN to see if it's responsible for the unit test shutdown hangs (bug 505718, bug 508767)
Thu Aug 06 00:46:41 2009 +0000
131db5ce6d89Zack Weinberg — Add reftest from since it is also fixed by bug 476856.
cddb8c13cef4L. David Baron — Additional mochitests for URL parsing, from bug 337287 (and related to bug 476856)
1b4982afcfa5L. David Baron — Rewrite parsing of CSS url() function to make it more like the tokenization that's described in the spec. (bug 476856, though originally written for bug 337287) r=bzbarsky
cb94c4f832a3L. David Baron — Import the css3-namespace test suite.
Tue Aug 04 22:40:27 2009 +0000
d98069ba3d39L. David Baron — Avoid flushing during media query evaluation. (Bug 507457) r=bzbarsky
341662af9f31L. David Baron — Add assertions that the rule walker is at the root. (Bug 507457) r=bzbarsky
Sat Aug 01 15:54:36 2009 +0000
77a8228f2951Michael Ventnor — Bug 479220: Implement support for CSS gradients: -moz-linear-gradient() and -moz-radial-gradient(). r=roc, dbaron
33fb9fb2295dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 507487: Selectors should have dual atoms so they can correctly (and case-sensitively) match non-HTML elements in text/html documents, part 2: fix RuleHash to hash tag selectors twice when needed. r=dbaron
bf66fe37b733David Zbarsky — Bug 499655: Selectors should have dual atoms so they can correctly (and case-sensitively) match non-HTML elements in text/html documents, part 1. r=dbaron
4ccc577273dbL. David Baron — Bug 434733: Additional tests.
1b43edccce82Makoto Kato — Bug 434733: Don't apply width on colgroups to columns that have their own width. r=dbaron
db2699e729c3L. David Baron — Separate RuleProcessorData and derived structs into their own header file to reduce include dependencies. (Bug 435441) r=bzbarsky
2fa18f53503bL. David Baron — Don't resolve a new context for the root when we're computing rem units for the root. (Bug 478321) r=bzbarsky
Sat Aug 01 14:31:38 2009 +0000
d4f252efece9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501608 - menu popup sounds are played when showing the autoscrolling popup. r=enn
Thu Jul 23 11:40:40 2009 +0000
16120b84f2a3L. David Baron — Destroy frame properties right after destroying the frame tree so they're destroyed before the style set. (Bug 399994) r=roc
Wed Jul 22 18:58:37 2009 +0000
35ecfeedac76L. David Baron — Fix typo in error message. (Bug 505774)
Wed Jul 22 11:23:46 2009 +0000
caa4e6ca1dbdL. David Baron — Don't silently disable WiFi on Linux if we can't find iwlib.h. (Bug 503597) r=dougt,bsmedberg
Mon Jul 20 11:05:23 2009 +0000
fdb670d3c8b3L. David Baron — Also block -moz-box-shadow when using document-specified colors is disabled, and fix a testing error with the patch for text-shadow. (Bug 503188) r=bzbarsky
22ec9060a93fL. David Baron — Add tests for cloning of media queries. (Would have caught bug 504032.)
6e11834d07c9L. David Baron — Don't silently disable WiFi on Linux if we can't find iwlib.h. (Bug 503597) r=dougt,bsmedberg
aa85b2f55960L. David Baron — Use char16_t when available, and when it is, don't test for -fshort-wchar. (Bug 502298) r=bsmedberg
Thu Jul 16 00:25:02 2009 +0000
f0786a22de24L. David Baron — Add tests for media query serialization.
1243f242bc07L. David Baron — Add tests for selector serialization and cloning.
8bbcdfff2e9aL. David Baron — Add test for font-family issue that some other browsers get wrong (from bug 499421).
a173abc61ad7L. David Baron — Reformat the list of CSS properties by splitting macros into multiple lines to make the list easier to edit and merge. Whitespace changes only. pre-r=bzbarsky
a23d948042c9L. David Baron — Block text-shadow when using document-specified colors is disabled. (Bug 503188) r=bzbarsky, roc
afac199a8153L. David Baron — Make whether a property should be ignored when page colors are disabled part of the property flags table. (Bug 503188) r=bzbarsky
Thu Jul 09 01:13:06 2009 +0000
67053336f246L. David Baron — Turn assertion into warning since we can hit it in large coordinate cases. (Bug 494237) r+sr=roc
e277a7a7ad4fL. David Baron — Make some of the DEBUG_CC code accessible to code in non-debug builds so it can be used by memory tools for Web developers. (Bug 500233) r+sr=peterv
dcc03a3d9381L. David Baron — Expose the cycle collector language runtimes so that other code can do cycle collection traversal. (Bug 500317) r+sr=peterv
Tue Jun 23 21:10:26 2009 +0000
7c62ba676b2cSaint Wesonga — Reset clipping region it PutImageData so that it doesn't clip the output, per spec. r=vlad sr=dbaron (Bug 433397)
Tue Jun 16 15:02:12 2009 +0000
37f8a33e4c54L. David Baron — Remove support for fallback background colors. (Bug 496721) r+sr=bzbarsky
c83c5f5c3b19L. David Baron — Don't reduce the height we're checking while we reflow for floats. (Bug 494332) r+sr=roc
Wed Jun 10 12:51:29 2009 +0000
1057ca8f2a91L. David Baron — Dump list of leaked nsStandardURL objects at shutdown in builds with leak logging enabled, to give us more insight into the portion of the random orange that is random leaks.
Thu May 21 10:58:20 2009 +0000
8ff39c36bd2fL. David Baron — Correct comments to reflect that bug 460695 landed on 1.9.1.
7f0905da769cL. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 1abeb6c87131 (Bug 480205 - Implement a wrapper for exposing chrome objects to content (aka COWs)) due to mochitest failures and leaks.
288e71bdc98aL. David Baron — Backed out changeset 1abeb6c87131 (Bug 480205 - Implement a wrapper for exposing chrome objects to content (aka COWs)) due to mochitest failures and leaks.
Wed May 20 11:21:59 2009 +0000
be75e40365ceL. David Baron — Fix bug 25888 for inline frames other than bullets: redo line reflow when the line's height pushes it into the way of other floats. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
efc6ec4a3c35L. David Baron — Implement a method on the float manager to get the largest width available within a height (rather than just at a point). (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
5e76aa18541fL. David Baron — Merge InitFloat into AddFloat (on nsLineLayout and nsBlockReflowState). (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
Fri May 15 23:01:51 2009 +0000
7a33efd8c254L. David Baron — Add test for CSS parsing of garbage at end of declarations. (Bug 390260)
Sat May 09 05:00:01 2009 +0000
41607e4dcc6dL. David Baron — Fix gcc bracing warning while I'm here. (Bug 423233)
443174a68358L. David Baron — Traverse and unlink selection listeners. (Bug 490071) r+sr=peterv
c3b2c4b8dcd6L. David Baron — Make transaction manager unit test's output give the correct function name.
c7fb0978d1eeL. David Baron — Implement cycle collection for transaction manager and editor transactions. (Bug 488799) r+sr=peterv
da222a139864Robert Sayre — Add the editor to cycle collection. (Bug 423233) r+sr=peterv
5113be3fbafcL. David Baron — Clear the weak back pointers in nsTextEditRules and nsHTMLEditRules when they are no longer valid, to prepare for editor cycle collection. (Bug 423233) r+sr=peterv
Fri May 08 21:27:21 2009 +0000
240fa475d2b0L. David Baron — Temporarily land patch to dump leaked nsStandardURL objects at shutdown, to give us more insight into the portion of the random orange that is random leaks. a=josh for CLOSED TREE
Wed May 06 20:46:33 2009 +0000
f152b230cd48L. David Baron — Make cycle collector's purple buffer consist of entries that the objects in the purple buffer can point to, and remove the notion of scan delay (which was previously set to 0). (Bug 490695) r+sr=peterv r=bsmedberg
8f7b73d88f6bL. David Baron — Switch HTML mochitests from using MochiKit.js to packed.js. (Bug 490955) r=sayrer
e517593a793fL. David Baron — Switch HTML mochitest template from using MochiKit.js to packed.js. (Bug 490955) r=sayrer
550e514d2f03L. David Baron — Drop use of JS 1.7 features so that this test can run on other browsers.
611a06f94bb6L. David Baron — Make it so nsDocument::mPendingTitleChangeEvent doesn't keep the document alive after cycle collection expects it to be destroyed. (Bug 488786) r+sr=jst r=bsmedberg
Fri Apr 24 22:45:54 2009 +0000
cec9d9f355e8L. David Baron — Remove nsTransactionFactory and most transaction CIDs. (Bug 489851) r+sr=peterv
30936df0271eL. David Baron — Convert children of EditAggregateTxn from nsISupportsArray to nsTArray< nsRefPtr<EditTxn> >. (Bug 488799) r+sr=peterv
a95a2fe899a9L. David Baron — Convert nsTransactionManager's mListeners from nsVoidArray* to nsCOMArray<nsITransactionListener>. (Bug 488799) r+sr=peterv
a00490016114L. David Baron — Use the purple buffer in ExplainLiveExpectedGarbage. (Bug 488603) r+sr=peterv
f7facb749df7L. David Baron — Reverse the meaning of suspectCurrentCount and rename it to expectedGarbageCount. (Bug 488603) r+sr=peterv
908a746fee85L. David Baron — When we print warnings about objects that should have been collected, see if they're in the purple buffer and print different warnings if they are. (Bug 488603) r+sr=peterv
755ad42dea8fL. David Baron — Mark the tests that were just disabled more clearly in the makefiles.
Wed Apr 22 22:21:45 2009 +0000
df5794cb4d9aL. David Baron — Back out previous logging patches (92791a422f0a and 5617c22ea9ac) for bug 469514.
Wed Apr 22 17:15:48 2009 +0000
6049dbd9973cL. David Baron — Drop the feeds cache in browser's destroy method. (Bug 489520)
d6fcfd1a5c95L. David Baron — Remove some unused AddRef/Release methods on frame classes. (Bug 488774) r+sr=roc
9c007cee86e0L. David Baron — Consolidate mDocShell null checks in nsLayoutDebuggingTools. (Not part of default build.)
bec6ecc85632L. David Baron — Use NS_METHOD where appropriate in layout-debug's factory. (Not part of default build.)
96691981f65fL. David Baron — Fix miscellaneous typos in comments that I've had in my tree for ages.
Thu Apr 16 20:56:48 2009 +0000
4905b995a365L. David Baron — Destroy content viewers in session history when destroying docshell, just like we destroy the current one. (Bug 488394) r+sr=bzbarsky
e93546bbf615L. David Baron — Free gIconFactory in GTK nsIconChannel implementation. (Bug 488184) r=karlt
f88f710bdd76L. David Baron — Fix shutdown leak of GtkInvisible in GTK nsLookAndFeel implementation, and shorten lifetime of that GtkInvisible by copying its style. (Bug 487955) r=karlt sr=roc
Mon Apr 13 15:30:08 2009 +0000
9a93350b0106L. David Baron — Deal with floating reference and reference counting of GTK widgets in nsNativeKeyBindings. (Bug 487705) r=karlt sr=roc
0e866e09ab46L. David Baron — Fix leak of GTK entry widget. (Bug 487705) r=karlt sr=roc
Fri Apr 10 20:30:45 2009 +0000
374ed6b2fd1aL. David Baron — Make nsTraceRefcnt use 64-bit counters when those counters are for all objects over app lifetime. (Bug 483500) r=bsmedberg
7030a020fed0Zack Weinberg — Bug 487831: Remove nsBox::(Get|Set)WasCollapsed, which are totally unused. r+sr=dbaron
Wed Apr 08 20:53:53 2009 +0000
228855cf8aaeL. David Baron — Remove nsCSSOMFactory/nsICSSOMFactory. (Bug 376111) r+sr=bzbarsky
e5b1ab035426L. David Baron — Use a struct containing a rectangle and a boolean for float available space rather than passing them around separately. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
f82ad9a10b7dL. David Baron — Complete switch away from nsBlockReflowState::mAvailSpaceRect by removing the old members. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
8fdfeef7e076L. David Baron — Switch away from nsBlockReflowState::mAvailSpaceRect in nsBlockFrame::PropagateFloatDamage. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
f8ac1e4ffe9cL. David Baron — Switch away from nsBlockReflowState::mAvailSpaceRect for reflow of child blocks. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
800e279fe24dL. David Baron — Switch away from nsBlockReflowState::mAvailSpaceRect for inline reflow. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
698d52722aebL. David Baron — Switch away from nsBlockReflowState::mAvailSpaceRect for reflow of child floats. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
df0130484852L. David Baron — Switch away from nsBlockReflowState::mAvailSpaceRect in bullet reflow, and simultaneously refix bug 427370 in a way that also fixes bug 428810. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
4f86f4c54224L. David Baron — Switch away from nsBlockReflowState::mAvailSpaceRect in nsBlockReflowState::AddFloat. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
50ba649cfea2L. David Baron — Begin removing mAvailSpaceRect and mBandHasFloats from nsBlockReflowState by converting the current state-mutation GetAvailableSpace to a getter GetFloatAvailableSpace to replace it, and reimplementing the state mutation in terms of the getter. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
Thu Apr 02 14:56:33 2009 +0000
ccbfc42dbaafL. David Baron — Use a valid value for storing in a bitfield as the style struct ID for backend-only properties. (Bug 469244) r+sr=bzbarsky
200c0221f643L. David Baron — Remove the CSS_PROP_NOTIMPLEMENTED macro, which hasn't been needed since bug 3247 landed. (Bug 486353) r+sr=bzbarsky
de0e83fb6d99L. David Baron — Remove remnant of key-equivalent property, which we removed in bug 265721. (Bug 486353) r+sr=bzbarsky
755a03d0d699L. David Baron — Remove unneeded code for handling nulls in compressed blocks. (Bug 486415) r+sr=bzbarsky
Tue Mar 31 19:38:33 2009 +0000
e2d57aab6d20L. David Baron — Don't mess with the max_script_run_time pref since the mochitest harness now does that for us.
924e1df9d9caL. David Baron — Use SimpleTest.executeSoon instead of setTimeout for iteration of properties/descriptors.
bc81fa130ba4L. David Baron — Add reftest for quotes support, from a test Hixie wrote (with his permission).
053164f81417L. David Baron — Add some tests for invalid values of 'font-family' (related to bug 481502)
Wed Mar 11 14:52:02 2009 +0000
98d7db017563L. David Baron — Remove check for block being impacted by float that should no longer be needed given float damage propagation. (Bug 25888) r+sr=roc
c94701d73e02L. David Baron — Don't rely on NS_TraceMallocStartupArgs to initialize TLS index. (Bug 442192) r=brendan
Mon Mar 09 23:15:01 2009 +0000
b5d5992fcc4eL. David Baron — Add tests to check case (2) for shorthands in nsCSSDeclaration::GetValue.
9ddb29be3654L. David Baron — Add some simple tests for units (since code coverage output showed we weren't testing serialization of all of them).
1e5159da23d5L. David Baron — Add tests for font descriptors that are equivalent to test_value_storage and test_property_syntax_errors.
e9b0ca8dd58dL. David Baron — Avoid crashing on'font-family') when there's no font-family descriptor. (Bug 482148) r=zweinberg
f036b54d0403L. David Baron — Remove internal support for units that were never in CSS (feet, miles, meters, kilometers, didots, ciceros). (Bug 482146) r+sr=bzbarsky
2f3c15f5b0c8L. David Baron — Reject non-positive values for widows and orphans. (Bug 481826) r+sr=bzbarsky
c6d6c0e243b0L. David Baron — Rename ParsePositiveVariant to ParseNonNegativeVariant. (Bug 481826) r+sr=bzbarsky
Fri Mar 06 04:05:50 2009 +0000
3a9de3a90f02L. David Baron — Fix serialization bugs with text-decoration:-moz-anchor-decoration. (Bug 481596) r+sr=bzbarsky
154a9af70678L. David Baron — Remove unreachable code, since text-decoration:none is not stored as an enumerated value. (Bug 481595) r+sr=bzbarsky
ac91e21d53c5L. David Baron — Test more values for 'content' property. (These tests require the three previous patches to pass.) (Bug 481591)
36da7fe92b5fL. David Baron — Fix serialization of the list-style-type part of counter values. (Bug 481591) r+sr=bzbarsky
3b13a87771feL. David Baron — Append the list-style-type part of counters correctly in computed style. (Bug 481591) r+sr=bzbarsky
3428afb4e233L. David Baron — Split eCSSUnit_String into eCSSUnit_String (with quotes), eCSSUnit_Ident (without quotes), and eCSSUnit_Families (font family list, but not for @font-face descriptor where the single family is stored as eCSSUnit_String). (Bug 481591) r+sr=bzbarsky
d5df3e584fdbL. David Baron — nsCSSDeclaration::ValueAppended is never called on shorthands, so it doesn't need code to handle them. (Bug 481594) r+sr=bzbarsky
1ff736fd5e41L. David Baron — Quote and escape contents of url() when serializing. (Bug 478160) r+sr=bzbarsky
5a21d2b181e9L. David Baron — Change nsStyleUtil::EscapeCSSString to nsStyleUtil::AppendEscapedCSSString, since almost all callers prefer append behavior anyway. (Bug 478160) r+sr=bzbarsky
Thu Mar 05 03:50:08 2009 +0000
21ffeb54ece8L. David Baron — Add test for CSS property priority (!important) preservation. (This fixes the fact that we don't have any tests covering expansion of compressed blocks with !important declarations, and also tests a bit more while I'm there.)
4e57eecad039L. David Baron — Add test for blocking of -moz-border-*-colors based on code coverage output.
Wed Mar 04 06:49:49 2009 +0000
576ec8f25747L. David Baron — Add tests that exercise nsSpanningCellSorter, including with large colspans, since code coverage runs showed we don't hit that code.
Wed Feb 25 00:15:10 2009 +0000
9c12373aed0aL. David Baron — Correctly null-terminate the buffer after calling readlink. (Bug 476608) r=bsmedberg
cffce9bd0a47L. David Baron — I don't need to see the rule hash debugging output anymore.
af9097598b68L. David Baron — Fix outparam static analysis warnings in nsComputedDOMStyle by actually assigning to the outparam. (Bug 479433) r+sr=bzbarsky
3e9d90ebeaf0L. David Baron — Flush layout earlier in getComputedStyle(). (Bug 454276) r+sr=bzbarsky
Sat Feb 21 20:06:43 2009 +0000
ccb7bc7113a4L. David Baron — Revert temporary modifications to diagnose intermittent reftest failure on tinderbox (fb1d06068cb5, 71df97fcb74e, 8a406dd54480) since the intermittent failures seem to have been fixed by the reftest harness change in 9d5337daba7b.
Sat Feb 21 06:07:37 2009 +0000
9d5337daba7bL. David Baron — Put the timestamp in the reftest HTTP server's path to prevent cross-contamination of cached tests between branches, in case those different branches run reftests on the same profile. r=Waldo
Sat Feb 21 05:03:54 2009 +0000
8a406dd54480L. David Baron — Also temporarily replace the red images in the Acid2 test to see if they're what's causing the red to randomly show up.
Sat Feb 21 00:51:45 2009 +0000
71df97fcb74eL. David Baron — Temporarily convert every occurrence of red in the Acid2 reftest to some other color to figure out which one is causing the random failures.
Fri Feb 20 18:55:30 2009 +0000
fb1d06068cb5L. David Baron — Temporarily modify the test to confirm theory about the source of intermittent failures.
96e034632074L. David Baron — Call SetPropertyBit(background_color) when we set data for that property, on the off chance it will fix the intermittent layout/reftests/bugs/289480.html orange. (Bug 322475)
Fri Feb 20 05:29:47 2009 +0000
55a739725414L. David Baron — Implement multiple background layers, implement fallback background color, and make -moz-background-inline-policy no longer be part of the background shorthand. (Bug 322475) r+sr=roc,bzbarsky
Thu Feb 19 21:56:05 2009 +0000
d2e44446c27bL. David Baron — Fix another case where we incorrectly serialize an -x-system-font property. (Bug 478156) r+sr=bzbarsky
cb9390d48d10L. David Baron — Stop using potentially-deep recursion to serialize selectors. (Bug 475215) r+sr=bzbarsky
044096199dd6L. David Baron — Add tests for code I'm going to change, and fix crash when running those tests. (Bug 475215) r+sr=bzbarsky
2a8829d22570L. David Baron — Remove PerFrameData::mFrameType, since it's write-only. (Bug 478899) r+sr=bzbarsky
Thu Feb 19 20:33:25 2009 +0000
fde0b361f25eL. David Baron — Implement multiple background layers, implement fallback background color, and make -moz-background-inline-policy no longer be part of the background shorthand. (Bug 322475) r+sr=roc,bzbarsky
Thu Feb 19 19:03:41 2009 +0000
8bf2088734acL. David Baron — Construct all our image loaders when we create frames so that we can allow arbitrary numbers of image loaders per frame (for multiple background images). (Bug 322475) r+sr=bzbarsky
Thu Feb 19 17:49:01 2009 +0000
46a99365dd85L. David Baron — Fix warning with -Wshadow in nsMathMLTokenFrame (about childFrame). (Bug 477962) r=karlt
816e42aa808cL. David Baron — Fix nsBlockFrame warning about child being used uninitialized in FindLineContaining by switching while to do-while. (Bug 477963) r+sr=roc
60a5db4c9429L. David Baron — Initialize mLastStyle to avoid valgrind warnings. (Bug 477961) r=vlad
e267c6e75012L. David Baron — Avoid making mXineramaIsActive depend on uninitialized numScreens. (Bug 477959) r+sr=roc
Thu Feb 19 15:29:59 2009 +0000
f4800de50e03L. David Baron — Fix another case where we incorrectly serialize an -x-system-font property. (Bug 478156) r+sr=bzbarsky
b04eb1bcdb14L. David Baron — Stop using potentially-deep recursion to serialize selectors. (Bug 475215) r+sr=bzbarsky
635e570fea19L. David Baron — Add tests for code I'm going to change, and fix crash when running those tests. (Bug 475215) r+sr=bzbarsky
562be36bdb41L. David Baron — Remove PerFrameData::mFrameType, since it's write-only. (Bug 478899) r+sr=bzbarsky
7272fc6bc744L. David Baron — Implement multiple background layers, implement fallback background color, and make -moz-background-inline-policy no longer be part of the background shorthand. (Bug 322475) r+sr=roc,bzbarsky
b58df05838b1L. David Baron — Construct all our image loaders when we create frames so that we can allow arbitrary numbers of image loaders per frame (for multiple background images). (Bug 322475) r+sr=bzbarsky
eb0506de591dL. David Baron — Initialize mLastStyle to avoid valgrind warnings. (Bug 477961) r=vlad
e37f82e0226eL. David Baron — Avoid making mXineramaIsActive depend on uninitialized numScreens. (Bug 477959) r+sr=roc
Thu Feb 19 03:00:19 2009 +0000
949427a87258L. David Baron — Revert (back out) the previous 11 changesets (bugs 477959, 477961, 477963, 477962, 322475, 478899, 475215, 478156), due to Mac talos orange with (as usual) no useful diagnostic.
Thu Feb 19 02:04:20 2009 +0000
d02b4de2eb53L. David Baron — Remove MOZ_COUNT_CTOR/MOZ_COUNT_DTOR from nsStyleBackground::Layer because the copy constructor is now used. (Bug 322475)
Thu Feb 19 01:18:51 2009 +0000
50036368e361L. David Baron — Fix another case where we incorrectly serialize an -x-system-font property. (Bug 478156) r+sr=bzbarsky
7aa8aaf4bfcdL. David Baron — Stop using potentially-deep recursion to serialize selectors. (Bug 475215) r+sr=bzbarsky
4dd8a0577a73L. David Baron — Add tests for code I'm going to change, and fix crash when running those tests. (Bug 475215) r+sr=bzbarsky
d7ac2303b741L. David Baron — Remove PerFrameData::mFrameType, since it's write-only. (Bug 478899) r+sr=bzbarsky
c93d2582416eL. David Baron — Implement multiple background layers, implement fallback background color, and make -moz-background-inline-policy no longer be part of the background shorthand. (Bug 322475) r+sr=roc,bzbarsky
66dfc6d296e8L. David Baron — Construct all our image loaders when we create frames so that we can allow arbitrary numbers of image loaders per frame (for multiple background images). (Bug 322475) r+sr=bzbarsky
6f4d6140b2b0L. David Baron — Fix warning with -Wshadow in nsMathMLTokenFrame (about childFrame). (Bug 477962) r=karlt
8b5dda5392efL. David Baron — Fix nsBlockFrame warning about child being used uninitialized in FindLineContaining by switching while to do-while. (Bug 477963) r+sr=roc
e0a70f017b04L. David Baron — Initialize mLastStyle to avoid valgrind warnings. (Bug 477961) r=vlad
a6d32b364f55L. David Baron — Avoid making mXineramaIsActive depend on uninitialized numScreens. (Bug 477959) r+sr=roc
Wed Feb 11 00:56:55 2009 +0000
af294f0d2c6aL. David Baron — Fix the pass() function to use the standard syntax too. (Bug 477512) r=jwalden
Tue Feb 10 22:06:14 2009 +0000
561dc7d5c746L. David Baron — TestHarness.h should give errors with TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL. (Bug 477512) r=jwalden
50112a83464cL. David Baron — Fix remaining occurrences of 'ERROR FAIL' in the tree (other than those fixed in bug 468913). (Bug 477869) r=ted
a82e37fed714L. David Baron — Fix the ignoring of load events for previous documents check so that it also works for (most) cases of the assertion check. (Bug 477409) r=jruderman
81bf5017af71L. David Baron — Remove the aBits parameter from ReLayoutChildren, given that what it does blows away the distinction between NS_FRAME_IS_DIRTY and NS_FRAME_HAS_DIRTY_CHILDREN. (Bug 477294) r+sr=bzbarsky
Tue Feb 10 04:37:36 2009 +0000
66db3742d013L. David Baron — Remove nsStyleContext::DumpRegressionData, code that uses it, and code that exists only for it. (Bug 477522) r+sr=bzbarsky
30fd045df716L. David Baron — Avoid calling PlaceBlock and unsetting dirty bits that we still need when an ancestor is going to reflow for clearance. (Bug 476357) r+sr=roc
Sun Feb 08 18:29:08 2009 +0000
8d511f020d28L. David Baron — Tests for bidi and first letter.
29bc88a2d670L. David Baron — Make reftest check its invariants regarding the failure timeout, so we can see if any intermittent failures are due to such harness bugs. (Bug 477409) r=jruderman
Sat Feb 07 17:51:32 2009 +0000
969124be3084L. David Baron — Annotate probable cause of reftest failure (which I should have done in the previous commit).
Sat Feb 07 17:37:01 2009 +0000
c15b6a0ccdd4L. David Baron — Mark test for bug 356774 as failing on Mac (at least until the test or problem can be fixed).
Sat Feb 07 17:14:22 2009 +0000
26c31b847949L. David Baron — Revert changeset fc8d54ab29a6 (Bug 88831, Support new IME API "Text Services Framework" from Office XP and Windows XP) due to failure (every time) of the new unit test it added (Test WinTSF) on the Windows tinderbox.
Sat Feb 07 16:43:56 2009 +0000
220d18f262d5Ehsan Akhgari — Disable tests for bug 441782 / bug 467672 on Windows, rather than on non-Windows. (Bug 467672) r+sr=roc
Sat Feb 07 00:41:17 2009 +0000
3362518abdc0L. David Baron — sheet-set-switch-1 is still random, not just failing, on Mac. (Bug 468217)
Fri Feb 06 17:51:47 2009 +0000
97867f9b4e42L. David Baron — sheet-set-switch-1 still fails on Mac.
Fri Feb 06 16:52:39 2009 +0000
814a4646f66eL. David Baron — Try other HTTP ports if the first one is busy. (Bug 477164) r=jwalden
c592bbe68cc7L. David Baron — Stop using MarkXMark2Y in reftest references, since its underline offsets don't correctly match combinations, and go back to using combinations. (Bug 468217) r=jdaggett
c87e15704f6fL. David Baron — Invalidate the correct area when loading an image for which we've displayed the loading-image icon. (Bug 409870) r+sr=bzbarsky r=roc
cfc21a608dcdL. David Baron — Typesafe helpers for nsCSSDataBlock::StorageFor. (Bug 475214) r+sr=bzbarsky
461bf98a6426L. David Baron — Eliminate nsCSSDeclaration::GetValueOrImportantValue. (Bug 475214) r+sr=bzbarsky
768c8c967b0dL. David Baron — Make serialization handle system fonts and the font shorthand better. (Bug 475214) r+sr=bzbarsky
Thu Feb 05 05:16:41 2009 +0000
bded4e432e7aL. David Baron — Ensure correct alignment for nsCSSValue objects inside nsCSSValue::Array. (Bug 476345) r+sr=bzbarsky
895a080922eeL. David Baron — Add an additional test for CSS 2.1, section 10.3.1.
Wed Feb 04 21:25:12 2009 +0000
d66a096fddd6L. David Baron — Rename aInherited/inherited to aCanStoreInRuleTree/canStoreInRuleTree. (Bug 476598) r+sr=bzbarsky
db15edcc02ceL. David Baron — Reverse the boolean meaning of inherited/aInherited. (This patch, without the next patch to rename things, makes the code make less sense.) (Bug 476598) r+sr=bzbarsky
6f337cbf2aedL. David Baron — Make the aInherited parameters to Compute*Data const. (Bug 476598) r+sr=bzbarsky
af13f36fb9d8L. David Baron — Fix incorrect uses of aInherited rather than inherited so that we can make aInherited const. (Bug 476598) r+sr=bzbarsky
3381c874e76cL. David Baron — Add test that legend is display:block by default. (Bug 476063)
cbe86aabf921L. David Baron — Correctly handle a style change reflow on a subtree that has placeholders with out of flows outside that subtree. (Bug 363247) r+sr=bzbarsky
1648cf1bdcd2L. David Baron — Keep width of avail space rect at least 0. (Bug 476372) r+sr=roc
d9eff1fb5e60L. David Baron — Ensure correct alignment for nsCSSValue objects inside nsCSSValue::Array. (Bug 476345) r+sr=bzbarsky
e2a26d16bf06L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset eec3076f3bab (Bug 474655, Warn when nsIDOMCSSStyleDeclaration::GetPropertyCSSValue is called) because we trigger the warning too much ourselves (Bug 475311)
674246a64ed2L. David Baron — Backed out changeset eec3076f3bab (Bug 474655, Warn when nsIDOMCSSStyleDeclaration::GetPropertyCSSValue is called) because we trigger the warning too much ourselves (Bug 475311)
Fri Jan 30 04:39:43 2009 +0000
3b2f69cc7004L. David Baron — Keep old rule trees around until they are no longer referenced. (Bug 475128) r+sr=bzbarsky
Thu Jan 29 20:45:18 2009 +0000
ea3adcdfa653L. David Baron — Stop reflowing the viewport with constrained height. (Bug 467881) r+sr=roc
21abc6135474L. David Baron — Fix whitespace in DisplayReflowExit.
c7858cf07599L. David Baron — Create legends in CreateContinuingFrame. (Bug 468578) r+sr=roc
2a6b3ac2b49bL. David Baron — Handle placeholder frames in RemoveMappingsForFrameSubtree. (Bug 428113) r=mats.palmgren sr=roc
014fe552d77aL. David Baron — Clear back-pointer in more cases. (Bug 475136) r+sr=bzbarsky
7a21bea93924L. David Baron — Remove default value for gfx.downloadable_fonts.enforce_same_site_origin pref, which is no longer implemented. (Bug 457825) r=jdaggett
24917a339f2eL. David Baron — Keep old rule trees around until they are no longer referenced. (Bug 475128) r+sr=bzbarsky
dc1587c310b8L. David Baron — Weaken assertion so that it doesn't fire. (Bug 472353) r+sr=bzbarsky
e2182ed1e129L. David Baron — Implement CSS computation of font-stretch property and store it in the gfx font structures. (Bug 3512) r=vlad sr=bzbarsky
cbcf14ce64ccL. David Baron — Separate previously-copied font constants into their own file and have them in one place rather than three. (Bug 3512) r=vlad
7f8e7e598284L. David Baron — Conditionally adjust two reftest references to match the non-assembly version of the code. (Bug 465088) r=bholley
Fri Jan 23 01:31:49 2009 +0000
917975b82484L. David Baron — Make nsROCSSPrimitiveValue store ident values as nsCSSKeyword rather than nsIAtom*. (Bug 474712) r+sr=bzbarsky
f8f2b32afabfL. David Baron — Eliminate all callers to forms of nsROCSSPrimitiveValue::SetIdent other than the one taking nsCSSKeyword. (Bug 474712) r+sr=bzbarsky
eec3076f3babL. David Baron — Warn when nsIDOMCSSStyleDeclaration::GetPropertyCSSValue is called. (Bug 474655) r+sr=bzbarsky
c5e8e22d092aL. David Baron — Remove nsStyleContext::Equals, since it is unused. (Bug 474675) r+sr=bzbarsky
5e57cb13ae9bL. David Baron — Fix mismatch between new[] and delete. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
e3c18c5243c4L. David Baron — Make getComputedStyle() for 'outline-width' return values in pixels even when keywords are used. (Bug 474184) r+sr=bzbarsky
1caacdfd3f5fL. David Baron — Fix parsing of 'none' values in 'list-style' shorthand. (Bug 474135) r+sr=bzbarsky
Tue Jan 20 21:59:23 2009 +0000
adf44ec71ce9L. David Baron — Some additional tests for 'rem' unit from css3-values. (Bug 472195)
23d1cadf9e8dKeith Rarick — Implement 'rem' unit from css3-values. (Bug 472195) r+sr=dbaron
2a1f13246939L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 6849ce51dfef (patch 3 from bug 468645) to fix bug 472353.
6f2d2ef53d75L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 6849ce51dfef (patch 3 from bug 468645) to fix bug 472353.
Sat Jan 17 03:44:45 2009 +0000
723ea3c0719fDaniel.S — Add reftest for bug 206631. r+sr=dbaron
b5eb575e2264L. David Baron — Avoid building user font set when handling units involving font metrics in media query expressions. (Bug 473892) r+sr=bzbarsky
426d1c2661b5L. David Baron — Avoid recursion when handling mNegations in CalcWeight. (Bug 473908) r+sr=bzbarsky
fefdf894b7ecL. David Baron — Avoid recursion after parsing CSS comments. (Bug 473914) r+sr=bzbarsky
e2c5c612df46L. David Baron — Remove handling of comments inside CSS url() tokens. (Bug 473914) r+sr=bzbarsky
90cded872e97Zack Weinberg — Bug 473720: don't treat a parse error in a known CSS @-rule as an unknown @-rule r+sr=dbaron
Fri Jan 16 21:32:37 2009 +0000
8083041f3343L. David Baron — Add assertions to EndReconstruct that all style contexts have been reresolved. (Bug 473871) r+sr=bzbarsky
867b1cf06252L. David Baron — When re-resolving style, re-resolve root in undisplayed map too. (Bug 473042) r+sr=bzbarsky
9b832d90d637Theppitak Karoonboonyanan — Bug 462188: Fix deletion of words (Ctrl-Backspace/Option-Delete) in HTML editing. r+sr=peterv
c8369c4893f9L. David Baron — Put nsIDOMNSCSS2Properties in its own file to reduce risk of bumping the IID of the wrong interface. (Bug 473418) r+sr=jst
0eab2ed55facL. David Baron — Don't suppress use of overridden virtual destructors, so we fix the appearance of a leak in the leak statistics. (Bug 473548) r+sr=roc
aa7c99bf9634L. David Baron — Recheck media queries when changing text zoom since em units have changed. (Bug 473400) r+sr=bzbarsky
Tue Jan 13 19:52:06 2009 +0000
046f5da25280L. David Baron — When re-resolving style, re-resolve root in undisplayed map too. (Bug 473042) r+sr=bzbarsky
e2e5ec200b71L. David Baron — Only run assertion checks in DEBUG builds. (Bug 472557) r=Waldo,bsmedberg
5254e429712dL. David Baron — Clean up CalcAvailWidth. (Bug 444928) r=bernd
Sat Jan 10 16:38:58 2009 +0000
1203433cd9a7L. David Baron — Address my own review comment: Restore IsTransparent() check, which should restore old behavior for background-images when printing backgrounds is disabled. (Bug 456219) r=zwol
Sat Jan 10 16:28:47 2009 +0000
949a0a1ed11aL. David Baron — Add ability to mark JSDHashTable/PLDHashTable as immutable and thus prevent RECURSION_LEVEL assertions from firing due to lookups racing on multiple threads. (Bug 469004) r=brendan,mrbkap
0a8932a5abddL. David Baron — Synchronize pldhash with recent changes to jsdhash by rerunning through plify_jsdhash.sed.
3cca9872e8ddL. David Baron — Handle mouseover/mouseout when the mouse transitions between the video element and its videocontrols child (which covers its entire content area). (Bug 470596) r=dolske,enndeakin
5a85468e0174L. David Baron — More tests for outside cases for rule 3.
7bf1d1b7f3b8Mats Palmgren — Put the root element in the undisplayed map so that we reconstruct it when it has its 'display' changed from 'none' to something else. (Bug 283686) r+sr=bzbarsky
Thu Jan 08 21:50:34 2009 +0000
89847884d010L. David Baron — Make reftest test for assertions on individual tests. (Temporarily disabled until tinderboxes set up and manifests annotated.) (Bug 472557) r=Waldo
3317170b582bL. David Baron — Expose the number of assertions since process start from XPCOM. (Bug 472557) r=bsmedberg
Wed Jan 07 22:37:50 2009 +0000
04720c0140a9L. David Baron — Split insert-rule-1 into two tests, each of which inserts only one rule, so that we can remove reftest-wait at the right time and make the test reliable. (Bug 472267)
Tue Jan 06 23:21:28 2009 +0000
2a4999efa837L. David Baron — Change code for handling out-of-nscoord-range values from NS_NOTREACHED to NS_WARNING. (Bug 472218) r+sr=roc
c162278affadL. David Baron — Fix tests to match what they should have been testing, and fix nsFloatManager behavior to match what the old code actually did as far as considering floats at the side that did not protrude into the containing block. (Bug 472252) r+sr=roc
63fc1585fe00L. David Baron — Add nsTArray<E>::TruncateLength, which is like SetLength, except only allows shortening of the array. (Bug 191448) r=bsmedberg
Mon Jan 05 01:26:16 2009 +0000
aa32889429dbL. David Baron — Give nsFloatManager::FloatInfo a copy constructor to avoid confusing refcount logging. (Bug 191448)
Mon Jan 05 00:41:06 2009 +0000
496e0cb5c943L. David Baron — Replace space manager with a more limited float manager. (Bug 191448) r+sr=roc
b19f0a7a3c4cL. David Baron — Rename flags and methods from space manager to float manager. (Bug 191448) r+sr=roc
Sun Jan 04 19:53:18 2009 +0000
454a4f1c98a5L. David Baron — Remove TestSpaceManager. (Bug 191448) r+sr=roc
4a30801c7e45L. David Baron — Remove the VerifyReflow code that checked the space manager state. (Bug 191448) r+sr=roc
2e16533cc07eL. David Baron — Fix assertion in bug 468645, per bzbarsky's followup review comment. r+sr=bzbarsky
b3087034bc80L. David Baron — Forgot to rev IID in bug 468645 (changeset efbec418c3a1).
e6960f347e76L. David Baron — Add some reftests for float behavior.
fa29efa5db42L. David Baron — Fix some missed renames from bug 471356. r+sr=bzbarsky
Mon Dec 29 23:34:16 2008 +0000
4d579f865308L. David Baron — Fix trivial compiler warning introduced by bug 471356.
Mon Dec 29 15:14:13 2008 +0000
fb2f301f6d0bL. David Baron — Stop using nsAreaFrame for anything other than xul:label, which is the only thing for which it does anything different from nsBlockFrame, and rename it accordingly. (Bug 471356) r+sr=roc
187ce101bf03L. David Baron — Fix regression in CalcQuirkContainingBlockHeight from change from area frame to block frame in bug 243519. (Bug 471356) r+sr=roc
5e3e645e59beMats Palmgren — Additional tests for clip property. (Bug 372063)
4e418f9c2b0fL. David Baron — Distinguish clip:rect(auto,auto,auto,auto) from clip:auto as the spec requires. (Bug 372063) r+sr=bzbarsky
7f1bceb5c563L. David Baron — Reject 0 as a value for -moz-column-count. (Bug 471341) r+sr=bzbarsky
068e61bef01eL. David Baron — Add crashtests for bug 468645.
b1d50ee5b9e7L. David Baron — Fix nsLayoutUtils::IsReallyFixedPos to work right in paginated mode. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
62304457e1b8L. David Baron — Don't post media features values changed events when nothing changed. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
dee577166dd8L. David Baron — Pass the correct parent content when re-resolving the inner table for a display:table pseudo-element (:before or :after). (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
6849ce51dfefL. David Baron — Prevent rebuilding all style data when paginated. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
e09da908f8b4L. David Baron — SetVisibleArea doesn't need to lead to media query change handling when paginated (e.g., when doing a SizeToContent around a print preview window). (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
ffd1fe854d95L. David Baron — Fix handling of 'orienation' feature in print-preview. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
efbec418c3a1L. David Baron — DeCOMtaminate nsIPresShell::GetDidInitialReflow. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
b80da4a764fcL. David Baron — Prevent posting media query changed events during construction. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
43391574f35fL. David Baron — Fix style context invariants so we can re-resolve page break frames. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
1b8061be9145L. David Baron — Give nsPageBreakFrame a frame name for DEBUGging code. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
f80b0bf93870L. David Baron — Expect percentages to be unsupported for -moz-column-width. I'm not sure why I made it as it is, since they were never supported in either our implementation or the spec.
Sun Dec 28 02:00:04 2008 +0000
d54715fb83deL. David Baron — Add test for bug 470596. r=dolske
ee565e96b014L. David Baron — Fix placement of video controls when top and right padding are different. (Bug 470596) r+sr=roc
4e07397456a7L. David Baron — Fix an off-by-border-and-padding error in nsVideoFrame::BuildDisplayList. (Bug 470596) r+sr=roc
a50ff010b3ffL. David Baron — Make 'word-spacing: normal' just compute to '0', since that's what CSS 2.1 says to do, and thus change nsStyleText::mWordSpacing from nsStyleCoord to nscoord. (Bug 470705) r+sr=roc
447d12ffe764L. David Baron — Better handling of overflowing integer values. (Bug 440230) r+sr=roc
Tue Dec 23 20:50:43 2008 +0000
82fd9752b6e1L. David Baron — Readd test for computed style for large integers (even though patch was backed out). (Bug 470769) r+sr=bzbarsky
Tue Dec 23 14:08:24 2008 +0000
441f119f1a0cL. David Baron — Fix computed style for large integers by using double instead of float. (Bug 470769) r+sr=bzbarsky
d24fad239a51L. David Baron — Enforce the restriction that values of stroke-miterlimit are greater than 1, rather than just using ParsePositiveVariant. (Bug 470706) r=jwatt sr=bzbarsky
9cacafb91763L. David Baron — Reject duplicate keywords for 'text-decoration'. (Bug 470704) r+sr=bzbarsky
689a6d906a64L. David Baron — Disallow negative values on -moz-box-ordinal-group, since it's stored in an unsigned integer and clearly intended to be only positive. (Bug 470703) r=enndeakin sr=bzbarsky
0ed096f666ecL. David Baron — Rewrite the shorthand condensation code in nsCSSDeclaration::ToString. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
15b55742e0cdL. David Baron — Don't say that the font or background shorthands are present when the properties that they reset but can't otherwise specify are not their initial values. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
4acaa6ee3665L. David Baron — Condense box property four side shorthands in value getters, just as in serialization. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
db84bf8e7438L. David Baron — Suppress serialization of -moz-use-text-color in border shorthand in property getters just like we do in declaration serialization. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
d696886de032L. David Baron — Check consistency before returning 'border' shorthand. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
5d0f70073bb6L. David Baron — Remove comment that should have been removed in bug 160403. (Bug 376075) r+sr=bzbarsky
29a3a6c1565aL. David Baron — Make the Windows widget code report 24-bit color depth when the display driver reports 32, since it's the same number of bits per pixel. (Bug 466669) r=vlad
38440caec347L. David Baron — Make layout-debug extension work again. (Bug 470058) r=Pike
861e8c54f55cL. David Baron — Fix bugs in handling of inherit, initial, and none for -moz-border-*-colors. (Bug 389404) r+sr=bzbarsky
b25c43b4a419L. David Baron — Remove bogus assertion. (Bug 470063) r+sr=roc
2aa1abd075b9L. David Baron — Set up image loaders before reflow for border-image in XUL just like for HTML. (Bug 468473) r+sr=roc
Wed Dec 17 02:19:51 2008 +0000
135f996f1c6cL. David Baron — Fix test to deal with wrapping in bug 421203.
dbd177a9e5f4L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 5bf3661db065 (Bug 454349) due to Windows reftest failures.
5e236f0d5669L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 5bf3661db065 (Bug 454349) due to Windows reftest failures.
Wed Dec 17 01:12:15 2008 +0000
4a4a42520901L. David Baron — Put 'thin' in the initial_values section instead of the other_values section for border shorthands, since the width should be 0px when border-style is none.
Wed Dec 17 00:31:17 2008 +0000
4a73efb88edcL. David Baron — Move wrapping of blocks inside XUL into ProcessChildren to catch more callers. (Bug 421203) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
5bf3661db065Zack Weinberg — Paint different backgrounds behind the reftest test and references to detect areas that are not painted at all. (Bug 454349) r=dbaron
3555a8de08b2L. David Baron — Make zoomed-out reftests draw the whole area that they're supposed to draw. (Bug 421203) r+sr=roc
Fri Dec 12 19:02:07 2008 +0000
ca48a3b92deeL. David Baron — Fix properties that incorrectly applied to :first-letter or :first-line. (Bug 469227) r+sr=bzbarsky
41fd48e76fb0L. David Baron — Don't mark properties as applying to first-line / first-letter if there were comments if those properties were implicitly ignored by the old code either through never being used, or through another (*-style) property being ignored. (Bug 469227) r+sr=bzbarsky
3d372e6ff724L. David Baron — Replace mechanism for restricting the properties that apply to :first-line and :first-letter. (Bug 469227) r+sr=bzbarsky
6a542abb36a8L. David Baron — Disable -moz-transform and -moz-transform-origin for :first-line and :first-letter pseudo-elements. (Bug 466845) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
3a0da92f1ea2Nick Thomas — When the XPCOM_DEBUG_BREAK environment variable is already set, don't override it. This will make assertions fatal again on the leak test tinderboxes. (Bug 463681) r=ted.mielczarek
Tue Dec 09 05:47:51 2008 +0000
957a4fed14afL. David Baron — Make mochitests not build and search the results table when run inside the harness. (Bug 466104) r=sayrer
Mon Dec 08 22:04:13 2008 +0000
84231c3b7ad4L. David Baron — Make exceptions (e.g., reftest manifest errors) print the magic word for getting logged as errors. (Bug 468476) r=ted.mielczarek
Mon Dec 08 18:31:43 2008 +0000
9c8abec31b35L. David Baron — Fix error in reftest manifest file causing reftests not to be run.
Mon Dec 08 16:09:06 2008 +0000
9a55fd36efa2L. David Baron — Remove the feature of where we md5sum any file called 'core' in your home directory in order to see if it changes while running the program and potentially invoke GDB. (Bug 467638) r=bsmedberg
727b7a33350cL. David Baron — Rebuild all style data when the user font set changes so that we recompute ex and ch units. (Bug 458878) r=jdaggett sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
Sun Dec 07 21:58:32 2008 +0000
a47eccda2278L. David Baron — Make the code to suppress infinite synthesized mouse move loops work again with asynchronous style changes. (Bug 302561) r+sr=bzbarsky,roc
Sun Dec 07 18:01:49 2008 +0000
cdb8066f1da2L. David Baron — Use a local stack rather than the call stack in SkipUntil to avoid excessive recursion. (Bug 432561) r+sr=bzbarsky
4e44e27f8fb7Joel Maher — Add tests for media queries in print media. (Bug 466171) r=dbaron
Fri Dec 05 05:02:26 2008 +0000
002d3e5ba80fZack Weinberg — Bug 459148 - use thebes primitives for SVG rounded rects - r=longsonr,vlad sr=roc
01d03b8d40a4Zack Weinberg — Bug 460217 - handle @font-face block without family name correctly in nsCSSRuleProcessor - r+sr=dbaron
Thu Dec 04 16:11:03 2008 +0000
2af723cd1680L. David Baron — Make FindBestWindow faster when there are a lot of windows (many of which may be Firefox windows). (Bug 467635) r+sr=roc
1fb56a23792dL. David Baron — Make incremental frame construction set mFixedPosIsAbsPos just like from-the-top frame construction. (Bug 467460) r+sr=roc
436c476d4661L. David Baron — Make 'width', 'height', and 'aspect-ratio' features use the page size when printing. (Bug 466559) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
f8b47378d8eaL. David Baron — Allow PostRebuildAllStyleData to be called with an aExtraHint. (Bug 458878) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
5da43688eee4L. David Baron — Remove some unreachable stub code for en (half an em) and cap (cap-height metric of font) units that we never create. (Bug 458878) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
fb1b3f68b09dL. David Baron — Fix slight errors when widths can't be round-tripped through floats. (Bug 467141) r+sr=roc
045908bd6528L. David Baron — Avoid discontinuity when options drop to height:0 by using CalcFallbackRowHeight only when GetNumberOfOptions() == 0, thus eliminating the last caller of CalcFallbackRowHeight passing a non-zero option count. (Bug 467084) sr=roc r=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
f7e51a5e6655L. David Baron — Pass the user font set through more reliably and make it a required parameter. (Bug 467084) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
f3a6077abe53L. David Baron — This script depends on bash-isms and doesn't run in dash, so say so. (Bug 466050) r=bsmedberg
c0bf3fd88ffdL. David Baron — Remove now-unneeded argument from GetWidthInfo. (Bug 466108) r=dholbert sr=roc
7b553bbed53dL. David Baron — Make the code to suppress infinite synthesized mouse move loops work again with asynchronous style changes. (Bug 302561) r+sr=bzbarsky,roc
Thu Nov 27 06:21:22 2008 +0000
607791c2f989Robert O'Callahan — Bug 463292. Make text-shadows in XUL nsTextBoxFrames get the correct overflow area and actually paint when only the overflow area is intersected. r+sr=dbaron
6d6a178f9132Robert O'Callahan — Bug 462968. Sanitize block height. r+sr=dbaron
54946665b7c0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 459968. Fix some integer overflows in the style system and in min/pref width computation for text. r+sr=dbaron
df41ce61d237Robert O'Callahan — Bug 455826. Look into overflow-lists of inlines to find text when we're building textruns. r=smontagu
Wed Nov 26 22:49:58 2008 +0000
f953af7bee57L. David Baron — Annotate known failures with bug numbers.
Wed Nov 26 22:43:15 2008 +0000
e29be5f4f686L. David Baron — Bug 451426 fixed all of the randomness in these reftests as well (including bug 465408 and the x86-Mac randomness).
Wed Nov 26 21:25:08 2008 +0000
a036f2285660L. David Baron — Bug 451426 seems to have fixed bug 465409, so removing failures from manifest.
Wed Nov 26 18:18:24 2008 +0000
bb54a5700bcaIgor Bukanov — bug 457521, r=brendan a191=blocking
090147eafd6cL. David Baron — Merge bug 464791 for Rob Strong.
fbac619d52feRobert Strong — Bug 464791 - Add ifdef MOZ_UPDATER for the app update preferences UI and Help menu. r=mconnor, approval1.9.1=mconnor
77825d347650Jonathan Kew — fix uninitialized variable causing incorrect fallback font selection (bug 451426) r=roc sr=roc
Wed Nov 26 03:45:43 2008 +0000
840ca0d72bdfL. David Baron — Mark sheet-set-switch-1.html as random on Mac.
Tue Nov 25 23:23:59 2008 +0000
86fcd531d8faL. David Baron — I meant to use Mark2A rather than MarkB in prop-order-over-rule-order* tests (thanks to karlt for pointing out the problem). And, while I'm here, make a second multiple-in-family test variant so we don't lose any test coverage from the correction. a=tests
9bea28954d72L. David Baron — Distribute extra space in fixed-layout tables where all columns have widths proportionally rather than equally, for compatibility. (Bug 445142) r=bernd sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
483aaa57f290L. David Baron — Handle some additional codepaths for position: fixed elements inside elements with -moz-transform. (Bug 455171) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
0dfccaf1d58dL. David Baron — Introduce two different definitions of the placeholder's containing block in InitAbsoluteConstraints, since we want to use a different one for the hypothetical box and for the direction. (Bug 462844) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
97214dc4dc0aL. David Baron — Add tests for dynamic changes to @font-face. (Bug 457821) a=blocking1.9.1+
cf88eac1c192L. David Baron — Check that the user font set matches before returning an entry from the font cache. (Bug 457821) r=jdaggett sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
13709ba9ea21L. David Baron — Remove gfxFontLoaderContext, which seems to be replaced by gfxUserFont::LoaderContext. (Bug 457821) r=jdaggett a=blocking1.9.1+
948149fa2c65L. David Baron — Rebuild the user font set when style sheets are enabled/disabled/added/removed, rules are modified/added/removed, or media changes change which style sheets apply. (Bug 457821) sr=bzbarsky r=jdaggett,bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
3946e0e1fa54L. David Baron — Fix cascading bugs with @font-face rules (and prepare for handling dynamic changes) by accumulating the @font-face rules across rule processors through the style set. (Bug 457821) sr=bzbarsky r=jdaggett a=blocking1.9.1+
Tue Nov 25 21:57:05 2008 +0000
48da1d468822L. David Baron — I meant to use Mark2A rather than MarkB in prop-order-over-rule-order* tests (thanks to karlt for pointing out the problem). And, while I'm here, make a second multiple-in-family test variant so we don't lose any test coverage from the correction. a=tests
6ce5f62a5945L. David Baron — Distribute extra space in fixed-layout tables where all columns have widths proportionally rather than equally, for compatibility. (Bug 445142) r=bernd sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
eac2f8f3cd29L. David Baron — Make mochitests not build and search the results table when run inside the harness. (Bug 466104) r=sayrer a=tests
342b86dd79f4L. David Baron — Handle some additional codepaths for position: fixed elements inside elements with -moz-transform. (Bug 455171) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
5d6db13efa26L. David Baron — Introduce two different definitions of the placeholder's containing block in InitAbsoluteConstraints, since we want to use a different one for the hypothetical box and for the direction. (Bug 462844) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
6b99f95a3ee3L. David Baron — Add tests for dynamic changes to @font-face. (Bug 457821) a=blocking1.9.1+
8d2453e98c3fL. David Baron — Check that the user font set matches before returning an entry from the font cache. (Bug 457821) r=jdaggett sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
5bc893b6bdf2L. David Baron — Remove gfxFontLoaderContext, which seems to be replaced by gfxUserFont::LoaderContext. (Bug 457821) r=jdaggett a=blocking1.9.1+
71032d21e8b1L. David Baron — Rebuild the user font set when style sheets are enabled/disabled/added/removed, rules are modified/added/removed, or media changes change which style sheets apply. (Bug 457821) sr=bzbarsky r=jdaggett,bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
91690545debcL. David Baron — Fix cascading bugs with @font-face rules (and prepare for handling dynamic changes) by accumulating the @font-face rules across rule processors through the style set. (Bug 457821) sr=bzbarsky r=jdaggett a=blocking1.9.1+
951de4bb933cL. David Baron — Fix assertion about being too late to set quirks style sheet. (Bug 450191) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9.1+
356407d18ef3L. David Baron — Add test for slow performance in bug 438509, as suggested by dholbert, and based on a testcase he wrote. a=blocking1.9.1+
7a9d1fe1cab5L. David Baron — Simplify conditions, part 2, since we're really only trying to avoid IsGeometryDirty if we're not going to need any reflow at all. (Bug 438509) r=dholbert sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
ede1fa2c79a9L. David Baron — Simplify condition, part 1, since mVResize already implies IsGeometryDirty thanks to the code immediately above. (Bug 438509) r=dholbert sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
3a8d00537a89L. David Baron — Avoid exponential growth of special height reflows. (Bug 438509) r=dholbert sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
1f5aa404ea30L. David Baron — Remove nsHTMLReflowState::mPercentHeightReflowInitiator, which is write-only. (Bug 438509) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9.1+
60a4dd420a65L. David Baron — Use a host that we proxy to the local server so that the test doesn't require network access. (Bug 466102) r+sr=bzbarsky a=tests
8a4494c6e153L. David Baron — Make justification test pass more reliably on Mac, which is sensitive to subpixel positioning of text, by replacing <wbr> elements with zero-width spaces. (Bug 466101) r+sr=roc a=tests
57a177c0d8feL. David Baron — Make zwnj-02.html reftest more tolerant of font anti-aliasing. (Bug 465140) r=smontagu a=tests
d1e1e38fc0cfL. David Baron — Add tests for the format() function in the 'src' descriptor that use a known-unsupported value in addition to an unknown value. a=tests
81cfdc324ffbL. David Baron — Make layout/reftests/text/444656.html not depend on the size ratio between Hebrew and Western fonts. (Bug 466484) r=smontagu a=tests
Wed Nov 19 19:43:02 2008 +0000
e8bb73413554L. David Baron — Bug 379317 no longer affects these tests thanks to bug 464970.
Sat Nov 15 02:02:34 2008 +0000
85fbe5bd09c8L. David Baron — Mark yet another test random awaiting the font cache patch in bug 457821.
Sat Nov 15 00:27:52 2008 +0000
7f556e24b084L. David Baron — OK, this is random on Windows too.
Sat Nov 15 00:04:43 2008 +0000
d501e1093fdeL. David Baron — Mark test as random on Mac, since it just failed on the tinderobx.
Fri Nov 14 22:08:28 2008 +0000
d6424955982fL. David Baron — Better approach to some tests to avoid subpixel spacing differences. (Bug 457821)
6e2fda0521f8L. David Baron — Adjust expected results based on and add tests for format(). (Bug 457821)
7a2792e830d8L. David Baron — Remove unwanted style attribute that slipped in from vlad's changes.
Sat Nov 08 16:36:32 2008 +0000
229683caa4c3L. David Baron — Add some tests for @font-face (static cases, not dynamic ones). (Bug 457821)
70826688e822L. David Baron — Add a set of fonts for presence testing, each of which has a single glyph at the codepoint for a capital letter A-Z. (Bug 457821)
04a589e040b9L. David Baron — Allow HTTP(..), HTTP(../..) that allow HTTP reftests to use resources not in the same directory. (Bug 457821) r=jwalden
25ea3e7408baL. David Baron — Make about:blank work correctly as a reference for reftests served over HTTP. (Bug 457821) r=jwalden
Sun Nov 02 21:14:23 2008 +0000
b50dbc86eb60L. David Baron — Correct mochitest for bug 461266.
Sun Nov 02 19:45:27 2008 +0000
01406b3b31c0L. David Baron — Don't eat up too much when we hit an error in the last media query in a list. (Bug 461266) r+sr=bzbarsky
5785b70454d3L. David Baron — Keep pres shell alive during ProcessRestyledFrames. (Bug 462392) r+sr=bzbarsky
Mon Oct 27 17:56:23 2008 +0000
d8ed12af2432L. David Baron — Add nsCSSProps::PropHasFlags to address bzbarsky's review comments. (Bug 461731) r+sr=bzbarsky
3821fee89ecdL. David Baron — Make a CSS property bit for whether serialized value lists should use commas. (Bug 461731) r+sr=bzbarsky
Tue Oct 21 07:16:09 2008 +0000
30d9ff763b22L. David Baron — Add a preference for visited link support. (Bug 147777) r+sr=bzbarsky
Mon Oct 20 12:08:06 2008 +0000
b99df03358f2L. David Baron — Convert tabs to spaces.
0bb27db9264eL. David Baron — Fix failure to propagate aInherited result of nsRuleNode::CalcLength. (Bug 460440) r=kschwarz sr=bzbarsky
30df17ed7d7fL. David Baron — Remove additional chunk of code that should have been removed in bug 238072. (Bug 460029) r+sr=bzbarsky
Mon Oct 13 22:03:55 2008 +0000
1ee3957c6617L. David Baron — Make sure DidSetStyleContext methods call the base class DidSetStyleContext, and change the signature to return void. (Bug 459649) r+sr=bzbarsky
Sun Oct 12 01:16:34 2008 +0000
d7338fec7266L. David Baron — Fixing bustage. (Bug 322475)
Sun Oct 12 00:50:38 2008 +0000
53740a23fe93L. David Baron — Fix issues with parsing of media query lists that have bad queries in them. (Bug 454226) r+sr=bzbarsky
c7b659c2efbaL. David Baron — Remove three unused constants. (Bug 322475)
7f708623bf59L. David Baron — Rename nsImageLoader to nsImageLoadNotifier, since it doesn't actually load images. (Bug 322475) r+sr=bzbarsky
23eebebb8b48L. David Baron — Construct all our image loaders when we create frames so that we can allow arbitrary numbers of image loaders per frame (for multiple background images). (Bug 322475) r+sr=bzbarsky
Tue Oct 07 23:20:21 2008 +0000
7356c512e9e1L. David Baron — Handle serialization of inherit and -moz-initial for shorthand properties correctly, and refuse to serialize most unspecifiable cases of shorthands. (Bug 160403) r+sr=bzbarsky
08d7f38b8ee3L. David Baron — Add CSS_PROPERTY_DIRECTIONAL_SOURCE property flag. (Bug 160403) r+sr=bzbarsky
c01934ff662bL. David Baron — Add a flags table for CSS properties. (Bug 160403) r+sr=bzbarsky
f9fbbdddbc3eL. David Baron — Fix warnings about breaking strict aliasing rules by making mChildren a union. (Bug 458813) r+sr=bzbarsky
d0764a4f34fbL. David Baron — Fix warnings about CascadeSheetRulesInto being declared but not defined. (Bug 458813) r+sr=bzbarsky
a9f44a03b7d0L. David Baron — Fix glitches in border-image drawing. (Bug 449647) r=robarnold, sr=vlad
Mon Oct 06 03:45:11 2008 +0000
1630d60e624eGavin Sharp — Bug 454324: Handle error from SelectNode to fix crash when selection-less items are dragged (including, recently, tabs). r+sr=bzbarsky
759221990d16L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset a8cfcc9b6d5c: relanding Bug 455990 - Close button on last open tab should be hidden. r=gavin
6681dc7f1293Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset a8cfcc9b6d5c: relanding Bug 455990 - Close button on last open tab should be hidden. r=gavin
Wed Oct 01 17:37:41 2008 +0000
6f3797124c84L. David Baron — Back out bug 114169 (changeset 8110e3bae4bf) and change the test (changeset 8f53fcb8bde5) to todos, to see if it was repsonsible for the regression in bug 458065.
Mon Sep 29 22:58:27 2008 +0000
8f53fcb8bde5L. David Baron — Add test for continuous firing of resize events. (Bug 114649)
8110e3bae4bfJonathan Watt — Fire resize events every 200ms during resizing, not just 200ms after resizing stops. (Bug 114649) r+sr=roc
Fri Sep 26 23:34:24 2008 +0000
1d9b992f24e9L. David Baron — Fix spelling (s/depreciated/deprecated/) to force Windows builder to cycle.
Fri Sep 26 21:35:42 2008 +0000
1c2231730ff9L. David Baron — Bug 455940: for now, remove dist/bin/components, so that the Windows builds will stop leaking due to the extra components.
Fri Sep 26 21:19:34 2008 +0000
cb3240bf1d9bL. David Baron — Back out bug 455940 since it breaks many of the Windows boxes.
Fri Sep 26 21:07:07 2008 +0000
541fc3b73d52L. David Baron — Bug 455940, correction: remove dist/bin rather than dist/dist/bin.
Wed Sep 24 17:19:13 2008 +0000
2192a846d7acL. David Baron — For fixed-layout tables, leave room for the cell spacing for all columns, whether they have cells originating in them or not, since we don't know if cells for those columns will arrive as the table loads incrementally. (Bug 444928) r=bernd sr=roc
Fri Sep 19 17:15:46 2008 +0000
aab6b12f4a2bKeith Schwarz — Fix incorrect composition of translations with other transforms by making matrix multiplication code clearer, clarifying which matrices are for column vectors and which are for row vectors, and fixing incorrect matrix type conversions. (Bug 455403) r+sr=dbaron
Sat Sep 13 03:46:28 2008 +0000
95f310fa27bbL. David Baron — Ensure we always skip to the next close parenthesis if a media query expression parse fails. (Bug 454227) r+sr=bzbarsky
84a1b8853494L. David Baron — Comments about use of foreground color.
4d29ef2bee5eL. David Baron — Use consistent terms in comments describing nsStyleCoord values (length -> coord). (Bug 443057) r+sr=bzbarsky
e26688231f7bL. David Baron — Convert text-shadow and box-shadow storage from nsStyleCoord to nscoord. (Bug 443057) r+sr=bzbarsky
ade776b76598L. David Baron — Convert border spacing storage from nsStyleCoord to nscoord. (Bug 443057) r+sr=bzbarsky
47e7de9ac585L. David Baron — Convert outline offset storage from nsStyleCoord to nscoord. (Bug 443057) r+sr=bzbarsky
094602d1ccfcL. David Baron — Fix use of incorrect variable, and harmless but valgrind-noisy use of variables in incorrect order. (Bug 455093)
Fri Sep 12 15:38:04 2008 +0000
d7c555ce0fc7Zack Weinberg — Bug 453566 - HTML element with rgba(0,0,0,0) background produces garbage on screen. r+sr=roc
d426fd05130bZack Weinberg — Bug 453916: treat transparency strictly as a special case of color alpha. r+sr=dbaron
Tue Sep 09 13:44:02 2008 +0000
250798f99819L. David Baron — Flush view manager's delayed resize when flushing layout. (Bug 453896) r+sr=bzbarsky
Mon Sep 08 13:42:01 2008 +0000
d2ac7638c63aL. David Baron — Correctly handle window resizes when one dimension is zero. (Bug 453759) r+sr=roc
Sat Sep 06 14:05:15 2008 +0000
5cb6b3b6af82L. David Baron — Change evaluation of media queries like (width) where actual values are lengths; treat zero lengths as false in such cases, per and spec clarification. (Bug 453759) r+sr=bzbarsky
580343716b2dL. David Baron — Make min-/max- prefixed media features without values be parse errors, per . (Bug 453759) r+sr=bzbarsky
df134eac2ff1L. David Baron — Update to new parsing rules for grid media query per . (Bug 453759) r+sr=bzbarsky
Sat Sep 06 13:56:53 2008 +0000
08bf39f0754aZack Weinberg — Bug 441367 - reduce repetitive code in nsRuleNode.cpp with SetDiscrete() and SetFactor() helper functions. r+sr=dbaron
Thu Sep 04 20:02:50 2008 +0000
00a9515116e5L. David Baron — Make spacer attribute mapping code not depend on data in the style context (which attribute mapping code should not do). (Bug 449435) r+sr=bzbarsky
Wed Aug 06 22:39:04 2008 +0000
2ed34bcabbc6L. David Baron — Mark one of the border-image tests as failing on Mac OS X 10.4. (Bug 448121) r+sr=bzbarsky
Wed Aug 06 17:58:28 2008 +0000
9f389e9db4dcL. David Baron — Don't printf CSS errors to standard output. (Bug 449429) r+sr=bzbarsky
Wed Aug 06 17:43:15 2008 +0000
93b1b9aa2831L. David Baron — Assert when we set the quirk style sheet after building rule cascades. (Bug 448281) r+sr=bzbarsky
ac776b1e0206L. David Baron — Only rebuild rule cascades on medium feature change if they've already been built before. (Bug 448281) r+sr=bzbarsky
Mon Aug 04 23:10:24 2008 +0000
143278174a83L. David Baron — Make the -moz-column-rule-color test not assume that inputs have the same 'color' as divs. (Bug 271586) r=Ventnor
Mon Aug 04 22:15:48 2008 +0000
6ad2e5aa3c64L. David Baron — Merge Quotes and CounterData storage types into ValuePairList. (Bug 322475) r+sr=bzbarsky
85a9eb44b240L. David Baron — Make scrollbars not be reflow roots anymore, since they don't obey all the invariants needed. (Bug 366791) r+sr=bzbarsky
49dbf253c174L. David Baron — Untabify the few lines with tabs in nsStyleStruct.h
8666db48bea6L. David Baron — Label types of nsStyleCoord and nsStyleSides. b=443057 r+sr=bzbarsky
Sat Jul 26 19:56:59 2008 +0000
d0e438d64ea0L. David Baron — Oops, used the wrong todo function.
Sat Jul 26 17:58:36 2008 +0000
4dee7a278399L. David Baron — Mark two test items as known to fail on Windows; failure filed as bug 448132.
Sat Jul 26 16:15:36 2008 +0000
7370786111c2L. David Baron — Fix a bunch of issues relating to dynamic changes of border images. (Bug 445810) r=robarnold sr=bzbarsky
420a21e47c4eL. David Baron — Handle effects of medium feature changes on XBL style sheets. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
1deeca59d785L. David Baron — Fold DoParseMediaList into ParseMediaList, since it is no longer necessary now that we don't do special parsing for media lists in HTML. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
bb091bc06282L. David Baron — Tests for css3-mediaqueries. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
d0f0aba6da7eL. David Baron — Fix media queries calculation of screen size for at least multi-monitor mirroring cases (where test_media_queries fails). (Bug 156716) r+sr=roc
b62942dc4622L. David Baron — When propagating flushes up to the parent document, promote style flushes into layout flushes, since media queries mean that to get the correct style we need our container to be the correct size. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
8050b146979bL. David Baron — Implement Media Queries, part 4: infrastructure for dynamic change handling at the pres context level. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
863bb2d0ac92L. David Baron — Implement media queries, part 3: infrastructure for dynamic change handling at the rule processor and style set level. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
d5c8d093ab2eL. David Baron — Remove pointless null checks that are extremely unlikely to fail. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
3895d21b75aeL. David Baron — Implement Media Queries, part 2: infrastructure for dynamic change handling at the rule cascade and style sheet level. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
6298e0ab72f2L. David Baron — Implement Media Queries. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
03b2701a8a10L. David Baron — Make ParsePositiveVariant restrict integers too, which affects existing call for -moz-column-count. (Bug 156716) r=bzbarsky sr=roc
fa6f776cfdf7L. David Baron — Don't do special parsing for media lists in HTML: match parentheses, even across commas, and allow media queries through. (Bug 156716) r+sr=bzbarsky
589f091246afL. David Baron — Make configure not crash when /bin/sh is dash and there's a config.cache. (Bug 448020) r=Pike, ted.mielczarek
Wed Jul 23 16:35:50 2008 +0000
b9032fa50289L. David Baron — I mistyped one of surkov's review comments for bug 436453. (And the code does finally make sense to me.) This apparently fixes some mochitests that, for some reason, aren't run on tinderbox.
Wed Jul 23 04:50:58 2008 +0000
80865e03f6afL. David Baron — Don't restyle slow selectors for changes to anonymous content (non-native-anonymous). (Bug 436453) r+sr=bzbarsky
ba8e7ded433bL. David Baron — Address potentially behavior-changing review comments from surkov; part of bug 436453.
ce6c80430400L. David Baron — Change the binding parent for native anonymous content to work like the binding parent for XBL anonymous content, and be the parent of the anonymous content subtree rather than the root of the anonymous content subtree. (Bug 436453) r=bzbarsky,smaug,surkov sr=bzbarsky
Sat Jul 19 23:04:09 2008 +0000
912bb54c3869L. David Baron — Add bug number (446226) for todo tests from bug 325064.
Sat Jul 19 22:52:22 2008 +0000
e7a034164d67Zack Weinberg — Change CSS parser to close constructs open at end-of-file by changing ExpectSymbol not to fail on EOF when expecting one of }, ), ], or ;. (Bug 325064) r+sr=dbaron
Sat Jul 19 05:33:24 2008 +0000
449ccbbab714L. David Baron — Fix spelling mistakes (to trigger unit test cycle).
Sat Jul 19 04:53:17 2008 +0000
337a43c87296L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 5c009a853d70 for hitting a fatal JS_Assert during xpcshell unit tests (xpcom/unit/test_bug374754.js) on the DO_NEXT_OP(JSOP_INCNAME_LENGTH) line on !JS_THREADED_INTERP platforms (Windows).
Fri Jul 18 02:27:09 2008 +0000
fd6a651efed4L. David Baron — Add bug number for failing reftests from bug 378217 landing.
Thu Jul 17 23:37:26 2008 +0000
d4fa059ca178Zack Weinberg — Delete nsLayoutUtils::GetAbsoluteCoord(); fold logic into callers and simplify. (Bug 437335) r+sr=dbaron
99410f7c6a61L. David Baron — Fix generation of precompiled cmaps on 64-bit platforms to match what the code expects. (Bug 445626) r=smontagu
Thu Jul 17 07:57:13 2008 +0000
a8f655e642fbL. David Baron — Mark two reftests as failing on Mac.
Thu Jul 17 06:30:37 2008 +0000
2bf42512916dAndrew Smith — Implement css3 border-image property. (Bug 378217) r=vlad,dbaron,robarnold
Thu Jul 17 05:59:24 2008 +0000
12d07c032ffcL. David Baron — Backed out changeset 9b0b2391485c due to linker errors related to nsStyleStructInlines.h not being included enough.
Thu Jul 17 05:19:12 2008 +0000
9b0b2391485cAndrew Smith — Implement css3 border-image property. (Bug 378217) r=vlad,dbaron,robarnold
Wed Jul 16 21:24:31 2008 +0000
bf9ed43bd679L. David Baron — Fix accidental disabling of more mochitests than intended. Bug 437980 / Bug 445586
Tue Jul 15 21:49:28 2008 +0000
320afc8e0d25Andrew Smith — Add comment about running reftests in an non-DEBUG build. (Bug 378217) r=dbaron
Tue Jul 15 21:31:56 2008 +0000
572afe6e63fcZack Weinberg — Remove eStyleUnit_Chars and the special cases for it throughout layout, and make ch units go through the normal eStyleUnit_Coord cases. (Bug 363706) r+sr=dbaron
c0eaa1f9d904Zack Weinberg — Add .zeroOrAveCharWidth field to gfxFont::Metrics. Initialize it in all font backends. Use it when computing CSS 'ch' units, and make eStyleUnit_Chars and nsLayoutUtils::CharsToCoord unused. (Bug 363706) r=roc sr=dbaron
61f90cca8c3cL. David Baron — Make less restrictive assumptions about how big a 'ch' unit is relative to the line-height (assuming 4ch greater than the line height, rather than assuming 2ch is). (Bug 363706)
Mon Jul 14 03:26:43 2008 +0000
3cea658b6377Sylvain Pasche — Take non-Xinerama codepath when Xinerama reports only one screen. (Bug 403706) r=dbaron sr=roc
4f8c69ab3e26L. David Baron — Do reinitialization of screen info at the screen manager level, so we get it for the xinerama codepath too. (Bug 403706) r+sr=roc
8be867e8b341L. David Baron — Don't leak the result of PR_LoadLibrary for the xinerama library. (Bug 403706) r+sr=roc
8e1ffe9e3b63L. David Baron — Remove mNumScreens since it duplicates the length of mCachedScreenArray. (Bug 403706) r+sr=roc
ef86a928ec61L. David Baron — Convert nsScreenManagerGtk from nsISupportsArray to nsCOMArray. (Bug 403706) r+sr=roc
Sun Jul 13 22:58:15 2008 +0000
4c0aae446b52L. David Baron — Skip test for 439184 since it "times out".
Sun Jul 13 20:58:08 2008 +0000
6a513bc88338L. David Baron — Avoid stack overflow by not using recursion to add the important rules. (Bug 439184.) r+sr=bzbarsky
571dbbcf60bfL. David Baron — Make rule node children destruction happen in a queue from the root rule node (or root of the subtree being destroyed) rather than using recursion. (Bug 439184.) r+sr=bzbarsky
5b6fa5bcaccdL. David Baron — Replace nsRuleList with a next sibling pointer on the rule node itself (saving one word in the normal linked list case, and wasting one in the hash table case). (Bug 439184.) r+sr=bzbarsky
a00c120d4a6eL. David Baron — Avoid stack overflow by not using recursion to add the important rules. (Bug 439184.) r=fantasai sr=bzbarsky
Tue Jul 08 20:48:37 2008 +0000
ff30c7736d24L. David Baron — Add reftest for the nesting case in bug 424236.
Wed Jul 02 03:25:06 2008 +0000
0b57ada5d4b2Zack Weinberg — Remove eStyleUnit_Chars and the special cases for it throughout layout, and make ch units go through the normal eStyleUnit_Coord cases. (Bug 363706) r+sr=dbaron
0b1995eab10fZack Weinberg — Add .zeroOrAveCharWidth field to gfxFont::Metrics. Initialize it in all font backends. Use it when computing CSS 'ch' units, and make eStyleUnit_Chars and nsLayoutUtils::CharsToCoord unused. (Bug 363706) r=roc sr=dbaron
Tue Jun 17 23:13:24 2008 +0000
7b6aaf10b6dbL. David Baron — Mark reftest added for bug 363706 as failing.
525b640ee95cL. David Baron — Merge backout of f6b609b0af6e (bug 363706).
dff1e37d974dL. David Baron — Backed out changeset f6b609b0af6e
5017b968c5d3L. David Baron — Merge backout of 68362ba98c23 (bug 363706).
59120ca47090L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 68362ba98c23
fe551b8aa3d8L. David Baron — Backed out changeset 1c2c0b023699
Tue Jun 17 21:54:32 2008 +0000
1c2c0b023699L. David Baron — Fix windows bustage. (Bug 363706)
Tue Jun 17 21:38:26 2008 +0000
72f8cdcfa34aEric Butler — Bump UUID; changed missed from bug 436904. (Bug 438695) r+sr=dbaron
1f58eff34a77Eric Butler — Fix crashes when using text API on a canvas context whose element doesn't have a frame, and update handling of that case to match the spec. (Bug 438695) r+sr=dbaron
b3578627a8c4L. David Baron — Add basic test for bug 363706.
68362ba98c23Zack Weinberg — Remove eStyleUnit_Chars and the special cases for it throughout layout, and make ch units go through the normal eStyleUnit_Coord cases. (Bug 363706) r+sr=dbaron
f6b609b0af6eZack Weinberg — Add .zeroOrAveCharWidth field to gfxFont::Metrics. Initialize it in all font backends. Use it when computing CSS 'ch' units. (Bug 363706) r=roc sr=dbaron
Thu Jun 12 04:54:31 2008 +0000
103f04f54b14L. David Baron — Add some reftests for z-ordering of text-decorations.
Wed Jun 11 00:27:32 2008 +0000
7c4bcbed53f1Elika J. Etemad (fantasai) — Make empty string in ^= $= *= attribute selectors match nothing (and check for ~= although it already works). (Bug 420245) r+sr=dbaron (tests)
41b1e18d4eb2Michael Ventnor — Make empty string in ^= $= *= attribute selectors match nothing (and check for ~= although it already works). (Bug 420245) r+sr=dbaron
b220fe3a520bL. David Baron — Count U+000C as a whitespace character for separating class attributes. (Bug 437915) r=bzbarsky sr=sicking
4cf8d09a71cfL. David Baron — Don't restyle slow selectors for changes to native anonymous content. (Bug 436453) r+sr=bzbarsky
Fri Jun 06 16:27:44 2008 +0000
851965dfe20dL. David Baron — Make top and bottom values of vertical-align align the subtree rather than the element itself. (Bug 118501) r+sr=roc
fd7f8513fa8cL. David Baron — Use PlaceTopBottomFrames for the children of the root span, too. (Bug 118501) r+sr=roc
Thu Jun 05 23:21:18 2008 +0000
e30af5899328L. David Baron — Don't make our anonymous blocks that wrap blocks inside inlines be containing blocks so that we get the right containing block direction per the CSS spec. (Bug 423306) r+sr=roc
dd28fa11cb15L. David Baron — Remove unneeded (and not present in the proposed CSS3 float-displace property) border-box and padding-box values of -moz-float-edge. (Bug 432891) r+sr=roc
5bd70ded7000Christian Biesinger — Implement the computed value of text-shadow in the style system. (Bug 10713) r+sr=dbaron
97f5cce0d5d8Jesse Ruderman — Don't call SelectorMatches on document fragments (test). (Bug 437170) r+sr=bzbarsky
db71a6a1eec9L. David Baron — Don't call SelectorMatches on document fragments. (Bug 437170) r+sr=bzbarsky
Wed Jun 04 01:15:16 2008 +0000
1a969abc8556L. David Baron — Mark reftest added for bug 433640 as failing on Mac, due to bug 379317.
Tue Jun 03 22:27:05 2008 +0000
58e0a70d99c8Sudheer Kumar Peddireddy — Increase the initial sizes of hash tables that are guaranteed to grow. b=432633 r=dbaron
b9fd38b8f1e0L. David Baron — Snap background origin and clip areas to device pixels to prevent tiling from varying for subpixel position changes that don't change the box's visible position at all. Tests by roc (433640-*) and me (background-image-tiling-*). b=433640 r+sr=roc
fee5c84460d3L. David Baron — Eliminate unnecessary reference counting of gfxContext objects. b=433640 r+sr=roc
cf005233ebadChristian Biesinger — Implement the computed value of text-shadow in the style system. b=10713 r+sr=dbaron
563e158fcce0L. David Baron — Remove no-longer-needed else clauses, and make the *IsExact members DEBUG-only. b=419076 r+sr=bzbarsky
a4aae0e7e5d1L. David Baron — Allow the initial value of -moz-user-select to be specified with 'auto'. b=432888 r+sr=bzbarsky
Tue Jun 03 03:18:12 2008 +0000
84d1f9d39ac3L. David Baron — Implement :first-of-type, :last-of-type, and :only-of-type. b=128585 r+sr=bzbarsky
dc3c9abdd272Daniel Glazman — Implement :nth-child(), :nth-last-child(), :nth-of-type(), :nth-last-of-type(). b=75375 r+sr=bzbarsky
6ea3a422f95eL. David Baron — Make nsPseudoClassList capable of storing integer pairs for :nth-*(). b=75375 r+sr=bzbarsky
c5b6d415d822L. David Baron — Rename nsAtomStringList to nsPseudoClassList, since that's what it's for, and we want to make it more than just atoms and strings. Also remove an unused constructor. b=75375 r+sr=bzbarsky
Mon Jun 02 22:53:58 2008 +0000
6693b069fee5Zachary Weinberg — Fix typo. r=dbaron
2018e7c14383L. David Baron — Make outlines on inlines containing blocks outline the blocks. b=424236,270191 r+sr=roc
383f7c74e055L. David Baron — Add reftests for bug 399636.
75f25ddb2329L. David Baron — Make print what was pulled from CVS/hg. b=433390 r=jorendorff, ted.mielczarek
Wed May 14 18:57:59 2008 +0000
111c20038fa6L. David Baron — Fix broken --shutdown-leaks argument handling on Windows by copying the argument out of argv rather than holding a pointer to it. b=433708 r=pavlov