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Thu Oct 14 23:19:13 2010 +0000
a46433bf2181b203178f3b35b62e5af513c3c5f8Dave Townsend — Bug 579540: Add more logging to narrow down the timeout. r=gavin, a=tests
Thu Oct 14 23:01:28 2010 +0000
83a06cce6b14165676136f416c286d5b52095789Blake Kaplan — Fix more orange. a=orange
Thu Oct 14 22:54:10 2010 +0000
ca9083cab8ef9424d862fe8fe02d86b6bb0a8eeeBlake Kaplan — Fix bustage. a=orange
Thu Oct 14 22:22:39 2010 +0000
5fcb86d516919d4d0c731ec678f54d434b722b20Brandon Sterne — Bug 581226 - fix assertion: DoContent returned no listener?: 'abort || m_targetStreamListener', a=blocking2.0
c5494ee56c47a37733a8337487a8385ebd7786edBrandon Sterne — Bug 561051 - make CSP frame-ancestors and X-Frame-Options work with viewSourceChannels, a=jst
Thu Oct 14 22:03:21 2010 +0000
ed24c21e64978e5cefc02e7b46ad46836feaa864Blake Kaplan — Bug 604363 - Don't create Xray wrappers for chrome objects in sandboxes. r=peterv a=blocking beta7
4666d67cba753b5d4f84c15c56561e9ed1055619Andreas Gal — Don't try to waive Xray wrapper for primitives (604361, r=mrbkap).
Thu Oct 14 21:07:51 2010 +0000
cb298b961fe24bed883d0fe2599f913a5450f0f8Kyle Huey — Bug 604279: Handle spacing in front of define and endef when inside a define block. r=ted a=NPOTB
Thu Oct 14 20:14:06 2010 +0000
13761705921cbe54a30a3b0d94b09724f9aa837cRich Walsh — Bug 597793 - [OS/2] minor nsWindow fixes r=wuno a=NPOTB
2f23afd0b705cad1dde3ca2519940ebcde6be28aJacek Caban — Bug 603373 - Remove unused library argument of NS_TRY_SAFE_CALL_* macros r=joshmoz a=benjamin
a6e70b28834faabb442e7690bd0e610aa95ca969Jacek Caban — Bug 601358 - d3d10 compilation failure without d2d compilation enabled r=bas.schouten a=joe
49c6997d5e095a3405f20c9c65af72836a50eb04Jacek Caban — Bug 594769 - qcms fails to compile on mingw r=jmuizelaar a=joe
Thu Oct 14 19:49:59 2010 +0000
bfa9a991f78ed01ac54b5262e3cc93b665a347f4Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 602555 - Refactor CSR code [r=dietrich, a=dolske]
9bb000fc3c3aef38300303bfa18fbf523610d8daMichael Kraft — Bug 600545 - getBrowserState() (and saved session state) incorrect with app tabs and browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash = false [r=zpao, a=blocking2.0:final]
daa279802cb4621c26be864d04c30ec2859a1ff6Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 597716 - Document pref values for max_concurrent_tabs [r=dietrich, a=NPOTB]
Thu Oct 14 19:48:45 2010 +0000
a1ee6ca61426a9d00dba4f2c8b77f61be81fe58fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 602130 - Caret positioned incorrectly in input[type=text] when hidden and redisplayed; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
e21783cd6b78496d9bf9ee6f5b14a23ef38f0cd1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 603556 - pasting into text that is longer than maxlength of text control fails; r=roc a=blocking-final+
Thu Oct 14 19:07:55 2010 +0000
12e53903b73f2c7aac6bd345a013996b6ae85d56Josh Aas — Bug 586584: Enable OOPP testing for x86_64 Mac OS X. r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0beta8+
Thu Oct 14 18:54:45 2010 +0000
4723b22a829bf6a8d6125c5aa5e7e8c81c4682a5David Bienvenu — fix bug 591143, r=joshmoz, a=beltzner
Thu Oct 14 18:35:56 2010 +0000
43dc221c45adf9655bd8d3ed7da7a4c272d8ff34Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 2313b1b0e0d5 a=backout
57b6fe67200c1afd16e1601e3a20b7678dc1231eGavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 2d184fdf2776
ea371c9d775b96f7a6388b5642931e7570bf59b9Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 6946b5d25ac3
60ce967b4a963082d35ec7d940d7ce68f7756426Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset ec1525343e0b
8c82c5840706fa57ada6490bd5ef3db8a78a8026Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 5b8582013988
Thu Oct 14 17:38:27 2010 +0000
5b8582013988cc7bcba8ee395e3d7674836a3663Serge Gautherie — Bug 603532 - LayerManagerD3D10.cpp fails to compile with "--with-windows-version=502"; (Av1) Make MOZ_ENABLE_D3D10_LAYER depend on WIN32_D2D_SURFACE_FEATURE.
ec1525343e0bcbb35e2faa61052451b34dffd00cSerge Gautherie — Bug 599748 - Remove custom |def check_call()|, now that Python 2.4 is unsupported; (Av1) Remove ''.
6946b5d25ac3be8f92367e30bcfc0a3adf7eb3b1Serge Gautherie — Bug 599737 - Fully end-of-life Python 2.4 for build support; (Av1a) Remove remnants in, Support 'python2.7' executable.
2d184fdf27766ab7c8ffdcf050fdc0974bf0309fSerge Gautherie — Bug 595756 - "DOMSVGLength.cpp(58) : error C2248: 'mozilla::DOMSVGLengthList::mItems' : cannot access private member declared in class 'mozilla::DOMSVGLengthList'"; (Av1) Add an unrelated PRUint8() cast.
2313b1b0e0d5357c711f728c6fac13575b68f3e5Serge Gautherie — Bug 555485 - [Win2K] " : error C3861: 'CaptureStackBackTrace': identifier not found"; (Av2a) be more explicit and stricter when building without needed Windows SDK.
Thu Oct 14 17:29:21 2010 +0000
04e8bcc074495456b54e2135889d60b1e9d6ce10Bas Schouten — Bug 604271: Handle device removal when using D3D10. r=roc a=blocking-beta8
Thu Oct 14 16:47:26 2010 +0000
e68b8f1399bda981310ee31540d361c0f8a3a14eChris Cooper — Bug 327076 - Remove the unused unwrap shell script - r=nthomas, a=NPOTB
Thu Oct 14 16:13:43 2010 +0000
e16a93bf622d1e43d6e57ea257a11e2569761568Takeshi KUROSAWA — Bug 599798 - Make rotate attribute of SVG text live. r=longsonr a=roc
fcf6f703d87d6135476262b06614484919ad72bfRobert Longson — Bug 599813 - nsSVGGlyphFrame::getCharacterData is expensive avoid calling it too many times. r+a=roc
26c6dfa66726ef8d348466accb9df3111fe7a649Daniel Holbert — Bug 604158: Fix build warning in nsGeolocation.cpp "comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions". r=dougt a=dougt
6abe5c9ad11de600f3991e71832732f787c3865cDaniel Holbert — Bug 604160: Fix build warning "'nsGeoPosition::mCoords' will be initialized after [...] nsGeoPosition::mTimestamp". r=dougt a=dougt
678f81b3bc662d93b2ac51e827ecb5528448edc8Daniel Holbert — Bug 603734: Remove unused variable from nsHTMLSelectElement.cpp. r=sicking a=joe
1d1667f9f519b3f85c1f940eb4733387ab645c1aDaniel Holbert — Bug 603731: Remove unused variable from nsViewManager.cpp. r=tn a=joe
cd6107d8ba516c2df7b2d3f7708e9bc0c3b1217cDaniel Holbert — Bug 603724: gtk2/nsWindow.cpp: add ifdef's around static function "UseShm()" that's only called from within ifdefs, to fix build warning. r=cjones a=roc
Thu Oct 14 16:11:24 2010 +0000
dc076e50f4f84a7d4c3655e494f75b4e5e5f4eceJosh Matthews — Bug 603547 - Short-circuit annotation attempts if crash reporter is not enabled. r=bsmedberg a=blocking-fennec
Thu Oct 14 16:08:36 2010 +0000
17f25ba7a1f35286de05ecdd01731ce75913efa9Gervase Markham — Bug 590093 - update about:license to include license of Firebug. a=johnath.
Thu Oct 14 15:29:32 2010 +0000
df4d2a82abf55c13e1065116ef0f379bfad373e0Jonas Sicking — Followup for bug 575946. Enable all the tests on windows by using a different way of testing that the full file was written. a=NPOTB
Thu Oct 14 15:23:20 2010 +0000
104e35d09064b956a5b34eba982af06f2b3fbbf9Jonas Sicking — Bug 575946: Implement File.slice. r=khuey sr=biesi a=beltzner GECKO20b7pre_20101006_RELBRANCH
Thu Oct 14 14:58:25 2010 +0000
ba9f2a4496527e0901f2c3960a721ac724eb1911Olli Pettay — Bug 603535 - nsIEventListenerService.getEventTargetChainFor failure on TM nightly, r=mrbkap, a=blocking
Thu Oct 14 14:35:18 2010 +0000
51cea9dd0d861ac09efe80dac209398fd0fb36a0Olli Pettay — Bug 599590 - Attrib.value can return empty for case-sensitive attributes after calling removeAttribute, r=sicking, a=jst
Thu Oct 14 14:06:14 2010 +0000
cff1852ca58f9945b83676e3bc7f984da5c1ac5bAlexander Surkov — Bug 604296 - crash [@ nsEventShell::ApplyToSiblings], r=davidb, a=blocking
8fab49d206d733f58b7a647e67cabd4e9633669dAlexander Surkov — Bug 604293 - nsIAccessible::GetBounds() should flush layout, r=davidb, a=blocking
5a35da9caa98876f463da52af5898d08fac67c12Alexander Surkov — Bug 557795 - non-libxul bustage fix, r=bz, a=blocking
Thu Oct 14 12:53:06 2010 +0000
4169f7ac4cf28f96dae6a43d84c2aca7681c86f4Dietrich Ayala — Backout bug 567306 (r=test bustage, a=blocking)
Thu Oct 14 12:40:20 2010 +0000
9fd4170ac5919cba3a2b7b828faee78436d2455dmano — Bug 567306 - Find command(ctrl+F) does not start looking for it with a selected text on the actual page (r=gavin, a=blocking)
bebe4e0ed795cabd6988f47af3a6e94dea1ad5d9mano — Bug 574353 - Cannot focus location bar with Cmd-L after viewing the customize sheet (r=gavin, a=blocking)
Thu Oct 14 09:28:41 2010 +0000
ad0a0be8be7415f1b8917afe1830e707ba193122Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 600589 - Sync UI: Generating a new custom sync key doesn't have notification message. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
2c19083023fe1650c505235d4e8e7b640c771d39Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 600561 - Sync UI: Continue button disabled on Sync Key wizard page after manual backup. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
b199ea4fddf098af7874993463dcc376d9398c4fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 600560 - Sync UI: Strength meter does not disappear when sync key field is cleared. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
17c52dc86a74ee25c5597fd9fe4e0d5e0245286aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 600557 - Sync UI: Printing/saving the generated sync key enables the strength meter. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
Thu Oct 14 09:06:07 2010 +0000
9b24526d81320daf1e1b04336aeced052d08c267Alexander Surkov — Bug 557795 - wrong list bullet text of accessible for the first numbered HTML:li in CKEditor, r=davidb, sr=roc, a=blocking
Thu Oct 14 08:52:40 2010 +0000
047cb442023aa2a5074e9c8e6cb1188ee2b1b1f2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 603728 remove an unused variable which wasn't removed by bug 597981 r=karlt, a=joe
Thu Oct 14 08:49:25 2010 +0000
36043368b3dd860a5542f921e3ca4bd8625956ccMarco Bonardo — Bug 598229 (part 2) - Increase performance of Win7 JumpList favorites queries. r=sdwilsh,jimm sr=rstrong a=blocking
d32b0acce09087bb53f597f841287fdb89cfb2d6Marco Bonardo — Bug 598229 (Part 1) - Win7 JumpList modules cleanup. r=dao a=blocking
99e380616eab0324ec0bf3b37dd63e27e57d0798Marco Bonardo — Bug 603568 - Correctly relocate all descendent scripts in about:home. r=gavin a=blocking
7e462f8c5fee5b0c397140f44be2f4e1025a94d3Asaf Romano — Bug 581253 - Cannot remove a bookmark with a tag via 'Edit this bookmark' menu. r=mak a=blocking
Thu Oct 14 07:46:03 2010 +0000
4c146ed860b3464b9562a4dae95066ee998baa74Simon Montagu — Don't split a surrogate pair over two output buffers. Bug 600974, r=emk, dbaron, a=blocking
3a24c22ddd4f8f6d1c5abcb4111d53a210498fc2Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 600974
Thu Oct 14 01:40:35 2010 +0000
29c228a4d7ebd106fd2539d22c4ae61ed6d68dceJohnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Disable a few more browser-chrome tests that don't agree with compartments yet. CLOSED TREE
56b07ce2d65ca1dad5b6c6ffdca15d09a461465dBlake Kaplan — Merge mozilla-central into tracemonkey
02d2d18d17f93886b467337f534b4fa8d2ec3716Blake Kaplan — Add a test for bug 604087. r=gal
b8c083b531cec48f88eb1fbc59f7b4a5f40d7e9aJason Orendorff — Bug 604087 - Minor tweaks to JS_TransplantWrapper and JSAutoEnterCompartment. r=mrbkap
9cc97697dcef9544ff1ade0cdafa430181897fc9Blake Kaplan — Bug 604087 - Deal with GC happening during JS_TransplantWrappers. r=jst/gal
8212d565d2a4699408f18f21c5e2a2bfd63e2e0cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 603825 - Fix a bunch of warnings. r=jwalden.
bf2a84e93aea2862f745747ba3e0aacd8dc8cfddNicholas Nethercote — Bug 600779 - TM: allow for branches that are always taken. r=dmandelin.
df2e888625df7d6f1135b4eb285c839edfe84826Brian Hackett — Fix memory leak, change uint to unsigned, bug 584917 followup. r=brendan,njn
e613a2251de9780d26fac974d00a63d60645d63eBrian Hackett — Fix use of uninitialized variable, bug 584917 followup. r=mrbkap
c45685276ce590c6838087ac077a48f7069db8daBrian Hackett — Flexible length JSObject, bug 584917. r=brendan,igor
87e44effa9973aacc5be868c20a6f76a84498c01Blake Kaplan — Bug 603845 - Protect ourselves against compartments that have null principals. r=gal
1db0e2f9e891fc36a81a6d087b89c54382519059Blake Kaplan — Bug 604108 - Grab the right compartment to check if we're finalizing the functionNamespaceObject. r=peterv
44f821a4400626d40ad0e0f12205bc76e95a749bJohnny Stenback — Merge backout.
ce646a5a045404913b27505af0392f819cef8cf9Johnny Stenback — Backed out changeset 08970767d83d per request from sayrer due to a trace malloc alloc regression.
ddee36384669fdcee3c36b29855d73218ed913c6Johnny Stenback — Merge backout.
7b1071bf66fb3dd85d661c9586b1aa1cf1116e21Johnny Stenback — Backed out changeset ad0c80eacba7 per request from sayrer due to a trace malloc alloc regression.
fda122541b21d940e11e4d2db1546656591ddcadJohnny Stenback — Merge backout.
42cf12e5e5e59e5f14c7003b2966f57009784a5cJohnny Stenback — Backed out changeset a63b6fa0229c per request from sayrer due to a trace malloc alloc regression.
544c27a914e7cbb5632df44a9aeefa23ad77f68fLuke Wagner — Bug 603017 - speed up js::DefaultValue on String builtin with void hint (r=brendan)
de85f55765ad36df922b2516b75dfeda50fb7516Gregor Wagner — Bug 603433 - TM: various GC cleanups, r=igor
0b57c5708517138b852adb22bfd21ce62d0d4fbfDavid Mandelin — Bug 603558: add -m option to turn on method jit for xpcshell, r=dvander, a=shaver
c39393e0840f15877d870dca906683f0e654497aBlake Kaplan — Revert unintended changes.
962ccb277844fdff808bbcb9e7db5604e769fe3dBlake Kaplan — Bug 603816 - Don't assume that target->data is non-null. r=peterv
a63b6fa0229c9d425000ff195872e8b740ee20b8Sean Stangl — Fix typo in ensureTypeSynced(), fixing assert. b=598839.
612e2a9ca9eef78c65449db84fc0d4f5608078f9Peter Van der Beken — Try to fix orange from d468bf98f7a1 (Fix for bug 603531 ("ASSERTION: bad outer object hook" and crash [@ js::gc::Cell::compartment]), compartments followup.)
ad0c80eacba77e63824ee6e55b6a8d40f030e5ccSean Stangl — Eliminate ImmutableSync on x64. b=601066, r=dvander.
d468bf98f7a18cf0d0f9253e0063958e61c90a2cPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 603531 ("ASSERTION: bad outer object hook" and crash [@ js::gc::Cell::compartment]), compartments followup. r=mrbkap.
a73a44ad3aa1eca8d781d6c2c800a88c468b7249Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 603677 (Crash on startup due to GetProto on an XPCWrappedNative being null with Bugzilla Tweaks jetpack installed), compartments followup. r=mrbkap.
08970767d83d079893bb5ccb9347153f49049bfeSean Stangl — Faster x64 Syncing. b=598839, r=dvander.
db5b6e24f42188e3d3e9499a6b197e01a57d5436Nicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
45a6b544df3e8dd3bbfa58d14bd2e8b775b62f2eNicholas Nethercote — These tests should have been added as part of the patch for bug 595728.
c7408eb9023e386cb19f997a432d526a8dc36d19Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 599247 - nanojit: in Nativei386.cpp, generate d[b + i<<s] addressing modes in asm_store32(). r=edwsmith.
3f650efa60c048d14e89e973d28bd6fe2f57815fRick Reitmaier — fix build breakage
afb8a2b88e566301e6f03ecb1508931b0ea3dfbdRick Reitmaier — Bug 596056 - nanojit: random number generator needed for many hardening algorithms (r+nnethercote,edwsmith)
4b961df303b2e2596552ce22b8daf33e470dc8e4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 602408 - nanojit: print all hex numbers in LIR dumps with an 0x prefix. r=rreitmai.
98f601d658c4cea2e0a5906f9c2a219ae52b40b5Michael Wu — Bug 567873 - Android packaging should use standard packaging code, r=ted a=blocking-fennec
ae1cec6335b13d5a3efeb808ff80a807357aecedJason Orendorff — Fix anyname_finalize to look in the right compartment, to avoid dangling pointer. Likely fix for bug 603270. r=mrbkap over IRC.
4d4f6ecca0e0acf6b384d053aa77198479a9ac21Blake Kaplan — Bug 603533 - We need to hold a strong reference when forwarding to the outer window. r=jst
8e418df1af74f3d17ae5117609e0cc7311178f5cJim Blandy — Bug 601168: Allow nsHTMLPluginObjElementSH::Call to pass through non-Object |this| values to the plugin. r=bz,gal
7d3e85d0f2ca6e36def13fe010f03f9eab6f535bJim Blandy — Bug 514570: Adapt XPConnect to new JS_GetFrameThis arguments. r=jorendorff
71f319b82fdc662bac898c5a48ccce5f8e8f7089Jim Blandy — Bug 514570: Adapt jsd to new JS_GetFrameThis arguments. r=brendan
941910fb9501c7cffa2d6931e1fb43bf38795f85Jeff Walden — Bug 575522 - Object.prototype.toString should return "[object Undefined]" and "[object Null]" when called with |this === undefined| or |this === null|, respectively. r=jorendorff,brendan
38cbd4e02afc0c69ac3ec8002446ac4ce3b1f2b8Jeff Walden — Bug 514570 - 3 - Don't box |this| for strict mode functions. r=jorendorff
08552482670daab4f3a3bcc45cd31950c93824dfJeff Walden — Bug 514570 - 2 - Push |undefined| rather than |null| when calling functions without a specified |this| value, per ES5. r=jorendorff
66710af05aa1d25135e3a610cfb7f4bf5e9010f8Jeff Walden — Bug 514570 - 1 - Convert primitive-this-of-type function flags into a single primitive-this flag, to pave way for strict mode unadulterated-this passing. r=jorendorff
d5eb3c44d131fa2ac1961e39bd071ac58dcbf13aBrendan Eich — JSOPTION_ANONFUNFIX should be set in js shell (5595555, r=cdleary).
0a667876b6fdd4693e7aec34f73b22ba4d357ff0Ginn Chen — Bug 601835 Add JS_STATIC_ASSERT back for Solaris Studio, r=brendan
1eda0cc3bbf912dfb6e492d98499b39b5a763728Brendan Eich — Warning fixes (one left over from 602621, the other from 584789).
9cb987478e60e16e6ed2bb50088bbba48831a2e5Johnny Stenback — Bug 580128 - No need to assert about commpartment mismatches in JS_Get/SetPrivate (r=gal).
afb1c3a1ef75176ac40fc70c737533109a224bfcJohnny Stenback — Bug 580128 - Make nsJSNPRuntime compartment safe (r=gal).
7436198284d59a6f86c2c90e6bc6c3c70a99ba95Blake Kaplan — Bug 580128 - Deal with the outer object hook failing a little more gracefully. r=jst
8a4301706ebb6955306a756873f2d7b6662b0c55Peter Van der Beken — Bug 580128. Remove cross origin string wrappers from hash when the wrapped string dies. r=mrbkap.
ce67cc2523509f206be216f7b6e4c12a66653da0Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Allow chrome://global/ scripts to unwrap SOWs going into C++. r=peterv/jst
d29cca143e42ed12d282a61f1e276c44418f5ed0Andreas Gal — bug 580128 - split expando properties onto a separate object and implement enumeration. r=mrbkap
2425f7c7465e00b1527b9982e262bb9d8d9b10fbBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - By default properties created by property assignment are enumerable. r=gal
8a75a07e1cc77c55a1e740ebab5ec9ee38975466Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Create SOWs same and cross compartment. r=jst
37486757a90c6a8b4380ac356d942d07725553a2Johnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Disable tests that don't play well with brain transplants yet.
574b0fb3560461b37ea4d6986878a28689e6a6cbJohnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Remove .wrappedJSObject gets that don't work with the new wrappers.
d8e411980e37d589bf4aafac031d43cfa700941eJohnny Stenback — bug 580128 - Allow unwrapping windows via JSObject::unwrap. r=jst
87f33805c2fd44936a58dd90b3fd6d0416f35506Andreas Gal — bug 580128 - Implement deep wrapping for .wrappedJSObject. r=mrbkap
57b878f6f0a16bd80e482686548d198285426950Peter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Fix test_printpreview.xul. r=mrbkap
826e77d088e7b57e958900c9c484729aab4c58a4Johnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Disable reftests that don't play well with brain transplants yet.
0b3c61cfffeebb0c8ce17b3d548a7eb8383334c6Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Outerize inner windows. r=jst
ef67bf2ae8fff10a70b82521af817b12c8c523faBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Reparent proxies when we pull them out of the map in order to try to keep their parents sembling something current. r=jst
070c52d8c6b64440e48988692b3278a1d994039aAndreas Gal — bug 580128 - Cross origin wrapper needs no waive xray flag. r=mrbkap
3c003cb26f94b55006e7a7eaa304dc825796cf0dPeter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Don't create slim wrappers when crossing compartments. r=mrbkap
1a61163689287640b3e69bade635445279f32a85Peter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Don't create multiple wrappers for global objects (like BackstagePass). r=mrbkap
7a7d3fef80641174ab84270b2c1018a544751ff2Peter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Define Error constructor in the sealed global for CTypes. r=jst/mrbkap/gal
13e698bd15301607ce066ebb9743314771a42d73David Anderson — Fix bug 602574 - Assertion failure: constOffset != 0 in JSScript::NewScript() on 64-bit platforms.
956791edd7be0d9e9d3f04138eb874dd62e25256Blake Kaplan — Bug 580128. Remove unnecessary .wrappedJSObject gets that don't work with the new wrappers.
d4ac84ec66499b8cc8540062ad2771bf536ee8cbBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Revert bogus change to which scope we use in nsXPCWrappedJSClass::CallMethod. r=jst Many thanks to Margaret and sdwilsh who helped track this one down.
c1ca077ef22858921a691239dba0c34351be8f01Peter Van der Beken — Bug 580128. Remove XrayUtils::JSSLOT_PROXY_OBJ to fix leaks. r=mrbkap.
1916a5ca667a604b418e87c227cb4425a60b981dPeter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Fix js_PrintObjectSlotName. r=mrbkap
276bcbeb0ab2c4bc114a3453f1051256c18d03aePeter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Initialize vp before calling property op in JSProxyHandler::get. r=mrbkap
f19f569f01a5d82d4883ac26aa6b8e99591e031fPeter Van der Beken — Bug 580128 - Fix NativeWrapper(window).document. r=mrbkap
573a39a5080698553e125932116f0464aef62d8dAndreas Gal — bug 580128 - Fix compartment bugs in XrayWrapper. r=mrbkap
41f0c85bf2aceb3c29431769fd1bd124fc905d9dJohnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Reset gczeal after test completes.
7580c6c7b28766eefd5f7bd32cc5d4e848a7b896Johnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Properly switch compartments and wrap values when running xpcshell tests.
8bcc3d17372b7a31b087dec8c0a5ced193715003Johnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Disable test that is not ready for the new wrappers yet.
74bcde77a13d2b995f180137163fcc1f3645ceebJohnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Make the editor hold on to the window it's operating on in nsHTMLDocument::EditingStateChanged() so that the window doesn't go away in the middle of this method.
6bc49789fb1fffed3631d63fe16c547e00405081Peter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Fix evalInSandbox. r=mrbkap
8b36385279e20da7aead78dfe7b6506dbd84c22dAndreas Gal — bug 580128 - Make e4x anyname etc be per compartment, not in the default compartment. r=mrbkap
6ab3c5126360b99c6a725ee2e6509494d7b390d7Andreas Gal — Bug 580128. Don't preserve the navigator object in cross compartment navigation.
f26b73ce496c28079a4e9dcc79f9a58a117de4ffAndreas Gal — bug 580128 - Remove test that no longer works right. r=mrbkap
e83716cb71307b90ce6afad96c9378de77433802Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - The window is named Window, not WindowProxy. r=gal
1b4b203671e3e1313096887cd5b820d2ea5bf5e4Johnny Stenback — bug 580128 - Move test that tests for existence of XrayWrapper's into chrome, and fix lookupMethod bug that was triggered by the test move. r=mrbkap
335272ab0550a0766b658e6451c671bae60afccbBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Attempt to fix file:// URIs all ending up in the same compartment. r=peterv
2c566141d3fa36bcc7087cba3035f3ba44ede3a8Johnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Resolve class names on the window's own JS object, not on the passed in object.
cc9d3f02cd50cecd5b5e650bfe0d4e726e916cdcBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Make document.domain affect how we look up properties in addition to the security check. r=gal
17b637089cc5b43e0e1274f37d85241d9d40346dBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Distinguish between XOW XrayWrappers and XPCNW XrayWrappers and use the new knowledge in a few places. r=gal
9c65417a7ecca2d7965e4acd99bc225cdc304778Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Only expose same-compartment window.wrappedJSObject to chrome callers. r=jst
b676086a47ed097fcf99767c7b645ac01529fdb5Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Use scopes when we have them to wrap into the right scopes. r=peterv
0dab28765beb072901783324b0bf772a4a4b4c8dPeter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Disallow cross-compartment adoptNode. r=jst
b50c20e24ebe27aa496c72a79f39fbc97db18418Johnny Stenback — bug 580128 - Fix getting doubled wrapped objects in XPConnect. r=mrbkap
53c20ebc3c52e451d0b2c95b4559567747d7eb03Andreas Gal — bug 580128 - Remove test that uses an obsolete wrapper. r=mrbkap
31c6131568a608783991bd5420daebf1a76bde89Jason Orendorff — Mainly just fix ExposedPropertiesOnly::check to ignore non-enumerable properties and return true when no property is found. r=mrbkap
e05523998f2f09fa0b169a771457b968e511c87ePeter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Remove old wrappers. r=mrbkap
7b324b092355ae6ac7190c7298d8299aa268b55dJohnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Remove usage of old wrapper type which isn't needed any more.
f16df1ae25e10c1dbf0e3f1c4e9f59535184f237Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Fix evalInSandbox returning objects in the wrong compartment. r=jst
8bd1ab2a43162f3d863a3016b15b3ab4f4752e56Andreas Gal — bug 580128 - Try to allow "XOWs" to see named frames.
d70fd9964967752efdec4b1a71387b5bebe98774Andreas Gal — bug 580128 - Remove vestiges of old wrappers from nsDOMClassInfo. r=mrbkap
747f4b2767f557743f99eac3ef7a9dfd2b1c6b0cAndreas Gal — bug 580128 - Try to allow UniversalXPConnect to have full access through "XOWs".
f2125076baa8e3dc7c1180301a96e7e941380baaAndreas Gal — bug 580128 - Don't think the outer window isn't "native". r=mrbkap
8c493a26e35b35c6ef3ad0d2749462a0e2c760b4Andreas Gal — Bug 580128. Update mochi tests to the new wrappers.
3321d11bdcb3eda8427765191c5f80fc9cd346b2Andreas Gal — bug 580128 - Fix compartment mistakes around document.domain stuff. r=mrbkap
b60a26fc4e8a934c017adff2444056e4cd7720daAndreas Gal — bug 580128 - Allow proxies to answer the "hasInstance" question. r=mrbkap
62b0e68288b63685061884b5993fe8f1a8558346Peter Van der Beken — bug 580128 - Allow NewResolve to set properties on wrappers. r=gal
a23e54dfc2b7deac72ecee30153f77039490e236Andreas Gal — bug 580128 - Allow access when both sites have set document.domain. r=mrbkap
9bfc6f19cdf1d23f18190c9a8ff63bea9d907eadJohnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Use JS_WrapObject() in xpcJSWeakReference::Get() since it's the right API to use here.
500ea6a81a1da6bd4138e087ada2c74433c08d00Ben Turner — Bug 580128. Fix plugin stream test to work with the new wrappers.
1ebcd6a061017c2d3ad2785f3a7d83caa34110e0Ben Turner — Bug 580128. Add cross compartment JSObject clone hooks.
24322e7edec2bd69fe2028909f0bedb5adb8f5e6Andreas Gal — Bug 580128. Don't let script access only wrappers be passed to C++ code.
022b5133facd3c5d415193e129efb5b45e60455eAndreas Gal — bug 580128 - Fix wrapping of jsval parameters. r=peterv
cb8faf256017bbe38f2e7c7f578c89c4f24e5a63Peter Van der Beken — Bug 580128 - Fix XPCVariant::VariantDataToJS to properly rewrap, r=gal.
66bf157d9a090214c1c6650cfcab4583bf1129ffBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Make the XPCNativeWrapper constructor work to actually construct XrayWrappers. r=jst
494a5b4a671d3a4cab4020e73400c52faf116e6eBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Deal better with compartments around the xray holder object. r=gal
0be1bd4a843e47023379bcafabedd293446546c2Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Try to make test_wrappers-2.xul work a little better.
da920820ad253835562ae47a3c9c8c2edfb690a5Andreas Gal — Bug 580128. Add more asserts to the interpreter to check that we're on the right compartment.
054d4492ad30ddd285fbef51f99d8c4670d27cadPeter Van der Beken — Bug 580128. Call JS_ClearScope on the holder object for XrayWrappers around windows when navigating. r=mrbkap
3a5c8bcc4782c7d6fba791c2b1ad621fb9cd3154Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Bad attempt to make .wrappedJSObject on raw windows only apply to chrome. Fixed later r=nobody I hope!
1a8a501fe43f84be4e79f288328b60c7c3aeb56fBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Attempt to make the XPCNativeWrapper constructor create XrayWrappers. r=jst
9127d6cac64e28b091976bb08af0905ecee2e2d2Johnny Stenback — Bug 580128. Fix various mochi chrome tests to work with the new wrappers.
a2dd5130bb3a1000a57a6a0ec97cd926850ab042Andreas Gal — Make functions per compartment, and deep copy instead of clone them if needed (584789, r=mrbkap).
1957906e23270abca0dfc885c9dfeb2e400940f3Andreas Gal — Bug 580128 - Small cleanups in XrayWrapper and first stab at enumeration. r=mrbkap
6560418b9bebeb199bf7a8e3b82e3489e3528661Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Fix more compartment warnings. Work of multiple people. r=gal/peterv/jst
0ba817153b4afb57c255815fb1afbb24ca951b11Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Add a test about double wrapped native objects in security wrappers. r=jst
9d8f25e51e9a853d8cf3b696b1bb7e94a05a36c0Andreas Gal — bug 580128 - Clean up our passing from JS-into-C++ story. r=peterv/mrbkap
33cf53c9371653410c7ff2fc241576ae01213acbBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Allow API consumers to pass in a new object altogether before trying to wrap in a security wrapper. r=gal/peterv
426cd9a944afd14990f29b78fdd09c09e6c34ffaMounir Lamouri — Bug 580128. Make tests that now need to be chrome tests be chrome tests.
1221059c214c1c10670f36c736d5fa7357c7e12dBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Implement XrayWrapper::toString. r=jst
6c8e847f06706daa19dcbc61b2d02331862fa84cBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Use the shiny new API for finding XrayWrappers. r=jst
e764520299960c8666ba676247cb9f9c2a3ae141Andreas Gal — bug 580128 - Give XrayWrappers a flag they can query for. r=mrbkap
813ade7e0b4d3674b0ee28a5f61c4619bbded4feBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Find the true caller through the wrappers. r=jst
475eb32f96eb2031f3ac781cb0c47980b2eef8a9Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Allow unwrapping XrayWrappers via XPCNativeWrapper.unwrap. r=jst
c13a074344dfd1c8bd33a1660d92f5fa56588b97Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Enter the right compartment when calling toString. r=jst
e16ea82c6ec97d8af9faba57f7793e5b64191b87Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Stop returning the old wrappers from their constructors. r=jst
7d0cbf2893bc61c6e8e76a70dda955107f9e1bb9Jason Orendorff — Bug 580128 - Some more compartment fixes. r=gal
810cfd3c2c91eb8690ea429eed3614c9bb010087Ben Turner — Bug 580128 - Make IndexedDB work with compartments. r=jst
080a9074195cdb445d71b63e8576a46419eb9495Peter Van der Beken — Bug 580128 - Always wrap Location objects in wrappers, even for same origin. r=mrbkap/gal
f9629ddb1b76557f87747bcc52cd0b22e774924aJohnny Stenback — bug 580128 - Make the component loader work for content scripts with UniversalXPConnect. r=mrbkap
08d32d2643dbb3a645f63e649d4724c0d8d2a7a0Johnny Stenback — bug 580128 - Deal with null principals (for e.g. dom worker compartments). r=mrbkap
29a437018a7eb25bef101e38d8801ad3241aee19Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Loosen our policy on what you're to see on cross-origin errors. r=jst
4cde0a887728d6719b44df8910da195a21f2fa49Peter Van der Beken — Fix dom/tests/mochitest/general/file_frameElementWrapping.html to deal with proxies. r=mrbkap
02ad9fd3361ca68b49c344a22d803f0d404d2423Johnny Stenback — bug 580128 - Forward to outer in AreDialogsBlocked. r=mrbkap
0448238daeffffd1086bfe251144e9df2bf251faBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Outerize in JS instead of in the rewrap hook so the identity in the wrapper map stays constant. r=gal
141e6224a354c18618d104ae7a21dee1c7deb255Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Fix bugs dealing with transplanting when navigating. r=gal
8448abb3e0942be74f4d3a1063e001113a96a7e2Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Wrap values in the array. r=jst
38af0b201199ed3eea1e62e8bbb02c6696e1677aBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Make js_DumpStackFrame deal with dummy frames. r=jst
c23e2b6f20f7cb588c317f3acf60bf8c0b52aef1Jason Orendorff — bug 580033 - Make JS_Save/RestoreFrameChain set cx->compartment. r=mrbkap
47429cecc9cb68481c4f9680d87944f587ce3eecAndreas Gal — bug 599503 - Return true compartment info from JSObject::getCompartment(). r=jorendorff/gregor/gal
e167ad4febd670ad1534bcd264e94cfc96bdb667Blake Kaplan — Bug 580128 - Use compartments instead of global objects to see if we should use slim wrappers. r=peterv
c42a624a877c66721a8a4b827bae87be66740b0dBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Avoid using the parent chain of proxies for anything because it's often wrong. r=jst
b886c3138d751b8e3cd6833def03c801c3475446Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Pass the right resolve flags to ResolveNativeHandler. r=peterv/jst
172d388c717cd9a09adec3fa0f066f527d680a74Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Pass the XrayWrapper itself to scriptable helpers (and related cleanup) since the holder doesn't have enough smarts to do lookups, etc. r=gal
9dc0c11e8eb862a7f6ffcdaef0f4024f820c2562Blake Kaplan — Bug 580128 - Fix compartment warnings by entering. r=gal/peterv/jst/mrbkap/jorendorff (and written by all of us too).
6ea97eaa5e32e599ae85ef04c4d8b771cbbaf957Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Make xpcconvert trust cx->compartment when called from JS. r=peterv
8080ddffac50df8ac8a24dd1916caa39f2dfed45Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Rewrite XrayWrapper so the wrapped object is in the wrapped object slot and the holder goes in an extra slot. r=gal
2e717bbd04ef357812f31fb135c9c4642112817eBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - .wrappedJSObject returns a wrapper that pushes principals. r=gal
720b1e116dac3f0156d4965cfce79e865d09a437Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Make sure nsDOMClassInfo uses the right compartment for objects that it defines on wrappers (both security and not). r=jst
254f53b60c2fea5ba1823856fae2c129e7e1ed25Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Make compartment warnings real. r=jst
fc48ee4bc5ab316783c98166ebecc2ffe76ebd76Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Set nsGlobalChromeWindows' principals to chrome even before they know it. r=jst
5a068bead64389528699999676a5d4b2cecb02daBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Don't allow fast getting of nsGlobalWindow's wrapper cache. r=peterv
27bee6af8563a2d775d035012cc4a7e69b589bccBlake Kaplan — bug 603152 - Inner windows principals must remain constant. If we want to change them, change the inner window instead. r=bz
d288a2f24a5d7e048b8d932f82892dd780dd673dBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Propagate whether we're getting or setting to getPropertyDescriptor. r=gal
d6a91228ac5a7dd214087adf3dfe1b4e5ceb1184Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Chrome sandboxes cause this assertion to box: use plain cross compartment wrappers when we see them. r=jst
b503f60e424553b117ea7a243121a4442579185eBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Make evalInSandbox work with the new wrappers. r=peterv
08a441b59c4ac8aca4fea461a4bcd6ec3fd3324cBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Fix a bug in early XrayWrappers that allowed Holders to get in here. r=gal
2c80ce5263d9ccb5ce9e80dc9f60cde79c710fc9Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Prepare objects for wrapping. r=peterv
9260cbf76bd1ae020ee0d0b49d0cb980cc146778Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Allow calling functions cross origin. r=gal
5c0bf4194696bf9c36e782f9abf5e5dde7111910Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Make the Window constructor be defined on new windows. r=peterv
58e14859dcdd37d3cc9de8fdfce38512009f2f18Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Give windows a .wrappedJSObject property to help out old consumers of XPCNativeWrappers. r=peterv
cdf199d23d8924ec21ca4c7edfba9815d1f7d456Blake Kaplan — Bug 580128 - Preliminary fixes to make .wrappedJSObject on XrayWrappers work. Overridden by later patches. r=gal
41327aab1437a862063f105eeede57f2d5f4c548Blake Kaplan — Bug 580128 - Fix a leak caused by holding a non-cycle collectable object instead of a cycle-collectable one. r=peterv
e8a220c0b672df0eb9131fa48909395b03c9c17fBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Temporary fixes to XrayWrapper - note: these were mostly overridden by later patches. r=gal
9972e6e08722350a2fb490efc2f5a46ff40faebaBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Make AccessCheck work (fixing bad calls/missing assumptions). r=gal/peterv
7be104a3a4eb1de2038db4796736dd3d129a98c1Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - The rewrap hook needs to know what parent to use when creating wrappers. r=gal
deb86bfd9e0050a4b7398cf0303a87b6d4098980Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Fix code that expects XPConnect to hand outer windows to C++ from JS. r=peterv
2fb2078e13e416ba94ad077e34b25a3117b55cedBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Now that we use a proxy for the outer window, nsOuterWindowSH is unused (except for PreCreate). Nuke it. r=peterv
6c45f066ed17f507e75dec21742896d806b4611cBlake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Create a proxy for the outer window and use it. Note: this turns on new wrappers for all objects. r=peterv
d7f66f6eeda3cc6556c2a3be45996c7c51da6682Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Don't assume that we have a wrapped native object here. r=gal
497f5fc2eea61d016e277f9efc5fa932d617416fBlake Kaplan — Bug 580128 - Make the system principal consistent over the strings it gives out. r=peterv
a2f7ae2d05212532a77ef731f3256fd6990ff2c8Blake Kaplan — bug 580128 - Give API consumers a way to perform "brain transplants" on an object. r=gal
5378adc0eb9fcedd741f1fc4ca4135d37bc38c81Blake Kaplan — Bug 580128 - Give objects a way to inform XPConnect that they implement their own JS object in a way that does not involve wrapped natives. r=peterv
65921524891250f6b2d117eb8654429de4b68bb1Blake Kaplan — Fix hiding warnings. r=peterv
edb0506b0c23056f830179ba6fda70af3f9a5d29Luke Wagner — Remove unnecessary padding from JSStackFrame
fc7d5d721ed824743366aaf89625a8b8dcba5b19Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
5b09b3845178c9d1d8b854a27db1aadf62c87252Luke Wagner — Bug 578916 - Cache results of Math.sin() (r=waldo)
ced6d4651b6aa00d3d217f8ca93fd4a38fa6640aLuke Wagner — Bug 601296, part 3 - speedup FindReplaceLength - inline JS_GetEmptyStringValue (r=cdleary)
fcd0d0dbf9286b8246c1fed7bd0f2c954b26f4a0Luke Wagner — Bug 601296, part 2 - speedup FindReplaceLength - don't copy RegExpStatics (r=cdleary)
0d4a3205dd6f1fc2434b53a5013300188ed6ebfdLuke Wagner — Bug 601296, part 1 - speedup FindReplaceLength - inline js_ValueToString (r=cdleary)
0caecf667343e6c65aded3e254f39c1d8bc1fc4cLuke Wagner — Bug 581893 - build a js::Invoke Gatling gun (r=waldo)
187dba1da03571e11980a5c8e7f8c20604fed4b0Gregor Wagner — Bug 600139 - Delayed marking can skip marking live objects r=igor
25c733afa957710c4da14e479a9fd9846c330559Brendan Eich — Clean up JSOP_DEFFUN and duplicated methodjit StubCall logic, fixing latent arguments override bug (602621, r=igor).
7b037f68bccfd6fea0c60b12b75eecd021005633David Mandelin — Bug 602744: fix test case for JSOP_BEGIN with trap, r=dvander
1998fa24043490e63ce38e724e5f850e08904c7aDavid Mandelin — Bug 602003: add jsd API to query valid script begin and end PCs, r=sayrer,jjb
ab87d9da6e2f406cccf85bc58baa9e956eecb88aJason Orendorff — Bug 592664, Epilogue: caching eval scripts that we will never use again is necessary to avoid leaking them. rs=Waldo. (Note that my 4 previous commits today were all for bug 592664, not "592644" as the commit messages say.)
a9ec8c6319fb0172ccb832fb4da8e0941eb04c45David Mandelin — Backed out changeset af020f2b9293 due to x64 build bustage.
af020f2b929383686df26bb7ab346ee6a39ef608David Mandelin — Bug 602003: add jsd API to query valid script begin and end PCs, r=sayrer,jjb
cc6685e4ab63f1bfbe0d746771cffc60b9ab1c03David Mandelin — Remove obsolete declarations for functions never defined or called
ee28a2d63d3c3764d9949158c8cb0bfc616165a8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 601009 - TM: allow for guards that always exit. r=dmandelin.
7fc2209ef579eaff89147f0df2170b8e32435d70Jeff Walden — Bug 600128 - Properly record attempted addition of properties to non-extensible objects. r=jimb
3a902a5923418f18263afb5020a16884de62afdbJeff Walden — Bug 601307 - Add a test for directness of the eval in |with (...) eval(...)| (assuming eval is the global eval function). r=jimb
2e20ecdd1194a18ccf5e5008c7587910d1f691b9Jason Orendorff — Bug 592644 - ES5 indirect eval. Part 2, factor out EvalCacheLookup and other misc. cleanup. r=brendan.
a4383c16a9b591ef0914a2f2f2a990e7f8c26414Jason Orendorff — Back out changeset 7598b7ab2e76.
fa8b0ad3e3e69dd4197bdd2f822ba6e57d3356afBrendan Eich — Back out my last push (599009 botched followup).
7598b7ab2e76cdcc46e41ca03d56e19d53708a0bJason Orendorff — Bug 592644 - ES5 indirect eval. Part 2, factor out EvalCacheLookup and other misc. cleanup. r=brendan.
8402d56a77776e9dccdc1f4d64740e45e8392e77Jason Orendorff — Bug 592644 - ES5 indirect eval. Part 1, add support and tests. r=brendan.
3dc1c262f3b66225eee741bd8580ba1e5faee6beBrendan Eich — Nit-picks, mainly localizing and initializing the oldAttrs var, on patchwork for bug 599009 (r=bz).
3cb0b8e90cf3dbf332fb0cf275fefc4007ea1ddbDave Herman — bug 584787, r=pcwalton: Node shouldn't subclass Array
94dfbdc45d300f1aa6afe43bbf7b3d4f8ed6a162Boris Zbarsky — Another bug 599009 followup. Don't assert things about uninitialized quantities.
3ffc86637e36c0be82b78f8e6b91e8881cbadee2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 599009 followup. Fix typo in assert.
30c33853066d73840a74042a837186cfff3c822dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 599009. Don't use setProperty for JSOP_DEFFUN unless there's already a property with that name around, to work around the fact that setProperty will define with class-default getter and setter while we always want to define with stub getter and setter if we can. r=igor
60656e296ec98a6d8bc5580e62da55c71fa215d4Johnny Stenback — Fixing bustage.
16d9d18ea3e27df8c016b75d1bd78f30bcd1c874Andreas Gal — GetPropertyByName doesn't deep bail (602415, r=dvander).
c4c67e451175f753ae334d2ed78111d96e6cfc90Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
b75687a3151e66c42d01ce948a44897f783c2734Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 599251 - nanojit: make Register a non-numeric type (TM-specific part). r=edwsmith.
fb1a6cd6d72a67050be35d0635bfb5983e24fdb4Nicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
6c939eb49b8e5e694d29166077707b9d5125c1f2Nicholas Nethercote — Bustage fix: add new file that was accidentally omitted for bug 599251.
e339ce37e1573cd23dcf881d2ff7e51eae6550a9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 599251 - nanojit: make Register a non-numeric type. r=edwsmith.
f96a59db35fd20a7321620038369618534e6d7ecNicholas Nethercote — Fix compiler warning. No bug, r=jwalden via IRC.
46038daefd9fcb5664173e4c5f42d147ba7ecbdbNicholas Nethercote — Bug 593931 - inline js_GetPropertyHelper() and friends more aggressively. r=cdleary.
80d63e425b78ff0e1622ea68230db1e78eb2909eChris Leary — Fix when showing output. (r=jorendorff)
2965216f99537bd0b290e27b25f443e4a71d2179Chris Leary — Bug 596775: re-enable YARR-JIT on ARM. (r=vladimir)
2e6b54230d314c6f96f5191d1315c1321f9ee172Jason Orendorff — Back out changeset 89006937466d (crashing tests on tinderbox).
89006937466dbe7d126d7945d87f46826d7a42dfJason Orendorff — Bug 592644 - Indirect eval should be allowed under ES5. r=brendan.
10f5615936c1bf1919bf5013734d02b0cb1cedcfTom Schuster — Bug 601689 - Optimize GetArrayElement for arguments objects (r=lw)
567bee16752de481c7206c7d1623de06e2707fb9Bill McCloskey — Fix trap instruction in trace-test, bump XDR version (r=dvander)
39bd6bc1bdd651e06ff1e98195a1ac51002dcff0David Anderson — Fix assert in InvokeConstructor (bug 602088, r=luke).
d03cc1038c7ae14c160cd9f27c65a40472647effBill McCloskey — Bug 601986 - Make blockchain determination faster for with, flat closures (r=igor)
c71bff739c969df33fb435908c2e88897991fcb3Bill McCloskey — Bug 601398 - Use new instructions, rather than source notes, to obtain block chain (r=igor)
61cf1922e29d6e886030638ad9ce903f10d7e8b2Luke Wagner — Bug 601733 - respect deleted arguments-object properties in JSOP_GETELEM (r=dvander,dmandelin)
8a9195da5fb35d80d5d0eee7db92af397092c652Sean Stangl — Define isOOLPath if JaegerSpew is enabled.
a2d2127aaf61530ce8f4cd8d08b6443e25cd5a4fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 601968. Trace call(null). r=gal, a=sayrer
d3a6515364692ef468b3b669e43b38c81572b57cDavid Mandelin — Bug 601256: optimize access to globals in global eval using GNAME ops, r=dvander
01477e17bd69af88dd86c229b5cb5208e4e0975cDavid Anderson — Don't build debug structures if not in debug mode (bug 596804, r=dmandelin).
fab29597e5afe9c50118162fb82319f10b87a41eDavid Anderson — Fix crash in AtSafePoint (bug 589398, r=dmandelin).
f1c60a6d07baec7de7b087dc35c8914bf208ad2fDavid Mandelin — Bug 595963: notify iterators about property deletion in array_splice, r=gal
c44177df3ee381f2d1c1fbe3ed79e32fea8c2cd3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 601771 - TM: possibly uninitialized variable in jsclone.cpp. r=jorendorff via IRC.
7110c6d3d183760e18ffcfc5089fe2363c8a0be7Luke Wagner — Bug 598682, part 2 - Minor cleanups to jsinterp.h and jsinterpinlines.h (r=bhackett)
02acd5c6ab3e556374d68e30bad68d26ac73cf01Jim Blandy — Bug 598682, part 1 - Minor cleanups to jsinterp.h and jsinterpinlines.h (r=lw)
cf3746fc25f9265d992b79eeb89acfafe4a6d10aLuke Wagner — Bug 601505 - Error instances don't have [[Construct]] (r=brendan)
c3bd2594777ad5e59dd914b56feea84ccd5ad132Sean Stangl — Eliminate syncData() constant hack. b=601657, r=dvander.
01dbfd987f73995092031551f15432a2714cfeccRobert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
ca4d24b04c2c8251320637ec88c8d6113ec52520Bill McCloskey — Bug 601393 - Ensure that js_EmitTree decrements emitLevel (r=brendan)
10505391ffd1f8fbcfa6cbf8ae7962b482bb04dcBill McCloskey — Bug 601537 - Add a reminder about JSXDR_BYTECODE_VERSION (r=brendan)
71a6cebbb7c76264e5299253eee72c7c2a0be653David Anderson — Don't trace apply with overridden argsobj length (bug 541191, r=dmandelin).
fd4510c77054768eafd2ba9b53782b95ed478dbcGregor Wagner — Bug 600310 - TM: don't perform GC outside of stack quota r=igor
bd0030c21d3f1d5c2f3159e62e74e2a06095178dBrendan Eich — Long day...
656f4f2bbc2df3256ac0a085742ea7f945f1522cDavid Anderson — Bustage fix for bug 589398 new opcode fallout.
be563f9b1578ca350bd4876601b39f0707fd1cd8Makoto Kato — Bug 601355 - follow up bug 587707. Crashes consistently at start-up except if JM is disabled or in safe mode. r=bhackett1024, r=dvander
4bb4426eceef22835c800eda582fcfd0e01eec66Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 600781 - TM: untangle TraceRecorder::getCharAt. r=dvander.
6ecaaddfc56e503e28c5083eeff348fb297f63a4Brendan Eich — Burned by JSOPTION_ANONFUNFIX again.
32b049250e03952ba0d5297ee1713d0c1880d742David Anderson — ICs for scripted new (bug 589398, r=luke,dmandelin).
2a3ac1acaa9934977a07ecc07601bc530d2be684Brendan Eich — More old test hacking in wake of 445319.
376dc8dc659612e45eba13e53fab62b44990641eBrendan Eich — Forgot the test for 600137.
fd97ec71b03e38a9de0e833e240325f3370c3a0bBrendan Eich — Adjust js1_5/extensions/regress-369696-02.js in wake of 445319 fix.
812a37500ddae118afc04977b23e58a9481f7ea3Brendan Eich — Test for bug 600137 (fixed by patch for 445319).
caa8bfd6f9b1479986226d76f1977b661b32402eBrendan Eich — Per ECMA-262, no .prototype for built-in functions and Function.prototype (445319, r=Waldo).
2c5f8185dd2f0b970450fd6acfa544a3f29ade7dNicholas Nethercote — merge
e287c152471994bf1364bc7f53245b49ac7a5a8aNicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
71e339dc601924e5812b13528c0bb9d537e80e10Nicholas Nethercote — Fix non-Linux compile bustage for bug 601539. r=me.
67723e0d73faad8d30b5ff9a4201a674b40d0e7dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 601539 - nanojit: fix bogus generation of suffix names in LIR dumps. r=rreitmai.
958ac4ba3833953765bdc0491b5049e71edf1c70Jeff Walden — Bug 577757 - array[-1073741824] != array["-1073741824"]. r=igor
8577f29c0579d90c1e9c61be6b1ba894950595eaJeff Walden — Bug 539766 - Object.defineProperty sets arguments.length without setting the length-overridden bit. r=brendan
e38081671eb193b874558bd660cb45993bdf8c58David Anderson — Merge backout.
568660610e1996db5d27b4e6ab6b6cb84af4ca2cDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset de5d1b528b9a
d6e4ffae0a686c6402d98787a8e42d0b7a5e475aDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 144254e0344c
144254e0344c7dc55c03fee10083282105adaeb0David Anderson — Fix build on ARM, bump XDR bytecode (bug 589398 fallout).
de5d1b528b9a7b81979455f88b8ed2a55d4a69baDavid Anderson — ICs for scripted new (bug 589398, r=luke,dmandelin).
6527251c2dbeb63d3b6768b32078704bdad63a73Sean Stangl — Fix pinReg() around copyDataIntoReg() in jsop_bitop(). b=600419, r=dvander.
aa2ca63a88d842efddfda9e381415f0e0b197a48Alan Pierce — Check for OOM in js_ConcatStrings(). b=596988, r=gal,sstangl; rs=brendan.
760b8a9c9a345787dbdcfd2f8af0b6a3c27ce48cBrendan Eich — Need to JS_CHECK_RECURSION in GetTrap as well as Trap (aslo rename GetTrap wrappers to start with Get; 589103, r=gal).
2824ef10a50fe6951d2a0993162d5ee4444171c8Brian Hackett — Lazify fp->scopeChain, JM call path cleanup. bug 593882, r=lw,dvander.
0230a9e80c1fa8018d0eb7c4050e927cdade4088Jason Orendorff — Bug 600193 - trace-test/tests/jaeger/bug588363-1.js asserts with CompartmentChecker enabled. r=gal.
60b9a07d3d29b563e128a7a31d748b0a54c0db4cJason Orendorff — Bug 600287 - Indirect eval should use callee's global, not the this-argument. r=brendan.
288c6ac359c3672ac41440817484be00fb89f43aJason Orendorff — Rename JS_{Read,Write}Pair to JS_{Read,Write}Uint32Pair as suggested by Brendan. Followup to bug 595297.
c55fcc4e8588639716ba13cd174c0851f33cb7b0Brian Hackett — Header changes for sixgill, annotations. bug 601129, r=jorendorff
eb83de9d08da3eb7187c4d3a647d9602bd9f6168Luke Wagner — Bug 587914 - js::Valueify in static data constructors causes runtime initialization (r=igor)
24e0e47145b71acfe3170c3525b1d06b0bd1c3acJason Orendorff — Finally get rid of /* Added by JSIFY */ comments. r=Waldo.
49eeedb4791c492cb7ce0400bac8e54e97eff30fDavid Mandelin — Backout merge.
d2d4a7115949ad8793fc8c97e87d0b00d3da9080David Mandelin — Backed out changeset 97d2c33271e8 due to crashtest failures
ec984b89106fa30c2206fd8ef6f5b4d19549dba2David Mandelin — Bug 600639 followup: unbreak non-threadsafe shell builds, r=cjones
8b875d1bc70d0766927961b3f91753804de0ddedChris Jones — Follow-up to bug 579479: Fix --disable-tracejit --enable-methodjit compiles. irc-r=sstangl a=bustage
cd6c7304c0668a36b3329bbd5b7735a852d1efb5Chris Jones — Bug 600304: Add a PrintJSStack() friend of DumpJSStack() that returns a newly-allocated string instead of printing to stdout. r=jorendorff a=sayrer
724d72d48b16e7e2ae4052488211e31bc89a0043Chris Jones — Bug 600639, part 3: Add a --write-failure-output option to trace-test to additionally log output from failed tests. r=dmandelin a=sayrer
b0ad32580f98bf2e126fd03fa18f4b204c5d0415Chris Jones — Bug 600639, part 2: Make importable and add support for avoiding stdio with js. r=dmandelin
103703dccf3fbba924d7aeb9deefb0fa83a9bd9fChris Jones — Bug 600639, part 1: Allow overriding gOutFile and gErrFile in js shell, and add a -g option to sleep on startup so that a debugger can be attached. r=dmandelin
3bd3e00203fa79ccb41cd77bb2afdab663ea5797Jim Blandy — Bug 600943: Correctly compute |this| in Date.prototype.toJSON. r=waldo
da2be47f32d742115cb1b5d753a88d96278f9835David Mandelin — Bug 601197: fix typo in js_GetBlockChain, r=wmccloskey
9f36af4e3a8a29aebfa093214996cf37ebd5fea4Jason Orendorff — Fix stray /* inside a comment to silence GCC warning. no_r=me.
97d2c33271e8c7a36144a3aae366922ceb32fcdaDavid Mandelin — Bug 595963: notify iterators about property deletion in array_splice, r=gal
1283831c28bf74b8770b0ba9adb18518c39318dbGregor Wagner — Bug 594455 Add assertions for defaultCompartments. r=jorendorff
1559a5982bf33d7d92bcb072071955382d5f38ccDavid Anderson — Clean up exec pool and LinkBuffer use (bug 601041, r=dmandelin).
82d05bc1ef9c5756cc323d072fdb6aedfbdf6fa4David Anderson — Clean up exec pool and LinkBuffer use (bug 601041, r=dmandelin).
daa4c82b0a7a3d447afa3709a6ca191487a79b9cJason Orendorff — Bug 601040 - Revise StructuredClone API. r=gal.