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Mon Jul 09 21:58:13 2018 +0000
8e3c84df8f675600be2c39f73d962f1419a4b9c2Johannes Willbold — Bug 1433534: Removed the comment referencing this bug, r=dminor
e8605ca977219bedacf6b1ecd5267cea1718c213Johannes Willbold — Bug 1473686: Enabled SDP unit test CheckSctpmap, r=dminor
58c256b60254e73b0e5b68dcf99e63de10101ecaFrancois Marier — Bug 1461534 - Improve logging for the channel classifier. r=dimi
4b7cb393a4554b60626a449ba8536311ed60b9daFrancois Marier — Bug 1461534 - Enable user/add-on overrides of tracking annotations. r=dimi
0a40095e53293ccbf903eb157adb1c719f7f3825Abdoulaye O. Ly — Bug 1473187 - Add support for using both Shift and Ctrl/Cmd at the same time to select tabs. r=Gijs
edaeac2151357e8e934a0a86dd40320dbfc91ae1Mark Banner — Bug 1473607 - Add a test for clearing all downloads via the Library window commands. r=paolo
6354a8dfce2fa6f5fd973e61daaf1e94a618c850Bogdan Tara — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1461534) for nsChannelClassifier.cpp related build bustages CLOSED TREE
152002e286718d7ff9c64c9aaa4fb1e50a720622Francois Marier — Bug 1461534 - Improve logging for the channel classifier. r=dimi
b4818535bde98d89ce6676ad32effd761efed1efFrancois Marier — Bug 1461534 - Enable user/add-on overrides of tracking annotations. r=dimi
3a5920b19241c18b4121e144464692eb46ff1d4aBrian Grinstead — Bug 1472161 - Enter tabs in console when not at an autocomplete location;r=nchevobbe
13a4a0eb572e317dd71b8fdd2fe9b2ba2851087fJacek Caban — Bug 1471556 - Support mingw clang in configure scripts. r=glandium
dea772389903b95ef55cc82394311e1abf12e5f4Chris H-C — bug 1460900 - Cease timing how long it takes to load pings from disk r=janerik
0fe9a7c3fffb71f18e410fbfc6cb3c9358fa4942Dão Gottwald — Bug 1473862 - Remove URL and title arguments from PlacesCommandHook.bookmarkPage. r=standard8
2a354f4c70b141560d22e96cc68f0aaddd576b90Ed Lee — Bug 1439840 - Activity Streams search bar is displayed behind the Tour notification. r=k88hudson
34ff21c524d4ab71e2978027d406dd0382ebd565Hemanth Kumar Veeranki — Bug 1344286 - Fix eslint errors from devtools files ignored previously; r=gregtatum,ntim
186c6e9d0b9e187c6bbbf4033b0a33fd24cb6d0aGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 9912325cd073 (bug 1460900) for Linting failure on gecko/toolkit/components/telemetry/TelemetryStorage.jsm on a CLOSED TREE
9912325cd0737296ecdd10d4cfc810bcafcd519dChris H-C — bug 1460900 - Cease timing how long it takes to load pings from disk r=janerik
a4e025f18962c37d5a3ae389dada0b8b699c8d2fLina Cambridge — Bug 1474033 - Ensure `PlacesUtils.bookmarks.moveToFolder` bumps the Sync change counter for items moved between different parents. r=Standard8
c7bd2557255a7b57fb94294d5c4a55ed85c190c3Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1473628 - Stop supporting actors as functions. r=jryans
f1f6e434d3a86d729a39aabf00e8c057c794bed5Martin Stransky — Bug 1474265 - Add missing semicolon at DBusRemoteClient.cpp, r=jhorak
e7a1d749ff9acbab36d397e56024eda0621e8e60Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1413922 - [tryselect] Merge into mozversioncontrol r=gps
b3bead1f5729baa85b8333ace936f1130c9414daAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1413922 - [mozversioncontrol] Always use hglib.client if available and fall back to subprocesses if not, r=gps
834bb97af7a479f1673b67ff2b5d1022f47c7e17Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1461313 - Handle invalid clip-path URIs with WebRender. r=mstange
e1054793e32e520a4938497f5a99bde9cc76317cffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP blocklist remote-settings - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
38b811b6c5e503c7a23645bdd0545976c37afdaaAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1473418 - Improve exception message occuring during toolbox opening. r=jryans
c73eb22a077df9a4238426135ab4e4025f954abeGurzau Raul — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1445921) for Linting failure on components/telemetry/tests/unit/test_TelemetryController.js on a CLOSED TREE
f47987f7875a877a7986508034a6ded26e7eeb9eBogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
478ac2a1618f762a387dfe3f8d8697ead128106aJan Odvarko — Bug 1463676 - Don't add an evaluated input to the history if it is the same as the previous evaluation; r=nchevobbe
b5bff80b9d188b0bdebfbcdd95baee81fe0800d3Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1445921 - Document new optout ping r=Dexter
b859e76fcc67b66933645f0716a11fe46a766dd9Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1445921 - Test for canary client id in received pings. r=Dexter
7c23db3a5f530f001bfb1dc989ab61e3b882804fJan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1445921 - Implement and test new optout ping logic. r=Dexter,chutten
f3ef58bc6b380be07132798fe8bf0596cd47b170Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1445921 - Allow client ID to be set and reset. r=Dexter
0c4629d8d2abc21b9651d782c81246c8ab6e70ffJulian Descottes — Bug 1472142 - part2: Add mochitest to test picking an element in shadow dom;r=bgrins
4c0f51f57b2fe2ed8b092e1d4adb8e80afa905dbJulian Descottes — Bug 1472142 - part1: Support picking elements in shadow dom;r=bgrins
Mon Jul 09 09:56:30 2018 +0000
72882160c090ad132256ef7b8557f82133311f80Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1330544 - Part 3: Add test of altering properties. r=pbro
a2369d01b9b6ac9474cd93cf8d5f17145823f11aDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1330544 - Part 2: Add 'easing' and 'fill' to the changing flag target. r=pbro
dfc8ad9b2244b8112340e44368a8e43b523c82e6Ankita — Bug 1330544 - Part 1: Add 'direction' to the changing flag target. r=pbro
78e841de1a73cc8a234810e791475d95b2956d48Matt Woodrow — Bug 1458121 - Don't try to layerize when we have a clip-path mask as well as rounded rect clipping. r=mstange