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Mon Mar 24 14:11:33 2014 +0000
e10a3c75e704Simon Montagu — Correction to typo in checkin for bug 789096. Bug 983691, r=jfkthame
0eb7e1fa8a0fGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 983360 - Telemetry experiments: add monitoring data to Telemetry payload. r=bsmedberg
cbc4e35edfc5Georg Fritzsche — Bug 985670 - Telemetry experiments: Decouple experiment and addon ids. r=felipe
c5586b13d243Georg Fritzsche — Bug 985670 - Telemetry experiments: Don't schedule incorrect timer when there is no pending experiment. r=felipe
1e64154383d4Georg Fritzsche — Bug 984387 - Telemetry experiments: test coverage for disabling and removal of experiments via manifest. r=felipe
6930ffbc0f1dL. David Baron — Bug 986807 patch 2 - Sync APZC/viewport prefs from bug 975931 from desktop reftest code to Android/B2G reftest code. r=roc
0ce172037cedL. David Baron — Bug 986807 patch 1 - Sync lower-risk prefs over from desktop reftest code to Android reftest code. r=roc
c704812d3776L. David Baron — Bug 986409 - Skip fewer entire reftest directories on B2G. r=roc
ac696b8baf85L. David Baron — Bug 986406 - Don't skip entire reftest directories on Android. r=roc
e7a44e5b762fMonica Chew — Bug 985623: Force url classifier clients to specify which tables to lookup, add a pref to skip hash completion checks (r=gcp)