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Tue Oct 30 19:19:23 2018 +0000
c2b537178ae9cb4ee0c8afbc1504f97159a7aed5Andreea Pavel — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1502774) for causing multiple crashes - bug 1503201 a=backout
Tue Oct 30 11:23:50 2018 +0000
fd2afb2034d1fed4d5f64d25ccf5f8b7b9194ebcDaniel Varga — Backed out changeset ef5037b7a3cd (bug 1501571) requested by dev for concerns regarding localization. a=backout
Tue Oct 30 09:39:58 2018 +0000
a7332ea46f0f0058d16b558b2753f2b7ee36c2e1Tom Prince — Bug 1502531: [mozharness] Move `abs_upload_dir` code to openh264_build script; r=Callek
1f37fdb0b880f5ccc7a3394c34dc9fafabffa011Tom Prince — Bug 1502531: [mozharness] Stop needlessly copying around mozharness logs; r=Callek
69c95a2e61c251f75f10fdb0a0c68fd4c47934a8Tom Prince — Bug 1502531: [mozharness] Upload mozharness builds logs; r=Callek
77a0119f67daa4a2b665734fabfa60b372d5610aGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
35a90bca7f6326da82ceb3df210b0cf26139fa6aBoris Chiou — Bug 1500627 - Fix some potential bugs of sizing properties for keywords in the block axis r=mats
4ed8b1a5fee1d559a94d51028f28f0951f697fe3Boris Chiou — Bug 1500627 - Treat min-main-size:[keyword] as "auto" for flex items, if main axis is the item's block axis r=dholbert
109edc69784186ee31151b6aeae300f0b1325ef5Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1503023 - After waiting for certs make sure the PeerConnection still exists r=jib
c2e7a489d786836b8eca383786f97d5ffa3f1730Rob Lemley — Bug 1500897 - Follow-up: Get hg_branch from GECKO repo. r=jorgk
19bab79602bd40e59b6c92f1f500e2779b88c0f3Doug Thayer — Bug 1493447 - Add crashtest. r=mstange
54f29ffc8f71f66f765a1e44284db4e936e1e972Myk Melez — Bug 1497356 - make NsresultExt.to_result() return Result<(), nsresult> r=froydnj
9de1bee6adc25d2559d9adec09458b8fb866eb1eMichael Cooper — Bug 1498940 - Reflect study opt-out in about:studies when Normandy is generally enabled. r=Gijs
585c23a3f8c60bccb6e8ad4e4c65389a73d70552Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1502982 - use a capturing focus listeners so we catch focus in windows that don't have a URL bar etc., r=bdahl
b50e31d758b1a25273650b23ce0074093d21cd39Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1487797 - P2. Make sure the sample index of FLAC's frame is monotonically increasing. r=jya
e8ea25fee7b2a1dd7b620ef1204a8bbcbf6d220cChun-Min Chang — Bug 1487797 - P1. Move sample index from FrameHeader to Frame. r=jya
d3cb2102af01b8954fd2362f054f82a2b030fc8fMyk Melez — Bug 1503031 - use ::nserror::nsresult everywhere in IDL-generated Rust files r=froydnj
f8ac0af5449aad22fe6aec7ac7b8f3ec7d0218a7Mark Banner — Bug 1501041 - Fix browser_UsageTelemetry_content*.js to consistently fail if there is an issue with the navigation event probe, and disable them due to current expiry. r=adw
99ff4d9918cee65210f2383a7cbd16760cc84567Gurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
3f081283e13929bfea685b80c81f661904a73e6eBogdan Tara — Backed out changeset e51fa157869f (bug 1499693) for browser_details.js failures CLOSED TREE
c6d1a860e5275fe442ef6319bbc330723e82aa7eBogdan Tara — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1499903) for causing bug 1502637 CLOSED TREE
dda21fd10aeace89040f4cf30cc427b6720f7e6eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1500543 - Only inform windows that their parent is changing when being removed from their parent r=bzbarsky
82c8a3aae99cb0207639b1850b2ef46625a60acePerry Jiang — Bug 1354577 - require ServiceWorkerGlobalScope.importScripts() to only accept JavaScript MIME types r=edenchuang
73b6c58850206414f5921ab974106e88802725fcPerry Jiang — Bug 1354577 - require ServiceWorkerContainer.register() to only accept JavaScript MIME types r=edenchuang
b8c47a4bef9402b0d5044477979549c6e47dccf0Erica Wright — Bug 1501989 - turn "keep until" menu list into a checkbox r=flod,johannh
e51fa157869fe16e97e27557ee716c1701561c29Oriol Brufau — Bug 1499693 - Choose correct add-on icon size in about:addons. r=mstriemer,aswan
Tue Oct 30 05:30:29 2018 +0000
6e4537056d5363fc118fa946615955798892314bCsoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 916db80793cb (bug 1497784) for web platform tests failures on /_mozilla/binast/large.https.html. CLOSED TREE
e37bf786b5fcbf048cefbea44a85783a68ce4339Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset c66693babf02 (bug 1501044) for failing at /fetch/api/request/destination/fetch-destination.https.html
916db80793cbefc667b019edefeb83559c535b50Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1497784 - Drop support for lexical declaration in BinAST for now. r=Yoric
f2a70b31cc32e0e5b3fb358105ad660b4b9f42e6Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1501537 - Name function in variable declaration initializer in BinAST. r=Yoric
978ef31db350c9984c3a62474b7b7802bfca82d5Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1497788 - Allow duplicate AssertedPositionalParameterName. r=efaust
052d5b7a515ec057ee9c0cee231ee8b8413bdb3cAlexander Surkov — Bug 1487311 - accessibility doesn't assosiate ids in shadow DOM, r=jamie, sr=smaug
33a2f916d13cf30f1bfdb5e3f282bb57997eb835Kyle Machulis — Bug 1492648 - Move from nsDocShellLoadInfo to nsDocShellLoadState; r=bz, nika
2d5c8e9ca5a3e8a872a121fccb47a8240ec819a7Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1494685 - Add a reftest. r=kats
fc21376e28da2879eb57bfe6f9077f8ee74a80ceCsoregi Natalia — Backed out 9 changesets (bug 1472212) for browser-chrome tests run issues on Linux x64 asan and failures on browser_ext_windows_create_tabId.js. CLOSED TREE
0af4e03a28324571a26eb755a769c2f326533788Andrew Swan — Bug 1438255 Part 2 Convert sync addon unit tests to use webextensions r=tcsc
63520174c8a5ec18cb71cf9c0ebaee790dfd5323Andrew Swan — Bug 1438255 Part 1 Remove handling in sync for non-restartless addons r=tcsc
3725f21a07b53568bfe224e7d5d17276ead6ca98J.C. Jones — Bug 1501587 - land NSS 3b79af0fa294 UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE, r=me
8efa629aaa6610736d7aaa491cdaf6565fd2878eJonas Jenwald — Bug 1492849 - Update the PDF viewer mochitests to utilize the, recently implemented, general re-dispatching of internal events to the DOM. r=bdahl
8b66b7e6fe257fed8f21e879aebcbdc07b49b4b5David Walsh — Bug 1494654 - Skip debugger's react test on Windows r=jlaster
b7ed6370bc7d11c486ca86f74ba7e4bc00b471afEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1502617 - Support ::before / ::after on ::slotted pseudos. r=heycam
3f6e29ae6529c657e027b8d1fd36a7daaf501526Brian Hackett — Bug 1488453 - Make sure there are no UAF or double frees in HashTable code, r=froydnj.
8ff29f3d64b79cfe630e5ce302fc2bca7e02f425Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1502936 - Fix SVGUseElement::GetFrame to not get confused. r=heycam
ed8ea654ccde9f893d933c88b51d2acd41154ee2Geoff Brown — Bug 1433308 - Switch android emulator gpu from swiftshader to swiftshader_indirect; r=me,a=test-only
1c7d0042fc4afa47750926b5c63e75ffb9580d4cGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
b7a966ea9ad3619106149944061abcb32c997cddEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1502875 - Don't let GetElementById work across anonymous subtree boundaries in XUL documents. r=smaug
8157760bbde188ee2ab5a1c93c6e6fbe57919335Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1502875 - Simplify AddIdElement. r=smaug
7a38544a9172918f63632958574c23e1329f030fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1502875 - Don't call AddToIdTable when moving around a shadow root. r=smaug
4fb88c6c2223597c9acf26f6e2e07b9fa1d83d3dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1502875 - Remove AddElementToDocumentPre and RemoveSubtreeFromDocument. r=smaug
ed31fa097a650aa8e8f119584b516af3b2c388acEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1497940 - Fix an assertion in XULDocument::AddSubtreeToDocument. r=smaug
4eaa5f13d23184e6f8b2c22d4cbe31e98f5b630dAndrew Swan — Bug 1495638 Convert talos sessionrestore extension to webextension r=mikedeboer
0fa0dde9256b4b47d313e70d8f227ae19cbffd82Daniel Holbert — Bug 563481: Remove stale asserts() annotation for crashtest 307322-1.svg. (no code changes, test-manifest-only tweak)
8bd9666a8a5b6c5c1ed5b79af664ae974a163884Johann Hofmann — Bug 1502361 - Remove Content Blocking toggle from about:privatebrowsing. r=Ehsan
bc381d0178d261adb8b8a5146d2db0ae85a98e3fDavid Walsh — Bug 1502224 - Update debugger frontend v96 r=jdescottes
b068e567617b32e0776f6d8510f9ae77807e8589Richard Marti — Bug 1485599 - Color sidebar scrollbars according to sidebar properties. r=dao