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Thu May 30 18:50:24 2013 +0000
a167dfaa105b311c2fbdd870a925a6de5bde95d0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 863754 - Make mach run and mach debug pass -foreground by default on Mac; r=ted
Thu May 30 15:43:11 2013 +0000
75407626ba467e5368d7de41c4a07cd0f0c13af0Douglas Crosher — Bug 863685 - (ARM) Avoid emitting VFP code if the CPU does not support it. r=jandem
06c126ab69d3bdeb5bef2fc87ef6c8413a77ed55Timothy Arceri — Bug 877409 - Remove old GTK_CHECK_VERSION/gtk_check_version for versions of GTK already covered by the minimum GTK build requirement 2.10. r=karlt
2078f638f08ae0be286d1122405397d185c1eba0Justin Dolske — Bug 876550 - Add |this.clickToPlay.hidden = true;| to the immediate case in hideClickToPlay(). r=jaws
f2488e956bc647b8b769aca424228b72439955cbSimon Sapin — Bug 875287 - font-family: Do not require whitespace between unquoted idents. r=dbaron
1fbc7860ddbcab6c29b99ce1ed2d1592d4ffed78Chiajung Hung — Bug 875246 - Ensure that UpdateTexture DispatchImageClientUpdate only dispatches if not in the ImageBridge thread. r=kchen
ad98a8e66316577a9af9b59f3c9c615b9d6bc27dJed Davis — Bug 873332 - Don't use -fno-omit-frame-pointer on ARM to avoid a GCC bug. r=glandium
59d7396f8e2daebd98710a7caa0ea112a06d0c6bMax Li — Bug 872986 - New unlabelled, and seemingly invisible, control in awesome bar. r=sriram
4ea75f8edf0b8cb8e6e362eae9ff709dd5b5321aRaymond Lee — Bug 836483 - Track download referrers. r=paolo
684cbf5daa8079a996ffd878de12e8b747aefba3Federico Paolinelli — Bug 696911 - In case the downloaded file is opened automatically with the default application, hide the download notification. It is let visible if the download is completed while in background. r=margaret
4fe5735bca9e279ff571e6a308374303d1ab44f4Chris Lord — Bug 868998 - Expose the dynamic toolbar after a certain distance. r=kats
f9424be46f38cdfb877dbf29bf05fefdd195967cChris Lord — Bug 867193 - Take margin offset into account when positioning form pop-ups. r=margaret
00119553c9d8c0a49b0f356c0e43fb8eaa8c1298Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 874689 - Re-delete files from merge conflict.
704c3a46abc8aa444c15f7d99247c27573102a8dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
d448b2c7e12b25d2a4464728cd11b4134b307942Sam Foster — Bug 877149 - use skipArrange param to the richgrid mutators where possibe to reduce the number of arrangeItems calls. r=mbrubeck
9417ffbafc413d25b84d4f9012539fd562d92a26Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 87b0f81d811f (bug 876429) for jsreftest failures
69680cd3fe39c19fa77f7005fbedeae57ceb31beJacek Caban — Bug 855975 - Include typo fix.
4e28042c1b97f0b1837ace07e865e9446e409e64Jacek Caban — Bug 864774 - Added missing ASFILES to r=glandium
7c0c49dd4e913f6d0f0a5db493587c8061f3d1f7Jacek Caban — Bug 876366 - Avoid pointer to long casts in PerfSpewer::writeProfile. r=nmatsakis
06c206f9a94a513c9776e9047e3899d9f2ac1f0dJacek Caban — Bug 876416 - Pass -static-libgcc flag to NSPR and NSS. r=glandium
87b0f81d811f921b3f1d8449bc4bd3486e3cb93dJan de Mooij — Bug 876429 - Implement JSOP_SETCALL in the baseline compiler. r=bhackett
27a06b3d8236aae743cdc3ce84908e0bf039915cCameron McCormack — Bug 877575 - Don't force mPositions to be recomputed inside nsSVGTextFrame2::ReflowSVG. r=jwatt
c8ab8321f6740a92a49ca06aa11054b8d490da7aJonathan Watt — Bug 827915 - Get rid of SVG's own invalidation mechanisms and rely on DLBI instead. r=dholbert
0a1944211b61a8f42dc7a0e8c686da22e25bb93fL. David Baron — Bug 234485: Map xml:lang attribute into style so that it's used for font selection and hyphenation. r=bzbarsky
fe83fd612679d6b9c5d83f2fd7d651c98d5bbf59Cameron McCormack — Bug 877035 - Remove nsSVGTextFrame2::UpdateGlyphPositioning's aForceGlobalTransform argument and look at mGetCanvasTMForFlag instead. r=longsonr
6a090a8a76842e6a06c5fc993d71d7eef503e287Dão Gottwald — Bug 876394 - Popup notification goes unnoticed in unfocused windows. r=gavin
6af9d57973409b22c544ce45db3e37f07c568dd3Cameron McCormack — Bug 877029 - Add a crashtest for calling nsSVGMarkerFrame::GetCanvasTM() inappropriately. r=longsonr
c2a8c555821e35454d6836d6aed525ec049c21bbPhil Ringnalda — Back out e9593bf12a59:f9c1d3eb3ce6 (bug 869123) for very frequent robocop1 testAllPagesTab failures
0177a43b9daefd2c78a596db81d985fba5abd058Phil Ringnalda — Back out 87e2bfbb427d (bug 874295) for mochitest-1 failures
ea8df1f7497b9db5d0fa97b113fb4da89b44fbaaPhil Ringnalda — Back out c2f79f1f9e6f (bug 869114) on suspicion of causing dep OS X universal builds to fail in packaging
e4f940af8df85ba6e651357695ea7f911e1ca19dPhil Ringnalda — Back out 816311e43409 (bug 844288) on suspicion of causing dep OS X universal builds to fail in packaging
637055f7128933ec057f8c74e028032a4e56e01ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 8f4682511308 (bug 877203) for reftest failures
1b042f7e09d0054e6b9b216ad134d277147763ddOleg Romashin — Bug 877191 - Gonk does not compile with later m-c on 4.6 compiler. r=mwu
164fc337248ec98346633b6b781525b652245020Raymond Lee — Bug 840692 - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for startup pages (startup.homepage_override_url and startup.homepage_welcome_url) r=gavin
2ff67e9fc18285fbda9c134d3e16ef2a4bed2a60Gavin Sharp — Bug 486660: disable whatsnew and firstrun pages for Nightly builds, since we have no useful content for them, r=dolske
c7aae5ead16f228ddc3b27ea4395257df1386206Gavin Sharp — Bug 875342: fix JS channel-specific features to use the right build-time logic, r=sstangl
fab554d11298336146df09d4f9464c624b61f767Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 856822: Annotate ~1700 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in /content r=smaug
72672b33604b1f38665b65f0f970b5d5a2d608f4Robert O'Callahan — Fix build bustage for bug 868405, CLOSED TREE
011c150e419d2ffb7efa66f406ec15670e131d4ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 12f538f501b9 (bug 790765) for intermittent failure
45e88ec6ac1f18649b6f6510299485f50e6519dcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 868405. Support 'enabled' attribute on MediaStreamTrack. r=jesup
e274bbbd493ba3badfd700c8e3e1a0c640facdd0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 868405. Part 1: Add a few MOZ_OVERRIDES. r=jesup
441d2b9cecb4d5500a772bc881982b7308c5d32dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 872254. Clear line/row cursors when overflow areas of lines or table rows change. r=bz
87e2bfbb427df1b32041dcbd6ed9edc513d05170Robert O'Callahan — Bug 874295. On non-Android platforms (and eventually for Android), use call GetDefaultScale instead of GetDevicePixelsPerMetaViewportPixel. r=mbrubeck
a1a60bc1d6b703af7020e51cc281d54beb289d0fBrad Lassey — bug 867517 - Gecko-based WebView for Android, add GeckoView r=mfinkle
2d6963f4788843fba7d309e0f05bac7b5b80618eKartikaya Gupta — bug 867517 - Gecko-based WebView for Android, move touch handling to LayerView r=blassey
8f4682511308c3088a373060100cfd809130b21dBrad Lassey — bug 877203 - Replace Open Sans with Clear Sans r=mfinkle
6f082ca6465c67cf600fe996c5c3cb305d4596eaJonathan Kew — bug 847344 followup - explicitly cast the AutoSwap type to avoid ambiguity r=roc
4a0cf16e2f87f10d08a0d7dd44e22a2a05017705Kyle Huey — Bug 876555: Avoid including xpcprivate.h in most generated dom binding code. r=bz
e9593bf12a5970daf85ca7701a747806315c3942Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 869123: Hide share test as it expects a popup window. [r=mfinkle]
f9c1d3eb3ce633367dbde13dc1af1cc15f9d1ff3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 869123: Quick share action for android menu. [r=wesj]
4b7ae86b186e61d0a61e44a5b94dfcf837f61617Matt Woodrow — Bug 877034 - Initialize MemoryImage to 0 to match the behaviour of Shmem. r=nical
f6df6e1faf8758a4ab312d77cc01ad06c999c644Matt Woodrow — Bug 877516 - Add MOZ_DUMP_INVALIDATION to enable invalidation logging. r=roc
c69c78a6338a8e6e6aedc29a11267698275581abMatt Woodrow — Bug 877516 - Extend MOZ_REFTEST_VERBOSE to also send log messages synchronously. r=roc
1dfdef811e24ce4c0087247a3821c1d05a10115cMatt Woodrow — Bug 869133 - Recycle the ImageLayers created by nsDisplayImage/nsDisplayBackgroundImage instead of recreating them each time. r=roc
625e17bee17a2489d06624e9b144011b642b53b0Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
3869dc547459a665f9ed0c8f9c1c94bc6a5f6ef3Shane Tully — Bug 785156 - Lock icon should toggle site security popup. r=wesj
f4f173389ff4bb84424ab6726b7a1ab724e3f494Christian Ascheberg — Bug 872330 - Remove senseless code in nsDownload::Cancel. r=mak
47a55f82d5bdd5d6ed9d776ef20421887cbcf8f0Cykesiopka — Bug 443015 - Remove deprecated nsIPrefetchService methods. r=bz
78db908ccff3671967cea8db3978fbc65f43b19bCykesiopka — Bug 273949 - Replace cacertexists.xul with a call to nsIPromptService::alert. r=bsmith, sr=dolske
4168e3babe7976ddc15f61602d6f56ffcd126513John Lin — Bug 852009 - Make sure callback of pre-open()ing for app process's (introduced for bug 835698) will be fired only once. r=bent
d014e4b51f7e7411c282a63055d3255661fc41f5Jan Beich — Bug 877139 - Fix a few freebsd typos in bug 864774. r=glandium
f6faa7dae09582ec044c03da2dc083c1963f5136Chiajung Hung — Bug 875608 - Use GrallocBuffer to display decoded video frame. r=bjacob
a70d601365c52b440241c6f2c4851e9da763f6c8David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 874425 - More logging in outExecutionDuration tests.
79cd6c91292bc9656a1bcf4db7a3ef03b77a0061Jeff Gilbert — Bug 877048 - Add support for comments and whitespace trimming to failed/skipped mochitest-gl tests. - r=bjacob
fd4a3273281bb956cb73e201351d107556f9988fJeff Gilbert — Bug 877048 - Consistently use single quotes in new code. - r=bjacob
ab2ac31dfe0e37fb92d3980d6da05500470af82cJeff Gilbert — Bug 877048 - Add failing test list for android+nvidia for tegra2 slaves. - r=bjacob
8275eae290441ff95b9c3eab8ef0a20638825795Jeff Gilbert — Bug 877048 - Make mochitest-gl detection of os/version/driver modular. - r=bjacob
50d048871440c3037e5589b9c67ab2247672e215Jeff Gilbert — Bug 877048 - Factor getting driver info out into a self-contained function for mochitest-gl. - r=bjacob
3bead9d0a8a058e8ed1be0f75e9ef5f5f7d36c40Bobby Holley — Bug 877235 - Use the default global for just a little bit longer in JSD. r=gabor
816311e43409f6f82c38043fb23a9ed452e8f1a8Benoit Girard — Bug 844288 - Dual link and and replace enable-gtest by enable-test r=ted,glandium
c2f79f1f9e6f07d08c23cdf68bd8e56326177712Benoit Girard — Bug 869114 - Fix race in browser/app repackage when using j>=2. r=glandium
cc20743e8fe91e2085c6b539e848759c0733cebdCameron McCormack — Bug 876323 - Avoid recomputing mPositions when COORD_CONTEXT_CHANGED unless percentages were used. r=jwatt
07d2a8c94bda8bffa31ccbba91ebb99d3a3f77ffEhsan Akhgari — Bug 877231 - Make the error checking for the OfflineAudioContext constructor more strict; r=roc
c9e6ca6528b86cd541d9a691cbb768e4088bf5e3Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 844619 - Expose crash reporting through prefs flyout.r=jimm
4a2289396667dccaea957ab8b7471315968158f5David Zbarsky — Bug 788549 Part 5: Add a function to get opacity and transform property values from layers r=roc
17143afc4fab97b13075c80b2e2ca8d58d93994dDan Gohman — Bug 876916 - Hook up Math.sqrt to MSqrt in asm.js. r=luke
4f0b307026f59416af7d94d3f1eba87f4672b89dBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 876952 - JS shell's help() refers to isAsmJSModule instead of isAsmJSFunction. r=luke
89514aca30054ad24408c365480fe1bee9ec0f1aTatiana Meshkova — Bug 876530 - Fix implicit conversions to already_AddRefed in Qt widget. r=romaxa
3c70207e663cd5af99773bbffa218ab562d979d1Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 875946 - Path of tabDragIndicator@2x.png points to tabDragIndicator.png in on OS X. r=fryn
89eda39678bbdd90ce184102a643e6c1809b9b60Steven Lee — Bug 873913 - Make OnNewFrame a pure virtual function. r=kchen
48b38e667074a73f2b5069e217782a9b6d096aafShane Tully — Bug 871514 - Remove "click" from update strings to accomodate touch devices. r=kats
5c1d109eccfb2b63e0a8b50937c8842536a353a6Shane Tully — Bug 871938 - Use &vendorShortName; in Crash Reporter strings rather than a hardcoded "Mozilla". r=kats
50d9e3c1574fed0d560d450394121229cd7ad25bBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 870007 - Avoid segfault in AsmJS when switch table is too high. r=luke
ef1b5a2d87f90672cd6f0c6f6d00188c6f76a807Remus Pop — Bug 862217 - Test for switching between navigation views. r=yury
f7cf513cd0080a45e3e87e883501e9fafa341f77Marcos Aruj — Bug 860625 - Use asynchronous getCharsetForURI in BookmarkJSONUtils.jsm. r=mak
843f12d62972e4c024d9a38f5e86136225a94628Michael Brennan — Bug 829603 - Change charsets to strings in nsIDocShell. r=hsivonen
8ed6b11fa210d7784b7604043d623bc53a25ca8cMark Goodwin — Bug 815753 - Tidy up hardcoded column index mess in nsCookieService.cpp. r=jdm
fc2fb2d87d313dad1a2334ce1d7526f50a6f555cSachin Hosmani — Bug 734862 - Replace "Infinite GB/s" with a more readable localized string. r=mak
6858682eab1dca9804bb54f9e3c3d1482c0f0c3cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 4cd1bae06bb7 and 2d34ab368ffa (bug 831507) for dromaeo crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
ba89c84410b755765082d81e8d587402e5896b16Shu-yu Guo — No bug - Change |if (length)| -> |if (length > 0)| in InitRestParameter. (r=djvj)
e7a5e3d66eb4f334b2cdbed110ab7534bec9df69Shu-yu Guo — Bug 875957 - Record argument types in the element types of the rest array in Ion and Baseline. (r=djvj)
06889c22f8c62a153e1ec99ac715acba791aacbeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 877125 - Handle the case where the expected number of channels for the offline AudioDestinationNode and the actual input number of channels do not match; r=roc
8fed67bc814d173ddba7083a1a6e6669456b7a2eJeff Gilbert — Bug 877382 - Remove THEBES_API decorator. - r=BenWa
12f538f501b99d0ff9d63aa2a13cec1d13f3d236Jeff Hammel — Bug 790765 - get mozbase tests running on m-c;r=ahal
c711779d7be629ada0dd78a6a646afaa90d1af48Chris Coulson — Bug 877110 - Fix format-security errors introduced by bug 867656. r=mattwoodrow
ffea3a88169e5f67852415da3aa779e1b545ee8bYura Zenevich — Bug 866293 - Increase test timeout threshold once more to a 1000MS to avoid intermittent test failures. r=yoric
ca8a60fff4952fe76b735df0d01315b109f51356Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 848263 - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for in-product links for metro. r=mbrubeck
36c05db04cc440c6bb02168a072749cdc1f01b2eRaymond Lee — Bug 841221 - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for manual update link to in Help|About dialog. r=gavin
ff52d793c7ae6ef8ee530f994e628ddd2702ea26Raymond Lee — Bug 841218 - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for in-product links. r=gavin
d0855b50f55929d3ddbeaafa24d2cb3505358be7Raymond Lee — Bug 840705 - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for Yahoo integration (Yahoo Mail and Yahoo RSS). r=bsmith, r=gavin
b9d77a2d12af72041bcb510b2655d87b3ddceedbCosmin Clapon — Bug 764996 - Reftests. r=karlt
bff77936627216fc9281bc888b1570e9496af639Cosmin Clapon — Bug 764996 - Determine directionality. r=karlt
40be35413245fabae262becb97a556482decf772Cosmin Clapon — Bug 764996 - Dir attribute mapping. r=karlt
e0c5f3bbb0d594d5bd8b9e516e4e194171cb5212Martin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, nsLookAndFeel part. r=karlt
aa87f4def7fee174cde832cd1ed86e60eb87130bMartin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, set radio button active/inactive. r=karlt
acf3a294da9da12c34c77a13ea42eba9180f4fe1Martin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, menubar is transparent in gtk3. r=karlt
727efd0b86dee77b8b5137cee98266d0a552a609Timothy Nikkel — Bug 877458. Bullet frame should honour the sync decode images flag. r=matt.woodrow
0316bf3f5b485bae33c508ffb0956647ccf0c550Nicolas Carlo — Bug 872003 - Make fade from light to dark smoother and faster in aboutReader.css; r=margaret
4ac7194093524c78c0c367235d16f18ddb2b296dNicolas Carlo — Bug 874205 - Unprefix transition styles from "-moz-transition" to "transition" as per the documentation in files aboutReader.css and touchcontrols.css; r=margaret
a76f2a5ab3a04ea13c79cf023332a8f5e00a3bedSunny — Bug 876187 - Reader Mode font size settings are too small. r=margaret
9d49e51c716378f1f2f237a26147f21ffd379a02Margaret Leibovic — Bug 868052 - Show dynamic toolbar when hardware menu button is pressed (on all devices this time). r=lucasr,sriram
813bcead7cf6fa2f2377d08fecc26393a9bcdbecRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a966aadd9ae3 (bug 856822) for Windows bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
4cd1bae06bb79f5127871ebd6e8eb95edc8f2126Kannan Vijayan — Bug 831507 - Fix tbpl massive orange on CLOSED TREE. r=bhackett
3abf58d85bb092b9db9ac97f834d8184e63063d2Richard Newman — Bug 877061 - PluginProvider can't find Home plugins on Android. r=Mossop
281dc9793a732c975e75aeec043ae97e6534e4afEhsan Akhgari — Backed out 8 changesets (bug 803299) because it makes Tcheckerboard and Tpan so much worse
d8b5a5697a3000745acf83e7cd417ec066551393Trevor Saunders — bug 869806 - fix assertion about event type in accessibleWrap.cpp r=surkov
0278e6f6332d77845c58e3ded10b856a8d47e479Jeff Gilbert — Bug 876929 - Check for OES_standard_derivatives on GLES2. - r=bjacob
a966aadd9ae3c71c1f367562bca701831285c091Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 856822: Annotate ~1700 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in /content r=smaug
7220b0615ba6ebc1c4c67bf2840729605aefd155Stephen Pohl — Bug 877085: Fix crash when trying to obtain the width of non-disappearing scrollbars. r=smichaud
f327a0802164f5607702511bb8890fc633acac8eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 876805. Fix unsafe reference gc hazards in dom/ code. r=smaug
387e67f2b745b0fc444463d60d2ae1f8dc494118Boris Zbarsky — Bug 876725. Make use of IDL default string values in CSSStyleDeclaration to simplify the code. r=smaug
2d34ab368ffadc88496892b845ffe34b355834c9Kannan Vijayan — Bug 831507 - Add generational-gc post-write barriers to baseline compiler. r=jandem
ace94c40f23a5fe85fe494244fa1c048437fb13fArnaud Sourioux — Bug 875367 followup: Manually annotate ScrollSelectionIntoView and RepaintSelection in nsPresShell.h as MOZ_OVERRIDE. r=dholbert
761fa2e9b325d905f3273c59b7257e3716f5afffArnaud Sourioux — Bug 875367: Annotate ~280 more methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in /layout. r=dholbert
c52cbe66070887e0032e89d2da7ce2afd5c3c18eNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 876382 - Fix OOM check in Ion code allocation of caches. r=h4writer
6a891dc6fee11f0fddaf4700944dcc24405d1771Brian Hackett — Bug 876458 - Fix MUnbox::congruentTo, r=jandem.
f0311781c2186f1ea61efb2ca91a6c40557cb112Chris Lord — Bug 803299 - Even more fuzzing for 24bpp/Android. r=blassey CLOSED TREE
666e862aaac32b3214a8e860b2d3595fcdb75a44Brian R. Bondy — Bug 876191 - Two spaces between 'the' and 'nightly' under the About flyout. r=ally
dd394e3894ac45567abf982be4cd304ddc2c359aBobby Holley — Bug 876762 - Remove support for mScopeForNewJSObjects. r=luke
a35e0a08ef37d4c6d1730c0dbf19ffb1d933e07bJames Willcox — Bug 854556 - Only hold SkCanvas in DrawTargetSkia r=mattwoodword
136b751cffc7129fbc490c6809ed6b716e39ab10Brad Lassey — bug 856445 - Startup crash on LG Optimus Black (LG P970), don't init sms objects we don't use if sms support isn't enabled r=bnicholson
c381730a8bbfc4290893b54fbdb623e5859a2facSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848317: ActionBar corruption on Nexus 4. [r=mfinkle]
bd9e82e152d52e1a2a96210883a40bc83fe373e6Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 872163 - Metro Firefox Settings, About, and Sync flyouts should close when Win8 Settings panel opens.r=bbondy
d50edb6a79aa47dfe8a4f7eb60824b1002a04f5eTimothy Arceri — Bug 876553 - Rotate the filepicker preview image base on the exif orientation tag r=karlt
318254a9a66bb9274f2a209725882b6c1a321927Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 875221 - Make sure to balance the creation and destruction of streams for media graphs; r=roc
cb7cca16bad0a5974f7532f7f4d00959300c67c9Benjamin Peterson — Bug 877058 - Remove compiler member of baseline's FrameInfo. r=jandem
e24ed3f1060901c7cc6451fd9cd667e6aafd1773Brian Hackett — Bug 876653 - Add missing isNative() test, r=jandem.
db50ad5872a2014aae2bc612eb532d36567861a3Ralph Giles — Bug 875305 - Replace slow webvtt caption selectors with classes. r=bz
6c715f75bbb3f2a107920946d0b2a8cf92f4aaf0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 876215 - Correctly deal with nodes that require 0 input channels by feeding them a null AudioChunk; r=roc
d6d62ad42d761955a642ca12d485a8d2d79d94c4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 876118 - Impose a unified channel count limit of 10000 channels in Web Audio; r=roc
5f6f8a2600cbbbf9c7a348f01839ce25dc00fdfbBrian Hackett — Bug 875804 - Always keep track of the use of custom iterators, r=jandem.
1e8d7a30499d067325fca2bd7442a9e9f3c5e717Wes Johnston — Bug 874689 - Move android file picker to a js component. r=mfinkle
681e65149dd0657e814b4ec9d8b4db9b887c6b8bJon Coppeard — Bug 876639 - Address unsafe references from JS_ParseJSON() - Fix browser r=smaug
fd794d7e4fc14741c1eafec2c06d7bb57c8dccadJon Coppeard — Bug 876639 - Address unsafe references from JS_ParseJSON() - Fix shell r=terrence
cb83343d0a2606150e9f3a179eb49b08938400f1Adri Hilviu — Bug 828284 - Force shortcut desktop icons off on Windows XP. r=bbondy
6d7db757531713e338aec7932747f8a741da37d9Brian Hackett — Bug 875476 - Avoid passing operands of the wrong type to EvaluateConstantOperands, r=jandem.
16871058c21a2ba1f133873cb234fd052c9eec77Brian R. Bondy — Bug 870529 - JumpListStartup not being called on delay startup causing no shortcut maintenance. r=jimm
9464671159244a4bee881c0b840ef0adb220eca1Chris Lord — Bug 803299 - Some SVG tests need more fuzzing on Android with 24bpp. r=jwatt
59af481d888866ea10b4dfb0d2d58ba1af089db8Chris Lord — Bug 803299 - Replace black.png with black.html for webgl-color-alpha-test. r=jrmuizel
99a03f7ca8a44f26fa04d690b441bd1abed1caa5Chris Lord — Bug 803299 - Some tests require extra fuzzing on Android in 24-bit colour. r=blassey
44539f533a92a35662343ca376f5deee610d6d47Chris Lord — Bug 803299 - JPEG srgb icc fails on Android in 24-bit colour. r=jrmuizel
3f3963a3ebf6413b2919561bcd04cf6b3428e97bChris Lord — Bug 803299 - More tests pass on Android with 24-bit colour. r=blassey
5269f0483d1e6905c6269d26aeeca6863543a4abChris Lord — Bug 803299 - Respect pref. r=blassey
a9485787fdb1bb5de9c7c80b4ff7939bb8380861Chris Lord — Bug 803299 - Enable 32-bit colour on Android. r=kats
4655d7317a03014a6df464e5e19509c1f51ab008Mike Hommey — Bug 875824 - Disable on-demand decompression of the linker on devices where it is known to cause crashes. r=kats
d47ebe4dfea6336143b7b8a91c7a80a31f02663eMike Hommey — Bug 875824 - Allow to disable on-demand decompression at runtime. r=sewardj
cb0e5e4f82e004230d83bcfe917e74bcc4357f0cMihai Sucan — Bug 873851 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_764572_output_open_url.js | Timed out while waiting for: show TEST_URI's net activity in console; r=me
233122ebffd29995e23f71e02f9c4c6b3f4cfeb3Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
58bf49390ed428c5078a9cbb307ed15fe1b4d248Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 865735 - Add a units template parameter to the gfx Point, Size, and Rect classes. r=bas,roc
dbccec261411ca30aa7d6a9aab6e256181b794a5Patrick McManus — bug 858055 - disable cache_lock_stalled detector for tests that rely on cache r=jmaher