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Mon Oct 13 17:39:39 2014 +0000
78a4540b0a9caf78cd7ca923524925639bc740a8ffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
dc7bfe925ebd8ad08b38f5733185cf564de0c4a3ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-central cec1a116c4f9 with FIREFOX_AURORA_35_BASE a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
Mon Oct 13 17:36:15 2014 +0000
cec1a116c4f9a3e887d52e9a26e8bbec200fe162Paul Rouget — Bug 1056923 - WebIDE launch button: strings. r=flod a=Sylvestre FIREFOX_AURORA_35_BASE
Mon Oct 13 11:14:20 2014 +0000
9ed77991d70f4b350270edad2014cd2357527f2fBenjamin Chen — Bug 1029552 - Release HW resource when the MediaElement UnbindFromTree. r=cpearce
42f385becea7de066e18d6ac744153f0c198ac34Randell Jesup — Bug 1053130: non-unified-build bustage r=bustage rs=alfredo
ef6465b02d0d15a0f29b4f0d8823994feb6658daRandell Jesup — Bug 879717: bustage fix (unified builds) r=bustage
1ae70cece64666ec6a76d0b2dd9b2b02287b54c2Jeff Walden — Bug 991981 - Test for TypedObjectGet not being neutering-aware. r=nmatsakis
be9320beb260c8ad584f88b99c57cb35a6241380Jeff Walden — Bug 991981 - Test for TypedObject aggregate setting on a neutered buffer. r=nmatsakis
08018668136ea90fd1c126641849cb9c1878288bJeff Walden — Bug 991981 - Test for typedArray.set(arraylike, offset) not asserting when arraylike.length neuters typedArray. r=sfink
541ca516d9ca5ff59e7f710e7d110947a6f005ceJeff Walden — Bug 991981 - Test for asm.js ArrayBuffer heap neutering during arguments coercion. r=luke
0f8cc6e38a1e0f8e3985d77c3569598ef198a3b7Jeff Walden — Bug 991981 - %TypedArray%.prototype.subarray test. r=sfink
17e0e70a8b5458d39156aa1c475a5054bfd7719bJeff Walden — Bug 991981 - Test for ArrayBuffer.prototype.slice. r=sfink
a91412e045d946f0835a73db9f1c84ef1c6273f2Jeff Walden — Bug 991981 - new DataView() index handling test. r=sfink
84db6506625e65d2bbd8b10f267b10b0166313f1Jeff Walden — Bug 991981 - Test for DataView.prototype.set* with neutering during arguments parsing. r=sfink
b4c32d72735f23784bec6f544c8a5d1937fc92e6Jeff Walden — Bug 991981 - Test for %TypedArray%.prototype.copyWithin. r=sfink
fdbabd7946abf3e56d7e1ff7a4f4e20331937796Jeff Walden — Bug 1011007 - MTypedArrayLength hoisting test. r=jandem
58f5bf899265f9055f7b78dfc46538504ffbcd5fJeff Walden — Bug 1009952 - Tests for {g,s}etElemTryTypedStatic failing to watch out for neutering. r=sfink
119a19ebe6d3e927c58d8807bf56f719e3832ab2Jeff Walden — Bug 995679 - Test for length-inlining code invalidation on ArrayBuffer neutering. r=sfink
9ffc95fd87d3e8adbb33b3ea168d563f1085073eJeff Walden — Bug 999651 - Test for typed array data-inlining code invalidation on ArrayBuffer neutering, where the typed array's data pointer remains unchanged. r=sfink
cad1cbc2598f5d3b94433c79bbffd7ef106e520cJeff Walden — Change a couple comments to MOZ_ASSERT from the removed JS_ASSERT. No bug, r=trivial
8870dc5bfa717b58bb31eff69955be035bc7d96fRandell Jesup — Bug 1070127: refactor TrackUnionStream into cpp to unconfuse lldb debugger r=roc
0e9a6298a2022e0d4c3a2d14ce6a4924bb0f735fJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1070127 - add placeholder tracks at DOMMediaStream creation. r=roc,jesup
f749e3f70ffc956291c4738140c896d1a9e718c0Andrew Osmond — Bug 879717: Part 3: Fix camera preview stream and wake locks from lock screen. r=roc
ecd54a3fbfddd0260566ff8a0269e3bca3223a2cAndreas Pehrson — Bug 879717: Part 2: Add mochitest for canvas drawImage with video.mozSrcObject=stream r=roc
8f472a850073d4b0ad52e276bdfcac39263cf780Andreas Pehrson — Bug 879717: Part 1: Delay HAVE_CURRENT_DATA state until a video frame has been stored in the image container. r=roc
86da49382e3ba111380edf4183a2b6203456ed2fKarl Tomlinson — b=1080958 enable config-change-webm tests
2d0a1d87170024ca2ef2d2a5400f9b8ffe143373Karl Tomlinson — b=1080958 end current SourceBufferResource before Shutdown of TrackBuffer::mTaskQueue r=kinetik
c033be95eb1f218b60182b9613c905b3f46a6450Chai-hung Tai — Bug 1053130: Refactor MediaEngine video sources; alse remove Snapshot function. r=jesup,alfredo