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Tue Aug 10 01:50:29 2010 +0000
a0d6e4d37273bc0893a6ef3f25bc10261fbdc36bJim Mathies — Bug 575870 - Implement custom drawn titlebar for classic, aero basic, and xp. Also fix various content padding issues for desktops with advanced ui customization settings. r=dao.
05dde680ade2fe2a9a55b6d1eb824ddfeeac84c4Jim Mathies — Bug 574454 - Remove widget level disabling code for chrome margins on non-aero dekstops. r=robaronold.
34b248dfbf59fbf7a2a6731ad5c2266d175359d1Jim Mathies — Bug 574454 - Implement non-client frame rendering for windows. r=neil.
5715673e78c2deaa95f443e7ca791929d194c175Jim Mathies — Bug 574454 - Theme code for caption button box, content padding. r=vlad.
ff19c2e8669545c99eefd70d4315c2f36928cd7eJim Mathies — Bug 574454 - Implement frame rendering and metrics in native themeing. r=vlad.
c051f7df730ef5c21b082f28c1479b016afcf99fJim Mathies — Bug 574454 - Cleanup nsNativeThemeWin's GetMinimumWidgetSize a bit. r=roc.
4a345ea809f6f6a859e908bc8bb3e126c169c08eJim Mathies — Bug 574454 - Add caption buttonbox css styles. r=dbaron.
05983881f94729f5a809d48ec58636ab752294c0Jim Mathies — Bug 574454 - Add window frame css styles. r=dbaron.