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Mon Jun 10 09:05:46 2013 +0000
625de2ded691992e28f4ece11a54b6691dc11f26Stephen Pohl — Bug 881022: Check that the scrollable frame is still alive after each call to UnsetOpacityOnElement for the two scrollbars to avoid crashing. r=roc
fc34df66e54df2599b79470155cf5f203a89b438Karl Tomlinson — b=810274 allow smooth scroll step to nearest pixel boundary short of desired position r=roc
43d505a966f30f3a2d4297086bb887187af11762Karl Tomlinson — b=810274 include bounds with layer pixels as possible destinations to minimize subpixel scrolls r=roc
03b0f599a0031258b5477c65b2cf75a9363dc476Karl Tomlinson — b=880492 use GCC's typeof when decltype is not available r=Waldo
b6e14855f129dcf002dc726fa25e87e90c26c8c6Matt Woodrow — Bug 871917 - Schedule a paint when an nsSVGImageFrame gets an image changed notification. r=roc
8543100834216b417584be93d80b1f61eac213efMatt Woodrow — Backout Bug 861805 for causing Bug 871729. rs=roc
94fb66d82988800685cd2bb3c6d257aa8c1bfd63Kyle Huey — Bug 877584: Add missing #ifdef DEBUG. r=me
5b76afd813299c484672027d9064b9f854ddd347Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
2864e2610800d032cde71bdb000b2691ea7a4480Kyle Huey — Bug 877584: Route JS holding through the cycle collection runtime so it can do different things on different threads. r=mccr8
68aaa8ae9d93823864adf98fe972af1b05340b33Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 880745 - Intermittent browser_history.js r=jimm
750cf3ffac808ef93c031fa80c32fa3e08cdb37fIvaylo Dimitrov — Bug 880029 - gstreamer - high CPU usage after patch for Bug 856562 landed. r=alessandro.d
313e1ff9266d9a997b565ab3f53f7b006fd2e3d7Hannes Verschore — Bug 880891 - IonMonkey: Only trigger invalidation when decided to inline function, r=djvj
8ef966de04d5903c9dcb9dbe050d056dc57cf960Mike Hommey — Bug 874708 - Backout changeset 4655d7317a03 (part of bug 875824) now that the linker itself has a mitigation that works on the SGS4
1f228b1d95664000454af81fedee37406017d585Mike Hommey — Bug 874708 - Hook libc's sigaction to avoid system libraries replacing our segfault handler temporarily and restoring it wrongly. r=nfroyd
122712f43da6e64aeae81bfa1016322d5158da05Stephen Pohl — Bug 877097: Check that the scrollable frame is still alive after each call to SetOpacityOnElement for the two scrollbars to avoid crashing. r=roc
7569629f5b3d8c29b79b12f597fc7e01bbf01cbdSankha Narayan Guria — Bug 880265 - Remove AudioBufferSourceNode.gain; r=ehsan
e43466d95794bdf0055153199f226de770dbeff0Gijs Kruitbosch — Backing out 0acfbc3b4941 (Bug 844818) for b2g bustage.
82fab5c8a6d5a94c6a0f32a942976595b6e722a2Landry Breuil — Bug 618485: Finally remove uintptr_t word payload union member on 64BE, it grows jsval_layout size and is unused. r=luke
308462ba17bae57b9571fe397e0480b1c3217d01Landry Breuil — Bug 844430: Add the correct build defines to fix libsctp on NetBSD/OpenBSD/Dragonfly. r=jesup
0acfbc3b49415469d0720639d2a75a516a9747f4Jan Beich — Bug 844818 - Make WebRTC aware of --enable-alsa/--enable-pulseaudio. r=jesup,ted
ff4a92ea700bae40c6619b332d94191b552f9558Jan Beich — Bug 878446 - Disable libyuv asm without SSSE3 as well. r=jesup
4e56548d0b3d75dc443d4d874b65a28a672983caC. Scott Ananian — Bug 880807 - OdinMonkey: Fix signature of int multiplication by constant (r=luke)
4cecde6e32b0b9c1821e07902b9247f15e326f37Jon Coppeard — Bug 860573 - Part 2 - Use spare bits of wrapper cache flags for nsINode r=smaug
bbb8169d421673bfcd8d419c8c9711be0d656349Jon Coppeard — Bug 860573 - Part 1 - Store wrapper cache flags separately to the object pointer r=smaug
697190293f4e1d4692a42055696ba11534b31476Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 another followup for the Windows bustage. r=jandem pending
39a59be2a4cc43ed9b658dcfd1187ebb0c312600Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 bustage fix. Deal with the fact that Value has 8-byte alignment. r=jandem
efe5d05176dc955e9eba349f5c3d0c7c08c195f9Jason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 5 - Factor out EvalAndPrint from ReadEvalPrintLoop. Use CompileOptions to eliminate some more manual memory management. Make ReadEvalPrintLoop take both input and output FILEs as arguments instead of using gOutFile. r=jwalden.
abeb2688806251cc0e839a14dd94b0887fd354e1Jason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 4 - Use a Vector<char> instead of manually allocating the input buffer in ReadEvalPrintLoop. r=jwalden.
d496b277486de6e8ce94b4866bc9ce94dc1131c5Jason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 3 - Declare variables at initialization in ReadEvalPrintLoop. r=jwalden.
42975d6638db828bd9d66161e031f2dd962fb0fcJason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 2 - Factor out RunFile() from Process(). r=jwalden.
df75bae8a436bb5d8826fec23b08baf127132b95Jason Orendorff — Bug 880575, part 1 - Factor out ReadEvalPrintLoop() from Process(). r=jwalden.
d27cb123e9dead57ad319fce486cc976aadf21abBoris Zbarsky — Bug 879628. Don't screw up the text from earlier counters when using counters() with various list styles. r=dbaron
1de41a52b662d38067ace6366e381b2aa2d950b9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 872669. Slightly speed up our named proxy gets by making use of the inline chars/length getters we can have when our id is an atom. r=waldo,peterv
3c733ec01b14d2e656d37c9c6203ec8cebd8b706Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 6. Replace ${jsvalPtr} with a MutableHandle ${jsvalHandle}. r=peterv
f047d17cdb7830f6990ee157a6e0efcecfeddd0fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 5. Add a set() method to Rooted. r=terrence
20f763a69b1f4dd9ae86ef6c91936968494dbb50Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 4. Eliminate uses of ${valHandle} in binding conversions and make ${val} be a handle. r=peterv
98ec2d7ed87f37e95eed4f6a9e8274a930885163Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 3. Rename valMutableHandle to mutableVal. r=peterv
840183b434d25f05e0f91789da431cb9712f3281Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 2. Eliminate uses of ${valPtr} in bindings conversions. r=peterv
1907d472e5d442457619b450f74ac6c7e2c52f83Boris Zbarsky — Bug 877281 part 1. Convert WebIDL bindings to using something CallArgs-like. r=peterv,jandem
02e3a57b61c5bb7c05cf7e00c4a35eef846c3421Jeff Gilbert — Bug 870232 - Enable 'webgl' requests for Desktop FF. - r=bjacob
e56502eddeb8dc6683bcf5164774340d67dc435eTrevor Saunders — bug 852150 - handle removal of accessibles when reframe root doesn't have an accessible more correctly r=surkov
9e310bf47f507943e35978c693a9d0eb92d9deb0Trevor Saunders — bug 877886 - get rid of a number of static constructors in content/ and dom/ r=smaug
d9508c92f3cc0be5c8470741a532c7397a128677David Burns — Bug 870445 - Add -marionette command-line arg to Firefox, r=mdas
3854819a064bfaa32615305d287f505984d2ab13Gavin Sharp — Clean up browser_contextmenu.js, no bug
22ed321f3fbe1eecb8a42d26387098c7b4187f48Hannes Verschore — Bug 876607 - Fix accidental switching of lhs/rhs in the code, rs=luke
a8e61d04f7866b45f03156a06034b55ad212ca53Jared Wein — Bug 872711 - Fix specified property value for border-{top,bottom}-left-radius. r=mixedpuppy
53318030bbb10d9245a3ee8f734f543fb90d689dDavid Zbarsky — [Bug 879998] Remove some dead code in content/ r=Ms2ger, emk
b9b9d53a5c2d9652101ff4928e2b8eb0b03e5724David Zbarsky — Bug 880037: Don't try to mark message managers when we're not in the root process r=jlebar
f9f7ba08df906a127b7412fecbd1196167e3eb30Joey Armstrong — bug 872087: move HOST_LIBRARY to (logic) r=ted
a36f160d685efeff078c7c44f34143378eed9f83Joe Drew — Bug 878751 - Port a bug fix from Chrome back to Mozilla. r=jlebar
668d268c6b05a2f4cb975ad96143b4af98fc99e9Joe Drew — Bug 878392 - Reset Decoder::mCurrentFrame to nullptr if we fail to create a frame. r=seth
33a3d0e4bc180b28571c41009241c366c9ebf862Federico Paolinelli — Bug 876485 - Moved clipboard code from GeckoAppShell to a separate Clipboard class. Changed jni calls to new methods. r=cpeterson
95b53f90183e3b9542ac22d924859d2b6b4ab27cStephen Pohl — Bug 880753: Add public nsLookAndFeel::UseOverlayScrollbars method. r=smichaud
7266f50150f1a4a2555c1bcdf28a4faabadfb3eeDrew Willcoxon — Bug 880237 - Prevent crash in mozInlineSpellChecker::IgnoreWords by asserting mSpellCheck != null. r=ehsan
b7d48e8170414f79ac688de30ca5b559f525240dJeff Hammel — Bug 707976 - Remove manifestdestiny from its old location in m-c and use that in testing/mozbase;r=ahal
00c0970b6926c96363a3f595d3378adc81d1d276Joe Drew — Bug 876499 - If a looping image is being asked to advance to a time that is more than one loop in the future, skip the intermediate frames and simply jump to the next multiple of the loop count. r=seth
a5c21f8abf51b3f3904e0de0e8930c3417fcb8b4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b14bfecb7c34677b9dcfe8f02d6b6bae00dbd71dBrian Nicholson — Bug 878491 - Save about:home top padding in BrowserApp instead of AboutHome fragment. r=lucasr
859ee3960254a5f0fd6206a73172b4bc7cb614fbDaniel Holbert — Bug 880662 - Remove unused variable from YCbCrImageDataDeserializerBase::IsValid(). r=nical
5860d85b0006388563f52a188584181fb71b57d3Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 878495 - In shell, print "[native code]" for native functions. r=luke
d65ae86e598839196d88ea016575af20a5562c96Francesco Lodolo [:flod] — Bug 878154 - about:plugins: plugin status is not localizable. r=bsmedberg
cac9a6c4ab7572bab6b4472f70362cf6d77220efBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 877965 - Ignore empty statements in var declarations in asm.js mode. r=luke
a65235fd01464428171e9b5ab91b00546bfa8924Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 877965 - In asm.js mode, use the last return statement instead of the last statement to find the return type of a function. r=luke
2882222d290a67609749780819b560cf3e67c536Marcos A. Di Pietro — Bug 867567 - JavaScript Error: "TypeError: focused is null". r=kats
59fc33c899c4c0341c7b7e6e1896633779f66b55Kannan Vijayan — Bug 880539 - Fix CodeGenerator::guardTypeSet to handle MagicArgs type. r=bhackett
b70991f0853edb947687adcdce9a3106f65def71Gavin Sharp — Backout 498f79c24e70 (bug 860560) for browser-chrome bustage
313de3a7c9e20b8dec3e34aafa106dcaab83c13cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 879998 - Remove some dead code in content/events r=smaug
52e83bf32c77cc8191d928e9fb40541b846c794dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 798438 - Use a dictionary to set context options instead of an nsIPropertyBag r=bz
29363d0fd7ff5f52300d39bb87c4aa3f4e6ec386Terrence Cole — Bug 880392 - Fix use-after free with exact rooting in XPCShell; r=sfink
fcdcf78fa4e34a94d77f4307fc1c0dd197a4ef14Paul Adenot — Bug 878875 - Port Blink's LayoutTest for PannerNode to mochitest-plain. r=ehsan
b61e0a52d29cbf47f7f01838539d499a90d196cbPaul Adenot — Bug 878875 - Import PannerNode tests from Blink. r=ehsan
195a1146daa018d02b4b8958e90df7598415f6c0Aki Sasaki — bug 868599 - update gaia.json with repo_path. r=jgriffin
050f5a9a15b5c42a8759eb23e5b656d2924b0eaeEhsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 880724
b5b6bd4cb6a84da9011e06243e543ab25e80cfe1Gavin Sharp — Bug 862143: remove support for loading sherlock files from disk, r=MattN
2a6d3e4e7c875fccbf8e3e60740f2feea06cb44dGavin Sharp — Bug 854478: remove support for automatically converting Sherlock-format search engines that were dropped into the profile directory, r=MattN
498f79c24e709600cacb28a295ba034d34d190b2Mike de Boer — Bug 860560: make sure that defaultEngine and currentEngine stay in sync, r=gavin
Sat Jun 08 10:26:37 2013 +0000
855a29c9dd686ddeb5fdb485a24ca975589d445effxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-615 - a=hsts-update