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Mon Feb 10 20:32:33 2014 +0000
f5726434eedc1897fabddcbc066544c4d9de6278Sami Jaktholm — Bug 876913: Network Monitor: Allow selection of multiple filters, r=vporof
aded6366c9fb531d5345e087c1c9d762090a87afMihai Sucan — Bug 963977 - Fix for intermittent browser_console_addonsdk_loader_exception.js | Test timed out; r=me
a1b47aeca0cee75fcddeb19553a45ca79bb11b48Brian Grinstead — Bug 966308 - DevTools Themes - Make dark theme the default;r=robcee
dc07278bb6f84dad9d4d458d4d16cbe4c6f04c0bBrian Grinstead — Bug 967168 - DevTools Addon icons should not be inverted on light theme;r=jwalker
62dd35d5057894bfc98a7db8dbb018ebe6d49f08Mike de Boer — Bug 967564: report operand, even when a custom message is specified. r=gps
7dc432174b8aae4006a9735afb7804c3a59f4cbaCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
6b41b92d0f6b7b878d6d8996f885d9e5fef121cdTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
Mon Feb 10 11:48:02 2014 +0000
063a9e3da435ec1edc27f42235feb26ac072d94bChris Peterson — Bug 970159 - Return integer 0 from sdp_attr_get_extmap_id(), not NULL pointer. r=jesup
afaec025122d7b1edc3be0d6a9d74eb34237c4d5Chris Peterson — Bug 952785 - RawDBusConnection::SendWithReply() returns bool, not nsresult. r=echou
155486b9b85c7fd2ac66e58560091f2ead1ef537Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 969159 -- Adjust assertion to account for zero-sized objects r=shu
923f863b867212e0acce4dddfe5fd2f585bb2421Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
d9b18d294464721d7b969fdf15b428b5c5262119Matt Woodrow — Bug 966679 - Mark the layer as invalid when we get an async texture update. r=nical
9a0f3fde984301e9ab5238891bb209dfb7a56febMatt Woodrow — Bug 966679 - Use correct texture format when coverting YCbCr image data back into an image surface. r=nical
09634c58facbc0f3a09d75ad273478f9193a40a4Matt Woodrow — Bug 968042 - Clear mNextPaintCompressed after painting. r=roc
0043cc21757b4acb8deb09167037f8d7993f4b00Matt Woodrow — Bug 926745 - Don't call ForceRemove manually in compositable code. r=nical,sotaro
9009d48cb9c7bd1ed5e742e290979ae2f10667feMats Palmgren — Bug 969773 - Restore Selection/Controller state when disconnecting the editor. r=ehsan
4b255bcb080ccfd3bf2c0cf2b8fdef9888bc8ed9Mats Palmgren — Bug 968174 - Don't schedule a paint if the pres context was detached during the delay. Re-enable the assertions from bug 967758. r=roc
890d5e759a4b7c6af8c7022361760bcf322cec01Cameron McCormack — Bug 969961 - Turn CSS Variables pref on in tests that rely on it. r=philor
81e6988807deba68a62abacbe032da2d86e416cdBrian Smith — Bug 967153: Add name constraint test certs accidentally excluded from commit 9e5d07c8c87b, r=me, a=NPOTB, DONTBUILD
5b5e7559cda52d895d2d9034179ff1da087d5ddfBrian Smith — Bug 967153: Update to require NSS 3.16, r=me
9e5d07c8c87b157212d968756333edddbf61c591Brian Smith — Bug 967153: Update NSS to NSS 3.16 beta 1 (NSS_3_16_BETA1), r=me
2925006239ec146ad645e5113d7887feab70d54cBill McCloskey — Bug 966467 - Proxy clipboard service in content process (r=vlad)
a43fb54ca20e800eca250e2f68bded7730bdb55eBill McCloskey — Bug 966467 - Enable some service proxies only in content processes (r=vlad)
cca3c1af0066d85b0d218896bf050aa32a1d0b93Bill McCloskey — Bug 966467 - Disable some unused services in content processes (r=vlad)
a3c277cc5acc5cdc8ab73856f832e5d456027920Bill McCloskey — Bug 966467 - Allow static modules to choose whether to be loaded in content process (r=bsmedberg)
96bf3036bfb52370dc3227210e40592bc32f32c0Cameron McCormack — Bug 970106 - Add lldb type summary for nscolor. r=ehsan (NPOTB, DONTBUILD)
1827e672f1792e9c142841bd08ff8ed13bc1efdfEhsan Akhgari — Bug 970042 - Stop checking the result of nsTArray::SetLength in the Windows widget code; r=roc
2f3a07546a335ab62a922348907262464903c05fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 969870 - Use fallible allocations to store the used attributes of a WebGL program; r=bjacob
1bab733c5a83508638332db9b86473649eb92fa9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 969869 - Use fallible allocation in WebGL element array cache; r=bjacob