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Thu Sep 22 09:50:59 2016 +0000
4aa20c3e211f6fec5d82bb74b087e13ad7ac04ccRay Lin — Bug 1303245 - Add closed caption button test for video control. r=jaws
86a6a947fd9bead62ba068bb8faa4790d57f806bJW Wang — Bug 1304298. Part 4 - remove the call to waitTil(). r=kamidphish
08904be524b7ea60363095b494585d42eca9f8ecJW Wang — Bug 1304298. Part 3 - reduce suspend-timeout to 100ms so playback is less likely to reach the end before finishing all tests. r=kamidphish
10105e842263ba9cd8c02287d9420c7495820728JW Wang — Bug 1304298. Part 2 - remove finished elements from the DOM tree. r=kamidphish
6986b6ab910f36e2232bbccc1a5adef52cccb79fJW Wang — Bug 1304298. Part 1 - log |token| in testDelay() so we have a better idea which file fails the test. r=kamidphish
79604052ba79578b8d2ed32c4322ba3d2f74c289Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset b82fa1825412 (bug 1279612) for static analysis bustage
b82fa1825412c8b8a871cd8af3b4af4935e40800Cervantes Yu — Bug 1279612 - Block xpcom-will-shutdown before GMPServiceParent instances are shut down. r=gerald
ef5324ac2924eaacc049c4708a12e8e9e21851abajay — Bug 1303708 - Remove unused JSID_IS_ZERO(jsid id) function. r=arai
8ab39d701f57e4fe3f8588ecbbbc9fb0ae2ddbd1Nathan Froyd — Bug 1298387 - disable x86 assembly sources for libtheora when compiling with clang-cl; r=rillian
f4ffc342eaac01e12e5dd771b3b95a1c95e29985Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1296900) for est_ext_all_apis.html | failures
164ce4a8757a5181788924958d0598bed7f45869Matthew Wein — Bug 1302898 - Rename 'restrictions' to 'allowedContexts' r=kmag
d1789329b81f28584d39c4ac1eb5cf94f9a22445Matthew Wein — Bug 1302898 - Make the schema restrictions array non-nullable. r=kmag
a0e39824988cdfa2317c0c324a9740b7aeff6ba5Jeff Gilbert (:jgilbert) — Bug 1303814 - WebGL 2 isn't Nightly-only. - r=mrbkap
1da8daaf2082616b3c19b31603eea886555aa2a2Daniel Holbert — Bug 1266570: Add CSS_PROPERTY_STORES_CALC flag to "clip-path" property, so it can transition between percent and pixel shape-coordinates. r=heycam
2c9c2f19170dc608d9f5cf09514139580e5ed5bfChris Pearce — Bug 1304207 - Add telemetry to track when EME CDMs are instantiated. r=francois,gerald
60ee6e26982a997df6729c268bb49603fa159aceMarkus Stange — Bug 1303761 - Disable paint skipping for all scroll frames between the fixed element and the scrolled clip. r=tnikkel
5436f8c05f6d05eaf561cba34c845b0328e949dfDavid Keeler — bug 1302140 - add policy to disable SHA-1 except for certificates issued by non-built-in CAs r=jcj,rbarnes
fa509c8809900cc585be2c9098cc8cee6aed45e1Rob Wu — Bug 1296900 - Hide commands API if manifest key is missing r=kmag
06ee8b3640af0ad7c5ab9c7262524e2c52068892Rob Wu — Bug 1296900 - Add test for availability of default WebExtension APIs r=kmag
12d60c0e0b0ed7a0005d500564da8ba7b7ca840fThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1267917 - Hook the sync bookmark validator into the new sync telemetry ping r=bsmedberg,markh
e9aa1c694bb184367ef344831a09bba3e84be681Maja Frydrychowicz — Bug 1278702 - Fail early in compiled-code tests with --artifact Try syntax; r=armenzg
e4086709000d694e33c20e27af1ff42e3f2311e2Maja Frydrychowicz — Bug 1278702 - Error out when compiled-code test is requested with artifact build; r=chmanchester
ad59137b2feed87ef9f356e4726b57f0b1f22251Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1304052 - Disable APZ zooming when the document has any fullscreen state. r=botond
6957fdb6a7128810bc9a8ba1f871eede183dd9f2CuriousLearner — Bug 1298800 - Add support for callbacks to restart() and quit() methods of Marionette; r=whimboo
9c160c2c7ae98629f3d35c498db20ec7f45254b4Mike Conley — Bug 1303479 - Remove <xul:notification>s right away in browser_UnsubmittedCrashHandler.js to avoid intermittent. r=florian
3464b86eb1cfebae87f2131b3476ce49856926c0Mike Conley — Bug 1297475 - Have FlyWeb publish server permission prompt use ContentPermissionIntegration. r=justindarc
5448cbebb76a236bf4ed98e542e23e1ec7b362f2Mike Conley — Bug 1297475 - Tests for PermissionUI.jsm. r=Paolo
032477ef3c8f4771b55f99b857839f4df42afda7Mike Conley — Bug 1297475 - Add tests for /browser's implementation of nsIContentPermissionPrompt. r=Paolo
0db5e128e753caf6fdd5cec4870d035b5f5ff6f1Mike Conley — Bug 1297475 - Move content permission prompts into a JSM and add an Integration. r=Paolo
ab5ccadf750eecb993baf1ad5a435517c3a6fa1dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1304457 - Add some missing mCanSend checks. r=dvander
3c3920483acd7b2f47bf640d5106645dc816333eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1304457 - Ensure that RemoteContentController doesn't try to send any messages after it has sent the Destroy message. r=dvander
2fbbf102636aa14c64b891ffe5b2692ec55b7c6fGreg Mierzwinski — Bug 1278402 - Add linux64-ccov and linux64-jsdcov as code coverage build platforms to taskcluster. r=dustin,jmaher
61591d5e84ba2c50f5461130d95dc57feade377aKirk Steuber — Bug 1301452 - Test written for tab spinner probes r=mconley
12235f039d128775f801aa7b3873011f5e82a60dThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1022215 - Increase the number of seconds the sync scheduler tests are willing to wait before failing from 1 to 3. r=markh
770a9b2e9ab6a88562f675d9787c735b51876472Jamie Nicol — Bug 1130739 - Disable OES_EGL_image_external on Mali 450. r=eflores
d8b95e0d8843fd08aebefe39b102b99291610c91Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 2df66e8b7411 (bug 1302140) for Windows build bustage in CertVerifier.cpp. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
1f866a7b1db49fb8dfe8f9d7dc2935d5f91fe836Mike Shal — Bug 1304133 - explicitly list selfhosted.js output in GENERATED_FILES; r=chmanchester
11253b3b99b42054d1c4465a22f4adfaded69864Mike Shal — Bug 1304136 - Use a single invocation; r=chmanchester
570eff59efdafea08fbb78a101ac0bbbbef4d504Mike Shal — Bug 1304136 - have re-use /; r=chmanchester
d01861ca9927fee8c3a06ed38ca7ef63d180b5b6Mike Shal — Bug 1304143 - pass --verbose flag to tup when not running 'make -s'; r=chmanchester
2df66e8b7411fa3f7a998f9d87dc967371577c17David Keeler — bug 1302140 - add policy to disable SHA-1 except for certificates issued by non-built-in CAs r=jcj,rbarnes
26e0cc5ad055a64c8c38ef067a179a4e1b179cacKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1256128 - Update test to handle a tricky race condition where the input event processing is delayed a little. r=botond
29f122a5ade70f7df886601f2b9b79ad5413ed49Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1304323 - Add the support of staged rollout in the push_apk script r=jlorenzo
5194eeb6ca2d34b5fca72d2a78d6a9ec95a36763Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1296280 (part 3) - Set HPACK receive buffer size appropriately for the platform r=mcmanus
d37cfef9b235d1bc0db1f15c6fc8c1e8382d4943Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1296280 (part 2) - Add pref for our SETTINGS_MAX_TABLE_SIZE. r=mcmanus
56980923e6ca00044859c3c1e578c2983b7a4854Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1296280 (part 1) - Add telemetry for HPACK usage. r=bsmedberg,mcmanus data-review=bsmedberg
a602d7e2e3bf3e6c91d453f24bc8984e0e11ca13Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1296280 (part 0b) - Make debugging node h2 server work better r=mcmanus
29ce8a4f9c82d04fdea126864824f73f78f64fb8Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1296280 (part 0a) - Update to node-http2 3.3.6 r=mcmanus
e3cff5e3ae3cc1b20d4861e7934e54c9e407a750Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1300653 - Update youtube puppeteer to store snapshots of state to prevent racing. r=maja_zf
2627ef51142249e474b1a8facefd36306c5f4987Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1300653 - Update VideoPuppeteer to store state snapshots to prevent racing. r=maja_zf
2613526b22e9b05f3deb92a9c6f6a23a8e705f90Henrik Skupin — Bug 1302364 - Include firefox-ui and puppeteer in all-tests.json, and allow to run tests via "mach test". r=gps
793cc68cc5a20cabb574dfb4e4551969f6c98d21Henrik Skupin — Bug 1302364 - Update TEST_MANIFESTS documentation for install_root in resolve_tests(). r=gps
9ef3676a12ff3ce0489acfc180e8e77d0d3717f6Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
300cecbe4c613c27a9f6845a76cdd0fb57d9a3e1Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1294651 - Don't apply iterationComposite value if the preference for Web Animations API is not enabled. r=boris
4fa56ffefa223948465077332a7d861061353ebdJW Wang — Bug 1303660. Part 3 - Move mBufferingStart into BufferingState. r=kikuo
744c9e1885ea7b118b0b53a72f01665c337c9c65JW Wang — Bug 1303660. Part 2 - Move the code of StepBuffering() into BufferingState::Step(). r=kikuo
69e345c33f330d0e43e0509fb375d1ccc8e54233JW Wang — Bug 1303660. Part 1 - Move some code to BufferingState::Enter() and remove unused functions. r=kikuo
b3cc2b2d346c0e1835be484be4bf1fd82a089500Cervantes Yu — Bug 1303940 - MessageLoop::PostDelayedTask() should schedule the runnable on the target thread instead of the current thread. r=froydnj
f9db96226c0c09729de0ea3a8418480c46cf9852Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1301333 - mark Initialize as initialisation function for CycleCollectedJSContext. r=mccr8
e2e14420350f79c3af2ff7e5fb727fdfc2ab6c3eJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1303970: P2. Fix "If the media data fetching process is aborted by the user steps". r=jwwang
673807c7e76fe2f470a786b4b00d733924984f03Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1303970: P1. MEDIA_ERR_ABORTED can be returned even if readyState is HAVE_NOTHING. r=jwwang
8a87c36b6596b7ca01c57c6d9d3109ca1799896fJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1304252: P3. Further error details for agnostic decoders. r=gerald
4b9917e55cf3478f31c308d17f067178983a8f72Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1304252: P2. Provide further error details for android decoder. r=gerald
69738c146f7f2465300b6732cd53485d70807cd6Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1304252: P1. Provide error details for ffmpeg decoder. r=gerald
1085947b24435500ffcb30382b99f78b1b7fd8acJW Wang — Bug 1300714 - Don't force entering DECODING when playState becomes PLAYING. r=cpearce
b81f295675f89c940a27bc5207d6fe63ecfb7a3cJW Wang — Bug 1303347 - add assertions for debugging if Observe() could ever happen after Unsubscribe(). r=cpearce