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Wed Oct 09 09:58:06 2019 +0000
be9a6289486a6f366e431782b84a0c0633f8fec2Perry Jiang — Bug 1456995 - expectation changes for WPTs running under sw-e10s r=asuth
bd6c3a2905f3ddd68b1204ca5d2f92e48da4cb9ePerry Jiang — Bug 1456995 - reduce access levels for member variables/methods in ServiceWorkerManager r=asuth
944a83c4596163756845a1141c8096621391681ePerry Jiang — Bug 1456995 - shutdown unregistered Service Workers on browser shutdown r=asuth
b7a13c7bc4f1f96f2d89b21445b8fa5862412d0ePerry Jiang — Bug 1456995 - enable Service Workers' parent-intercept mode on Nightly r=asuth,jgraham
7a07d4d1bf9831eea6e18aeb5f839d7e9a010d73Perry Jiang — Bug 1456995 - give InternalRequest::mMozErrors a default initializer r=asuth
5786df27c1acec271eac3fb6c4593a8e3494b124Perry Jiang — Bug 1456995 - make browser_devtools_serviceworker_interception.js compatible with parent-intercept r=asuth
720c1e5a8dd3f5bda4ae32137d1c624a1ad55301Alexander J. Vincent — Bug 1508165, build bustage fix for a no-longer-used variable.
75db6763ead58bf1e85d067dfd78a8da7e7ffa43Brendan Dahl — Bug 1510785 - Skip all XBL related tests when XBL is disabled. r=bzbarsky
5a2309893b3af80114b786af714032b082290ff1Brendan Dahl — Bug 1510785 - Support disabling XBL related tests. r=gbrown
02740878ddd6f229f43599c5458ed4285f2019f1Brendan Dahl — Bug 1510785 - Add way to disable XBL in servo. r=emilio
4a104e817b352defa9b4aa5df5dc7eb400cd2b87Brendan Dahl — Bug 1510785 - Only build XBL related code when MOZ_XBL is defined. r=bzbarsky
36b84f0fb2d197439970b5519edb4092f62d0818Brendan Dahl — Bug 1510785 - Add build option for disabling XBL. r=chmanchester
1d1d2599d5052282bbe74b7fa4167e8aa8431b41Alexander J. Vincent — Bug 1508165, remove support for treecol[type=password]. r=MattN,webidl,smaug
5e3149673e9345667919a04dff47f325ce0b1685Perry Jiang — Bug 1575185 - Subscribe content processes spawning Service Workers to permission updates r=asuth
bee723fdb043afb5e1485cc0b8e7f658c8b9354bLogan Smyth — Bug 1572214 - Part 3: Update debugger to use new react-redux flow-typed bindings for better typechecking. r=jlast
93fa4a718f1939a7c86a64938cf142c645d2c1b5Logan Smyth — Bug 1572214 - Part 2: Override Prettier Flow config to allow templatized call syntax. r=jlast
6146ebca595a0c5e673d6853adef32e2f4d184ccLogan Smyth — Bug 1572214 - Part 1: Add more Flow type annotations and tweak logic to match in a few places. r=jlast
c18da2fe8641ab0861e85df87851be9233660d27Janice Shiu — Bug 1587242 - refactor ValueExtractor prototype into an ES6 class r=marcosc
5188f3280dda1eb1c35e526b5e579a86d621c69cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1566795 - part 5: Make the for loop of `HTMLEditor::RemoveInlinePropertyInternal()` partially selected text nodes r=m_kato
55dfb08c8dc1c4a23b705865911777fc621b00e8Jared Wein — Bug 1586647 - Hide the Firefox Accounts button if identity.fxaccounts.enabled=false. r=sfoster
91d5bba42cb042a5d3c1980bbc6c081004fa272bJared Wein — Bug 1572464 - Show a different message on the login-intro if the user is signed in to Sync. r=sfoster,fluent-reviewers,flod
3d621546283659ef444911fbf6b53f532cebb1dbJared Wein — Bug 1576501 - Ignore error when loading the Migration Wizard in automation. r=MattN
9642f41ccc425426fc2ddbee1e38c29d744a59e3Jared Wein — Bug 1576501 - Ignore expected error messages for duplicate logins. r=MattN
38ba8548f2ea8392f155b152df50a756436d94c3Jared Wein — Bug 1576501 - Ignore error messages from browser-sync. r=MattN
b81e421ad52adcc773eba4575bfea17ea1518259Jared Wein — Bug 1576501 - Form fields in about: pages should not get login-related information. r=MattN
430ef52e684e7e695979972b1912ac1fb887c3e3Jared Wein — Bug 1576501 - Don't search for login autocomplete results on about: pages. r=MattN
14152159057957ed0526468fd9aac1cad119de8aJared Wein — Bug 1576501 - Fail mochitest-browser about:logins tests if they write to the console unexpectedly. r=MattN
Wed Oct 09 04:06:09 2019 +0000
26ebfec0883457409f3d2ff8bc882b3b6f4936b2Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset c30194bd49f9 (bug 1587227) for failing in browser_contextmenu_sendpage.js
1cc9b4f7cba8f35843761cfca66af048d42300f6Alexander Surkov — Bug 1587104 - do not pick up accessible name from containing XUL toolbaritem r=Jamie
f4421c5861f8ceb1026993f1768ee786459d1f17Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1586634: Add a test for the pref which enables the compatibility tool. r=pbro,rcaliman
5a4992c15f6693c72b08bfc106e48020463696a9Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1586634: Enable the compatibility tool by devtools.inspector.compatibility.enabled pref. r=pbro,rcaliman
958b4d641752dfd907db9c44dbc3d4a0fcd9e730Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1586634: Add a sidebar panel for the compatibility tool. r=rcaliman,gl
f377025d40efce384792de947be5b96c7ecf4136David Walsh — Bug 1544930 - Improve visibility of the highlighted line r=jlast
c30194bd49f9421f9b7339470960fc12fede17deMark Hammond — Bug 1587227 - ensure sendtab devices list is populated before Sync is initialized. r=lina
b1a494e70997d6dbf27ab67c70d531e2a540398ePaul Bone — Bug 1585159 - Don't grow nursery in a last-ditch GC r=jonco
7ff066349ec605d94231194eece38db908a27e9bPaul Bone — Bug 1585159 - Allow the shell to invoke a last-ditch GC r=jonco
300f2120ee57e4f67e6fbfe82a0eefbc4c81917cSam Foster — Bug 1556953 - Only fill with an exact match when tabbing between fields in a login form. r=MattN
a212d1a845944bf7468e553bbb0d6795ae3c3174Sam Foster — Bug 1586304 - Increase timeout for dismissed attention notifications. r=MattN
b79de21aa7b1e42ca74ccaa438e0617ab5148160Christian Holler — Bug 1580320 - Check return value of PeerConnectionImpl::GetFingerprint. r=drno
437a24df0eef9fc70b2e00d1e09e5a419c733a0bMichael Froman — Bug 1583997 - prefer ffvpx mp3 decoding on android. r=jya
4218aa38462117473f0a127917937b07146a468dPaul Bone — Bug 1585688 - Make test work when configured for 256KB chunks r=jonco
091cea24ef7e048979fe418bba8944db9482895dMike Shal — Bug 1581279 - Fix ./mach clobber --full for Python3; r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,chmanchester
78952e4965a956d92adfdd5b904e28a9f7e530d1Jason Laster — Bug 1585802 - Enable redux timings when debugJsModules is on.
7ec88fbbfcf8a08408faacd141ecb004030258cbJorg K — Bug 1583348 - Implement gTest for mozilla::dom::DOMParser::CreateWithoutGlobal(). r=bz
235aa16859c3e679a09241722168f93531727b94mhoye — Bug 1576859 - resolve long lines in BSD 3-clause license by cutting <pre>-wrapped text r=florian
033f7df325fe71d79a8ef5664df5b0801371c955Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset 030df8fe65c7 (bug 1586861) for causing browser-chrome failures
ed2612dfc5c2f9a7c0fd5babe407e658f4371d6cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1585863 - Remove nsChangeHint_UpdateTextPath. r=longsonr
a17d02fc48eb49e15596443357d00695c40ddb5fNoemi Erli — Bug 1587170 - Fix ES lint failure r=eslint-fix
9dfd2afee1bbee4f18aa9e75e55339a335c523f2Johann Hofmann — Bug 1583067 - Use correct window opener for chrome windows in certManager.js. r=kmag
723cbd51c0879b72b8cd09417496479983e2ae7dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1586814 - Add browser.contentblocking.category to about:support; r=johannh
ac3bcdd939b430cf82492c342f13038509d1387cJamie Nicol — Bug 1587047 - Update wrench reftest expectations. r=gw
ca08f015b43046a0bde5eda45bcf307a82ae1724Jamie Nicol — Bug 1587047 - Ensure PBO is at least height * stride size to avoid emulator error. r=gw
fbbdc8a6447094a7cc5ab2cf02eafc26eeeb2f03jaril — Bug 1587170 - Fix highlight of the replay marker when hovering on a console message r=jlast
9d9bdd86132ce89d1bd68d7548f0f9d43c5d85b1Tom Schuster — Bug 1586592 - Promise.allSettled is now enabled everywhere, fix test. r=jorendorff
2e23a503638ed73e0075eecec2eadd7b52bfff69Dzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1558167 - Disable swizzling on macOS 10.15 AMD devices r=jrmuizel
f28cc541512e1eecd7217f85b7e26487b640067aEmma Malysz — Bug 1586862, replace XUL textbox with HTML input and generic XUL box in testcases within dom directory r=emilio
ab088d1fb19f64597d54a69ea16345599509d7adEmma Malysz — Bug 1586883, replace the remaining XUL textbox with HTML input in testcases within layout directory r=dholbert
88ec006f2ab77af5c466e98adf7f4547d7f963bdMarkus Stange — Bug 1581433 - Maximize or minimize the window when double clicking the titlebar. r=spohl
b99b668905c5c5dd4a7f738caf260304f2ab1c9eTom Ritter — Bug 1585366 - Remove a gcc mangling workaround for Windows r=dmajor — Bug 1585808 - Add UTM parameters to the "Learn more about this breach" link in breach notifications. r=MattN
7f3f9c122ec345be499faad69e443a5a8e31de9cGreg Tatum — Bug 1586757 - Add types to everything but the components; r=julienw
2ecedc9b0ddb9f4e2710b0433d086ba507563624Greg Tatum — Bug 1586757 - Create a @types directory and change to // @ts-check; r=julienw
0e21160da44f27c306e3b179f4fd0f06bbbfa072Greg Tatum — Bug 1586757 - Rename .jsm files to .jsm.js to allow type checking; r=julienw
6338cf051cbb48a83f836be063a1dcfc5936033fGlenn Watson — Bug 1587084 - Fix non-picture-caching path on webrender. r=kvark
6399f9a20324e06fbca81bd033be076fddab564bAaron Klotz — Bug 1586436: Ensure that mscom methods that accept variadic arguments use rvalue references in their arguments; r=Jamie
7892b6543be5fcbc84c8395030bd597ec499d7c3Vijay Budhram — Bug 1587143 - Updated the Fxa toolbar devices button link r=eoger
7fabb89dd479e8b9745600858e6f35096fc31e3bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1587152 - Remove some dead menupopup code. r=bgrins
795cd6da292e73ee9aa1af0227b0c3605d2a0dd9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1587187 - Update xxHash to version 0.7.2. r=dthayer
030df8fe65c7346ab9a57e804dd4cd26a85b7c57Harry Twyford — Bug 1586861 - Use promiseDocumentFlushed in SearchOneOffs.__rebuild. r=dao
52abae8658fc0611943f3d7fb41a0ae75fcc580bEmma Malysz — Bug 1585727, ensure browser_preferences_usage.js is fission compatible r=mconley
b44da78c9070d87870a6fb5ce924b273dcae8369Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset e0427b37129b (bug 1566868) for turning Bug1528607 into permafail CLOSED TREE
258c68e013454a876c4c65a2556a43d4739a26c4Andreas Schuler — Bug 1585009: Support playout-delay RTP header extension r=bwc
70cd4ff8583c68f28ce609a617b34f7dda9ec75bDylan Roeh — Bug 1563343 - Do not search for OS protocol handlers in GV; just let Gecko return ERROR_UNKNOWN_PROTOCOL. r=snorp,geckoview-reviewers,esawin
057bb7522a24876bf72a9e40adcba8969b370d88Daosheng Mu — Bug 1585938 - Annotating battery-allowed-by-feature-policy-attribute-redirect-on-load.https.sub.html as a known failure if it is not Nightly build. r=bzbarsky
f79e3ad10f11e0e058bcf7245d95999dd623b87dMatthew Gregan — Bug 1583996 - Unlock CubebDeviceEnumerator mutex during call to cubeb_enumerate_devices. r=achronop
1703ed8928713ba27d051495eb6668fc23068765Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1426010 - Ship column-span. r=dbaron
009c68b4bc9bd942c2458a36d5c155e99af6b35aMichael Kaply — Bug 1574963 - Add description for LegacyProfiles policy. r=flod,fluent-reviewers
c56533544a3db99c1c4e987537de2c18b12b8e87David Teller — Bug 1585108 - Reworking enterTaggedTuple to remove the need to lookup when we're not in a sum;r=arai
9e045f73f0f92f44c9a05f277d299f639572480eDoug Thayer — Bug 1587131 - Compute proper remote type for talos framescripts r=mconley
2b676ea4de819e1e463429c85ad79a0721fb8722Dan Minor — Bug 1564902 - Checked paused_ prior to calling SendPacket; r=bwc
02690aec915e4978f89e386c03e04c08e141373cCosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 388dbc366e53 (bug 1586862) for mochitest failures on test_focus_docnav.xul CLOSED TREE
25280623ac38eda604e1a443216823bb10439f0eGabriel Luong — Bug 1578839 - Implement resizing of the browser with the embedded RDM UI. r=mtigley
5208b780014b6920b6d5af3bec37ec144253cf9bBrian Grinstead — Bug 1586877 - Replace <xul:textbox> with <html:input> in preferences tests;r=jaws
668ba95593cffcfce716e51b98d24d0410cae4cfKevin Jacobs — Bug 1564179 - Add telemetry for delegated credentials r=jcj
3e896e8ca6b7899fa2e256eb3a6b0c0a935bf5a7Tom Ritter — Bug 1583949 - Add a check for IsEvalAllowed to the worker callpath for eval() r=ckerschb,baku
119e4808983044dd1b29fa7da03724ae4354d418Alexander Surkov — Bug 1586836 - remove <xul:textbox> from a11y tests r=MarcoZ
a57eab6eda4b3da89e9192e5b7df86f7e70a379eJohn Lin — Bug 1581902 - p6: introduce a pref to enable/disable H.264 for WebRTC. r=pehrsons
20a0cccb492f99cefdfd6ae7a5c35ada3fd2eb56John Lin — Bug 1581902 - p5: check H.264 hardware availability. r=pehrsons
d913e35c484b75244c5b1886ca821062bf469869John Lin — Bug 1581902 - p4: add HW H.264 feature to GfxInfo. r=esawin
6b1e07e66214e30a57e205ccfc82170a15909325John Lin — Bug 1581902 - p3: expose H.264 HW availability to AndroidBridge. r=esawin
5530f741f9ad3a10fe395f9b5d2c8e820414e462John Lin — Bug 1581902 - p2: add HW H.264 check and rename methods. r=esawin
7b70cc3ab4ed5c71af4c5de1efcdc7e5f2b2f6abJohn Lin — Bug 1581902 - p1: use MediaDataEncoder on Android. r=jya
fe4675749b699118cf258e0b6456141fafb322dcAndrew Swan — Bug 1585588 Fix screenshots cross-doc adoption r=_6a68
d184d0b3aeaa5afbe25da2786a55a7f22f98f711Oana Pop Rus — Bug 1571863 - Disable browser_dbg-worker-scopes.js on linux, windows and mac. r=gbrown
d3dd5c416c379f0773b008359e725dc8377e327aBrian Grinstead — Bug 1586878 - Replace <xul:textbox> with <html:input> in test_add_remove_dictionaries.xul;r=mossop
cd53657852925e93b5f817b648cac2d49214971fCosmin Sabou — Bug 1585437 - Mark tests as fail-if on fission. r=gl
5f00644587653baf160b72877bea0d58e3d1a3beEdouard Oger — Bug 1577690 - WebChannel support for optional Sync. r=vladikoff
388dbc366e53877fea8728a12ff568d587f73d5aEmma Malysz — Bug 1586862, replace XUL textbox with HTML input and generic XUL box in testcases within dom directory r=emilio
44d332a2e17a4bb895105cf87449806700ef1e44Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1516286. WR Fallback: Do the empty check later. r=aosmond
e0427b37129bb0272be31d8d212db607db776f5cJunior Hsu — bug 1566868 - coop comparison with top-level parents r=valentin