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Thu Mar 19 12:46:23 2015 +0000
0a11b73c77b78b08ea55b05e368a6522a34fa251Mike Hommey — Backout changeset a1a89ff4ee31 (bug 762449) to disable jemalloc 3 for now.
8491e8e66dfd151d364e6a72d8f33f7969f6a4f2Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1126089) for ASan e10s bc1 failures and green-crashes
a907e799d8d4fc2a66ec366361308bc14313fa10Phil Ringnalda — Back out 59fd15407a79 (bug 1142336) for shutdown hangs
cc2ae042cf01e22ae7f60658ed5ebde4e2a45816Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1142975 - Check for Present()-caused context loss. - r=kamidphish
af1e88d6b173cdb0621a127adfce52d9f6653aa9Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1110120 - Remove use of UniquePtr for XFB and UB tracking.; r=smaug
6d051ee01dc859e942aa53d06a252235b6570c30Seth Fowler — Bug 935850 - Add a little more fuzz to box-sizing-replaced-003.xht. r=me
2230352e97bf2529647ebacf9560fd4d2b1c591bSeth Fowler — Bug 1141398 - Do not always revalidate image cache entries for file URIs. r=tn
1b724ad95f5506436c1443ad7ae40dfa3eb12d82Seth Fowler — Bug 1019840 - Use cached intrinsic size in nsImageFrame::ComputeSize unless the image loader has a size. r=tn
915f028b125ec2fb2ded4e1c388ba5ec0f226bfbSeth Fowler — Bug 1141376 - Do not call OnSizeAvailable in nsImageFrame::Init. r=tn
2cb48c14bbedf8cf089a6fdf022e3de1b1ebf950Seth Fowler — Bug 1139636 - Add BUG_COMPONENT info for ImageLib. r=gps
5462a753d8496c839ab3e05693004a8f7968633aTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1116376 - Skip full GC triggered by atoms zone if keepAtoms is true, and retrigger it after keepAtoms becomes false. r=jonco
03b0e7eac69dae9f6b0c85e173c536a1d7b2638bBrian Hackett — Bug 1137180 - Add most functionality necessary for extensible unboxed objects, r=jandem.
9e6e0fbeb0b41f2c90beaeabf22a936ed2ecc2b7Brian Hackett — Bug 1143521 - Remove IsPoisonedPtr stuff, r=sfink.
59fd15407a79d972a19acfa515fd509002964059Bobby Holley — Bug 1142336 - Create one unified thread pool for media code and run the MDSM task queues on it. r=mattwoodrow
b3fee83f129be1098c1e24a63d03fa83eb193958Ben Turner — Bug 1134309 - Fix slice handling when the first access is from a remote input stream, r=khuey.
57c55ce051cd1952ffb2d6f95b5ec18ecff426acBen Turner — Bug 1143885 - Fix transaction handling when requests are killed prematurely, r=khuey.
75865c5deec88c09700470f483ebb287d47d22c3Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound a=merge CLOSED TREE
b19e6bcc058a2abb6933f9866ccaee7d9e31ba96Daniel Holbert — Bug 1038839 followup: Add missing MOZ_OVERRIDE annotation to mightAlias() impls in MIR.h. r=ehsan
89c437fe79b51c0ce614682095d13e7ff63814e0Daniel Holbert — Bug 1134462 followup: Add missing MOZ_OVERRIDE annotation to SynthesizeStatus impls in SynthesizeStatus.h. r=ehsan
966dbdacdcc69b5b6385c8705ebc57f0fdb0798bBrian Hackett — Bug 1130640 - Don't unroll loops based on bounds using terms that have been discarded, r=jandem.
afd840d66e6a775dc2ed35dd3add01ff07f950feNiLuJe — Bug 1143411 - Fix build against latest freetype code. r=glandium
35515400af363bfc141353acd474814567c43c54Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1141749: Prevent collisions in local SSRCs. r=mt
9c8be30657caec774a0406549e19cd0d4e24f94dByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1097142: Remove sdp_copy_attr_fields and some other unused functions. r=mt
d6242b24bc47eeee9b140a89fd9747958bce6a7fMatt Woodrow — Bug 1138967 - Part 3: Add D3D11 YCbCr texture clients and upload on the client side. r=nical
215046aa1f38b3dee7245e4195ac794672866097Matt Woodrow — Bug 1138967 - Part 2: Create IMFYCbCrImage so that image data copying happens off the decoder thread. r=nical,cpearce
a3c8482c41f63540bfdb282ae12ecb20ad86e1b5Matt Woodrow — Bug 1138967 - Part 1: Remove ISharedImage. r=nical
021f1f0824948222c34dd3c75a0efffd79352bd3Mason Chang — Bug 1144638. Retry getting an active display link. r=mstange
9af9111e9c275c6dfb9d0a4781a4dfc320cdc89aBill McCloskey — Bug 1126089 - Use async messages for crash revival (r=ttaubert)
288efd5e2ca01544e053fea7452b1d51dd54cf2eBill McCloskey — Bug 1126089 - Allow messages to be sent after frame script unload event (r=smaug)
3bcebfd135383a243461693fac511e94409ac580Bill McCloskey — Bug 1126089 - Add test for pageload event on browser element when tab closed (r=smaug)
0db983416faea90b95893ec22c9fd10a745b6f62Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound a=merge CLOSED TREE
ceda5e90d08074338981baeaa8f0b28b442ea364William Chen — Bug 1130028 - Custom elements, set registered prototype in compartment of caller of registerElement. r=mrbkap
be159a7b732a583ee24493f35bca2aec51c9aef9William Chen — Bug 1131348 - Use fallible Append in content serializers. r=smaug,nfroyd
864bf1b797e40b8837d9440e896edba66fbc70f2Andrew McCreight — Bug 1069643 - Remove always failing call to GetCPOWManager from ContentChild::Init. r=billm a=ryanvm
ee6871c63608c80bdce1ca724b246d5e9673c3deAndrew McCreight — Bug 1143760 - Do a tiny amount of code duplication to avoid a goto in XPCVariant::VariantDataToJS(). r=bholley
fe24d9f4790f3d6999e3fb7254a17590b34f5c60Andrew McCreight — Bug 1142717, part 5 - Eliminate XPC_WRAPPED_NATIVE_TEAROFFS_PER_CHUNK. r=bholley
418f69d905f0aa881c11ce5257e67bcec6bca271Andrew McCreight — Bug 1142717, part 4 - Add MOZ_COUNT_CTOR/DTOR for XPCWrappedNativeTearOff. r=bholley
de43ef55e8ef64a51539506e7169f664ca187e75Andrew McCreight — Bug 1142717, part 3 - Make XPCWrappedNativeTearOff::mNative a smart pointer. r=bholley
faab462bd5c5e9ceb2c1cdd704ffb9a19b3dbde0Andrew McCreight — Bug 1142717, part 2b - Rename obj to qiResult in InitTearOff. r=bholley
4e8385a50da111d360b953decc97917cdcb0c289Andrew McCreight — Bug 1142717, part 2 - Use nsRefPtr for obj in XPCWrappedNative::InitTearOff. r=bholley
8e04782685f48a9a1a1c2394a9bceff18b852ccdAndrew McCreight — Bug 1142717, part 1 - Remove unused forward declaration of xpc_GetJSPrivate. r=bholley
62bc2ec669488de6611c0db28cdbfebf8d63d0e1Andrew McCreight — Bug 1137536, part 3 - Move the top level DeferredFinalize functions into their own file. r=smaug
6583592e42eb0d0813d242cec865da2cf64e69b6Andrew McCreight — Bug 1137536, part 2 - Make sure every file that uses an nsCycleCollector_ function includes nsCycleCollector.h. r=smaug
ae02f2179c4c203926c6405a0a74b6d43b14e8d6Andrew McCreight — Bug 1137536, part 1 - Move DeferredFinalize out of the cyclecollector namespace. r=smaug
f3ad3e6c736747d30c8e7d8396bb776e6b2396c4Andrew McCreight — Bug 1143938 - Add listener argument to Components.utils.forceCC. r=smaug
701f405c730d6f9eb1f21bb29d7123163a6b1bd5Terrence Cole — Bug 1144794 - Move markBufferedGrayRoots to the GCRuntime; r=sfink, a=RyanVM
64c3ca62a081511978f5b1580963046e86ae7a3eTerrence Cole — Bug 1144789 - Strongly type GrayBufferState enum and move to GCRuntime; r=sfink, a=RyanVM
df8ccc49e728c6c0c52cbfbabf723f3f2797447bTerrence Cole — Bug 1144369 - Add a GC phase to track time spent buffering gray roots; r=sfink, a=RyanVM
13c8a1cc5ed39056618c526859b11b3b8aaab80bTerrence Cole — Bug 1144331 - Assert that gray buffering does not depend on isMarking; r=jonco, a=RyanVM