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Wed Jan 05 20:59:13 2011 +0000
f453924d5fe17898bff6ca1f103795ce5f718fceIan Gilman — Bug 617511 - bug fix for test breakage by 594644 r=dietrich, a=johnath
8bb78383bdb6b7c77cb3193c99dd9e3fab429889Ian Gilman — Bug 605935 - Use private-browsing-transition-complete instead of sessionstore-browser-state-restored r=ehsan a=dietrich
ccfc9d2147038b5422ddce218b03092028aabe0eIan Gilman — Bug 594644 part 2 r=dietrich a=blocking
b06a94065ef0726698fe6c42c706c8ddbe601f84Ian Gilman — Bug 594644 - Return from Private Browsing Mode, Panorama forgets tab groups, until Panorama is manually re-launched r=dietrich a=blocking
2d849e2d302eaca2c777bbb13f96109e6f756e03Ian Gilman — Bug 598795 - Clean up reconnect code once we have instant access to sessionstore r=dietrich, a=blocking