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Thu Apr 29 20:15:27 2010 +0000
45a1894f2f9aff27109e684a9f3e50a6ea062adaDave Townsend — Bug 562583: test_update.js in the addonsmgr branch fails randomly. CLOSED TREE
52bb10ee709b154dc740d4b0f020dd07ab56eb46Blair McBride — Bug 562306: Changing state of "Update Automatically" for an add-on doesn't update database entry. r=dtownsend
c56ee7cc63deae1dbdf7a298e1efecbf6f975c37Blair McBride — Bug 552754: Fix browser_pluginnotification.js. r=sdwilsh
5f1a64db0ffb92ca404ade5347e42d91eb81a7ebBlair McBride — Bug 552755 Fix browser_bug510909.js. r=dtownsend
3bcc27ca3198434e935b0b697991834cc85eefcaBlair McBride — Bug 554007: New add-ons manager UI (themes). r=dtownsend
bcd432fa0450db7071d0e8b969d883efd44ebeecBlair McBride — Bug 554007: New add-ons manager UI (main UI). r=dtownsend
4eb27434a29769671a614233b0b4f9c38bf6a2f9Blair McBride — Bug 554007: New add-ons manager UI (strings). r=dtownsend
e716b9e1cfa9957d524bc715ac78ed5da7457cadBlair McBride — Bug 554007: New add-ons manager UI (preferences). r=sdwilsh, r=dtownsend
9b969245c7c1b51d7a392801d9b2cf034f549f33Blair McBride — Bug 554007: New add-ons manager UI (docshell parts). r=bz
9f294aee019224ca9c2d51464044605af3356761Blair McBride — Bug 554007: New add-ons manager UI (browser parts). r=sdwilsh
3f4d5fba42e3d094a84da4a7d1f0fe161fa58e85Dave Townsend — Bug 562518: Update nsAddonRepository to use the new API. r=robstrong
4620f91f69b2e27ca4301ff6aa68c5b61c8273aeDave Townsend — Bug 562485: Update for the extension manager changes. r=robstrong
c3f14ff52d00b719dbdd67a64fc63e21df631847Dave Townsend — Bug 560602: browser_pageInfo.js times out. r=robstrong
761b4602f6bb0ae127228c942a9f57d0a4820588Dave Townsend — Bug 561876: Some tests aren't clearing active installs leading to later tests failing. r=robstrong
52c9390277747aa3e117b06bac65f862e9e94aeeDave Townsend — Bug 561878: xpinstall.enabled isn't properly blocking installation by webpages. r=robstrong
dfe71f4f8677f18970cab8a6d5204d2a265aa6d2Dave Townsend — Bug 553112: Add a shared module for add-ons manager logging. r=robstrong
5ab4c3e60445d91d0954bcf5faeb18e721eb99eaDave Townsend — Bug 555942: Fix naming of getInstalls in plugins tests. r=robstrong
84f3250ef032aa5610a77159acf3a15110d07a77Dave Townsend — Bug 561078: Switching to the default theme doesn't require a restart when a lightweight theme is selected. r=robstrong
b6b81cf1ed00e7fd3b56c88b879fa00fa3114b81Dave Townsend — Bug 553092: Initialise the permissions manager on startup. r=robstrong
3ac0ee1d23b74735d01d1e292bbfa26574669d50Dave Townsend — Bug 559877: Fix timeout in test_bug559800.js. r=robstrong
6813b15f8e2f476da5c2d51a1cf3eedf46a83d07Dave Townsend — Bug 555349: Finalize the restartless add-on format. r=robstrong
5529a354499460163a48f86715d70fb3f8ce8a4fDave Townsend — Bug 558823: Migrate compatibility information from extensions.rdf. r=robstrong
ecf07a41d2b7fe117cb4b04cb05bea2a5e57e1a1Dave Townsend — Bug 556842: Switch the blocklist service to the new APIs. r=robstrong
77c9149aed3d893afbe0f45d3b6746370b63f8d2Dave Townsend — Bug 559850: Update providers to have consistent properties. r=robstrong
c0df64379e4efed5b7e4e1089c086472cd4cc065Dave Townsend — Bug 559800: Extensions.sqlite doesn't get properly recreated if it is deleted. r=robstrong
bcb40f8e1160b9d6d04f59c1a9f066363f67f0b2Dave Townsend — Bug 557849: Make Addon.updateAutomatically persist and work. r=robstrong
2425e0fb812df4fe8e0c0b585f6d23ac633fdc85Dave Townsend — Bug 555942: Name of AddonsManager.getAddons() is misleading/inconsistent. r=robstrong
16f9f777d64d640c2aa1cef9fe47a9a6f0941f19Dave Townsend — Bug 555942: Style and attribute prefix fixes, no review
2b6722d6b864e8e618d4de243d01fb1d3e6de29dDave Townsend — Bug 557269: Port old xpcshell tests to the new API. r=robstrong
8bbe856ee60e3ea6ecee2ced52181193e8d2ce2eDave Townsend — Bug 553022: Remove cancelled and failed installs from the active installs list. r=robstrong
3d6481a52850768a4e7e72d4a2fa3567da71f64aDave Townsend — Bug 552732: Update the app update service to work with the new API. r=robstrong
84bdd49c42474b44f787043d29bf0750e2d750d4Dave Townsend — Bug 552732: Add isCompatibleWith and rename the UpdateListener methods. r=robstrong
475f3797876f5fc6a9703315dea7810700593569Dave Townsend — Bug 555486: Add a scope property to add-ons and allow disabling loading add-ons from certain scopes. r=robstrong
ecff509b8352ab7859b26742efd11167323e3b98Dave Townsend — Bug 555083: Add support for registry install locations. r=robstrong
29083d3e09b3194b3393ed9c6f63c3bead1f99e0Dave Townsend — Bug 553094: Support localised metadata in the preferences. r=robstrong
a5a5ebf9c4c3dc5b357201224dcd55a68d699e77Dave Townsend — Bug 552761: Switch PFS over to the new API. r=robstrong
2d8104630e545271c40de4d6e0267470fb5b14f3Dave Townsend — Bug 553114: Add a list of enabled add-ons to crash reports. r=robstrong
677c7fb6158745cecf1f64cd3aadba8b255e2cbcDave Townsend — Bug 552758: Detect when the network goes offline and cancel downloads. r=robstrong
0f9f34a60b7cbfdeb618ee6838b2d2951d6f122bDave Townsend — Bug 552759: Allow treating untrusted signers as unsigned. r=robstrong
f1e27d61946b9713761f84573e672c8c384424e2Dave Townsend — Bug 554246: Add tests for updateURL escaping and fix the UPDATE_TYPE values. r=robstrong
241824a1a2d261d376948c9f6006fb4bc970506cDave Townsend — Bug 553113: Perform automatic updates for the default lightweight theme. r=robstrong
cf1b0b0b303836171eed84f3951f3c815e6053bbDave Townsend — Bug 555247: Detect when all events have been seen and continue the test. r=robstrong
090dc0501f97c4a32b01d911021575a916ba3508Dave Townsend — Bug 552756: Use consistent naming of loadGroup to fix auth and cookie issues. r=robstrong
41d8a7e620a8cbf23caa4f3f897372fab497a1b1Dave Townsend — Bug 553868: Add an onNoUpdateAvailable event. r=robstrong
c796026e01b39dc58338374129eefa8fb470853dDave Townsend — Bug 553791: Add an onExternalInstall event to signal the start of installs with no associated AddonInstall. r=robstrong
01c389eb4da014eaa6356aec2640127d850ae2d9Dave Townsend — Bug 553967: Add an install property to Addons pending install to get the AddonInstall. r=robstrong
7c2ebce01a7f8bff030f658c6a6f09c35154fb43Dave Townsend — Bug 553872: Add a PENDING_UPGRADE bit and provide access to the Addon instance that is pending. r=robstrong
baba892b48ff0d7e2ce06562d9aa493a54c595bdDave Townsend — Bug 553790: Make getInstalls filter on type. r=robstrong
73c83aa9cdfb564a6c538e98bba261a9085d006cDave Townsend — Bug 553777: Make lightweight themes appear to be compatible. r=robstrong
b6865cbb9fb3a809c9c849028f778daea1c5a947Dave Townsend — Bug 552835: Use the system principal to construct bootstrap sandboxes. r=robstrong
06bbf246305222fb18c0347edf57e1c6f98bd65fDave Townsend — Bug 552731: Update FUEL to use the new EM APIs. r=mfinkle
c597b774dc77d55fb5f15d8aff6c9dc3696717a6Dave Townsend — Bug 553385: Bypass cache for update checks. r=robstrong
a40697759e2d56f8e3f89c4cf061005285ad286cDave Townsend — Bug 553090: Check for updated compatibility for local file installs. r=robstrong
d44f759a97b42f78e7d358f8ab1724a61c226c93Dave Townsend — Bug 552736: Initial support for plugins in the API. r=robstrong
a1b2514fce40ab1341602fce44745dde76071ccaDave Townsend — AddonProviders that contain syntax errors can break everything. r=robstrong
6f04f0f8c7aedde6dd3d94466e6aed5e8af5efcbDave Townsend — Bug 553169: Remove the old extension manager code
c8261c95fefef1c665e271be2adac0c0f5ae9022Dave Townsend — Bug 553169: Port xpinstall browser chrome tests to the new extension manager API. r=robstrong
6a6f0fe7c6436b7949d566503713e60c89c0187eDave Townsend — Bug 553169: XPCShell tests for the new extension manager API. r=robstrong
d56ea9503e6872c3b10a3f2c69e7e694c2927c01Dave Townsend — Bug 553169: Port tests for bug 435743 to the new extension manager API. r=robstrong
d2a2b786fcc9ce88ed1fa451099b5bcaf5ada1d7Dave Townsend — Bug 553169: Implement InstallTrigger, the XPI content handler and confirmation for web triggered installs. r=robstrong, r=dveditz
7ebf7aac89740876d859bfa1fbcc112fd7f1dd30Dave Townsend — Bug 553169: Implement an AddonProvider for lightweight themes. r=robstrong
e7d28ca95cd121e871c656e36390821e58df767eDave Townsend — Bug 553169: Implement XPI extensions in the new extension manager API. r=robstrong
f746d2eca19927e140dbe5fb3eb955d503e5b64bDave Townsend — Bug 553169: Implement the basic extension manager API and platform integration. r=robstrong
5c7b79118121ff897ce0a2f247d45805d7655f97Dave Townsend — Bug 553169: Make the platform talk to the extension manager without using a custom interface. r=bsmedberg
7342d38483f8503a95436915dd4e51c82fce00ddDave Townsend — Bug 553169: Implement a JS module for performing add-on update checks. r=robstrong