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Thu Aug 30 00:50:52 2018 +0000
e547a1a4ac86d4725d37a57821a1b2979cda9844Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 3db3193ec938 (bug 1486970) for braking the nightlies with signing issues. a=backout
Wed Aug 29 22:08:13 2018 +0000
c6555188a710a4843da3862995860fe847d76287Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1487031 - Disable Talos h1 and h2 jobs until geckodriver in generation task for heavy profile gets updated to 0.21.0. r=jmaher a=permafail-disabling
Wed Aug 29 19:11:07 2018 +0000
726b6afe04a722cd923a8cf7aadad6c26557213eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1487174 - Update a couple of preferences strings based on the latest copy; r=mconley,flod a=Aryx
Wed Aug 29 17:32:47 2018 +0000
2d1a1f2205c5875bac3a97031b205abf4af8b610Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset e0f0d5824dd8 (bug 1479918) for eslint failure on a CLOSED TREE
e0f0d5824dd8aaaaf1395e569cec1806b028b12eDavid Keeler — bug 1479918 - batch requests in getHSTSPreloadList.js to avoid livelock r=sfraser
380cf66149e2247d83a19d2ec66175b0da648146Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1487027 - Don't care about the placeholder overflow events. r=dao
609e1efc1f9f89532d2fd94d214db079d2f5d414Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1484979 - Fix old-jsterm UI glitches; r=bgrins.
c9f1368e291f8349f9485f3a4d21312ab625e605Julian Descottes — Bug 1486798 - Do not connect/disconnect when selecting the same page again;r=daisuke
ca333637e6d082b519cc6b8ad20b285b5374322fNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1486611 - Fix SearchBox styling; r=ntim.
362a6bb92de15e6a9ff9130cf0b93cb019f69625Rob Wu — Bug 1465388 - Resume about:blank parser upon unblocking the document r=hsivonen
04496c317e45820ca51b8ec45a2ecf85eccfb7fdAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 2f46b98d41d9 (bug 1486798) for eslint failure at builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/devtools/client/aboutdebugging-new/src/reducers/ui-state.js on a CLOSED TREE
5deec145c04d2a6555e484985939c43f45b2a2a2Arshad Kazmi — Bug 1486313 makeURI replaced with r=johannh
2f46b98d41d972528a464e182fee8fa4fd66c167Julian Descottes — Bug 1486798 - Do not connect/disconnect when selecting the same page again;r=daisuke
adbee46f307f7bc4617735c425398b3b87e9994eAndi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1486729 - [Static-Analysis][Clang-Tidy] As default, a checker should be publish by default. r=sylvestre
eff3d90694630f95e35b09ae343fda4ad07e6870Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1486829: Make a proper enum class out of jit::FrameType; r=tcampbell
d325fc4bbfc2cedcfa9e9630d3783db221151c11Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1485668 - followup: Update manifest. r=me
446891c2f2fb0017c991b56bf24355a17ee24b22Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1486957 - Don't use the textoverflow attribute decide whether to set the tooltip text. r=dao
3876154fbae7da236391407453930457621e8b67Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
abdb08a0a1d1d65d5c23a77b97adcbab10debf75Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1483521 - PushAPK shouldn't depend on single-locale android r=Callek
0cd882a506cfa9c7489160d06437361430e0aa65James Graham — Bug 1485668 - Fix reftest chain comparisons in marionette reftest implementation, r=ato
618546b5d4416f83f18aa64f556bfa7584bb7be7Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 510decfb443d (bug 1484990) for breaking many test suites e.g. Wr on a CLOSED TREE
f10df314fc4df9312555af4cc0c6fd7bb32a3b76Razvan Caliman — Bug 1486409 - Guard against a font property value of zero. Catch NaN and Infinity in unit conversion. r=gl
79ff858fea6bdff2ae0d7d1fa8c7fd98c0895f0fHenri Sivonen — Bug 1485943 - Avoid writing past the logical length of a string in AlternateServices.cpp. r=dragana
75b8ac536f30108bcefb6ffa139a1b57bc43f878Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1484932 - Update GeckoView maven group id: org.mozilla.geckoview r=sebastian,jchen
510decfb443d585f9913e12227764fecaad5ea8dHenri Sivonen — Bug 1484990 - Use BulkWrite instead of write past length via BeginWriting() in XHR. r=baku
4e42a6a201f067a107d0bc0e28508dc2585be87fJohann Hofmann — Bug 1475840 - Don't fail browser_preferences_usage.js because browser.startup.record is only accessed on startup. r=florian
7edf18c31ee0e0f598cfd2ae9371ba7c3161afccEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1486457 - Clear the float list if we weren't able to place a line. r=dbaron
d214235eef08c5918ef02e07db21de9763e5ba31Arshad Kazmi — Bug 1484925 - UseCounter Broken Link Fixed. r=janerik