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Sat Jul 20 07:34:04 2013 +0000
bf73e10f5e54f9c424a0899b3032e11a6a65d10aDave Camp — Bug 888484 - Save the default inspection node. r=paul
89e4e5c1581957b38d50ba323562a22b33f31287Dave Camp — Bug 886033 - Port markup view text value editing to inspector actor. r=paul
89fd81b99fcfa2881b850343da680b9d5a975d65Dave Camp — Bug 886035 - Port markup view attribute editing to the inspector actor. r=paul
0c1e36a643b8a4e194f6bcc71b84173bd6ba20b2Dave Camp — Bug 886032 - Port the markup view to the inspector actor (readonly). r=paul
57a91fe1cebc0020762a17b52a6ce1df85527d22Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
6e8ad2f613ffc16b0e0040bfc82970a36d9b079cSumedh Shekhar — Bug 873298 - Change "Filter scripts" string to "Search scripts" in debugger; r=harth
24b00dfb20de69913706c4f4831ce803830f0916Nick Fitzgerald — backout bug 877686 b/c of unknown spidermonkey bug causing permaorange
20848adc99809d3d24ae2425732017fd8d3ecb25Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team on a CLOSED TREE.
a4e8ace8a4a92bbff8a58cf406ffd77d860096b0Panos Astithas — Add the paused listener before resuming to avoid an intermittent test failure (bug 895426); r=me
c98c47341be672ac3b76cc05e2c60172c1ee6dabRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
a9327bfcbd8a6ee4e59c7971d113e240fa31d424Gregory Szorc — Bug 864993 - Part 2: Properly implement app update collection; r=rnewman
829c270f00058fa7fb1c7139b7bb8351e1353bd0Dave Camp — Bug 888528 - Add node deletion/insertion to the walker actor. r=jwalker
dcf2afce5801f13472f7d2dcd71852de9bf929e2Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 895318 - black boxing checkboxes look bad on windows; r=vporof
c3f39498c164aa4a7c911dd5e0c3178464766ceePaul Rouget — Bug 796069 - [markup panel] gap space before closing bracket is distracting. r=harth
5d860e628af6868ce0fdaa1c93b61f3b01417c05Panos Astithas — Implement backend support for breaking on DOM events and retrieving all the event listeners on a page (bug 832982); r=rcampbell,smaug
5be325efcdcf475601602e80fa58713a9734d239Panos Astithas — Don't pause twice on a breakpoint or debugger statement while stepping (bug 829028); r=rcampbell
2327af3c6f077c996ef9a31e6637e90a536fb6e2Panos Astithas — Clear any previous stepping hooks on a plain resumption (bug 832234); r=rcampbell
9c0275e6303e4e57c5a963fd5dc7f807fd367159Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 877686 - Add UI to toggle the blackboxing of specific sources; r=vporof
a58e072e2ae710045c6017b8e399b8dc513e04fdNick Fitzgerald — Backed out changeset 960aa3700c37
960aa3700c37f3cf92eea104d0bf44fcff628f04Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 877686 - Add UI to toggle the blackboxing of specific sources; r=vporof
101c751178df634d6985645e46a13d3f3179da38Girish Sharma — Bug 845752 - trying to see if profiler no longer leaks, r=anton
01905185e9c0671e85eb6625e9d267d97549c3a4Paul Rouget — backout of dad6d2941780 (oranges bug 890195)
fe2117c3c73fa5f742c247a2ad76ea5a1ce7ecb5Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
604a1bb552b4d09e6ef83c9abdf20d9a276485c1Paul Rouget — Bug 851296 - Intermittent devtools/responsivedesign/test/browser_responsiveui.js. r=paul
9ff218b84720678168ba8a7f2678d4ccdf84b972Paul Rouget — Bug 865684 - [markup view] Higher Contrast for selected node. r=mikeratcliffe
dad6d29417803cb148da36faff2a17d2b58ffb34Paul Rouget — Bug 890195 - device-width media queries should use the page width, not the actual device width. r=bz
11d1d03a247f916c740c7a407a7b21c5889fb693Victor Porof — Bug 892413 - Followup fixes for bug 887605, r=harth
7d182fb1c981f04dcdc6588599b5b1a3f511a1dfPaul Rouget — Bug 892560 - [inspector] reloading the page breaks the inspector. r=dcamp
131854eced281abf0473d47dcb1590ab4fefa4e3Paul Rouget — Bug 892937 - [responsive mode] default size should be the 1st preset. r=harth
Fri Jul 19 20:40:45 2013 +0000
7ad49d2ecad5359bdc7bf551c0c00f6812f0c691Gregory Szorc — Bug 894746 - Properly truncate mach build terminal footer; r=ted
Fri Jul 19 12:56:29 2013 +0000
91168463eaf283b5b20c0a500017489bc5fa9ce3Olli Pettay — Bug 895578 - Make SnowWhiteKiller to use fallible TArray, r=mccr8