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Mon Jul 26 09:34:30 2021 +0000
0c272222c17b3edd7190a24d7171c51eb2f009baSandor Molnar — Backed out changeset e5cfc59f9063 (bug 1716736) for causing bc failures in browser_setDefaultBrowser. CLOSED TREE
e5cfc59f90639430e04b5aa9755309191553fc10Andrei Oprea — Bug 1716736 - Add schema validation for experiment enrollments in tests r=k88hudson
f02e38dccb1cff6b44025db642e4b4000d6327f2Jonathan Kew — Bug 1722232 - Revert changeset 5689add84fe2 (bug 1717685) and take the upstream version of the fix from instead. r=jrmuizel
da82969d4cf5275e34591ad7dac9e5e8029858e5Jonathan Kew — Bug 1704404 - Apply an explicit line-height to tab labels, in case the title uses fallback fonts with excessive ascent/descent metrics. r=jaws
Sun Jul 25 21:23:34 2021 +0000
3881437c0949a33a0a3ef4fd529a7647458c12edTomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1693385 - Support manifest.host_permissions for MV3 r=mixedpuppy
bde3abc2dfe93996e148aef340326e71a14b66a2Matt Woodrow — Bug 1720986 - Reinstate clipping filters within SVG to the building rect. r=jrmuizel
cdd6ccd2d2426e1551d31b316086409326f14aa0Chris Peterson — Bug 1720432 - Fix -Wunsed-but-set-variable warnings in dom/media. r=kinetik
7b4b180bf39349c1b5b3da7a3c708f23b4740db2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1717873 - Print documents shouldn't use system colors when in hcm. r=morgan
dde0d94e689a04c12f0b386069465688f775caf0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1717873 - Factor PreferenceSheet colors to its own struct. r=morgan
e22605c20197ae2061b24a599f4c7ee6f405303bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1717873 - Remove some things that don't change per document from PreferenceSheet. r=morgan