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Fri Jul 26 05:22:54 2013 +0000
46d73e889cb47c1497c9a967d055ab5123e05514Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 4f35e943f939 and da5fa63e90cb (bug 896250) for causing frequent OSX debug asserts on a CLOSED TREE.
c6eaf5f8e72161c5c0fdd04539c4fb141c270287Michael Wu — Bug 895417 - Fix refpoint coordinates sent to child processes, r=kats
Fri Jul 26 02:55:31 2013 +0000
42cf476a66e2846cab9937ef6fadd5afa133c670Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9a867e5a4ef5 (bug 895417) for suspicion of causing OSX asserts.
Fri Jul 26 00:11:36 2013 +0000
76fb8f815ac79fc27411848c7055d3e9a14b0e7eSid Stamm — bug 898190 - fix test for bug 888172 to use a valid CSP policy for testing. r=grobinson
Thu Jul 25 15:31:33 2013 +0000
2e27eaf8ebc21dadf7ff91959f5760da7a51183aMats Palmgren — Bug 868327 - Only allow the drop-down menu to open above the combobox if there is room for it, otherwise open it below even though it doesn't fit. r=roc
0f58c42394fef3859bf48cdd17ff806947879ca8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 489046125fa6 (bug 897683) due to Ubuntu debug Jetpack perma-orange.
228b12161e1d4a041eec3783f13cec09906434e9Alexander Surkov — Bug 893166 - getTextBeforeOffset line end fails on wrapped lines, r=tbsaunde
7ed86979692297c5ecd4cf4cfef3a55de2b1e160Mark Finkle — Bug 897505 - crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp6.onBitmapFound( r=sriram
ddd0098739f7dadf88798d1a32357feaa6e36914Markus Stange — Bug 897260 - Don't go through DispatchMouseEvent when sending hit test events. r=jimm
ca4c769b8bafb8f78628473678eea414e4dc35bdRandell Jesup — Bug 880879: re-land changes lost in the original merge of bug 880879 rs=jesup,derf
bbd6b352f01c26c946f183d0208e13bff2f00276Peter Chang — Bug 758845 - Enable Skia on B2G, r=gw280
973361ec4fb57b05f5f5b1859f44dbdf37c26660Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 888088 (part 10) - Fix #include ordering in most of js/src/ion/. r=nnethercote.
2acba061b8492e4db1f07a74fdb075728a7e23f0Jonathan Wilde — Bug 894949 - Defect - Plural form strings are excessively complex for both devs and translators. f=flod, r=mbrubeck
fb1a587df374450b5167efd1aad1e28384f975fbEric Faust — Bug 897875 - Add IsCallPC(). (r=h4writer)
d0282b81e0cc15e33595ca442e172034e4963ba3Eric Faust — Bug 897866 - Move types::IsInlinableCall() to Ion.h as ion::IsIonInlinablePC() (r=h4writer)
852cd603e5e0670e6058dfeb6f86d0fe62b1c395Eric Faust — Bug 897492 - Fix bogus assert. (r=djvj)
a43d42f59b7a0c38c91d2837e22dacf416448808Brian Nicholson — Bug 890515 - Purge 0-byte favicons and thumbnails from the database. r=rnewman
f9e89a88f017135a8bc96251079cbe68a20d0881Johnny Stenback — Bug 896242. Fix possible crash due to dangling pointer to nsPluginElement. r=mccr8
a6d8089d98d7635d5ca0e5540a1d1e22028528d2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 892806 - Clean up InflateUTF8String() and related functions. r=terrence.
949a5e125a8d117473010c920dc08ae8426c7afdMasayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.13 nsListControlFrame should handle key navigation at keydown event handler r=neil
3bab9863c657c6eb7bc8191d078c04bc4a673143Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.12 tilt-visualizer should use keydown event handler instead of keypress event handler for Escape key r=vp
998d70e156bde2a4d0eab547f8126772f8285c2cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.11 <browser> should not handle keydown event when escape key is pressed during auto scroll r=enndeakin
d5dc2d51f0028a7099555378c209c8b8a6b8ec61Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.10 nsXULPopupManager should handle keydown events for non-printable keys r=enndeakin
441c1fc13ebdc8e30ca97f2ca87e1995d6b1f5e8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.9 EventUtils and some tests shouldn't synthesize keypress event if precede keydown event is consumed r=smaug
ab40003ed2dc4d01ace1386c36806b2f76ea5e74Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.8 Native key event tests should prevent default only when the event is keypress r=smaug
d29dd6534e43a3751875980dcf0c60f1d4730817Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.7 Don't dispatch keypress events if defaultPrevent() of the keydown event is called on Gonk r=smaug+mwu
abadf199f87a0844ba64a82d932580a64be5d003Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.6 Don't dispatch keypress events if defaultPrevent() of the keydown event is called on Android r=smaug+nchen
0ab0b048dbad5ccdaf800f6527d4eae2ea03405bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.5 Don't dispatch keypress events if defaultPrevent() of the keydown event is called on OS/2 r=smaug
bd7f9080d3904dcb5501275671f4995b34a7dbd2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.4 Don't dispatch keypress events if defaultPrevent() of the keydown event is called on Qt r=smaug+romaxa
48788ac2e02f29d8b0e39dcdb8c95ac30e8b7657Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.3 Don't dispatch keypress events if defaultPrevent() of the keydown event is called on Cocoa r=smaug+smichaud
d41fb45a0523f5deb7de4e11579826d41cd5a9d8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.2 Don't dispatch keypress events if defaultPrevent() of the keydown event is called on GTK r=smaug+karlt
32862e87f64c3ff9f782f906589cad9f8061238dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 501496 part.1 Don't dispatch keypress events if defaultPrevent() of the keydown event is called on Windows r=smaug+jimm
12c11406ed75bac81c8960505b57a1ceead47e44Peter Chang — Bug 894262 - Merge GonkIOSurfaceImage to GrallocImage, r=nical, kanru
28039c359ce8603a46290781ded35514137cb82aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 896362 part.2 Add tests for VK_ABNT_C1 and VK_ABNT_C2 r=jimm+smaug
5baadcc1a4ca4598266b26b01f8eb2a0f5131aeaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 896362 part.1 Support VK_ABNT_C1 and VK_ABNT_C2 (keyCode and location) r=jimm+smaug
c2efc2cae8943bdfa295ff7ee57b496328c0b4b8John Daggett — Bug 886691 - switch from references to pointers for values within GetValue. r=dbaron
1c8d605cce52d9399371bd7c0c92f241dc9a544eJohn Daggett — Bug 886691 - make tests and serialization code sensitive to font features pref. r=dbaron
7c78c3a9831376dd56a43af911c9904b004fd27cMike Hommey — Backout changeset a13dafd65d1c (bug 895940) for breaking PGO builds on a CLOSED TREE
c6b9530205a447ebb4fda360c0eb932a42a596a5Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE
1ebe771b424592e4f2573b8570523834d821957dBobby Holley — Bug 897789 - Add a fuzz factor to watchdog tests. r=Waldo
74589e31436d7b57a6c8ade934d384ddd8688d71Wes Kocher — Backout 04bde6c5fb16 (bug 896292) for PGO-only build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
b602ded747d0588559fc858218b9933ac78f4342Jim Blandy — Bug 867946: fix bug number in push comment DONTBUILD r=me
a13dafd65d1c85b7497edc11584c51624240c941Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 895940 - Mirror mozbase to m-c, r=jhammel
6051977db2a8c3f40879e3ea3ff82d6fe0e55a00Jim Blandy — Bug 876946: Never return null from Proxy::className, even if we're over-recursed.
a06720bea80910b6d734947d084aab68b7ed6244Cameron McCormack — Bug 890773 - Compute -x-text-zoom properly. r=dbaron
ade076935d184c6d802358033248088e268034e5Nick Hurley — Bug 891932 - process the pending spdy transaction queue in order r=mcmanus
a016adf011fef97c215a55cc2d59eeacd41f8a44Kyle Huey — Bug 897701: Don't entrain the target of the pan longer than necessary. r=jlebar
38e2b972e33fae8c7b67480365f21ae7bfd50ffbEthan Hugg — Bug 896429 - Signaling: dynamically create SDP config r=abr
b0590e3d0c4de66791f078e3da407ca9c5ff76f5Mats Palmgren — Bug 303896 - Refactor AttributeChanged() to follow code style and make it easier to read (no functional change). r=ehsan
1ceb563e5fcdce08d52bb8531158719f3599a03eMats Palmgren — Bug 303896 - Turn on displaying the selection when the 'disabled' attr is removed if the element has focus. r=ehsan
f8024029da3a5d426d545748a1d0092873090226Mark Capella — Bug 886587 - Remove profile migrator, r=gcp, f=rnewman
04bde6c5fb165433967ab88f2d51d9648714cedcDaniel Holbert — Bug 896292: Mark widget/gtk2 as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=karlt r=gps
1061bb130aec8da3ca8daa7d9485e82067b2827cTerrence Cole — Bug 897574 - Fix GGC opt build failure; r=sfink
0fe49015e35df945fdafb898e7832e321f8ac2a3Bobby Holley — Bug 870043 - Disable the watchdog on b2g. r=mrbkap
7c18c63d81b13c761f879e0faa67b22a65f2a753Bobby Holley — Bug 870043 - Watchdog tests. r=mrbkap
c53f4a66b05921dfcad3863de10d19ac95aed9eeBobby Holley — Bug 870043 - Add a way to simulate the JSRuntime activity callback from xpcshell. r=mrbkap
be80ef1cacc25cca2cc92d7038d1aef5bacc6e70Bobby Holley — Bug 870043 - Add support for scripted operation callbacks in XPCShell. r=mrbkap
6064e8e0439bf0e598c346f656dfdc8545389103Bobby Holley — Bug 870043 - Add a script-accessible statistics for various watchdog events. r=mrbkap
3f13ae245c8815f868452107bf29ae3a50e3f9acBobby Holley — Bug 870043 - Factor the watchdog machinery into a helper class. r=mrbkap