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Mon Jan 09 20:36:23 2012 +0000
c713003d32266feab42364fee8bfb0fa4074337cbjarne — Bugs 715418 and 685804 - Test case for bug 650995 has wrong name / Intermittent failure in test_bug650955.js r=michal.novotny
8e7225a8b1cc65184cf6a57da336dee5d34fd584Irving Reid — Bug 700734: remove "interface not derived from nsISupports" warning
04e2d8313601d768e2c3bf21edb5821017e813c7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 716549. Flush on every mousemove, because otherwise we can end up with mouse events (mousemove, mousein, mouseout) dispatched to the wrong elements. r=smaug
e94c3b3085197c4163a4425b2077470903e9d724Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715554 - Missing semicolon. r=mak.
2ac52594bdb7e4b3f6b8787ab0bb827e8aba38b7Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 715554 - - Send quit-application in browser/components/places/tests/unit/test_clearHistory_shutdown.js. r=mak.
7d0ba2cb9c742335cd90fd4dac4e81c145ebd4b0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 716105 - Send quit-application in toolkit/components/search/tests/xpcshell/test_645970.js. r=mak.
90a869f23e115a16763d4d923a4b5462f6ad366fJacek Caban — Bug 712594 - libffi fails to build on mingw-w64 r=bsmedberg
8abe69741c4f362079a083f77c83d6a4a4a389efJacek Caban — Bug 714646 - jsgc.cpp fails to compile on Win64 GCC r=igor
7ab4f1ebc7cc60fd22cf6def3819798417918bb6Brian Hackett — Backout 54cd89b0f1fa (bug 712714 backout). Talos will probably report fake regressions for this patch, do not back out for this reason.
b6c60a28454d68d2bab7899c164ca8205dc8e5edTim Guan-tin Chien — Bug 716447 - Remove setCapture/releaseCapture from touch.js as it interfere with mouse events r=vingtetun
a85cf7f0d235e543276ec1cedd118da02c190bc1Igor Bukanov — bug 716512 - make sure that gcparam in shell cannot set MAX_GC_BYTES to a value les than the current GC_BYTES. r=anygregor
6f54fcb4f7005104e5634f63fdc9e8a5c75b3e2fHenri Sivonen — Bug 655261 - Remove nsIParserFilter from the tree. r=mrbkap.
6e755023cdfa02a626d03b7c28af27f3678451c2Henri Sivonen — Bug 655255 - Remove nsICharsetDetectionAdaptor from the tree. r=smontagu.
a3a0382b5de842eb4b793aba6c815db31a9c2021Krzysztof Kotlenga — Bug 678940 - remove caching of uniform values. r=joe
6a84838e8c98279465b523a513905effbff8953dJignesh Kakadiya — Bug 704430 - Remove nsLayoutUtils::GetFrameFor. r=Ms2ger sr=roc
6d3dbf8ffab25e6f3938fd843c64388073ef1563Dão Gottwald — Bug 707567 - prepend http:// to URL copy selection only if at least the full hostname is selected. r=dietrich
6239ab8b23193f7972a567c4253a89f1cd94f064Bernd — bug 711864 - dEndY is already in the rowgroup r=mats
1848f311b78616be3519f18496d71f5eb7a84402Robert Longson — Bug 619967 - Resolve percentage filter primitive attributes correctly. r=roc
20ae82960dc3e9608065eac60bc3e5294dde39b2Cameron McCormack — Bug 619967 - Test that percentage filter primitive attributes are resolved correctly. r=longsonr
0dd51bebba24a46d3bfe8ee77938424a1806ef31Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
db09603b41863e5a84628b520ac08ab91ff26198Mats Palmgren — Bug 715056 - Use GetNodeParent(), not GetParent(), because ranges deals with any node, not just content nodes. r=smaug
cddeb9fcc249fdbac692d74275f6395c4118bb9aJesse Ruderman — Bug 715056 - Crash test.
23d71e342b3e8d1d5afe4942001a1547d5c3f06bNicholas Miell — Bug 715952 - glxtest incorrectly creates the backing pixmap and causes X errors - r=bjacob
33359378d8f80f88796c969cd30e862f46191fceGeoff Brown — Bug 705175: update devicemanager, devicemanagerSUT versions of getAppRoot; r=jmaher
96e27b40144f46820485497a2bc343d0fa7a5dd5Geoff Brown — Bug 716077 - be more strict when matching proc name in devicemanager.processExists; r=jmaher
aea8ac101dfee2d5b406926d3f2ec833a11f2834Joel Maher — Bug 710445 - Add support for packaging tests in a specific directory. r=gbrown
8b1c24ce4537fdbd311f16f645d27975e54db80fJoel Maher — Bug 715309 - robocop needs to have a more uniform log format. r=gbrown