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Mon Jun 28 06:04:49 2010 +0000
f0c025ec62c9cd5d8080db17a7d02f5526847144Jim Mathies — Bug 575044 - Fix busted windows styles and disable chromemargins for fullscreen mode. r=robarnold.
48980abe7a46946e4d1ae024c112a874e50a1745Felipe Gomes — Bug 555081 - Add support for titlebar mouse interaction and address missing aero features. r=jmathies, smaug, vlad.
c08b45310a1cfe2c34f848fc9c1b7e5c90a23938Jim Mathies — Bug 574821 - Add titlebar margin to browser-aero css for maximized windows - addresses issue with negative window origins on windows. r=Dao.
84009c09f1b9db9f4c0cd54b0625460869a06e6cJim Mathies — Bug 574821 - Fix for incorrect maximized window non-client margins and remove excess xpcom overhead from metric lookups. r=robarnold.