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Thu Jul 15 21:12:02 2010 +0000
e1d7fd5255fdb9fe6fc6371c06f27b072ab23c15Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 44: Move IsFixedAndCoveringViewport implementation to nsDisplayBackground so it can work on any frame, not just the canvas background. r=tnikkel
5b371eb4fa531d76a9348ed738e2a516423b7fceRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 43: Fix coordinates for invalidating fixed-attachment backgrounds. r=tnikkel
aceb5233289a12223ccc27b3f4007512fd54fee6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 42: When the root frame changes size, invalidate the changed area. r=tnikkel
26c583cbcf53f59f857bafd95aac5326a39b46ceRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 41: When we clear our buffer, we need to redraw the entire visible region. r=cjones
3d058bbc0838ed1a79fbddfe268ed9c528698cc6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 40: ThebesLayers painted with variable opacity can still be OPAQUE_CONTENT themselves. r=bas
284cab759b39fe6ca7130d4b91bcdb668001b4c2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 39: Accumulate the full opaque rect of opaque display items, and don't simplify away opaque areas of display items low in z-order. r=tnikkel
8183174f552762a030ae52ab36a6255ea1f2fc23Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 38: Make invalidation-during-paint work reliably. r=mats,sr=dbaron
813dd6f10747d29090c4f1bcb78df2727ae4986cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 37: Add test plugin API to make the plugin invalidate itself during each paint. r=josh
626c70cb1db56e22c77465202d9d716a32867836Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 36: Newly-instantiated plugins should be clipped to be invisible until we set their geometry correctly. r=mats
082b84bc2d3ba710fc6eb8c4e8e6df45ee5c132aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 35: Fix text decorations to have a unique GetPerFrameKey. r=tnikkel
1e2f6e38cd981923b9f8d6612ed9a170326dff85Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 34: Make sure that ThebesLayerBuffers are always allocated as similar surfaces to the widget surface, whenever possible. r=cjones
7ca67c5abe054ec8a68c38bf00583b75376a5e57Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 33: Copy data out of hashtable in DrawThebesLayer in case hashtable is modified during the method. r=tnikkel
fa2e4fe69310b212b5c651cba35656e26549fb55Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 32: Fix assertion in BasicThebesLayer; it's entirely possible that we need to invalidate an area, but the actual visible region is empty so there's no context to draw to. r=cjones
c117f649feed14637666c5dbcfcba18c790b5817Robert O'Callahan — Bug 577631. Don't pass zero sizes to XCreatePixmap. r=jrmuizel
d0fb245dcb3484f19aa3614219c28f77dc587e66Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 31: Don't cull display items in nsDisplayList::ComputeVisibility. r=mats
67284975e710dd69aed8ab815ef2005b0b62c4a0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 30: Skip clearing our ThebesLayerBuffer surface if we just created it. r=cjones
4abcf73fe93a63591a687729a4b78721dc118394Karl Tomlinson — b=573626 move GTK double buffering to the layer manager r=vlad
0bf4062002381b808f0f51fc8912580049e2034dKarl Tomlinson — b=573626 support force-24bpp in gfxXlibSurface::CreateSimilar r=vlad
51dc121aa5258a9d1f27586020490bdab8937a4cKarl Tomlinson — b=573409 expire unused cached double-buffering back surfaces r=vlad sr=roc
df85fba385ca63974f6be9ad1d89f9f7f9467125Robert O'Callahan — Bug 573942. Adjust transform matrix in RenderDocument to ensure that components close to integers become actual integers. r=jrmuizel,sr=vlad
41143b03b5a141fcd77e4aed43bb7a29af2e9d17Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 29: Sort plugins so they get moved in the best order. r=karl
fb34f3f684dfa1650d4991d185b21c0d83a4f139Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 27: Make plugin geometry changes asynchronous and make them happen as close to the final paint as possible. r=matspal,sr=vlad
751e74792a2fbee99e0968fc9413f9897f531fa2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 572900. Part 1: Remove view cruft that's not needed now that scrolling is layer-based. r=tnikkel
83728aa663128968da47e9ac570841cf356af9fdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 26: Put background-attachment:fixed backgrounds that propagated to the canvas in their own layer. r=mats,sr=dbaron
d290d2b974169a1a845bfd208e6b5de284ef522cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 25: Introduce a 'has active layers' flag on frames, which times out, and use it for 'opacity'. r=mats,sr=dbaron
047895d6fda3428677c3defd84323fb6553b0025Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 24: Make video layer inactive if the video is not playing. r=doublec
e724a4858e54fd79beafdb3195f55db206b859eaRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 23: Introduce the concept of 'inactive' layers. r=mats,sr=dbaron
9cc11c490ec2d9a9faf58dc003208077e509fafbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 22: Mark scrolled elements as inactive after a timeout. r=mats
1fa38a238c90bf57bfe87720575f63ccd9a61cfeMatt Woodrow — Bug 564991. Part 21: Avoid double-buffering if we're only going to paint one layer. r=vlad
0615ff4efbdce6b19e9467eea816c5e7e111f6d5Matt Woodrow — Bug 564991. Part 20: Performance win by avoiding PushGroup for single-layer opacity. r=vlad
0c696d2a81a25450b72bdb84573db9fb925fac63Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 19: Cache the backbuffer surface for performance wins. r=vlad
88a10532e55510e9673e113e105212e69d664162Matt Woodrow — Bug 564991. Part 18: Move double-buffering into the layer manager. r=jrmuizel,sr=vlad
8566785264171d872f6a8e70ccdf34ed4e8e03c8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 17: Reimplement ColorLayers. r=mats
a3bc79f9b141e1aa889f1a83491d5d988562dd48Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 16: Improve performance by putting each scrollbar in its own layer. Also note that Mac scrollbars are opaque. r=mats,sr=dbaron
a78221e8bde4773be695863ce47ca5024227141cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 15: Start retaining the contents of BasicLayers. r=mats
177b05c97d8490d1b7aef31655335b7ff2a52000Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 14: Scroll using the layer system. r=mats,sr=dbaron
34d7e0561e5bde247abf8af510a1f85a7cf8a189Robert O'Callahan — Bug 572613. Avoid creating a SolidColor display item when possible by poking the color into the canvas background display item. r=tnikkel
d98f8a21727e27081c58a5db8c98dd8024bf45feRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 13: Optimize invalidation to avoid repainting ThebesLayer contents sometimes. r=mats,sr=dbaron
209d286abd0c35395a18a09d9c71a79d01044cbfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 12: Refactor RenderDocument to use nsLayoutUtils::PaintFrame. r=mats
c6ecff6b8a91a82306f63b48dc677b8351758902Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 11: Start retaining layer trees. r=mats
e7aa691d74e4797e86197e1b8379401d249a81c3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 10: When NS_DOCUMENT_STATE_WINDOW_INACTIVE changes, flush the contents of all ThebesLayers. We need to do this because this change can change the rendering of themed content, and explicitly tracking and invalidating all such content would be way too expensive to justify. r=mats
e284964e5bcf5d1951d67d6a1f9386b9f023d583Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 9: Retain layer trees. r=tnikkel,sr=mats
213c2dc6c88ac76fbc336ea79dd414742e533797Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 7: Create Begin/EndDeferredInvalidates API so we can catch and defer invalidates on frames (and suppress certain areas completely). r=mats,sr=dbaron
e4213cc1138f17b4b31b3d7212b1522fc99311e4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 5: Make GetClipRect return a const reference. r=tnikkel
ab624c68983ec8d3f9f65446572160978d362a2eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 4: Create GetFrameKey API. r=tnikkel,sr=mats
85bbe15e63bd253b52406f240c0ba14023c70e00Michael Ventnor — Bug 564991. Part 3: Create unique nsDisplayItem types for every single display item. r=tnikkel
469c18b0c36d3f9d283f3b0ce10e43701fa9bc14Robert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 2: Create retained layer API: methods on FrameLayerBuilder that frames can use to access, reuse and invalidate retained layers. r=mats,sr=vlad
e4381b348943ef633441e93c55844c9b3b640d7aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 564991. Part 1: Create a new kind of frame property that can receive a frame pointer when its destructor is called. r=mats
e6c823b76bb51be590114785b6714a5524182b7bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 576453. Let the reftest window auto-size itself to fit the browser element. r=dbaron
58f74d3d93acb75cce36ec0f9c0e0fe6267a3161Robert O'Callahan — Bug 572623. Rename nsDisplayItemCanvas to nsDisplayCanvas. r=vlad
8c3a6563be2d0d0d424c5c8939c7fdaa5844ec39Bas Schouten — Bug 577200. Part 2: When painting a Win32 transparent widget with GDI (Aero Glass), tell gfxWindowsSurface our HDC surface is transparent. r=roc
c4856286646754956d505bbc95a22572cc85e846Bas Schouten — Bug 577200. Part 1: Add cairo API to set up a Win32 surface for an HDC with an alpha channel. r=jrmuizel
152633f27b604278772135288df05c48ea817b3cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 573933. Part 3: Fix button-state test to render a margin around the button so we don't get into any weird sampling issues. Also, use a canvas that's just as big as necessary. r=dbaron
acb4d17b70cd517c11e0dc709f29431c37b10302Robert O'Callahan — Bug 573933. Part 2: disable -moz-appearance for troublesome GTK2 themes. r=dbaron
4d1dc2ea47fd2daa17ef072acb829c8c5bdd56cbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 573933. Part 1: Fix marquee tests to not depend on subpixel AA. r=dbaron
558b2df6a462e6c8d71f9149daf09f8a8d5ea3dfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 573953. Ensure that zoom factors are chosen in reftests so appunits-per-dev-pixel is an integer. r=dbaron