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Fri Jul 27 16:40:22 2012 +0000
160c92e9a25459d628e15c81fcdd2e417aec52dfJonathan Griffin — Bug 753490 - Fix find_element regression, r=mdas, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
Fri Jul 27 15:12:48 2012 +0000
e3b08a3c9bd74e6df22d5b34a598f977ae2a2873Bobby Holley — Bug 777098 - Null check private of NPObjWrapper in nsJSObjWrapper::GetNewOrUsed. r=bsmedberg
3e673382bdf48edf4c5bf02b0f58f2d01fcbe3a7Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
a9e8a62d7a717d4b64dfcbc182aee1a6351ea98dGuillaume Destuynder — Bug 776647: Add support for dropping to a "nobody" user after fork()ing, and use that on gonk. r=cjones
7c0a0c727388d549568e8cdfd1537d1a6473f8e3Robert Longson — Bug 777476 - text bounding boxes should ignore whitespace-only nodes when whitespace compression suppresses them. r=jwatt
dfec8f1941b80b443bf78db7f0534825911d790bHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 775375 - B2G 3G: Handle B2G restarts (let's be honest, crashes) gracefully. r=philikon
1bf8b4433d1790f520f9055155c96ff4662c8956Doug Sherk — Bug 777264: Remove timer-based repaint throttling r=cjones
35f29e0c5e18308ce62c7849305f3976a45341b3Doug Sherk — Bug 777264: Fix AsyncPanZoomController and Axis to use CSS pixels for dimension checking r=cjones
1aa94c8daba8ab3211c477e797cbdc4939a9961cDoug Sherk — Bug 777264: Throttle repaint requests in Gecko panning/zooming r=cjones
4b9c9d7aeb056a968ba4db2375f8de039a36a549Chris Jones — Bug 778057: Fix this type of crash bug forever. r=dRdR
d45e4a0ec5aa1ce5e49e99a80e158e13a5fa5f85Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 770928: Enable default text interaction on honeycomb+. [r=mbrubeck]
8357f094c300d1f7d5237d2440d5d1e3c367c43cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 761785: Background shown during overscroll disappeared. [r=kats]
94d96919c76329901a0ceda651ace11ba8f90ff3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 777427: BrowserApp should handle Addon related menu items. [r=wesj]
34268322c4d4fdb3cb4dec5363d3fef3cb6567e6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 777427: BrowserApp should handle its MenuItems. [r=wesj]
a1d1b2787e37e7940ec829d8544d5074d571396aChris Jones — Backed out changeset 201612a0b133
201612a0b13338a6d4d7c4df963fe9ff928b30c6Guillaume Destuynder — Bug 776647: Add support for dropping to a "nobody" user after fork()ing, and use that on gonk. r=cjones
8bd9d81db80aa4c09eaf63680f42c1120d90b181Eric Faust — No bug - Rename JitInfo mJITInfo. (r=bhackett)
1571f03f3821e77fb2b4a85ed00fb761699c2e96Boris Zbarsky — Bug 777438. Make sure our C++ declarations are in the right order when a dictionary has a dictionary member. r=khuey
3a7ac28c4ca9782d5b4bf4683cc715ad241e942aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 775844. Make sure to examine constructor signatures when looking for union types. r=peterv
d34663c1217bd1cc7b9c92569919187a97fe5d66Boris Zbarsky — Bug 777415. Disallow GetterInfallible/SetterInfallible annotations where they don't make sense. r=khuey
69ad0bb0bc25b400f4611bd1856b11114dc94279Boris Zbarsky — Bug 775845. Fail codegen for variadic arguments until we add support for them. r=peterv
69f121d8a62e59067732488c6d961762f279b64bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 775852. Actually follow the WebIDL spec for creating JS representations of sequences. r=khuey
5e4adc2cfe2680f4852adb1be0e98680b14f30a7David Zbarsky — [Bug 777657] Fix some opt build warnings r=cjones