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Thu Mar 24 19:21:02 2011 +0000
2e161bb743d7cf2e1fe55f96ad500097273ff8b2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 638171 - FireFox does not read Java Plugin Info.plist correctly.; r=jst,joshmoz
4e57be6b29d8c9abe5b6fb6f31eb74dae4525ab1Ehsan Akhgari — Merge cedar onto mozilla-central
04bb3ca0a550f19ea254a6ba56cc1599cfb40888Dave Townsend — Bug 643628: Last updated date misplaced in search results. r=Unfocused
3c5fdab31c6769c623d3a573a6e0a97085f2c1ffBoris Zbarsky — Bug 644637. Make sure mRequest lives long enough that we don't hand dead objects around. r=sdwilsh
03070beac9e721f211bf8361861a052151e8e5cbJonathan Kew — bug 418975 - tests for soft hyphen in table cells. r=roc
25beb9ced8d26872adae91fcfaa5765fcd74377aJonathan Kew — bug 418975 - support soft hyphen when calculating min width for table and fieldset. r=roc
e8b657b37602f48d79726d03db2b04c574ebaf64Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into cedar
91604d53c7ce3ccb4d77728ecfaffd65a0b333b5Simon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 5: optimization -- don't do bidi resolution if the text is monodirectional. r=roc
56cc287f38602f1ad00d6f9f7161c9c0f72ca5c2Simon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 4: resolve paragraph on encountering line breaks in preformatted elements
6c2c72be33e015e4d649f0dd9ad4ddff3ab7902fSimon Montagu — Tests for bug 263359
c926f46f97ceeaa2bde385e44860c343bb757c92Simon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 3: resolve paragraph on encountering <br> or embedded block elements
314216c47e6aca70456d2e6171999eeeb43ffabaSimon Montagu — Tests for bug 229367 and bug 613157
12faff7e29eaedff063274d51bd4bd4f1cf469f6Simon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 2: split nsBidiPresUtils::Resolve into Resolve and ResolveParagraph. r=roc
a3fe678d85609cea6fd83b5012014c991dbfa35cSimon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 1.5: remove nsDirectionalFrame.
b218c8609794e1abdfebdd5a062dfcb385d15798Simon Montagu — Bug 263359 part 1: refactor bidi resolution code, combining InitLogicalArray and CreateBlockBuffer. r=roc
24402af6330a081c9453da90616ff420b41d352bSimon Montagu — Debugging code for Bidi resolution. NPOTDB
f17c1a0a7ca3e75aa59335363f876b40b4b2985bKarl Tomlinson — merge backout of bug 280661
e4a5ec8c34a456c7276d29ba9f2fd4d31b6bc1f8Karl Tomlinson — backout bug 280661 due to test_socks.js test failure
29f08082b76f2609ae49874315e4275033b98e53L. David Baron — Fix unexpected pass by removing failure annotation which points to the bug that was just fixed, bug 546315.
533965e3b555defdffa3c92a5c8962002be762dfJonathan Kew — Bug 623711 - erratic font selection with multiple @font-face rules and bad font resources; r=jdaggett
72348a314f0b977adcbf58f040a343da12c22c96Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset f39ad7e4054e (bug 623711) because of reftest failure
67d72a6a72f89e216b0ccb4f5ab571ab17219e81Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout of bug 635639
fa327e9db42518250da80b12ecd886376056e9caEhsan Akhgari — Backout bug 635639 because of test failure
a7df8d22d272410cfcb4a61268c6629aeb315376Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 616745 followup - fixed typo
2def74c0f2772aefab84802dbfc15fa71fea6d7cchrisd mang — Bug 280661 - Test case; r=ted
739bfb41cd012f739ebd361418af7125e593e784Christopher Davis — Bug 280661 - SOCKS proxy server connection timeout hard-coded; r=bzbarsky
7c42f37e0284f3e63c42d3734000aa73c09e6a6ajhorak — Bug 494163 - (gio / gvfs) Port gnomevfs extension to GIO/GVFS; r=karlt sr=roc
6fe1e7832dc8f6d813cc9abf0599aa1c7bcb8f43bjarne — Bug 561276 - Cookie dependency on cache determination for image redirects r=bz
b490b231672955d85702558cd1d924c139053db1timeless — Bug 584999 remove unused nsresult rv in nsHttpChannel::ContinueOnStartRequest2
67856ed940f896831603cfc37efc4205b8aa094fJason Duell — Bug 588781 - Content-Disposition: suboptimal fallback behavior when both "filename" and "filename*" params are present; r=biesi
849ff373114161cc7e2732206de378f394f3f393timeless — Bug 616745 warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsHttpTransaction::LocateHttpStart
45281fac4e23d5d80969ee0ca1ec95fc4ba2e8c3timeless — Bug 617693 testURL/writeout use delete[] on nsMemory::Alloc o_Result and strdup(temp) when they don't leak
6f30dccd813a9cf75dd76c91eaf8c19e74a1668ftimeless — Bug 618793 please add a return or comment in STATUS_REJECTED case of nsCookieService::SetCookieStringInternal switch to explain common return with STATUS_REJECTED_WITH_ERROR
a3e8e70658582db720743e5d059b55105e31888ctimeless — Bug 620260 add fall through comment to nsHTTPCompressConv::OnDataAvailable
5ff1fa5567e2f7a077e689887abe7ec81f3969bdtimeless — Bug 620390 useless null check of host = flat.get() in nsStandardURL::SetHost
8603881f7308b31728bef8519f565aa8ac75e964arno renevier — Bug 497115 - nsHTMLEditor.cpp contains unnecessary includes; r=peterv sr=peterv
032297452afdccb9b8191df370d7d2b91d6dba18Karl Tomlinson — b=546315 use weak bindings to give lower priority to families after a generic r=jfkthame
1aa5fcc054ad226b869eaac8a441115c785d81f7Jonathan Kew — Bug 605009 - Linux debug build with --disable-pango crashes during shutdown; r=karlt
f39ad7e4054e9a45b00e20483ab4a3eaf45d6d03Jonathan Kew — Bug 623711 - erratic font selection with multiple @font-face rules and bad font resources; r=jdaggett
ddc36fce0c7629a535f953acd7e61f0087489774Jonathan Kew — bug 635640 - force font metrics of Arial Black to match the main Arial family; r=Bas
cfe55d5089a94619f87c17ab989aeb47041ee1d3Jonathan Kew — Bug 635639 - Part 2: tests; r=jdagget
a82e3f12c6217275e9ce0a0e359750b09fb9bdeaJonathan Kew — Bug 635639 - Vowels are not rendered correctly in some Persian/Arabic/Hebrew fonts; r=jdaggett
ff5717c3e48c19d2aebc30768ce1bde39e63b4d4Phil Ringnalda — Bug 628966 - test_bug428847.html (by way of file_bug428847-1.xhtml) loads over the network; r=sicking
5ad746647a6606dc00aa68a1eb020cd299eb8193Joe Drew — Bug 642902 - include changes needed from updated patch. r=jrmuizel
c1be34bded713267bdcb3430ac428ebe60d6e720Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 642902 - Add a crashtest that would expose this bug. r=joe
9bc4aefb44dbf7217d4a8c1a993dd8b068b189a0Joe Drew — Bug 642902 - If a profile's invalid, we leak it. Don't. r=jrmuizel