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Tue Nov 05 09:57:55 2019 +0000
4d585c7edc7683e4b35eca6b18c9a646a1b8a78dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1593426 - Fix a case missed in bug 1587162. r=erahm
1dd79924a920934999b6f5e7d50b4c42dff6d5ceCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset d4ccc4398453 (bug 1592172) for causing browser_updateRows.js to permafail CLOSED TREE
dc6f47b6ce58a430f9739025e407046debc5e774Brian Hackett — Bug 1592854 - Workaround rendering problems with conditional panel during test, r=loganfsmyth.
274b90d682e1ead45006ba0e8c4fb431c452fab8Geoff Brown — Bug 1575266 - Explicitly close reftest log file before quitting application; r=ahal
cce983a7ae980fa68e461fc48c057810e5bed178Geoff Brown — Bug 1593818 - Increase max-run-time for some Talos tasks; r=perftest-reviewers,stephendonner
2b10a397e32f3d3b48c66a0b29e009e17fe5d07eMatt Woodrow — Bug 1591433 - Support getting an nsIPrompt from DocumentChannelParent, in the same way as HttpChannelParent does. r=mayhemer
d4ccc43984530b4f687407786d6f1358e6b389bdDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1592172 - Quantumbar: Recreate result DOM as necessary when reusing rows, and don't try to update the overflow state of nonexistent tip URLs r=mak
78c6d77271b111783de4e68bce52e31bb054cee2Matthew Gregan — Bug 1592193 - Update libnestegg to b50521d4. r=bryce
17546e539b640c17b639e612a711db7d5834b20bthomasmo — Bug 1593361 - Define UNICODE in vrhost to support sending UTF16 character input r=kip
74e983c1e814325b41ffae540a5b4aca0c72c3f1Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 2a40bdf17bea (bug 1584397) for causing test_http2-proxy.js to permafail CLOSED TREE
e4a001fd4582860cf02681cb87807b654711a0deGlenn Watson — Bug 1593615 - Update annotations for android fuzziness. r=ktaeleman
7a4f8a0d6371dd3ec66528742d6fb4fc821f6996Jason Laster — Bug 1586904 - Refreshing while paused fails. r=bhackett
99fc19f68c763d7ff6a685dd19ea6f98256ea0c8J.C. Jones — Bug 1593474 - Require NSPR 4.23 in r=kaie
78d02a12be591b6260f878e70fc8ba73d857e893Chris Fallin — Bug 1580246: Remove object-literal singleton objects allocated at parse. r=djvj,mgaudet
2786362c4a78aafdf678370e1e6c5646f328fa81Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1593171. Protect against the same test from calling RecordResult more than once in the reftest harness. r=mattwoodrow
9f0cd1b2f421132cb3f71e9f988f98da0a372046Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 27940bb91591 (bug 1593361) for causing build bustages CLOSED TREE
53b3cd71832bef8085c3d92a179462958267cd32Dzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1592398 - Fix SSL name collisions with Apple Security libraries r=drno
27940bb91591563bf0f35a9db1ba79d1c54b893dthomasmo — Bug 1593361 - Define UNICODE in vrhost to support sending UTF16 character input r=kip
227b83ead3f0540529b1239da8f11807f25f15c1Edwin Takahashi — Bug 1591220 - migrate python-safety to run with python3 by default r=ahal
ccf26346c5be32d666795b7ea413662f31bd6865Harry Twyford — Bug 1593659 - Put the search button behind a pref. r=mak
8aa733c22e794cd404a1f90f959ec1b5afe57199Harry Twyford — Bug 1593661 - Extend the expanded megabar by 2px. r=mak
be6e3fd97eddc4ae3058960fcff49919e93f9890Geoff Brown — Bug 1593779 - Bail out of test-verify tasks faster when there is no work to do; r=bc
b2bf4da4035056149dd1ad4e2fb0a84839c77f53Olli Pettay — Bug 1567493 - Date Input field pushes the year back by one year each time you type a '0' in the month part of the input field, r=mconley
3ac07ce7e004f4e07ac9a48458460e9a1fe7a568Gabriel Luong — Bug 1575075 - Add an audio toggle button in PiP to mute and unmute a video. r=mconley
6c7bc82787c04369aeae398f375c0c3aa0704703Ted Campbell — Bug 1593486 - Add ./mach jit-test command r=sfink,froydnj
749fec0af5162a9c51281cac24dde45c22f27ed5David Major — Bug 1592981 - Use -import-instr-limit to mitigate size growth from ThinLTO r=froydnj
8d0f2ca33ee84b7e6154af67bd2ea367a0a93b24Ted Campbell — Bug 1591405 - Add BaseScript::function() and simplify code. r=jandem
dfd48b94b7456751af03213a57625faa335da1dcTed Campbell — Bug 1585372 - Compute script name in InitScriptCoverage. r=nbp
b3a76c2b11b343f6170ccb599d1af7d8cfd06858Ted Campbell — Bug 1585372 - Run InitScriptCoverage after initialization. r=jandem,nbp
821b104d357b899ba03415a82066e96db6aa269bTed Campbell — Bug 1593354 - Add BaseScript::IsFunction flag. r=jandem
0bc5888755fd271b4053101ce0c58765d3b4e071Jonathan Watt — Bug 1593793. Move and rename nsPrintData::mBrandName to nsPrintJob::mFallbackDocTitle. r=bobowen
2a40bdf17beadc6070e67b03f5565b1054b10963Valentin Gosu — Bug 1584397 - Make http2 proxy code execute in a separate process r=mayhemer
a44bfb190d80487c84b216aac35150c6aa098cffChristoph Walcher — Bug 1593051 - Remove usage of parseXULToFragment from applicationManager.js r=bgrins
Tue Nov 05 04:08:22 2019 +0000
fa1fe1088a5e415df857e6b0767442e0e9ceae25Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1589182 - remove mobile/android/extensions/ and /mobile/android/chrome/content (Fennec leftovers); r=snorp,agi
586c8dec24bbf51a16c924e0f70596aea085758eKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1593244 avoid await and async function so that setup() catches undefined context.audioWorklet r=padenot
e017a75fabe40fad39edd3dbfc3a111636155684David Parks — Bug 1449736: Properly detect failure in receiving plugin NPObjects r=jmathies
7dfcfb109429c77b327956dc58d3e7eb6cd6e8acDão Gottwald — Bug 1584101 - Clip the navigation toolbar when the address bar can be rendered within the toolbar's bounds. r=Gijs,mattwoodrow
c85ae1289d33e348bdda56d6ae3f61a987f784d7Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset e75d9dbb4853 (bug 1590550) for reftest failures on contain-paint-clip-001.html . CLOSED TREE
2c6b36b79d9bba9090d66533f95b3590d5c84931Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 5fa9d63654d0 (bug 1593462) for causing browser_parsable_css.js to permafail CLOSED TREE
b0e8a5be4d2c7bb7dd8418bd6e71558e11d03bd1Valentin Gosu — Bug 1589609 - Add unit test for obs-fold header parsing r=JuniorHsu
23882236aac3275d2b4bfcda939866c5f64b5478Glenn Watson — Bug 1591580 - Support picture caching for parent process content. r=kvark
6ccc66eeb3326131775768cbd3d4b9216b85b151Jason Laster — Bug 1593348 - Handle empty target in paused-debugger. r=davidwalsh
e75d9dbb4853462d60ad18a589b67e379725c41fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590550 - Don't do the "simple display list" optimization when we have overflow clips. r=mattwoodrow
e3f92a06d6adbf2abcecf8cf1a0e4e1f8909bdabGregory Mierzwinski — Bug 1559727 - Set executable bit after extraction, and correct ImageMagick path. r=perftest-reviewers,stephendonner
d30903688da6d5bf026d10d9f255ec6831355279Nazım Can Altınova — Bug 1586105 - Requesting the complete log to be able to debug intermittent timeout. r=julienw
988f70454ebd81093eb1c9dfd5862976276a1114Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1589900 - ensure we initialize about:privatebrowsing remote page handler before loading it from the commandline, r=mossop
3f664509986e0681c57c3de8454b30da748a7f20Dzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1591438 - Move DEFINE_IPC_SERIALIZER_WITH_FIELDS into IPCMessageUtils header r=bwc
92675fb8d8298c7805bfe17131c6d67396da30cdGeoff Brown — Bug 1592681 - Update raptor mozharness output parser to respect retry regex; r=perftest-reviewers,rwood
5a3b621d152d45ffc5b1f85e0129ef32ad8681b4Glenn Watson — Bug 1591526 - Use occlusion culling to reduce number of picture cache tiles. r=nical
33e81e5b64766b68ef11059c7f3c408de2760fc2Julian Descottes — Bug 1591952 - Add a global try catch around grid-inspector onReflow to swallow exceptions after destroy r=gl
6b96a7fa53976ca297f06934e8b649e9f6e9afb6Itiel — Bug 1593542 - General RTL improvements to the network monitor r=jdescottes
72d319686ce0e806c83c47cf8f7ae27372ae3f1aItiel — Bug 1593463 - Fix RTL for about:tabcrashed r=Gijs,mconley
e38292f13cdf83367480cd192dd8e197d0a40ea9Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 8e192f9c8f84 (bug 1580246) for build bustages on BytecodeSection.h CLOSED TREE
6158e5023ad445d80371172746ccc3509210e90aPaul Zuehlcke — Bug 1519648 - Fixed screen share preview permission prompt layout bug. r=nhnt11
6078cd6452f3b569a603daf7d183e12fdc930a5cThomas — Bug 1573781 - Remove unnecessary closing tag for the richlistitem in MozAutocompleteRichlistboxPopup r=bgrins
8e192f9c8f844623a1b0a2d96b0c8ca22543f183Chris Fallin — Bug 1580246: Remove object-literal singleton objects allocated at parse. r=djvj,mgaudet
878f3ec585173b7e1db20bfa750da33ac9f25c7eJorg K — Bug 1593540 - Follow-up to bug 1587067: Check install path match before trying to match x68 path. r=mossop DONTBUILD
3c8dd2d6181abb1b78b08b5321afdac9b3240575Itiel — Bug 1575472 - Fix extension shortcuts error messages for RTL r=mstriemer
5fa9d63654d060c292cfd058e96c7720a446ac47Itiel — Bug 1593462 - Cleanup to fix RTL and remove unused rules r=Gijs
bc351b05e0d00a0a627e0b773e03809d12416995Edwin Takahashi — Bug 1212502 - revert file to initially vendored state r=ahal
3bb93bdfccd0d8c9b01a3a151e0c3f820176d4c7Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1591579 - Move ResponseData JS objects and Blob from XMLHttpRequestWorker::ResponseData to XMLHttpRequestWorker, r=smaug
9b2c606cb3a67f3a4ef4c45bba5e1920c86301f2Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1591579 - Retrieve the XHR response values only when needed, r=smaug
c697a5219baa0761a518e847ae87effc2775df50Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1591579 - XHR ArrayBufferBuilder needs to have a refcounted buffer handling, r=smaug
0bc02f87664586e57e12f808352b166bded5ca99Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1591579 - Test for XHR on sharedWorkers, r=smaug
a9882ac700f62a3e04e4c892b4690ccf042356ceAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1591579 - XMLWorker takes data from XMLMainThread without calling GetResponse(), r=smaug
1c6bf9d746736b64a98a71b171e17dfe4eeddc42Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1591579 - XHR-MainThread exposes a set of methods to retrieve response values for workers, r=smaug
6a0f2be5eb86d78fa08a41ffe13c6b28d617b9b2Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1591579 - XHR uses a ref-counted ArrayBufferBuilder, r=smaug
913363f089964abf0a6beb2c522ab8136ad78d3eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1591579 - XHR creates the Blob response only at the first GetResponse() call, r=smaug
62a0c94786693fdc3612ec253fd80c9f855aeadfJason Laster — Bug 1583806 - Add a binary path override for the browser toolbox. r=ochameau
89fad029456188f03a670ef5f08a5d0856a728b1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1506842 - Always restyle / repaint when a visited query finishes. r=dholbert