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Tue Jan 25 01:50:07 2011 +0000
9d9dbd3c1a6d9c7ea7c3d5357913fa2af37fa7e8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 595271 - Create focus styles for split menu buttons in popup (doorhanger) notifications [r=dao, a=blocking]
cd10b3f59da431fe26318abb89558bd31b0e6fccDão Gottwald — Bug 627324 - Bottom toolbox border interrupts shadow on the sides. r=fryn a=dolske
0fde0139fb6fa3eda6b188113f17a3eb4415cd77Frank Yan — Bug 591652 - Make the tab view (Panorama) background transparent to reveal glass (if enabled) on Windows. r=dao ui-r=faaborg a=dolske
e8cb2ddaf8ae18b5d979bd439f61de1988e9cb96Frank Yan — Remove outdated windows versions from makefile comment. a=comment-only
c566b1cd7df8e14beec5fc8e993acba0b0e7257fFrank Yan — Bug 612053 - clicking a few pixels down from "Plugins" should not make hidden pane appear. r=bmcbride a=dolske