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Sat Jul 21 03:56:05 2012 +0000
045c11dd41a6720d3040545f357ac3f4f53a6dbfMichael Comella — Bug 775770 - Add "Copy Phone Number" to long press context menu. r=mfinkle
1be98690ab783d815dddada97efe6602aab660a5Michael Comella — Bug 775766 - Add "Copy Email Address" to long press context menu. r=mfinkle
b5d3474e21bffc4a6934c81afe358562fe57a296Jeff Hammel — Bug 775127 - Bump mozInstall version and release to pypi and update mozbase on mozilla central. r=ahalberstadt
e4dc553bbf42c8ac7ebe9830ed0b8991b726ccb4Myk Melez — Bug 773784 - Update error messages to say FF 16 when launching an app with no version of FF installed. r=felipc
a5daaa4e1657cda5f2614bbbd0a3ae97fe4e18deMarshall Culpepper — Bug 773068 - Part 4: Marionette unit tests for Voicemail phone number API. r=vicamo
e0f6dcb1eeca84d902e49021485171060da14675Marshall Culpepper — Bug 773068 - Part 3: RIL implementation of SIM EF_MBDN. r=vicamo
1a829406e669f9c8377b886fff877fe5743cb31cMarshall Culpepper — Bug 773068 - Part 2: Voicemail phone number DOM implementation. r=smaug
0b1cef48b5d212c15c118aae8b854b421d1bedceMarshall Culpepper — Bug 773068 - Part 1: Voicemail phone number DOM API. sr=sicking
fbe97ca5ab1c7b69280977ff6a3206131160d5b4Michael Comella — Bug 769886 - Re-add "Copy Link" item to long press context menu. r=wesj
3e0652135a7f5200af6dffe654c8f44cda20cc24Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 767779 - Test slow-loading GIF with trailing garbage. r=joe
2d53ed0df7efa0903c7579d270937d40d23c31b9Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 767779 - Stop eating animation frames for non-multipart. r=joe
d2394b87d167f4ddce335b2f904e7b420e6a933fAndrew Quartey — Bug 762898 - Implement UIA_AriaRolePropertyId. r=trev
68ae3711d7820c7db9a06b08ced867d0f8c724a4Himanshu — Bug 710993 - Fix possible bad pointer/size mistake in HTTPUpload::SendRequest(). r=ted
b39f0ca30fbbeaacfedd00ba7114e3b210fe8904Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 435028 - IPv6 sites not reachable when using IPv4 SOCKS proxy. r=biesi
8974c0adf2084f39bc2df0d8691636a3c98996d4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
139a8f2a8538a236c2ad5c2f12a9e4ddcdb0429dTerrence Cole — Bug 764962 - Add a verifier mode for GenerationalGC post barriers; r=billm
440ac3414c64a655d9c5bf4e6cdd2fdf9c22403eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 775414 InitKeyEvent() should decide input string instead of InitKeyPressEvent() r=smichaud
ce8a9f5615011db733668f2016b1208b35f60357Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 776067: Replace menu icons for GB phones. [r=mbrubeck]
c8fb67caa30f6a2e6995d51e2c905c179c59e567Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 775717: about:home thumbnails should use android:listSelector. [r=mfinkle]
f4e588e1b6817789d9f3157ed737bd8153233657Luke Wagner — Bug 775801 - LambdaIsGetElem should optimize based on JSOP_GETALIASEDVAR, not JSOP_NAME (r=dvander)
573baf894b15761db0ddf70dfc03714953df9b1bJustin Lebar — Bug 776116 - In BrowserElementParent.js, return the result of sync messages. (Broken by bug 773980.) r=mounir
d00e2e2b5e22f7d2bee106bd76fe90c6d2fb85d9Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 775305 - reenable ccache on os x. r=rail.
10d1f5a84f4ee2c8b14b5d0062c6f04bf968f616Luke Wagner — Backout 970b733bd01d (bug 775801) due to tp5n bustage
494bd3bdeb87b6cdf57fec66c54d35dbf159a081Jonathan Watt — Bug 776089 - switch fuzzy-if arguments to get num pixels vs pixel difference the right way around. r=me.
2bfd0b750bb177538b07f360f2071bd3e1cffc75David Clarke — Bug 775708 - A better mechanism of detecting root on device, r=jmaher
bb4ca4d0637f413b4d86e70e44083da57cef2493Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
adfcd6764cb664591439ee1a99512ff76b23c3e9Jonathan Watt — Bug 776089 - layout/reftests/svg/svg-integration/clipPath-html-05.xhtml and layout/reftests/svg/svg-integration/clipPath-html-05-extref.xhtml are fuzzy after SVG display lists. r=me.
970b733bd01d0b25c81402354e72c9a7e120ce94Luke Wagner — Bug 775801 - LambdaIsGetElem should optimize based on JSOP_GETALIASEDVAR, not JSOP_NAME (r=dvander)
437b9b5bcb36fc65fa6e1b1becb6d6c75e8380f1David Zbarsky — no bug, avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor in APZ, blanket r=bz
81e6d9466438fc2c964cef0d315196aa1ad61111Jonathan Watt — Bug 776089 - layout/reftests/svg/svg-integration/clipPath-html-05.xhtml and layout/reftests/svg/svg-integration/clipPath-html-05-extref.xhtml are fuzzy after SVG display lists. r=me.
d8e6edc579d45f3e1897acb5bb292069c3c471d5Jonathan Watt — Bug 776089 - layout/reftests/svg/svg-integration/clipPath-html-05.xhtml and layout/reftests/svg/svg-integration/clipPath-html-05-extref.xhtml are fuzzy after SVG display lists. r=me.
8b53a264ceb7d32e28aeae00c4252732648c2266Wes Johnston — Bug 776072 - Inflate toolbar in BrowserApp. r=mfinkle
a9be6c283732cfce60c6ecfb4ae84054ee77e2f7Benjamin Peterson — No bug: class -> struct for compiler warning. r=dzbarsky
b6b76a38e015b576873e62983d7ebe3d1075475eChris Peterson — Bug 764193 - Part 1: Re-enable form autocomplete, but blocklist some IMEs. r=blassey
7cb719c527e5292984155ceb534187bb67482f65Chris Peterson — Bug 775442 - Part 2: Pretty-print IME strings to logcat. r=blassey
9c7958769c7e617f4937ae08b6ec3376cdcf10feChris Peterson — Bug 775442 - Part 1: Clamp string indexes when updating IME extracted text. r=blassey
20ba830b7dcac1cc4e879a516eea68e4b8e2084bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 771135. Add MediaStreamListener::NotifyPull to give SourceMediaStream generators an easy way to implement pulling data from some source. r=jesup
8571114112b280a7ee5d19cb57d1d319217eba14James Willcox — Bug 687267 - Initial support for Flash on Honeycomb r=bgirard,vlad,jgilbert
d2041e5b9c6993d4efee09b2d42ff72d94b4f7b6Jonathan Watt — Remove unused variable to fix build bustage. no bug. r=me.
e2084d4e20e33b74688e8a3e01fabfb05e46766aGregory Szorc — Bug 775287 - Track request count in storage server; r=rnewman
62f19ed60528fb16100b66d230da1f1b3d7ce87eJonathan Watt — Bug 614732 - Implement display list based painting and hit-testing for SVG. r=roc.
ca0e3950eb0c63ee8e3d1a8c5c1473d869c9f409Jonathan Watt — Bug 614723 - Make sure SVG frames that shouldn't directly display don't create display list items. r=roc.
a746aaa32b229ab48fa7870105c5227f3ab84c8fArun Sukumaran Latha — bug 769302 - annotate accessibility instantiation in crash reports r=tbsaunde f=davidb
bc2c5ae47895d0cf25451f602ed451abe2f3fa8cJason Duell — Bug 775860 - copy appId and isInBrowserElement from nsIDocShell to nsILoadContext. r=jlebar, sr=sicking
8ad2c23374bcc61b7320d03b0cbe8f72b5311768Mats Palmgren — Bug 616722 - Make ColumnSetFrame a block margin root. Make the first column a margin root at the top edge, and the last column at the bottom. r=roc
95dc6660f401ff70d7e909bb07c400bff0b4a864Mats Palmgren — Bug 774794 - Make the aLineList param for MarkLineDirty mandatory; make nsBlockInFlowLineIterator have a valid mLineList for its mLine. r=roc
8f93bcc5bc5662ee36df98053209ad094316b364Arkady Blyakher — bug 773943 - fix null pointer exception from accessing getExternalFilesDir r=snorp
f9b341d6babd26ee642e352017c986ed82d51809Benjamin Peterson — Bug 761723 - Add test for chrome toSource. r=bz
166ee51a633f6ea71ddad259aa2746bafe3ba0f1Benjamin Peterson — Bug 761723 - Load chrome source code when it's needed for Function.prototype.toSource(). r=bz
1abd39543f58a66ac3b0b55dcd39d52748f4f45bBenjamin Peterson — Bug 761723 - Add a runtime hook to retrieve source that wasn't saved. r=luke
3bacbbca7d87f9cf44c50584d53834513d55a2bbBenjamin Peterson — Bug 761723 - Add a context option to only save source for compileAndGo and function body scripts. r=jornedorff
35cef082206b7c4960dcc19e72ea3ea40dd7341dBenjamin Peterson — Bug 761723 - Add memory reporting for script sources. r=njn
e080642175e6c7927065ca19b9067e5fed8bb99eBenjamin Peterson — Bug 761723 - Save script sources to implement Function.prototype.toString. r=jorendorff,njn,jimb,jst,Ms2ger
a10834675f4d9c4eefa95b10ae42ff1a6ea746b2Gregory Szorc — Bug 774558 - Fix typo in SubstitutionRef.__repr__; r=khuey
6e09c52e2c73202c31890d8fe4fe1c6374068defWes Johnston — Bug 766275 - Rename function. r=mfinkle
1cbf95c4c4f163e88bcb35820d20c6771cf51c8bWes Johnston — Bug 766275 - Remove browser actions from the Webapps context menu. r=mfinkle
19b5733f954d1958c41860a8c4ac50a290afffddDavid Zbarsky — Bug 769193 - Interpolate between transform functions that share common primitives rather than forcing them to fall back to matrix decomposition. r=dbaron
166cae54928db71a0d263c2cee07a6f329a9d80cTerrence Cole — Backout 189816733310 for Android bustage.
28e6cfc08efc4c6159fa61c5ae03f10ca420d60eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 773533 (part 2) - Add a <marquee> to test_memoryReporters.xul, to test for the crash in bug 773533. r=ehsan.
847116c6177caf8535a4d11f5a930052b4a69962Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 773533 (part 1) - Skip XBL nodes when looking for orphan DOM nodes. r=mccr8,smaug.
1898167333102b8d5dcda9b98219e9c60a4e85e3Terrence Cole — Bug 764962 - Add a verifier mode for GenerationalGC post barriers; r=billm
f0544409e0348ae946e29d66cc741c864ff95dc0Nicolas Chaim Echeverria — Bug 770317: Add an xperf probe for XPCOM shutdown event. r=glandium
6f770754fa9ec2e45cb72f4e881267adfa3d2aaeChris Peterson — Bug 772225 - Remove some clampSelection() calls to test whether IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions have been fixed. r=blassey
5ad0d0b4bcc8cc9c7b033b5065d8b340726d8567Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 775814 - B2G 3G:* preferences have string value false with fresh profile. r=marshall_law
8ce551fb64cf24a3711cfef8f8f385332007dd08Nick Alexander — Bug 776023 - Fix more JavaDoc warnings. r=rnewman
b1b3e5c996c525f3181b5db0f2bc1f2dcb22c1b7Richard Newman — Bug 734316 - Part 6: fix more PMD and checkstyle warnings. r=trivial
45f37b38a34a6aaf9ba0dfd12fcfeec7db34d1fdMatt Brubeck — Bug 766858 - When tab menu is open, intercept all touch events on about:home or web content [r=kats]
6a893f7cea3ad129933b6561ef558045650bd309Joel Maher — Bug 775982 - Intermittent Android abort during indexedDB/ipc/test_ipc.html. r=edmorley
69a69e2a873ddeb6dfbda04cb5ce4a45ef6086c1Eitan Isaacson — Bug 775661 - Added dump tree Logger method, and states to string function. r=davidb
0ec90d4991ca25287d2c742bdd574840efcc9f51Eitan Isaacson — Bug 775659 - move getVirtualCursor to util function. Fix moveCursorToObject. r=davidb
d1582dade09a7e62edeab95fc6a133cc94337309Eitan Isaacson — Bug 775653 - Refactor traversal rules. r=davidb
c8e7f31080133c6332f9e38441f6035c8392c206Eitan Isaacson — Bug 775657 - Added initial B2G support and speech presenter. r=davidb
fb57d273902cead39a486c219bb00c6f83fe6595Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 775976 - Guard against a null tab when processing a thumbnail. r=blassey
48d0e85546ea866460d909a7c9ae3fbef2afc3c5Andreas Gal — Remove dead code from upload path (bug 775863, r=cjones).
6a3791473b56e1a2052b0fbb47c94a4e4cc3779fFabrice Desré — Bug 715814 - Implement Web Activities : B2G Specific [r=cjones]
7938ab0b63db406228cf8f2a5ce5b0dd346c2e99Fabrice Desré — Bug 715814 - Implement Web Activities: DOM Part [r=mounir]
09094f943d293cf0268ec9a5fe7d304c08431ee2Fabrice Desré — Bug 715814 - Implement Web Activities : Activity Object [r=mounir]
53da353104ee4139cc8daef1f003ae5bc473544cFabrice Desré — Bug 715814 - Implement Web Activities : IDL [rs+sr=mounir]
cd4e6a53400de0665f21f860dc1636071bcb45ceVivien Nicolas — Bug 770847 - [BrowserAPI] mozbrowsercroll event to inform embedder when the content has scrolled. r=jlebar
d3488fdea4060ab868bd786cba22853ad72c1938Vivien Nicolas — Bug 774809 - [BrowserAPI] Add methods to send mouse/touch events to the content. r=jlebar
aa572892dca1d2764364b407d69741d9c7f48e08Brian R. Bondy — Bug 750898 - GFX code for Metro. r=bas
712b0e70632c03e903de4b289a036b25bbf27678Brian R. Bondy — Bug 747377 - Force D2D on in Metro mode. r=bas
b5c4c6e98b5cf6fc91b6e0ff5ffa015931bc1482Jan de Mooij — Bug 775680 - Math.pow should use powi if the exponent is an integer-valued double. r=dvander
18671e9746551898c5fb09cf2b667d5de2cc8192Patrick McManus — bug 775515 nshttpconnectionmgr::restrictconnections() for half opens only if they never connected r=honzab
43f259b15ccc16b1a3fb71318b06555500e672dbPatrick McManus — bug 758972 - make spdysession::verifystream() a DEBUG only operation r=honzab
08032fb59ba42fa7b322b810356adec0714771f8Patrick McManus — bug 775508 http connection diagnostic half-open elapsed syn time incorrect r=honzab
d3ba16c3c8a09e038d6b8dac264605e4ef0ba31aPatrick McManus — bug 770331 - always try and negotiate HTTP Keep-Alive r=biesi
Fri Jul 20 21:58:53 2012 +0000
f91c1b55b396e8dd359878059bb51d84b80ad822Jonathan Griffin — Bug 775755 - Flag an emulator-specific test with qemu = true, r=mbalaur, DONTBUILD because NPOTB