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Mon Oct 26 09:28:34 2020 +0000
b1a74943bc51bd3e62ea52242ec5e403ea3760bbAlex Ionescu — Bug 1669215 Fix imgur intermittent - clean zero-sized patches from recording r=sparky,perftest-reviewers default tip
be354ee427d01400963bf0086058b63b9dfadc09Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1641287: Focus on browser after keyup. r=mak
9cf73428357c3679bf6dfff0e1e0c1bc24d5c0e9Alaa Emad — Bug 1507189 - Replace nsIPresShell::ScrollDirection with an enumset over layers::ScrollDirection r=botond
45bbeabb0c89cf73d644b59898cb207e4462f147Jared Wein — Bug 727668 - Show bookmarks toolbar on the new tab page. r=Gijs,fluent-reviewers,marionette-reviewers,whimboo
a4853e82ea7a0f42cebd8b5ca5d769222befaadaTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1669007. Set the pref gfx.font_loader.delay=0 when running reftests in layout/general/test to fix test_scroll_position_restore.html intermittent failure. r=jfkthame
836fa52c68009f707198c75c3a4478ed290c339fKagami Sascha Rosylight — Bug 1672786 - Disable selection within <input type=date> r=emilio