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Tue Nov 30 19:48:55 2010 +0000
5d4678e9fc37ea1400b6e40413ed194ff5f3af1bGregor Wagner — Bug 609543 - Frequent hangs in dromaeo_sunspider during sunspider-access-nsieve.html (after sunspider-access-nbody.html); r=dmandelin a=blocking-beta9+
Tue Nov 30 19:00:14 2010 +0000
0418174c85227aae8a056d0d39356b425e72e445Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614724 followup. Fix crash due to silly assumptions about order of argument evaluation. a=orange
Tue Nov 30 18:20:36 2010 +0000
2af96a164c62c566cc57d05ff4b558320efe9387Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614058. Fix regression in IsEqualNode. r=jst, a=blocker
2eeaa6c8d0a37c0b1d4bad2c7423e45bbd55ce25Boris Zbarsky — Bug 609272. Make sure to not apply clipping of overflow when printing to the root element, because it doesn't really make use of its overflow style itself. r=dbaron
62826174421538af502f6952ce28f1f7d8738479Boris Zbarsky — Bug 478445 and bug 499628. strokeText needs to not re-stroke the current path. r=vlad, a=vlad
edf0c4a6a10c6af4db44c1d88e72200e68448c03Boris Zbarsky — Bug 605296 part 2. Make username/password stringify undefined to empty string. r=sicking
ebaf0b1da9e6806b533f8bd2acb358291560430cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 605296 part 1. Infrastructure for supporting AUTF8String in quickstubs. r=jorendorff
51125803eb3196b71ff4655c17770793a265a222Boris Zbarsky — Bug 608914 part 2. Get rid of some temporary strings now that we can AppendFloat to an nsAString. r=dbaron
f61c6c4ba5be28ff8990d8ac8a54d0ebf2f95821Boris Zbarsky — Bug 608914 part 1. Remove the nsString overloads of AppendInt and move AppendFloat up to nsAString. r=bsmedberg
fa8acee0abe8536989611f586f245ded675c6937Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614724. Quickstub createElementNS. r=peterv