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Wed Jul 28 21:53:45 2010 +0000
b8b62b351c09249a97e2d1aafdfb1cc89e00782cJoe Drew — Bug 572520: step 9, test asynchronous notification for regular loads and channel loads on static, animated, and 404 images. r=jrmuizel,bholley
3da4f3cf80e712e5105ee6ccbbea900f7487c266Joe Drew — Bug 572520: step 8, make LoadImage and LoadImageWithChannel scriptable so they are testable from js unit tests. r=jrmuizel sr=vlad
505beccaf337c93479ab69c9a04e9336061261adJoe Drew — Bug 572520: step 7.1, Add some logging to imgStatusTracker. r=bholley
cbd7ed81d4a861eb857f9a6cd4620b55bf7b17abJoe Drew — Bug 572520: step 7, delay otherwise-synchronous notifications, and send them asynchronously later. r=jrmuizel,bholley sr=bz
17efdfae5c8213b394d9b763b07e065108ade3a9Joe Drew — Bug 572520: step 6, centralize the tracking of load/decode status. Make a single class, imgStatusTracker, which keeps track of the state of an image, and also takes care of calling notifications on imgRequestProxys. r=jrmuizel,bholley
bc90a512d44ddf216ebd296a87a0330bf94764deJoe Drew — Bug 572520: step 5, remove imgContainerRequest because it duplicates the body of NotifyProxyListener. Put its required abilities into imgRequestProxy and imgContainer. r=jrmuizel
130bec306f0e838e323d7071d7d735fc00838067Joe Drew — Bug 572520: step 4, don't restart animation in NotifyProxyListener, do it in AddProxy instead. r=jrmuizel,bholley
e007030c3b075938c8253eb0d42d59e1ef5ebd97Joe Drew — Bug 572520: step 3, remove unused parameters on imgRequestProxy::on*. r=jrmuizel,bholley
807e344fc413805e352623898dbb63fe0e4b2e7aJoe Drew — Bug 572520: step 2.3: make the bug 445810 tests not assume that finishing the load of one image implies that all images have finished loading. r=dbaron
005cd62c6689c3f7aa84eec70a6ee6197179cc11Joe Drew — Bug 572520: step 2.2, mark up the background draw nothing tests as getting another assertion. r=dbaron
ea5666a40bf1bd4051ba54982aeb073f98bc9e2eJoe Drew — Bug 572520: step 2.1, mark up the table background reftests as asserting on gtk2 due to bug 527825. r=dbaron
e2ca1e2f6e402a67c7bcab20a8f83d43e06703a9Joe Drew — Bug 572520: step 2.0, fix the visited image loading tests to poll for the images to load; just waiting for a draw isn't enough. r=dbaron
6bd0e6c7fc94e9c07fbeae29fc2643a72d99d71dJoe Drew — Bug 572520: step 1, undef LoadImage all over the place. r=jrmuizel,bholley