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Fri Sep 21 09:38:50 2018 +0000
8dc63538dff7755eb40ea9783962b513b09ced15arthur.iakab — Backed out changeset 45f7b6097f9b (bug 1491609)for browser chrome failures on static/browser_parsable_css.js
316a48e82d51ee6985b4730ef7710fa86897fbd1Jan de Mooij — Bug 1491342 - Ignore document.domain in ShouldWaiveXray. r=bholley
45f7b6097f9bd20bbfdb631eaee2f7a0e500f554Tim Nguyen — Bug 1491609 - Update checkbox and radio styling. r=jaws,k88hudson
c138ce95764151d27ed4c5b6b73669d407983517Gurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
11e0f6477245158e970c646c339a0cde447e4d69Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1480160. Add crash test for masked 3d transforms r=mstange
b42a6c69fed439e5b1c208fb8c315b4955ff81e1Nick Thomas — Bug 1493056 - check for mar existence before chmoding it, and remove deprecated action, r=aki
416efb95f0a56f8cae3a05733f13f5152f1c99edNick Thomas — Bug 1493056 - fetch-content tries to use https for private urls with the proxy, should use http, r=tomprince
d5b484dc6344b3b551d595d8f652ae82a32aeb84Matt Woodrow — Bug 1492250 - Create a WebRender stacking context for nsDisplayStickyPosition to ensure that all descendants get the same positioning. r=mstange
442b0454a61826fe77accb0b73851a4fb21f08c6Nicolas Ouellet-Payeur — Bug 462674 - URLBar: Autocomplete "about:" URLs r=mak
2b5b7bd869aca6e972b7d8eef943ebce83720151Iain Ireland — Bug 1491350: Clear pending OOM exceptions before returning from hasNativeProperty / getNativePropertyByValue r=tcampbell
5644bce7acbbb95b7ca4fb7397ee35734ad86534Nick Thomas — Bug 1493028 - update branch priorities for esr60, r=aki
Fri Sep 21 04:12:55 2018 +0000
8d8dc3f35c3d65b8268c014cf10709c37049bce1Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset dc225279994a (bug 1473736) for web platform leaks
2fd7267721dc031480b02341ef5458a9ecbf9bffGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 471ccb1a377e (bug 1492250) for failing at /reftests/async-scrolling/reftest.list line 36 on a CLOSED TREE
dd183880461fd273d690fb337fdac67fc4aca3e6Dana Keeler — bug 1492424 - check if the TLS handshake failed in nsSecureBrowserUIImpl r=Gijs
1a90b5aa838cd4651ffb93582f2ab11194ed150bMantaroh Yoshinaga — Bug 1476549 - Part 5. Modify the tests which is realted to frames button. r=birtles
c60ae6c436fb009a36d0541ee2f43898d5f38544Mantaroh Yoshinaga — Bug 1476549 - Part 4. Make the frame button to MenuButton. r=birtles
4309a1d872d184c6cb347b0b627ec3883e32aaa3Mantaroh Yoshinaga — Bug 1476549 - Part 3. Support the children of function type on the MenuButton. r=birtles
8187454076214de198981aa7044b3d47dc3225a0Mantaroh Yoshinaga — Bug 1476549 - Part 2. Change the several functions to the local function of ToolboxToolbar. r=jdescottes
00691a3d87ef51b92b78d94b8dc9c794707ae429Mantaroh Yoshinaga — Bug 1476549 - Part 1. Rename toolbox.onHightlightFrame to toolbox.onHighlightFrame. r=jdescottes
d494c690a5f2746cb61c87ed11bf0ee65582de44Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset ce4f180d81e4 (bug 832983) for failing at /test/browser_net_leak_on_tab_close.js on a CLOSED TREE
471ccb1a377ed4e079bbe7d49ef055e8e03c789cMatt Woodrow — Bug 1492250 - Create a WebRender stacking context for nsDisplayStickyPosition to ensure that all descendants get the same positioning. r=mstange
9828a37ea75f2380a1f3bda21c4a41e0a130b728Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1485987 - Make fire an input event. r=mak
1553dab7733256bff6049aaa3103e79ce7e89e0bJ.C. Jones — Bug 1492973 - Update u2f-hid-rs to 0.2.1 r=froydnj
d0ba46887a194ff4a75534409d86e4742f94aa82alwu — Bug 1476649 - part3 : add test. r=jya
dc225279994a8921a5f53ab879d771c268828bebDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1473736 - Implement necko part of ESNI r=mak,kmag,mcmanus
16779b47b705c39f4e0ac244c986eed85a5ca629alwu — Bug 1476649 - part2 : adjust next-timestamp for the last frame r=jya
b3e369ae80713cd5d67e56bae36a775f17d261d9alwu — Bug 1476649 - part1 : reuse same pattern code. r=jya
df299282283be972d030538231811670c51733f4Aaron Klotz — Bug 1492865: Test NTSTATUS code to determine whether DLL load actually succeeded; r=mhowell
ce4f180d81e4a6e369aa0930d15a2d37e789194fAnshul Malik — Bug 832983 - Basic support for adding xhr breakpoints r=jlast
6c0f7c05449874df8bd1ee6affa0a0312d1bdc17Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1483033 - Pass correct startup and shutdown reasons to screenshots's embedded webextension. r=_6a68
bc8e00559118b213ce20a2f5e2a319c8b8c78a7aDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1483033 - Fix LegacyExtensionsUtils comments and pass startup reason to Extension constructor. r=kmag
b7b64e0bf4b12ec4e2f5af957e19b7a2905061efAndreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
4cc3a72a0f00a3896aa4af9ab31f24ffdc3a9684Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset e7665879a630 (bug 1492424) for failing at siteIdentity/browser_tls_handshake_failure.js on a CLOSED TREE
2d32f6094cdad194f5ebaa711e5284cec85a0135Rob Wood — Bug 1492955 - Add raptor webext to whitelist for GeckoProfiler webext API; r=aswan
216c54f4650e71b84713208f628155998e8dad7eMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1463545 - Use text-overflow:ellipsis; on <shipping-option>. r=sfoster
1f44117fee2ea257eca27f6015b3437d2ad7cd70Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1463545 - Replace grid layout of <address-option> with a new two line design. r=sfoster
b6cc6d47b5be63bd7b8e36908535a8c06d721d5bMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1463545 - Update the <basic-card-option> layout to match the UI spec. r=sfoster
913329feffe47b17dd6b4e8ba248897d72e32f86Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1463545 - Overlay the selected <rich-option> on top of the native <select>. r=sfoster
7106b3f8d717899c5a29903a089ecd46f14b2253Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1463545 - Copy stylesheets from the payment dialog into mochitests. r=jaws
fba337077a687723353e3b5bdae58a5f1996d516k88hudson — Bug 1492174 - Update CFR Messages to reflect planned cohorts r=ursula
e7665879a630451639a42a2d75383b24928b90a2Dana Keeler — bug 1492424 - check if the TLS handshake failed in nsSecureBrowserUIImpl r=Gijs
a240436c8e712bfb2d5e8082fd16f09f451cf156Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1492615. Improve logging of blob property changes r=mstange
d2e7433921cf7a807f6278996e7f978c0f78cfcfLuca Greco — Bug 1491274 - Split content script-only userScripts API from ext-userScripts.js and user_scripts.json. r=robwu,mixedpuppy
d2ca2c0c3364a3a4bef62facb03d2573fcfad2a6Luca Greco — Bug 1491272 - Lock experimental userScripts API behind a pref and make it enabled by default on Nightly. r=mixedpuppy
53206bd094078b90d03dfcaf2e5dc42d2fafe745Luca Greco — Bug 1491272 - Require user_scripts manifest property to have access to the userScripts API namespace. r=robwu,mixedpuppy
37cd7bbec974385d50266e8e2a68f581eb0fbe63Aaron Klotz — Bug 1488627: Part 2 - Use file IDs instead of paths in launcher process parent binary check; r=mhowell
baa0f84b80b206c3ccdcbc36950ddd1a949f1c6aAaron Klotz — Bug 1488627: Part 1 - Add FileUniqueId and DoPathsPointToIdenticalFile to WinHeaderOnlyUtils.h; r=mhowell
f2da055061b9715e632004dc8508fd68d9b215dcByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1486012: Rework ICE restart. r=mjf