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Mon Aug 07 19:00:02 2017 +0000
fde1450a4368d04e97174e2eb00fb48901179857Tim Nguyen — Bug 1387737 - Fix switching back to the default theme. r=Gijs a=merge
e405ea7e39436fcaf07ae2c2961f20f6faf702b4Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1374847 - Remove nsIPrefBranch2 and nsIPrefBranchInternal. r=njn
34af7208f1c0113972de8475d1dbb2a74ca6e075Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1387380 - Stop capabilities negotiation in Marionette. r=whimboo
5cd52dd48b7423449ab25ba117dcbf8f612f1871Justin Wood — Bug 1387867 - Disable gtest on windows devedition, it is permafailing because we PGO these builds. r=jlorenzo
887526d5bb3bcb4bf5997429212fea1dd9d8f164Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 7f10bba58580 (bug 1333126) for eslint failures in toolkit/crashreporter/test/unit/head_win64cfi.js (strings must use doublequotes). r=backout
707970e804a15d32df7469bac05a809f19ee8cccSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 4d92e459f9ab (bug 1333126)
4d92e459f9ab3bb31fd7e4d230762bb56d6479fdCarl Corcoran — Bug 1333126: adding tests; r=gsvelto
7f10bba585801d389c43f05f1dfb83f003d5eab3Carl Corcoran — Bug 1333126: use win64 PE unwind metadata to improve client-side stack walking; r=gsvelto
b86b316b7983827a8485e007cd00d9d677f26175Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
d4eb4b905fd180ffcd3c0f4651757f4b7b95d68aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
ddc7b1a4e99d1207b287164bfa727c03d35dac1aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #17991 - style: Avoid branching on the origin for each selector when inserting in the cascade data (from emilio:dumb-branches); r=heycam
2526325fcf8e0ce45e442c63cca1a2f42a3fbe34Dão Gottwald — Bug 1387723 - Remove --toolbarbutton-icon-fill and --toolbarbutton-icon-fill-inverted. r=johannh
89ed2b795d66205783b2fcc88a69abd47758723cHenry Chang — Bug 1375277 - Test case for new error code NS_ERROR_HARMFUL_URI. r=francois
17248bdb72c9f0e72d69c5ab1e0e7eb63d1c6dd8Henry Chang — Bug 1375277 - Move Safe Browsing UI events to a separate telemetry probe. r=francois
fa94b9e702ec85e5e8e8b1ee92dc847e85d797e7Henry Chang — Bug 1375277 - New safebrowsing threat type "POTENTIALLY_HARMFUL_APPLICATION" introduced by v4. r=francois
8311d0abcccaba14caa572ff5c2a301718b4ebd0Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #17990 - style: Invert storage of selector maps to key off origin first (from heycam:invert-selector-maps); r=emilio
f35d46bca9a9079085419d31ec1ca04f77fb8911Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1387376 - Reserve memory before using push_back with vector r=jesup
d0352fcfda332e2bf2841ca2e533f7915051756cSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1387376 - Reserve memory before using push_back with vector r=nical
629a306d41e0e53bb0921bcc8ad35e39c6735923Alastor Wu — Bug 1367983 - correct comment. r=jwwang
26e0ae835693758851db4c125398a4a826efcf6dAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1078284 - Disable WebIDE tests on all but optimized builds. r=jryans
6aad657cccca6b1a7369eddab535abb78d579e1cNazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #17986 - Implement ToAnimatedZero for MozLength (from canaltinova:moz-length); r=hiro
eeddd8eeca5680734aa300d013169f675a5da000Johann Hofmann — Bug 1387971 - Fix centering of website names in the permission dialog. r=prathikshaprasadsuman+580428
0e14c39f8c8716d8dd2b131a70795da063316596Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1387801 - Reject invalid H264 content. r=gerald
179f972c8e053a35b3bc5cffc32523451658b3b0Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #17988 - Use a 1-entry smallvec in the selector maps (from bholley:smallvec_selectormap); r=emilio
0dd9cbe575fe8d630c0c7f974d4a7f780b6c6061Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1386558 - Check sandboxing level 2 after permissions are available. r=jld
55b494574257d233fe1fac3a25049777b8e96ac2Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1385891 - Whitelist things in the extension dir, not just the dir itself. r=jld
6dd09cdad7072f8156f09c7db0b9656a8b1c3a0dCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #17987 - style: Remove stray debugging println (from heycam:rm-println); r=upsuper
5f177c216666c5764633e941909e2d534cb5c63dMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1387634 - Update unsupported @autocomplete token list to reflect the autofill MVP. r=smaug
6296374f677f0c7995890fd3b6b1cf574c6bdf19James Cheng — Bug 1387314-Remove NS_DispatchToMainThread and use nsIEventTarget to dispatch instead. r=cpearce
c3910ce15bbbe91658ddf9e43ec5a5d436342070Evan Tseng — Bug 1377167 - Update font size, font color, and background color to match the Photon preferences visual refresh spec. r=mconley