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Mon Feb 03 23:03:15 2014 +0000
f10b3ebdc7566c55beb83c054cea550f9571ce1dLukas Blakk — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
bfbfeaf931b104c2728f4775273e9238f7733b06Lukas Blakk — Added tag FIREFOX_AURORA_29_BASE-m, Tagging for mozilla-central version bumps CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD for changeset ba2cc1eda988
Mon Feb 03 16:10:23 2014 +0000
067123df4f779596c2acedcf66579de1dfd5e1eeMatt Brubeck — Bug 962212 (followup) - Fix a typo in metro Tab constructor that broke inheritance of private flag [r=azasypkin]
Mon Feb 03 12:27:41 2014 +0000
6be5d432b1b64dfc727e80bb5df33a3e172732c5Blair McBride — Bug 966933 - [Australis] UITour: Add a UI tour link in the Help menu (Part 1: strings only), r=gijs, DONTBUILD because just some strings