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Fri Aug 20 19:30:45 2010 +0000
95a39e236cc4bc236aef8e604c82d7cc66dab6d5Chris Jones — Bug 582057, part i: Use nsIWidget::CreateChild in nsIView::CreateWidget* (where possible). r=roc a=blocking-fennecb1
2757103c7e890d4c7dc921c4f42343be9e31d4d3Chris Jones — Bug 582057, part h: Add an nsIWidget::CreateChild interface to sweep (relevant to this bug) code dealing with native widgets under the widget/src/* rug. sr=roc
7852880685f86e5cd7239d78c3f66aba4d1b1b28Chris Jones — Bug 582057, part g: Split nsIView::CreateWidget into CreateWidget, CreateWidgetForParent, and CreateWidgetForPopup in preparation of eliminating IIDs here. sr=roc
1df224a593837a47d6a34d6248e636a7f26e23c9Chris Jones — Bug 582057, part f: Split out window initialization code in preparation for multiple CreateWidget* methods. r=roc
17ccf212ce682029152a3b386c0368c7bccbf4cbChris Jones — Bug 582057, part e: Simplify the logic for creating popup widgets. r=roc
418247b1dc8a311fabb4b07ae9ae0d6b2e4741caChris Jones — Bug 582057, part d: Simplify nsView::LoadWidget and return early if it fails. r=roc
1007fbdaad19091f39d2886bd48147bab018a11cChris Jones — Bug 582057, part c: Initialize default widget init data earlier so that it's always available. r=roc
8f2104cbe0e07dce5309c270ad213afd1c1ddea6Chris Jones — Bug 582057, part b: Remove nsIDeviceContext::SupportsNativeWidgets because it's not used meaningfully, and will be confusing in content processes. sr=roc
91ab528ceb03929b3939ed4034500980b3dfbda8Chris Jones — Bug 582057, part a: Add nsIView::Impl() and nsView::CreateWidget() to get rid of |static_cast<nsView*>(this)|. r=roc
d2e80a426678a985e0603d319f533c4850060434Chris Jones — Bug 582075, part 0.5: Add support for aInitData=NULL to the Windows nsWindow implementation. r=dougt
4363ea3add873fa2d546a9252e6bd49a27876f9bChris Jones — Bug 582057, part 0: Log the repaint region bounding rect in DumpPaintEvent. r=roc
64fa66e599c8bfe562456c5772c9cf98614db723Robert O'Callahan — Bug 585817. Part 3: Remove nsSVGUtils::GetThebesComputationalSurface and use gfxPlatform::ScreenReferenceSurface instead. r=jwatt
80cea1587c03208c5b4d3f925460a793dfdd3aceRobert O'Callahan — Bug 585817. Part 2: Change nsIPresShell::CreateRenderingContext to GetReferenceRenderingContext, that uses the shared 1x1 surface, and use it all over the place. r=mats,sr=dbaron
6e78abd5420122f1977b61c1debdfc0463fdd9abRobert O'Callahan — Bug 585817. Part 1: Create a single static 1x1 surface in gfxPlatform that can be used to create contexts for text measurement etc. r=vlad
65cd9d78d0a85d35508911bacff3aaa525ef08a8Chris Jones Bug 585817, part 0: Use gfxWindowsPlatform::GetScreenDC to compute the minimum widget size. r=roc
3608833562ed87e3c8bc94ed72b9eb050f6ebc3fBas Schouten Bug 585817, part -1: Create and expose a scratch DC from gfxWindowsPlatform. r=roc