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Thu Apr 18 19:36:30 2013 +0000
d1847d734c77f27ff11050b940f1d349a91f45c8Reuben Morais — Bug 862351 - Don't enqueue messages sent to a different inner window. r=gwagner
Thu Apr 18 17:58:48 2013 +0000
b390e72c5a543b600f8613650b0ceb0bfe747d96Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8f7ef60b6f5a (bug 860934) for mochitest asserts and crashes.
9c118c313eda0e71ba17e82ca1c91a9613638498Bug 862306 - Route audio stream to BT_SCO in AudioManager. r=mwu
996520044b849fc8229899b0b2097c56e115699dGina Yeh — Bug 859727 - Remove routing logic from BluetoothScoManager, r=echou, r=rlin
b4f4d4749b998836e34b3be0d150784fb9525b60Gene Lian — Bug 840066 - [MMS][User Story] Automatic download retry on failure. r=vicamo a=leo+
032e5c11a9e6da533ffa50dbc4c8328764530a7cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
e65a858b4235f1279de319221e68b5e489efc205Gregor Wagner — Bug 861462 - Allow contacts to be preloaded when we create the contacts DB. r=bent
8f7ef60b6f5ab78947cd316b934803196ac4aff4Dave Hylands — Bug 860934 - Use relative paths when handling device storage r=dougt
3797b2f74f3715fac5596e74f8ac65877e31c2fcFabrice Desré — Bug 854849 - Sanitize displayable fields in manifests r=vingtetun
8e4d4e5495ee79ebb212e249524db0b6e499c4baJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 859318 - Part 4: Add test for call waiting functions. r=vicamo
311d5a0b4384b962984974f2ea3bce4aa2b94fa4Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 859318 - Part 3: RIL changes for call waiting functions. r=vicamo
cfa6e89e9d4f701bc517ae4a5cbc818c92e9e96bJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 859318 - Part 2: Changes in MobileConnection.cpp for call waiting functions. r=smaug
143ca81b0e112c8f47aa5efcfcd3a20655b66070Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 859318 - Part 1: IDL changes for call waiting functions. r=sicking
c97f19dc7f7fde7869675297ce57e0f1dfcc16d8Justin Lebar — Bug 857152 - Make IPC channels more robust against use after being closed. r=bent
62582ec93bfdb6e708b167cb04476deea3441e8bjanjongboom — Bug 862232 - [OPEN_][SMS]when we send a message to a contact whose number contains 0, the 0 will be deleted. r=gwagner
6a141b4bacac430c5c91f45fc533436e24d86150Fabrice Desré — backout a19cc9af881e for Moth failure.
b05fa3fef5e90dcf7c084875b1eadd7a77e59787Mike Habicher — Bug 862256 - don't (re)reference CameraControl object during/after destructor, r=sotaro, a=tef+
a19cc9af881ef62550d5c73a1aa73be6c3d14bfdFabrice Desré — Bug 854849 - Sanitize displayable fields in manifests r=vingtetun
Thu Apr 18 14:56:46 2013 +0000
fa5d5fccbc11ffdac6707e14fa45cfb8da2c987cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 734691, bug 862500) for leaks.
caf3832d2066f8a9610cf382b8733fc0f8f095dcRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
78087f47be49a13b711af1506462590f0e0ca1ccAndrea Marchesini — Bug 855412 - Change the signature of NS_NewSVGRect to not use the outparam. r=Ms2ger
8a2549ffefae5ab0b67fc1bcb919d6e9ffcc9076Andres Hernandez — Bug 854288 - Remove PlaceUtils.restoreBookmarksFromJSONFile in PlacesUtils.jsm. r=mak
7621b9481f50504b657f6a1d8e19be9cf86218e3Cykesiopka — Bug 530352 - Remove last nsIFileSpec comment. r=vlad
55823b3dbdeba45774b24ea268f6175467a97e40Sudheera Palihakkara — Bug 327598 - Set the return value of RemoveElementAt to void instead of bool. r=Neil
35164eb6ba01e1f69d73416ee6c152e2981a3bd7Benoit Jacob — Bug 862520 - Disable quickCheckAPI-B2.html on Windows XP. r=jgilbert
4f494a6770c9e37934fa63702f4abd52ce61ba46Jonathan Griffin — Bug 863185 - Define variable in order to use it, r=dburns
37bbd241f79a701758cad89d4f72d2cc10adc8b8Mike Hommey — Disable on-demand decompression (bug 848764)
bfc7718d631aff95dc6ffa4a9afd15d87a618c85Mike Hommey — Bug 848764 - Enable on-demand decompression. r=blassey
3b8dcd3938058f29fffeb553e66be28008e06e09Mike Hommey — Bug 859705 - Un-szip libraries before pushing them on the device for xpcshell tests. r=ted
5dab860f10154de4c2b3a49eb8edf973df08d6d1Phil Ringnalda — Back out 248daf8c6362 (bug 852915) for Win7 mochitest-1 orange
4b83cfe95da30a37581b22b49b4fefaf169b850dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 862610. When we have named constructors, make sure we managed to set up an interface object before looking for them. r=peterv
bb724d209c4c0eb1ce9db5257563322da4dce551Boris Zbarsky — Bug 862113. Fix test for CSS2 pseudo-elements to not trigger assertions. r=dholbert
4444510d672f82f2d8ea7f7a62e43953401e427dBenoit Girard — Bug 862500 - Properly shutdown profiler in xpcshell, shutdown and error cases. r=snorp
5c321bc4dc63920768a3aac5cf784904494100dcBenoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Port multi-thread support to win/mac. r=snorp,smaug
e045934f78bee59b6dc7ff64d90b5a66e1cc2268James Willcox — Bug 734691 - Add multi-thread support to profiler r=benwa
248daf8c63623a964db6b7b91f54584b805d4e71Chris Pearce — Bug 852915 - Disable MP3 playback using WMF on Win7SP0 to prevent random crashes. r=bbondy
9c124a12d219cc060deebc59c8e9c6269b8e8521Wes Johnston — Bug 858340 - Domain autocompletion for Fennec. r=jchen
a722bd12603b4f4ab9e52ec786f5b533e0cbb0a5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
24460dad116e2edbaebad1575a70db18b97dbf83Matt Woodrow — Backout d6b34be6fb4c for causing reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
d6b34be6fb4cf57b6fede99aef09d4ec1ff7f0e3Matt Woodrow — Bug 837335 - Don't build an nsDisplayTransform for nsSVGPathGeometryFrame if the transform is only a translation. r=jwatt
97b75eac3e0f40f2aefb08251c33e812a8b3f268Matt Woodrow — Bug 852850 - Add a reftest to make sure images hoisted into their own layers aren't painted. r=joe
e257b45b714c5ca5a4f76399b19df18909657bcaMatt Woodrow — Bug 852850 - Add the ability for the reftest framework to test whether an element is painted in invalidation tests. r=roc
312eba5c02d2f10a9ad36ba9af3da0a8157287baSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 861658 - Make Android Sync styles use Gecko themes. r=nalexander
ee1ba342612bfdb336c94b54569f731dbb4ef713Daniel Holbert — backout 8e0af273404e (Bug 847279) for android M-8 orange
d4ff0407496f5d8f6a2ed0e7df86369aaa6c3998Daniel Holbert — backout b1096811620f (Bug 847279) for android M-8 orange
0795073314a934fb20f439a2a1d070383d133cdeKarl Tomlinson — b=767710 don't let additional events with the same destination restart smooth scrolling r=mstange
dae9cddd40cb782a7a0e310898712392864017d7Karl Tomlinson — b=767710 refactor AsyncScroll duration API so duration can be evaluated before resetting r=roc
f687fc38de906ff19059c1f37dd6b3bf61af41ceKarl Tomlinson — b=767710 move current motion calculation into InitSmoothScroll() r=roc
3175ad40acfec3493d9cee1693b3830957daa38cBrian Nicholson — Bug 860523 - Add namespace wrapper for WebApps. r=wesj
28af81b415ab12eee98261f97b378374c99434b9Mark Hammond — Bug 862673 - ensure assertions in test_mousecapture_area are attributed to that test rather than the following test. r=gavin
52169bf1e074596157d08075fc7709b5b5dd6a8aMatthew Gregan — Bug 846122 - Handle split multi-track Cues in nestegg. r=padenot
4ae079a1ca8ebaee7a917312abd5f1cbc9b9215dDaniel Holbert — Bug 863043: Move CompositorOGL::Initialize's helper-nsRunnable from function-scope to class-scope to fix build warning about ignored visibility attribute. r=Bas
b1096811620f969004694c1ad674103656cce6a3Ben Kelly — Bug 847279 - Fix hardcoded path names in mochitests to match relativesrcdir. r=mbrubeck
8e0af273404e7e989519bb8b5cb2812c28e42dd9L. David Baron — Bug 847279 - Fix incorrect relativesrcdir in other mochitest makefiles. r=mbrubeck
16d1cff602446cc7e681440f310de62935a911b3Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 840012 - Fix test name. r=luke
1fdf667ca50644746cfb094546c6201258458fdbBrian Nicholson — Bug 862049 - Run setAccessibilityEnabled() on the UI thread. r=Cwiiis
544ccbe0f7ef8c8e2ae073bf0daf69d2d2c232daPanos Astithas — Try to fix intermittent test_dbgsocket.js (bug 775924); r=me
1338721bd243dbba23d20542e98bd478ba557fd1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 860613 - Create an android-specific subclass of CompositorParent to be able to pick the target layer for APZC. r=BenWa
24e3e435129effa413d388201a8725d27356efb9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 860613 - Add an API to bind an APZC instance to a Layer. r=BenWa
e351053c0ef8f85e3d71f151590c1332655dca4dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 860613 - Remove CompositorParent::GetDefaultPanZoomController (patch from romaxa/tatiana). r=BenWa
63203f42c4b88adb7f4047bd1446f828e790dbccKartikaya Gupta — Bug 860940 - Add static factory-style methods to create AndroidGeckoEvent instances in widget code. r=cpeterson
beaf93963e65702d8022cb35a3d2c9c48b08b802Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 859962 - Guard against LayerView.getPanZoomController() returning null in BrowserApp. r=Cwiiis
40dd2c59bd0eec948561ec35c965a423def6f1e5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 859951 - Split MotionEvent's action into mask and index in Java rather than in JNI code. r=wesj
b978b9e5c2df18e80316dd5c9ea31cca79e6f332Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 859951 - Refactor the code to convert MOTION_EVENT GeckoEvents to nsTouchEvent instances. r=wesj
307a2386c3194eff79f141515ad3f4b4855848baBenoit Jacob — Bug 860441 - trivial compile fix on non-gonk - no review, CLOSED TREE
da960202617a21b69860a2dc5797f35c93693061Olli Pettay — Bug 862991 - If dictionary member needs cx, so should dictionary itself, r=bz
cb656b3c3d6d74685e42150fc2c4725cb5c37e95Olli Pettay — Bug 862983 - HeaderFile annotation for WebIDL interfaces, r=bz
78c0e5262c1c53a671580eb34eeef728f6ab12c2Olli Pettay — Bug 862987 - Include nsAutoPtr.h in BindingDeclarations.h, r=bz
a5e3b5d175a391ce569a78e0eff814e2bd449f4aBenoit Jacob — Bug 862523 - Android: blocklist the STAGEFRIGHT feature on the following Hardware's: antares, endeavoru, harmony, picasso, picasso_e, ventana - r=joe,doublec
0d85e11dffaf9f42e794cc5b23121c012a35f8cfBenoit Jacob — Bug 860441 - Camera preview update is not smooth on gonk - r=nsilva
c73bc7ab0014a82907f8cafc8b47cf90240d65eaJeff Hammel — Bug 860091 - mirror and mozdevice and mozprofile to m-c;r=jgriffin
7c3d1492bc4675f69a9d29ef79c0ffb23448f714Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 830505 - Re theme the autocomplete screen in snapped view.r=sfoster
dd6946291f4e5a7f7ed6017b183d862107347664Robert Longson — Bug 862817 - Fix animateMotion on foreignObject elements. r=dholbert
795f8cd8ab328f35fc968c31d9a54ff8ad68014aRalph Giles — Bug 862586 - Update webvtt parser to v0.4. r=cpearce
c42747a5cd4b437b5ca7e7d9674712acb97ebcb3Wes Kocher — Bug 862988 - Uplift Addon SDK to Firefox
9a1a4d67cc933c33436e970feafa4f000cbabeb1Mats Palmgren — Bug 762332 - Make the "EnsureTextRun should have set font size inflation" assertion non-fatal for now so it doesn't block fuzzing. r=sjohnson
b064ea1f6af7861f1cb9f1fe2e30c97c65928bfbMats Palmgren — Bug 862185 - Remove child frame members which may become stale and add accessors to get them from the child list instead. r=roc
440634eef3f13659a9089909b4785e73aa5ff01fMats Palmgren — Bug 862185 - Make nsFieldSetFrame reflow and paint overflow container children. r=roc
9a09523eb5ddaea9228e21d1205a0790fec0533fMats Palmgren — Bug 859088 - Left/Right Arrow key after selection should move to the beginning/end of selection respectively (on all platforms). r=ehsan
9f58ed47cee2af858dadfe44232907c647c9d6ddMats Palmgren — Bug 485149 - Using box-shadow on a <fieldset> with <legend> does not follow box shape. r=roc
a827177c136e14c4844db6f78627ebf329dd4523Mats Palmgren — Bug 701504 - Null out all BidiParagraphData::mPrevFrame when starting a new block. r=smontagu
689fff301d90608fa7861c25268b8d9e44e3f133Mats Palmgren — Bug 844549 - Backout the test for bug 395609 since it refers to external resources ( r=test-only
7f9636b8376ff20d7fa4404623b0a767183e3f0aRandell Jesup — Bug 861958: Support pre-negotiated streams greater than the currently-allocated number r=tuexen
9ad89524786941d7ff8e3af185dd2f51e17c06e9Shane Caraveo — bug 851653 add services to addonprovider for fhr, r=gps
4eb83cbb0845906efcf51f9c4f331b2a2da93e16Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 847898 - Put Android Beam support behind a confvar variable. r=mfinkle
a2476ca81c62062ac3d56632f0c75cc423120821Jim Mathies — Bug 854070 - Add a bit of directional hysteresis when converting a caret monocle drag to selection. r=bbondy
cf09749bb5b1fbe1c1076f170e1068ac62bd49b7Jim Mathies — Bug 862025 - Ignore monocle vertical drag orientation for single line text inputs. r=bbondy
Thu Apr 18 12:03:23 2013 +0000
286cf3d332816b0bd3d043b332e1f0815ada2878Victor Porof — Bug 862198 - Intermittent browser_net_json-long.js | Test timed out, found a tab, r=rcampbell
e6a7681887f783f2197ed13f86a8f6b2b05c9718Victor Porof — Bug 861487 - Sizes are displayed with non-localized decimal separator, r=rcampbell
d3c89e5eabfaa28ea525f284e2a05b7dcdd30ec7Victor Porof — Bug 859308 - Hide Blocked in Timings tab until we know what that's doing, r=rcampbell
6f992295d9ac4956a87f07ab0441cf88af73edcaVictor Porof — Bug 861783 - Removing watch expression of large object not possible via mouse, r=past
466e5c7124ce4c9a9baba1ee502ae3979a83d9bcVictor Porof — Bug 862435 - Tilt doesn't open if the Inspector was opened beforehand, r=dtownsend
bd899fcceeab9acc64c822c7c3a99eba3aba7d6ePanos Astithas — Bug 849071 - Create some kind of chrome to turn source mapping on/off in the debugger, r=vporof
3af1161f4214c48d980b419278fa070dfba87160Girish Sharma — Bug 862294 - Sidebar should be responsive in docked Toolbox, r=vporof