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Fri Jan 11 20:05:28 2019 +0000
485de31371e04407432d932a039cbeb40fa88727Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset 849f81f21979 (bug 1515549) per achronop's request a=backout
Fri Jan 11 15:31:02 2019 +0000
2a99e348fde3d1674296bb82c5f3881e696e8fb6Andreea Pavel Bug 1442837 - Disabled test on windows r=jmaher
71cb45922e3474b96c93cf736299e4e8b2e2db34Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1513241: Update frontend consumers of loadURI and pass loadURIOptions dictionary. r=gijs
6ae543902cdaaec070a77dd5f554db6b02fde2b1Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1513241: Update loadURI interface and pass a loadURIOptions dictionary from frontend to docshell loads. r=bz
2cf71aa80108d6fb25feb576f17c08d2342e94c7Cristina Coroiu Bug 1437051 - disable browser_extension_controlled.js on win ccov for frequent failures. r=jmaher
3c73631c8237077acb3795e51a2a2ea6016247dfAnne van Kesteren — Bug 1514664 test - Manually sync encoding/encodeInto.any.js from WPT. r=hsivonen.
f7ecf49bb4c0b11031475afa4f3b82c47828b2e7Henri Sivonen — Bug 1514664 - Implement TextEncoder.encodeInto(). r=emk.
58fad84cc31ae44e802e742ad9f4eac5bb4284bcAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1515277 - Separate ClearData flag for Reporting data, r=jkt, r=smaug
baf99d3bdfea3cfb5bed7a6072ca713ecee67066Lars T Hansen — Bug 1508561 - Disentangle support for reftypes and gc. r=jseward
7543b4c2813c76e1e2a3cc70fea991e725654877Lars T Hansen — Bug 1515917 - Generalize testing for wasm GC availability. r=bbouvier
2742b347ca238d6a8c475d8e79b556206d62d196William G Hatch — Bug 1513405 - KeymapWrapper::ComputeDOMKeyCode() shouldn't ignore modifiers when computing keyCode value of non-printable key event r=karlt, masayuki
e4550e8b5a79edd04b29b77903412a94a949bbfcHenri Sivonen — Bug 256180 Dalvik part - Disable some deep-tree tests on Android, because running the tests on Dalvik is not feasible. r=snorp.
519e2122622480badbf2281d6dc401d9e2c1a09fHenri Sivonen — Bug 256180 parser part - Insert elements as siblings instead of children at the Blink-defined magic depth for compatibility. r=smaug.
feb776af8fd3fcdfeb2d4ccda3c504e5bd1c3eceHenri Sivonen — Bug 256180 layout part - Increase MAX_REFLOW_DEPTH to reduce the probability of content going silently missing. r=bzbarsky.
0fab42583213af52766e845db6fd4f7f97fa9c57Henri Sivonen — Bug 256180 mobile part - Increase the max size for the runtime stack of the Gecko main thread on Android. r=snorp.
95d8f77451e23148ed428d32a1262dc6086dec19Henri Sivonen — Bug 256180 build config part - Increase the max size for the runtime stack on Windows. r=glandium.
f88248b391c6bbd442991820756d9b2b5bcaefa8Henri Sivonen — Bug 1469904 - Disable test_temporary.js on Windows, because it fails with increased run-time stack size. r=aswan.
5ab46880d921f1c948902976e832e995cdaa8104Mike Hommey — Bug 1480006 - Enable LTO on Android CI builds. r=froydnj