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Thu Jan 05 04:20:59 2012 +0000
10894668e37f17be5b8bee6fa33fa24eb0b534c0Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Various fixes for intermittent failures. r=rstrong.
e5481fffac9eed0219069eba9d109f5cfcfbe283Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Environment variable related fixes for xpcshell tests. r=rstrong.
bda3dc1ca333f941eeed6d8a5b7e6665cf9d5fa8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - appbin fix and SCM lock hang fix. r=rstrong.
780d40dcf3c078dce9d9c9932d8958180d8442f7Robert Strong — Bug 711692 - Fail if service is started and doesn't stop at test start. r=bbondy.
5c67bc43f94d8e67e55c00c5331bf2850ec3c5aeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Don't rely on event and don't uninstall/install service on updates. r=rstrong.
44ba65ab3eb5ba8d58f8340360cec1bb38d013e8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Cleanup tests. r=rstrong.
a3578e0c0a5184764a207f9bda61e59b1186385cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Loop on app bin copy to ensure it can be removed (intermittent test failure). r=rstrong.
025e1bd0f6f26217530d56943d39fb53a49887c2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711834 - Clear out env variable after getting value from unelevated updater.exe. r=rstrong.
a788eb31a0aaf6c0a7d3c9b167ca1c727b3b0cc5Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711692 - Intermittent service callback log failure fix. r=rstrong.
1dc69ce16ae3867ab718ac5eec7666d23d891324Brian R. Bondy — Bug 712211 - Stop service before the test as well and wait for 20 seconds at most. r=rstrong.
2aecc5325bcaff5dd1a4342353554556e123a38eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 712155 - Maintenance service: Wait for service to stop before starting the next xpcshell test. r=rstrong.
8c8f118947645ee7a3ead3ea71aa2a6f0fd598a8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711834 - Fix force no UAC prompt for xpcshell tests. r=rstrong
dabd7c594ea9eb7b0adf994e19edf1ae9a21f55aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 711792 - Speed up and simplify maintenance service update command processing. r=rstrong.
9d47544d1abadbe1f99615eb22b070abdd66abc8Robert Strong — Bug 711692 - Append TEST_ID to app_console_log. r=bbondy.
e805d90954b7293c788f0ef008bfc6104a7cfc60Robert Strong — Bug 711692 - Some intermittent failures cleaned up for new maintenance service tests. r=bbondy.
1ce1a71414fdcfc99e63726901c14d95289d9f90Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711682 - command line support to determine if updater is signed. r=rstrong.
8401a8217e98642dd40eac461d410cfa9e94ee5eRobert Strong — Bug 711660 - maintenance service updater tests can't be run locally. r=bbondy.
4b4c207842019b459af177a203fb3ca1094d74f6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711505 - Callback application should be locked when doing updates from the service. r=rstrong.
d4043fc86503bac5192a9afb740d0f3ffd93d919Brian R. Bondy — Bug 711140 - Use maintenance service if the fallback key is present so tests can run. r=rstrong.
bd49fc438b1bb13cc007dd282f5a0061b0c22a0aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 709598 - If no registry keys exist for the install dir, don't try to use the maintenance service for updates. r=rstrong.
c20c8ef8f0f4d989105dbd10984090ffea14dceeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 708778 - Updater service used on Windows should drop as many permissions as possible. r=rstrong.
df4ba8bfc9caf08eb89c4dcd09561e394a8d2cfeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 709173 - updater.exe needs to be verified to be an updater, not just an executable signed by Mozilla. r=rstrong.
7fbfb0e7256533952fe9544fc79d518cfa2c86e9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 709158 - updater.exe was not verified to be a particular product's/channel's/version of the updater. r=rstrong.
ee4def38eede8560ea1a183bfc7ac143e92781d9Brian R. Bondy — Bug 709183 - Callback path and arguments untrusted, don't use/pass them. r=rstrong.
457620c55eec932472a2849011a0175050243006Brian R. Bondy — Bug 708854 - No longer use session ID for work item files. r=rstrong.
d5637e69d71ed290e6a7d7892b486a657f2a98edEhsan Akhgari — Bug 481815 - Make sure that the maintenance service tests are only run when the service is enabled. r=rstrong.
7e565fc8516cfd7485721da1405fddf1603aeca1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 481815 - Automated tests for updates using the maintenance service; r=rstrong.
1bd9f069576e63b5527ea9b4d99b7f3aca1bd5c4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 708153 - Build config for building and including maintenance service. r=rstrong. sr=khuey.
314cab6ecbe347e0e2149a8bc477646b85426735Brian R. Bondy — Bug 481815 - Provide a Windows service for silent updates. r=rstrong.
Thu Jan 05 03:08:35 2012 +0000
34cbeb81ea8e86d6dc8dd3584bfd25e7d81cb83fSerge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Bv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Rename resultsPopup to popup. r=neil.
5af79a8f877e7dea6aadb587694cee15c9aadb74Serge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Av1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Rename openResultPopup()/closeResultPopup() to openPopup()/closePopup(). r=neil.
Thu Jan 05 01:00:04 2012 +0000
0cdaf07730732e1a2523d8fbed9810de3da4d7a6Mark Finkle — Bug 714975 - [ICS] Home Screen icons are too small on ICS [r=wesj]
bc1196840c427c6212743e79f71c066fbed69f47Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
db8ea632731159dd69fc17e6181c5e7ed0ba732eTom Schuster — Bug 607692 - Inline parseInt(<int|double>, <0|10>) in JM. r=bhackett
783ecbf07090d79f2096b5916ab3482156771b72Tom Schuster — Bug 714894 - Remove tracer specific JSOPs. r=bhackett
f84e21bcbb55ce371449e2b1c51d26823fcff283Brad Lassey — bug 714972 - Opening links from external apps doesn't work after OOM r=mfinkle
95b9cb1a8e2d023408a12d516d2be42fbf207adbSteven Michaud — Bug 682208 - Remove extra call to GetSubmenuWidgetChain(). r=enndeakin
0022f8be9feae8e2f706291719934617018fd8e7Hub Figuière — Bug 714132 - Retain mBackgroundColor in ToolbarWindow. r=smichaud
0e8af7eb5f55a1b7fb824bb00f852fe4937d3694Ben Turner — Bug 711388 - 'WORKER_RUNTIME_HEAPSIZE too small for big PDFs in PDF.JS'. r=sicking.
80cc942b8db76934b6c14f10699aa346108de28dSantiago Gimeno — Bug 710292 - Add a common HTMLSplitOnSpacesTokenizer tokenizer. r=khuey
5025534b9d88feb23fd58c0b6e1dd5805d5ce113Blake Kaplan — Bug 689118 - Protect against JSVAL_IS_OBJECT(null) being true. r=luke
05785aed9ca1f8d7faf8c128b43b6065a196278dHenri Sivonen — Bug 714760 - Remove obsolete tests for the HTML parser. r=mrbkap.
ebe9f8508d67567f5bd6f1df664b8738421a8d0cMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central
e4fe4d48518fd965c7fcd48142c54ace1d396d0eNathan Froyd — Bug 712299 - don't require manual syncing of font data; r=bz
ae7a421e7fdbd6d70e6de9314c72f56f4a5c993bEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 714741 - Fix the spelling of the comment in SpdySession.h. r=mcmanus
43f76a0051889e5c07dac4dab2e090e03ce2be16Masayuki Nakano — Bug 712483 Implement mozilla::widget::WinUtils r=jimm
ad98a08690cb7329ee47bda90ab8f9ea28c3e186Chris Jones — Backed out 64d814cd18b3 for changing interface used by tabbrowser.xml. Thanks Ms2ger!
a814c07a085fec703558a89979f4d88c7eb0d1caChris Jones — Backed out changeset 64d814cd18b3
c9db040a4982523afdb7c60e48adc370a37686f1Patrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 4: Send a viewport size upon loading Gecko so that we don't suppress painting for the first page. r=kats
551b099bdfc273a69953d1155ff984a543b1573ePatrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 3: Tie viewport updates to drawing to avoid page transition flicker. r=kats
0cdee671f96b5bbc47fa12f140309b3145c200d5Patrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 2: Forward the painting suppression flag from the presentation shell to the Android widget code. r=kats
a137f5f41545aea15d28371b59eeb57f7a85cc3cPatrick Walton — Bug 709492 - Part 1: Add a paintingSuppressed getter to nsIDOMWindowUtils. r=bz
acd18cd340b016d19a61ae0279a65064a2082984Mark Finkle — Bug 711515 - Opening links from external apps doesn't work if session restore is active [r=mbrubeck]
64d814cd18b35b73ddbb568b026d1df11a85b2ddChris Jones — Bug 714416: Get rid of nsIScreen_MOZILLA_2_0_BRANCH and create nsBaseScreen for shared code. sr=roc
Wed Jan 04 20:31:53 2012 +0000
3ec9d653933557e4fb1635deca2c39fcbc999b61Neil Rashbrook — Bug 715129 File picker can't pick applications on Vista or later r=jimm
Wed Jan 04 20:23:56 2012 +0000
0735adef851b76e86719f3751167f20e068cb468Neil Rashbrook — Backout changeset d1f777b14d52
Wed Jan 04 20:15:04 2012 +0000
d1f777b14d5258b840b4bbe2336944ec880c9bc5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 715129 File picker can't pick applications on Vista or later r=jimm
Wed Jan 04 16:29:08 2012 +0000
e6fb800eb24a19a3b3e300666b402a6cee3f54a6Kyle Huey — Bug 715014: Delete IndexedDB files directory so that databases can be opened again after being deleted. r=bent
ea4d463ec99fa322bc8bc8ff64a1505cb88fd3c5Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 587797 - Tests. r=khuey
29f2858488df164802458ce9a9a158993b6a5107Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 587797 - IndexedDB: Make it possible to access IndexedDB APIs from chrome. r=khuey,bent