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Thu Mar 28 01:50:38 2013 +0000
123017ccf036c2d0bc6f459481420640e8456718Justin Wood — Bug 828069 - Fix up to work without an objdir, older mozdevice, and require py2.7. r=gbrown DONTBUILD as tests are not in production.
7c6fe82396352c1b9d37c99a5d442f1cb5f0861aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
c5e0abff4496dfcce425c8ff8828090b26b1abb7Guilherme Goncalves — Bug 650295 - Add tests for speech recognition. r=smaug
dfd7768f8f48c7318d108d696beda993958ebb37Guilherme Goncalves — Bug 650295 - Implement main state machine for speech recognition. r=smaug
f22ec75a02d742937450bdef3e845598f10992deRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 01ed911e67e1 (bug 685652) for possibly being the real OSX 10.6 mochitest-other culprit. r=OJ
b9d04467022e86f3709deb249520388f64a44244Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e420e4044337 (bug 845134) for OSX 10.6 mochitest-other orange.
077eff4dede36fa21a32be86c1a57c4aa085063eRodrigo Silveira — Bug 845484 - [Metro] Add choices of private data to clear in the options flyout [r=mbrubeck]
259ddfa06cff92ba96cd9868bfee9159257ac045Shu-yu Guo — Bug 854021 - Fix using correct CompileInfo in parallel bailouts. (r=nmatsakis)
343f9693d283b2e9d3e4870297a0813e955cc181Lucas Rocha — Bug 854457 - Implement a11y actions/state and focus handling in TwoWayView (r=mfinkle)
874c83f5b5d139d1127f24f359491cda38174a84Jonathan Griffin — Bug 851610 - Don't look for fastboot for emulator runs, r=ahal
4cb73e976b2812144a23fcef78da4b08f42683ffJason Orendorff — Bug 848051 - Allow 'arguments' in generator-expressions. r=ejpbruel.
f8cfd4a08a8663675cf8b34fd074a6c2dd61b1f6Jason Orendorff — Bug 848197 - Arrow functions should not be constructors. r=Waldo.
47495d62d7f7c63cce77daa29f3cda1ddef9eae0Philipp Matthias Schäfer — Bug 620141 - eval cache should key based on calling script and pc, not calling function. r=jorendorff.
bfc2073bcf31d511de0b72affe61b6bf8733ed9eJason Orendorff — Bug 853178 - Remove all SRC_PCDELTA source notes except on JSOP_CASE opcodes; rename SRC_PCDELTA to SRC_NEXTCASE. r=njn.
01ed911e67e1b6a0b49d6f08b0689a7929d8fab5Joel Maher — Bug 685652 - we need a pushPermissionsEnv equivalent to pushPrefEnv in SpecialPowers. r=jdm
e420e40443373ee831426ebcf03078806eb63a45Trevor Saunders — bug 845134 - enable more logging
67f0f4e7d3ff7c5cceecc7a644174d307212a997Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 855178. Use WaitSync instead of ClientWaitSync in SharedSurfaceGL. r=jgilbert
4c42018a47549b54c4495220158e0e0581a4d6b8Do Nhat Minh — Bug 845478 - Use CallArgs to access argc/vp in most places in half of CTypes.cpp. r=jwalden
e800ddbeba1ac246664cbee2d35e9df1890a0c1cJeff Walden — Bug 854419 - Fix ecma_5/JSON/parse-array-gc.js to work in non-debug builds. r=sparky as trivial
e5584aa212c9c3c4bbc315b6d9dfd0248a914e4aMatt Brubeck — Bug 808770 - Revert a change that accidentally added the same lines twice
5c4bad14048d6b6551bf11baaa1c583715af9e95Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 854881 - Remove broken Master Password support from /browser/metro [r=mbrubeck]
6c7f9d160488a6e0ea3500d925def41b6f46856aGregory Szorc — Bug 854545 - Don't validate Fennec binary exists; r=ted
817fd65ab44bdaa81c3814c04954732f400c19ebAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 853858: Additional instrumentation for on-hook event r=ehugg
2177de4cfb4f3a5827116349232d7b906356c8e4Gregory Szorc — Bug 771578 - Part 2: Move code to invoke a single test into its own method; r=ted
d1de74b4a7733ddc0be0ac9ce70bea54011147fdNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 853075 - Remove workarounds. r=tschneidereit
3c35d63085c04f93807af53c247963ecef7df43cMounir Lamouri — Bug 851780 - Add tests for input event. r=jwatt
fe665a4f5cffa7dfc32fd8e1d0143bfe30f37d1dEdgar Chen — Bug 855186 - Call error message dose not expose to DOM correctly. r=vyang
0f6a8ae11f58f9ae61213679f056dd244ef06328Cykesiopka — Bug 801266 - Add label next to Error Console's filter box. r=dao
f1a9428e1719dfff532f567edc9e1408622fce76Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 840962 - Don't fail ICE on VPN adapters which store friendly names differently. r=ekr
00112a2ac923f388f6b2121582685510965ee080Raymond Lee — Bug 840687 - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for in-product documentation URLs. r=gavin
ff32cf0442e61ed410fbcb20386814211b915e86Cykesiopka — Bug 800522 - Add javascript.options.showInConsole to all.js so that Error Console can use a field instead of rolling its own lazy getter. r=Neil
7917cae45600c5454c8afd4d38717ca3a0415dbcAndre Reinald — Bug 675410 - Fix bottom rounded corners, hopefully in the same openGL context as the rest of the window. r=mstange, r=bgirard
a3acc0eaed0c64c3da4b81737558e344f1299806Lukas Nordin — Bug 252441 - Dropping text containing spaces will now perform a search on the given sentence.