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Wed Oct 23 02:50:41 2013 +0000
21d97baadc051f8d6beb76e335863ede46f96a36Matt Brubeck — Back out 1ae5d58532ad (bug 928370) for breaking Tp5 measurement
c9879b47c32c5b821bd38e593698485a291b4e85Kyle Huey — Bug 915757: Split GetListenerManager into two functions for more const-correctness. r=smaug
a2622f8515348b0fff48b5774dcdc05e2d2c99b8Steve Fink — Bug 929151 - JS_ASSERT(good), not JS_ASSERT(bad). r=bustage
30c52c82e37b7ed3a95a0e1d3b0c9959568d5c20Ethan Hugg — Bug 925896 - Signaling - Addref when adding sessiondata_t to hash r=abr
67e2829b7706feaad8ebddd31e968a7f469e8876Gregory Szorc — Bug 920849 - Part 1: Write metadata for every test file; r=ted
820620c8a288fbd4ce80da9ec48d85851a6bf30eWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
adc7d2090b3a42d52d255aa285b568c22f1d10fbWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
e199bf0b32574e69b511762e657cec3e6f3ab925Jonathan Griffin — Bug 917750 - mirror several mozbase packages, r=ahal
fa13474d7b16433307c5f090c152c25e3e8a5292Steve Fink — Bug 929151 - Disable GGC when object metadata is used, r=terrence
b87bbbb0c612eb58efa8f1a789d319dd135d10aeAndrea Marchesini — Bug 842081 - Workers: Transferable Objects should work if they are TypedArrays, r=sfink
b12f63beba2cbfd92dbc4e9a820ea6c9b2bbc8faSteve Fink — Bug 861925 - Steal and neuter ArrayBuffers at end of structured clone, r=jorendorff
0efef923cc179420f5897c19e5e9c0164f1a7693Steve Fink — Bug 861925 - Allow grabbing data from ArrayBuffers and neutering them independently (in addition to Steal, which does both at the same time). r=Waldo
dbc5f50a2a8d57795279ecd6e483a94f39ad7128Steve Fink — Bug 861925 - Do-nothing refactoring to make the following patch cleaner, r=luke
7cc3e16e4af11ed3cfa1e72814517efb342e69d2Steve Fink — Bug 861925 - Add an optional parameter to the shell serialize() function for specifying Transferables, r=jorendorff
988382ff109cbf89c5af0028af6ca5e63cec6a13Steve Fink — Bug 861925 - Always report an error when transfering non-Transferrables, r=luke
06c3ed54ed62ce6e61b7728552d06037f3806807Nathan Froyd — Bug 859339 - blur reftests that don't need focus; r=dbaron
39f4bb8c55d8dd95f07d53fd79cc4d35957d226eJonathan Watt — Bug 929001 - Stop SVGEllipseElement from changing the current matrix between emittion and drawing of its path. r=dholbert
a8680e083efa3aff99342f19b6bfbcf62c6ae0fbJonathan Watt — Bug 929441 - Stop unnecessarily setting a transform between emitting a path and stroking it. r=Bas
b011488de9e6e3c4fbf4acfd1fd582addcb7a9d1Jonathan Watt — Bug 929364 - Avoid changing the current transform between emitting the path and clipping using that path in the SVGAutoRenderState::CLIP case. r=heycam
ce0759a746fb526db7044b7ab1096e2c08823200George Wright — Bug 920160 - Add prefs for SkiaGL cache size r=snorp
2131ecb804a85720775d4200dad58b4e0781a82eGregory Szorc — Bug 585011 - Move to mozbuild; r=ted
d8d851a1ed2a199a5116be587222eed6c89b6d6dRalph Giles — Bug 928530 - Add guards for invalid media switch combinations. r=ted
1fde59e2a706cc4311a3b6b1ce67e4350a31f7a2Ralph Giles — Bug 929398 - Enable vorbis even if webm is disabled. r=ted
820aa1824ce0e196c2b9fb24adac2bb1c08d4672Hannes Verschore — Bug 890722: IonMonkey: Implement JSOP_RETRVAL, JSOP_SETRVAL, JSOP_POPV, r=jandem
7540c762bb3c3a9203f79f4768ceb0ba4a7aa2a3Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 82b31924a8bb (bug 914847) under suspicion of breaking mochitest-metro on a CLOSED TREE
9b2cfe9246528c325e66e6eb631613be183b34f6Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 87ee0a1865e4 (bug 914847)
dcd45c8ba5ff2fc43ded8b9dd52d347309b5704aWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 42b04948eedd (bug 927262) under suspicion of breaking mochitest-metro on a CLOSED TREE
3c5efc154d58075cb9313eaff2b4987a609ecff6Wes Kocher — Backed out 9 changesets (bug 602787) on suspicion of breaking mochitest-metro on a CLOSED TREE
1ae5d58532ad1ed31995d40c27a48e6c6be313c3Joel Maher — Bug 928370 - update talos on m-c to latest version. r=Callek
2fa3dc3a48c413e5de1564f14fa08fad8f4d5634Daniel Holbert — Bug 875275 part 6: Mark most <input type="color"> reftests as failing on B2G, due to bug 928877. (no review)
74cc51b0825a48be7078542298fdbccf209245d5Daniel Holbert — Bug 875275 part 5: Fix <input type="color"> reftests to set padding in author stylesheet in testcase when it's set in reference. r=arnaud.bienner
36b80b715f0d5fc74ab6a61d613663ae2577f8ecDaniel Holbert — Bug 875275 part 4: Fix <input type="color"> reftests to adjust for being button-based. r=arnaud.bienner
3a1d2353f98af204fa218b28f9977235f8e37b74Daniel Holbert — Bug 875275 part 3: Make nsColorControlFrame inherit from nsHTMLButtonControlFrame instead of nsBlockFrame. r=jwatt f=arnaud.bienner
01df3e20496cbea87a18b0ecfd95fee8f9cdb77eDaniel Holbert — Bug 875275 part 2: simplify forms.css for input[type="color"]. r=arnaud.bienner
3975fe2610808d76704e385b0b750d1fcb158aebArnaud Bienner — Bug 875275 part 1: Implement layout support for <input type="color">. r=dbaron,dholbert
c6f3603c7216b08c27324364361852657aba4ddbDaniel Holbert — Bug 677952: Remove unused public version of Relation::operator=. r=tbsaunde
47797798a205c767de53df603fb66b6d8aac90f9Dan Gohman — Bug 928625 - IonMonkey: Don't emit Unbox operators for values which aren't used. r=bhackett
42e53d0401e592bcda5d1185d1cb4ff0463d1cb0Brian Hackett — Bug 928562 - Remove uses of JSContext for BytecodeAnalysis, BaselineInspector, and constructing bytecode type maps, r=jandem.
1730bcae2c4508df2610db74e45e38207fbd8687Masayuki Nakano — Bug 602787 part.10 Create TextRange.h for separating TextEvents.h r=roc
70606b9b1e4200eff4239bb224f64d38d1cf8cd7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 602787 part.9 Don't implement methods which need BasicEvents.h or TextEvents.h in windows/KeyboardLayout.h r=jimm
57ca2861ea307d39f596cd3e06d4f168c028119fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 602787 part.8 Don't implement nsWindowBase::DispatchPluginEvent() in windows/nsWindowBase.h r=jimm
3b9f1062d915eac40ae1d14dd56d7f262e60ab65Masayuki Nakano — Bug 602787 part.7 Don't implement methods which use Widget*Event in qt/nsWindow.h r=romaxa
3ee56eacc84b198ee48ef65125c776d79542d452Masayuki Nakano — Bug 602787 part.6 Use EventForwards.h in gtk/nsWindow.h r=karlt
1c35693be3d3c785e6c57bddc5a391ba72a06122Masayuki Nakano — Bug 602787 part.5 Use EventForwards.h in TabParent.h r=smaug
ef095c3aef98e1cc6cc2eaa573b5214d1eac2b1aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 602787 part.4 Don't implement nsAutoHandlingUserInputStatePusher class in nsEventStateManager.h r=smaug
4827bdae97fdca3e04d1a6390500975c0901f1a7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 602787 part.2 Don't implement nsIWidgetListener in its header file r=roc
fa0f355e78718f385c78b15125be040b0a588badMasayuki Nakano — Bug 602787 part.1 Don't implement PresShell::Delayed*Event class in nsPresShell.h r=smaug
8fcdb3653f5724b24c5618571593d1a4027e8c8aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 928231 follow-up - Rename the SIZE_OF_TABLES macro
6bedc085975507a4f3aa025f45ea2a4116186e8bBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 918163: Tests
b3056780fa816cdb8649e1ca95607cead17da525Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 913282: Tests
0267af0f436625d3d847b569ace2effa83865ce2Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 913282: More Float32 operators: UnsignedToFloat32; p=dougc,bbouvier, r=jonco,h4writer
9d216ff3bbe644cfbf69444e0633a1245267d7dcBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 913282: IsFloat32Representable function in mfbt; r=Waldo
8cb7a6a709b832dcbf936dcd564d39fdd08201aaNathan Froyd — Bug 928916 - use services::GetObserverService more in dom/; r=smaug
ba6fe25a0b51131830c19a8901064ca442d80576Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 913282: More Float32 Operators: Not; p=dougc,bbouvier, r=jonco,nbp
d51df6492c298e914b5713587691c93008f2c7d8Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 913282: More Float32 operators: Abs; p=dougc,bbouvier; r=jonco,sstangl
b00081178fe7250fddfa8e886b9b81c88d0a16cdBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 913282: More Float32 operators: Sqrt; p=dougc,bbouvier, r=jonco,nbp
03fdc9e5eea382176c6be74b6fbef9cc6822e16eBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 913282: More Float32 operators: comparisons; p=dougc,bbouvier, r=jonco,h4writer
77b72ea510d0b8bb05f1d039db6d85c9d103d225Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 913282: More Float32 operators: TruncateToInt32; p=dougc,bbouvier, r=jonco,jandem
9916cc731d15ebfdaf2714c51c40a402294044f1Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 927765 - createObjectIn for exportHelpers. r=bholley
595c7dc7a02a0645322728e980dc539f05bacc69Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 927765 - Options for createObjectIn. r=bholley
7f3af7b5ab295dddbfb103a305d878d61e987623Jan de Mooij — Bug 929414 - Fix small bug in MacroAssembler::extractTag. r=h4writer
833a5441ef8b5d2d7112e1cebdac73ccaadc792fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 928231 - Build the uconv library in unified mode; r=smontagu
42b04948eedddaacf0570c14f64ccefe18c3636dOlli Pettay — Bug 927262, don't cache the encoder in case of unsual content type, r=hsivonen
87ee0a1865e40a492465a68468f4866cfeb38748Nicholas Cameron — Bug 914847. Mini-flush for animations. r=dbaron
82b31924a8bb8d730201ed0ea44abee89da0efdaNicholas Cameron — Bug 914847. Use a mini-flush instead of a full style flush. r=dbaron
6bb23207bdbb299ed789d8bd5a812956feee57f5Olli Pettay — Bug 928403 - optimize nsFrameConstructorState::ProcessFrameInsertions, r=roc
b58ac61431bc20e0077e34b20e28a281302633b1Seth Fowler — Bug 764299 (Part 4) - Cache rasterized surfaces in VectorImage. r=dholbert
04a56603d4b1117da183229f5071d5a6806082ecSeth Fowler — Bug 764299 (Part 3) - Add memory reporting to the surface cache. r=njn
59dd9491503a1312fb06185f63622e2ce970cca8Seth Fowler — Bug 764299 (Part 2) - Add a temporary surface cache to imagelib. r=dholbert
e4d94de0a4ef91b1cf7705a2aa6e126beecb9d37Seth Fowler — Bug 764299 (Part 1) - Add hashing to SVGImageContext. r=dholbert
a9763f53d9e10380a8802fc44b580f3cb724a5fbChristian Holler — Bug 844755 - TSan: Blacklist js::gc::ChunkBitmap::isMarked. r=jonco
b8216ac550949cecd7a4c497b9193711844a31e0John Daggett — Bug 915440. Crashtest for empty font URL. r=me
cbc16502b686c1c4b444ec50b1e7b43fb3d393b2John Daggett — Bug 915440 - move null URL fix to after format hint is processed. r=dbaron
c5c2519643e910e31e11299a9596bf55717810dfMarkus Stange — Bug 929362 - When refusing compositor animation during BuildLayer, set a property on the frame that disables all async animations on it forever. r=roc
f92a77d8ee8f1fac74673c4a7e210b5a3787e22aHannes Verschore — Bug 928889: Baseline: Return the correct *pc when in prologue, r=jandem
5a7016b24bf89eddf511b4893a8be3f6192814e1Matt Woodrow — Bug 928727 - Don't clear before drawing with OPERATOR_SOURCE in DrawTargetCairo, since we know all required pixels will be clear already. r=jrmuizel
a047800e4772a68f16a49b6df74c7ff54fc798f0Matt Woodrow — Bug 928727 - Share code for getting the user-space clip bounds in DrawTargetCairo. r=jrmuizel
Tue Oct 22 21:54:21 2013 +0000
1d5adf37d61e8d4377a15eb5a2f7b5b1e0de9d92Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 895471 - part 0: add a browser debugger flag, r=past
bb65076aabd802f9d0c82ba322e5d23a5d5ff549Jim Mathies — Bug 927979 - Register the gecko thread correctly in the profiler for FxMetro. r=bgirard
5945380e8d1d858898e0803e9022b2f5d35a52c6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 927605 - invert the cloverleaf flag, r=vporof
73bebd77c3ed9d5bd4f4f033a23a8d5c386159b3Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 927605 - refactor keyboard shortcut code in devtools into a JSM, r=Unfocused,vporof
83562506fa87d73ead8c8064c5a301872764140fNick Fitzgerald — Bug 916180 - Make pretty printing toggle-able; r=vporof
cc1740f2a675b3bdc87605d30b1f2fce0584ba37Tim Taubert — Bug 929097 - Check window type in SessionStore.onOpen() to ignore; r=smacleod
88c45f057f1e4c0699d12cb413a377b9266fd325Tim Taubert — Bug 929036 - Remove legacy timer code; r=smacleod
fee649b730fe1d7d1c59e2a2438cf86c0a8f1d65Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to fxteam
f77442b1881340c7886087823bc639a532013205Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 928640 - middle click open recent tabs and restore all tabs broken, r=jaws
df6f7d68a3d2d34082b6d134e068e25bb1b560eeSam Foster — Bug 927226 - Add build-in animation for start grids. r=rsilveira,mbrubeck